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My Love: Chapter Two

One year on from the car, the young couple return to their favourite vacation spot...

The clear, blue ocean stretched out in front of us as we drove along the coastal road. It was like a Welcome Back sign to Kyle and I. One year had passed since our last visit and we had been looking forward to this year’s trip to Cornwall. As always, the sun was beaming down and the local towns were getting ready for the surge of tourists coming to visit their golden beaches. I pulled into...Read On


Bawdy Tales: Part 2, The Cook's Story

Bawtry, The Swan, May 26th — A much more cheerful party reached Bawtry well before dusk after a brisk walk of about twenty four miles, having left the Lamb as soon as we had broken our fast on bread, cheese and ale. The task of providing our night's entertainment fell on the cook, who was a jolly fat fellow with a laugh like the bellow of a bull. We were starting to get to know each...Read On


My Secret

My secret affair turns a lot kinkier than I ever imagined.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said to myself as I stood outside the hotel room. My lengthy, red nightgown hid my intentions for the wild night ahead of me. My long dark hair covered the classy looped earrings I was wearing. My mind was all over the place as I stood there reconsidering my options. I had come too far and was in too deep to stop now. Whilst I pondered, I heard my lover,...Read On


Julia shocked by her new reality (part 3)

Julia eager to cum rushes towards her boyfriends office... things just don't go easy for her!

“You may only cum today at your boyfriend’s place of work!” The message was formed clearly on her screen below a most humiliating picture of her and all Julia could think about was how she could get to her boyfriend’s office as soon as possible. She put her phone away and washed her mouth with water. Faking an upset stomach she explained to her colleagues she was going home, maybe passing...Read On


Making Good Better, Part Two

Lynn and Curt discover the swinging lifestyle spicing up their lagging sex life

On Wednesday of that week, we received an engraved invitation that said Doug and Christy were having a pajama party on Friday night, and we were the honored guests. Neither Lynn nor I had any idea what to think of it. I called Doug at work to ask him for details. He just said it would be a casual affair and not to wear anything too formal. They would be dressed in pajamas as a part of...Read On


Sharing Wives

Couple discover that she's excited by the prospect of displaying, and possibly sharing her body.

After twelve years, there was no denying that Rob and Julie’s marriage needed help. One of Julie’s friends recommended a marriage counselor that she had used, and they set up the first meeting. The counselor listened as they described their issues, occasionally asking questions. At the end of the meeting, she recommended that each of them come to her individually once, then they would...Read On


The Greatest Sex Toy Ever!

The Greatest Sex Toy Ever Thanks to KWB for editing I had a good day today. I sell adult toys to those little stores you see advertised on the interstate. You know-the ones with the wide eyed sexy blonde wearing skimpy clothing, the pursed lips and feigning an orgasm. It’s a good business to be in what with the sexual revolution having won over the hearts of many married couples, and...Read On


Military Men - Wilfred

An anthology series about the most risque encounters between men who wear green uniforms.

"Are many of them still waiting?" Nate asked as he removed the small pouch of toiletries from his locker. The communal bathroom at the end of the corridor was shared by around fifty military recruits, all living on the same floor. Those assigned to the bunk right next to it often rushed in first to claim the showers before the others could. "There wasn't anyone when I came out,"...Read On


Headmistress Spanks Again

Young man seeks out spanking from a retired Headmistress.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where my spanking obsession came from. I wasn't spanked at home with my parents choosing the more modern style of parenting which included grounding me instead when I misbehaved. As a teenager my choice of porn was often spanking porn with my favourite always being women spanking their naughty husbands. However, porn quickly became boring and I needed something...Read On


Sherry, The Story Teller Pt.1

A modern telling of Scheherazade

SHERRY, THE STORY TELLER PT. 1 A modern telling of Scheherazade My sister snored and night after night I'd lay in bed, wide awake, wishing I could have my own room, something that was impossible in our small house. In the room next to ours, my dad also snored and I have no idea how my mom could sleep, but she did. Even with the doors closed and the pillow and covers over my head,...Read On