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I haven’t told my fiancée but I may be carrying another man’s baby.

It all started back in the fall on a weekend trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend at the time. While we were there in Vegas, he decided to propose to me. I came back home after the weekend and announced to everyone we knew that we were engaged. That was nine months ago, and a lot has changed since. Jake and I had our mind set for a spring wedding in May, but innocently I fell for another man...Read On


Emma's Triple Delight

Emma fucks three guys in one day.

My name is Emma and I'm a slut. I'm here to confess about having sex with three different blokes in one day. Think of me what you will, and you may question if this is true, or not. Who knows, it might just be true? So let me explain about myself, I'm thirty but was twenty six years old when this happened. I have curvy brown hair, blue eyes and I'm a real lady; really, I am. I'm married to...Read On


Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 5 - Fourth of July at Vail, CO

My lovers and I spend the fourth of July weekend in Vail

The relationship: In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. In the weeks following my decision to open my marriage, as well as my thighs to my husband's best friend, Glenn, the emotional entanglements became more obvious and real. Glenn claimed that he was in love with me. If I am honest, I shared those feelings towards him as well. My emotional connection to Glenn was...Read On


Happy Anniversary

"Its twelve inches long and three inches wide at its hardest," I informed my husband.

"Can I take off the blindfold yet?" I asked for the tenth time. "Not yet," Matt answered, a little impatient. "I will tell you when you can take it off!" I pouted while he guided me through the door. He positioned me at the foot of the bed, made certain that I was steady, and he stepped away. "Okay," he said. "Now." I reached up and pulled the blindfold away... and saw the...Read On


Cafe au Lait

A single mother gets more today than just the coffee she ordered…

She woke up feeling excited about the day. She was now aroused by it. She noticed him right away. He was standing in the line next to hers, also waiting to order his morning coffee. He was taller than her, had wavy blonde hair with the beginnings of some grey at the temples, which sharply contrasted her longer, black hair. She thought his tanned skin would compliment her smoother, olive...Read On

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Homeowners' Association Hussy

a hidden camera reveals more than raccoons

Buying a house in a homeowners’ association can seem like a good idea, with all the rules designed to keep the houses looking good and the property values up. Rules to keep people from mowing their lawns at six in the morning and waking everyone up, or having loud parties until all hours. Rules about what color your garage door can be painted and how long the grass can get and what kind...Read On


The Cheating Wife Part 2

"There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a good hard deep fucking from a thick black cock!”

The moment I was sure my husband wouldn’t wake up, I slid out of bed and quietly snuck out of our bedroom, closing the door behind me. I walked into the spare bedroom to find John lying on his back with his dick erect like a flagpole as he jerked himself off. I quickly pushed the door closed and climbed into bed next to him. “I’ve been waiting for this dick,” I whispered into his ear as...Read On


Movie Night

Movie night with a friend turns into something unexpected.

I'm taking a shower. I've just gotten done working out and I love feeling the water run over my body. I massage my breasts and wash my vagina, deciding for fun to slip a finger in. Little do I know that my friend has arrived early to watch a movie. I shower with my door wide open. So he walks in, and sees me. After watching me for a bit he feels himself getting hard. I rub myself and massage...Read On


Parting Lilly's Petals - Binding Trust

A recently deflowered teenaged girl learns more as her sexual training continues...

“Lilly should be here any moment. Cassie, are you sure we should do this? Bloody hell, she’s only sixteen!” I trusted my girlfriend, but this seemed to be too much, too soon. Having sex with my step daughter was one thing, but this was some advanced shit my girlfriend had planned. “Relax Ben, I know what I’m doing.” “But does she? We might scare the hell out of her!” I looked...Read On


Catholic School Sins... Jamie's Bad "Habit"

God will understand.... Maybe???

Jamie was your typical high school jock, with one exception. He had already turned eighteen and was starting his Senior year at a brand new school. After getting caught dating his math teacher and the gossip that followed, his parents thought it best that he get his priorities in order. Being one of the best pitchers in the area and a lefty to boot, Saint Mary's, a Catholic school two towns...Read On


The Mile High Club

A routine business trip turned out to be way more than routine - or all business!

I always hated flying. It's not that it scared me or made me sick, it's just that I thought it was a terrible waste of good working time. That time spent in the air and on layovers could be put to so much better use than just sitting there. I didn't mind trains, because you could actually get some work done on them - providing they weren't too crowded. Unfortunately, trains don't cross...Read On


Parting Lilly's Petals - Her First Anal Experience

A teen aged girl has her first anal sex experience, one which her step father will NEVER forget…

“Cassandra, what if I’m not ready? What if it hurts too much?” “Truth be told, you are never truly ready your first time. But you, my dear Lilly, have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I am confident your ass can handle Ben’s cock, and any temporary discomfort from that experience.” * * * * * “Hello? Is anyone home?” “Hello?” Cassie bolted across the room and her hand met...Read On

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Model for a Day

Down on her luck, Amanda takes a job as a photographer's assistant to earn a little cash

I moved out to Los Angeles about six months ago. Like many young women who make the move, I had dreams of being a movie star. I grew up in Alabama and after finishing high school, I packed up my stuff and headed west. Needless to say, this was an entirely different world than I was used to. Everyone was beautiful and seemed to be in a hurry at all times. Certainly not what I experienced in...Read On


Ellen's Men Next Door: Jack prepares Ellen for more loving.

The Ellen series continues, Jack will show her how tender he can be, after Jed pounded Ellen's ass

Jack lay exhausted on top of Ellen, his cheek resting on her wet mound of pubic hair. The two lovers breathing slowed. The air in the room felt cool on his sweat covered skin. Jack heard the shower in front of him turn off; he lifted his head up in time to see his best friend's tight beautiful black ass exit the shower room. Jack was disappointed that his buddy was leaving; he still wanted...Read On


She Likes It Rough

While hubby's away, she finds a playmate who likes to play hard!

It was a typical Saturday night, and Allyssa Williams sat in the corner of the bar nursing her third White Russian of the evening. Her husband, Daniel was out of town on another of his "runs" to God knows where. Daniel was an independent trucker and he traveled about 40 weeks of the year for his work. For a woman like Allyssa, this was unacceptable. Allyssa was a woman with needs, and leaving...Read On


Pleasing Chloe - part 1

freind tells a husband what he heard about his wife.

PLEASING CHLOE - Part 1 My friend Dave, a buddy from high school, was having a party. He is very social and being a plumber, had met and made friends with many people throughout the community. I was more private. Aside from his Christmas bashes I usually declined his party invitations. When I finally did show up for his Christmas party, I only knew a few people and left early to escape...Read On


Getting to Know the Sorority Sisters - Part I

Some things are just too good to believe, but this? This is true.

I first met Rachel at a sorority mixer on campus. I was attracted to her friendly smile and dark green eyes. She had a cheerleader-like body that any guy on campus would die to lay next too. For me, I liked the way she laughed and flirted with me. Our first date was a shared hamburger at the Student Union. Our second date, was off campus at a bar. Our third date found us trekking off to...Read On


The Farmer’s Daughter - Chapter 1

Jess takes a bite out of the ‘Big Apple’

"C’mon, it will be fun,” he said, “while tiptoeing through the tulips at the New York Botanical Gardens.” He is Josh Logan, a fashion photographer and my newly-met father-in-law of two months. My husband Lyle’s parents, Josh and Jane never married. They were both seventeen when Lyle was born. He saw his dad Josh very rarely, but they kept in touch via cards, e-mails and phone calls. Lyle and...Read On


The Birthday Present

What can you get for a man who has everything and is jaded?

I open my eyes and slowly come to wakefulness. Glancing at the alarm clock, I see that it is eight in the morning. The aroma of coffee wafts through the room, and I can hear sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being prepared. Swinging my legs out of bed, I don a pair of cutoff jeans before I go downstairs . “Good morning, and happy birthday,” my wife Alice greets me as I enter...Read On


A Helping Hand - The Date

Trish has other plans for dessert.

Leaving Trish in her pool, the walk across the street to my house seems as though I am floating on air. My two brothers and Marty are not going to be back from their round of golf at the Tilted Rock Country Club for another hour at least. Entering the house, the phone is ringing… ring, ring, ring. “Hello, Luke?” “Hi Mom, what’s up?” “I have been trying to get a hold of you,...Read On


My Best Friend's Dad part 1

Steve gets to know Joe's dad a little bit better after a swim in the pool.

My friend Joe and I were, for a long time, inseparable. We met when we started middle school and clicked immediately. We hung out all the time and knew everything about each other. He'd come over and have dinner with us and we'd have sleepovers. We were best friends. I turned eighteen just before the start of my last year at school. We had another two weeks of school holidays left and it...Read On


Rachel and Sami have a sleepover

The new sisters have friends over for the weekend

Part 1 It’s been several weeks since Sam and I went shopping and we’re closer than ever. We have reorganised our room, our beds are now adjacent on the same wall and the rest of the room is laid out with a work area: desks, chairs and laptops around the corner and a soft furnished kick back zone in the middle. Sam has now been widely accepted by our school year, her trendy restyling...Read On

Recommended Read

Going Down

A fear of heights has unforeseen benefits

Level eleven… When the doors swished open, Amy found herself face to face with a woman she both feared and revered. Marsha Hardwick: businesswoman extraordinaire whose racy looks and appetite for scandal were as legendary as her razor sharp mind. Heart pounding, Amy wiped her sweaty palms before extending a hand and timidly mouthing, “Hello.” The greeting was acknowledged with a...Read On


Spying on the Cheerleaders

Troy spies on a group of cheerleaders.

Summer had just wrapped up and school was now in session. All the high school aged children were returning back to Beverly Hills high school. The kids that attend this high school are all a bunch of rich snobby kids. They drive to school in BMW’s, Porches, and Mercedes Benz’s. Their cars are not used; they are brand spanking new. Most of these kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. ...Read On


First gangbang

A woman experiences her first gangbang

You are tied down with a blindfold on. You can hear and feel people moving around you. Fingertips glance across your skin. Someones breath is near one of your nipples. Lips brush yours. Someone is between your legs kissing your inner thighs. Fingers slide into your mouth. They taste like pussy, but not yours.  Hair brushes along your breast then you feel her take a nipple into her mouth,...Read On


Strip Club Night

Girls gone wild

It was a Friday Night and Kat, Bree, Ada, Kary, and Michelle were at the house along with their male friends. We were all talking about doing something different. I asked Bree to call the club she strips at and see if we can get the VIP room. I also asked her if the girls wanted to dance could they. She made the call and told me yes to both, we had the room and the girls could dance. Ada and...Read On


Speedo Be Gone!

A young man is happily overpowered by a group of girls at the beach

I just had an incredible experience with Amanda. She's a senior at the Florida Institute of Technology where I just completed my freshman year. Amanda has taken an unusual interest in me since I met her in a computer programming class. She calls me her "Little man". I find Amanda very attractive, but she towers over me. She's at least 6' tall and is stacked like a volleyball player....Read On


His Smile: When She Succumbs

Rochelle thought one was bad enough. She was pleasurably mistaken.

"What do you say we head back to my place?" Daniel whispered hoarsely in my ear, his desire for me dripping from each word. I looked up at him, my mind a whirlwind of activity. Before I could stop myself, I found that I’d nodded my consent to his request. I didn't want to back down now. I couldn't. Not after everything. I'd waited too long, and to know he felt the gosh if it...Read On



Emma spends her nights devoted to giving the Queen of the Eastern Kingdom unimaginable pleasure.

Emma licked up Aaliyah’s body, her tongue swirling around her belly button. Aaliyah let out small whimpers as Emma made her way past her taut belly, and up to her large breasts. Taking one rosy nipple into her mouth, Emma sucked gently, relishing the feel of the pebbled nipple against her tongue. Her other hand squeezed the luscious mound of her other breast, not wanting it to feel...Read On


The Wedding Reception

The Dream of a Lifetime Instead of a Nightmare

It was a bad situation. My deceased wife's sister had her daughter getting remarried for the second time. I did not want to go this event, but I could not figure a polite way of getting out of it. I just bit the bullet and decided to get it over with. When you go to a reception by yourself, it is always awkward. You are a "one" and the relatives, friends and others are on the hunt for a...Read On