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Her Blue Eyed Guy - Part 1

A fantasy that I wish were true

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. It didn’t matter where she was, or what time of day or night it was, he was all that was on her mind. She couldn’t believe that a man who she had only met briefly on set could do this to her. What was it about him that made women go mad over him and did he even realise the effect that he was having? Sarah reached her flat and put the key in the lock,...Read On


Power Chapter Twenty-Two: Birthdays

It's wonderful when you can get a woman exactly what she asks for

Two days before finals was Charlene’s birthday. We asked her what she wanted; she said “All of you and everything.” It’s wonderful when you can get a woman exactly what she asks for. The five of us took turns giving her oral sex. Valerie retrieved Charlene’s vibrator from her purse and got to work on Charlene’s quim. Seth and I each took a nipple and made love to it. Charlene guided Jay’s...Read On


Our first time, Part 1

My first time alone with you.

I cannot help but notice the way the light reflects off of your left knee, or the way your knee cap is defined as you sit on the edge of the bed. I sit to your left, close to you, but far enough to keep a small gap between our thighs. As my eyes focus on that knee, my right arm reaches over, letting the tip of my index finger rest on your skin. I take a quick glance towards your eyes...Read On


Is That My Cue?

Rehearsals had went well. Peter knew all of his lines and he was glad to be in the play. This was his new thing, now that he was retired. Acting was something he'd always wanted to try, and now he was doing it. Each play he did gave him more experience, and gave him more lines, too. That was good. However, he was learning that lots of work in the theater consisted of waiting for your...Read On


The Victoria’s Secret Male Model Part One

A male model and a male photographer....Who knows what will happen???

He was the hottest male model in the world right now, twenty five years old and single. Loving life, enjoying his youth with all the money he was making from walking the runways. Frankie Lewis was born to Cherokee descendants so he was dark brown all over, black eyes and the most perfect man legs to ever walk in the USA. He stood six foot tall on a large frame, smooth all over except for...Read On


The accident at the Hot Springs (Part III)

A surprise, unpleasant at first glance, spices up the affair...

The next days were filled with calls, scheduling, getting used to my new life, and preparing everything for my new part-time job as a phone support assistant for an internet provider. I had to make some money to afford my studies in physics I was about to begin six weeks later. Luckily in my country the university fees were not very high, and I had already made a significant amount of cash...Read On


Forbidden Desires Ch.04

Alejo finds Bella

Alejo sat in a high backed black arm chair in the darkened club. He spent most of his nights here since Amalia had left him and he sipped the scotch in his hand and watched his Sub. She fucked herself on a large black dildo and her hands toyed with her nipples. Every eye was on her and he knew he could feel the jealousy of the other Doms. She was beautiful with her red hair and dark eyes. He...Read On


Dream Cottage (part one)

The story of a young wife's naivety

“The question you've got to ask yourself is. Do you really want Edward; or are you prepared to start over again? But make sure you're not making your choice out of spite or revenge. Because the second time around, things will be harder with two young children, and the chances of finding a good man won't get any easier.” “But even if I wanted to keep my marriage together, and I give him...Read On


What i did with you

A pleasant afternoon

There you are in front of me. Naked. Your hands are ensconced in handcuffs with velvet linings and are attached to a pole which runs parallel to the ceiling. Your feet are also captured in velvet lined cuffs which are attached to rings in the floor. Your legs are slightly apart, and you are not in any discomfort at all.   I come a step nearer so that I am directly in front of...Read On


Meeting Cindy

"Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright and locked position; we will be landing shortly," the flight attendant announces over the intercom, waking me with a startle. I had drifted off to sleep, if anyone can sleep on an airplane. As I rub my eyes, the plane banks left and I hear the landing gear lower and the flaps come down. Lower we glide toward the runway....Read On


Charlie-Charlene Part 6

Tommy discovers what a vagina can do

Tommy was stunned. He stood there, with his finger between his/her outer labia, and didn’t say anything. Charlene reached behind him, and picked up the washcloth from the edge of the tub. Turning to the vanity, she turned on the hot water faucet. She held her finger under it for a moment, until the cold water turned warm, then turned on the cold, and adjusted it to a comfortable...Read On


Victoria's Secret (Part 4)

A journey to remember

Victoria sat with her back facing the direction of travel, staring out the window of the train as the countryside rushed passed in a blur. She checked her phone, four hours and one change to go as she made her way back to London after visiting friends over the Christmas period. The train wasn't very busy, normal commuters wouldn't start again for a couple more weeks so there was only a...Read On


Hot for Teacher: Chap 2, Bright Penny

Our Penny Slut

Saturday morning came and I headed off to the Farmers Market to meet Penny Carter, teacher at my daughter’s high school. Of course I explained to my “Hot Wife” about finding the girl with the dragonfly tattoo and since it’s our Fantasy Celebration year Carly readily agreed to be involved. I arrived early with Carly and her new video recorder. The market was crowded, but after a few minutes...Read On

Recommended Read

Syncopation, Part 1

Young lovers torn apart and separated by more than distance

Dust particles floated in the sunbeam that cascaded through the small window. “Terry’s Cleaning” stretched with the dark blue shirt as the wearer stooped and shifted boxes that had sat undisturbed for decades, transferring them down small stairs that protested under the use. At the bottom of the stairs, a dark haired girl opened them. Some of the dusty boxes went to a large room to...Read On



Speed dating isn't quick enough for this unapologetic MILF

He was the fit in a sort of ugly way. But I’m no masterpiece to look at either. Plus what should a forty year old expect on a speed dating night? The fact I knew every single person in here had a sad story to tell, sort of put me on a par with everyone else. According to his name tag, he was called Dick. It suited his personality. Still I’m as shallow as a puddle in the desert. So I was...Read On



Jen gets an unexpected Sunday call.

The alarm slices through the peace of a Sunday morning without a trace of sympathy. I wearily lift my head from the pillow and slam my fist against the snooze button. Last night had been such a blast. I hadn’t been out with my best friend, Jess for over three months, her new boyfriend seemed to occupy all of her spare time now. Our evening had gone so well and It felt just like old times,...Read On


A Pallor Of Gray

Talk wordy to me Hurley.

You might recall, the last escapade when the Gooch's were returning home to Goose. Now she in her skin tight'ner and I in my truss had just returned to Savannah from a visit with her dwindling kinfolk in Arkadelphia. "Its Philadelphia, Hurley." A lot of things have happen in the passing few months. A parrot pecking off an ear. A alligator biting off two fingers and a piranha chewing my...Read On


Den of Iniquity Ch. 04

While Claudio was speaking to the waiter, Chantelle and I finished our ports and a busboy cleared our table. The dull orange glow of the sun was no match for the lights of the city, and would soon give way to the night. I was wondering if I was becoming a nuisance. I looked at Chantelle, who was organising her handbag. "Chantelle, are you sure it's okay if I tag along again tonight? I...Read On


Sisterhood of Sin -- 21 -- Betrayed, But By Whom?

Our heroine tries to sort friend from foe in the bedroom of an enemy.

"Did we do anything wrong, Beth?" I'm standing naked in the basement of the new local Sapphire Club as Bethany and Marta, one of the members of her black team that helped with the rescue of Chelsea, are searching through my trunk, trenchcoat, mask, and even my hair to make sure no tracking devices were planted on me during the session. They find nothing and I dress in clothing that stayed...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 17

Chloe starts work, and receives an unexpected bonus...

Two weeks after the agreement between Vickie, Tina and me, I was a different woman. I'd told my parents about my planned transition. As I thought, it wasn't easy, but I felt so much better once it was out of the way. Mum took it fairly well, but I'll never forget the hurt look on my father's face as I explained how I felt, and how I wanted to be a female. Despite that, he still gave me a hug...Read On


Who You’ll Find

A downhearted man accepts a life-changing invitation into a ménage à trois from a unique woman

“Nightclubs just don’t work for me,” I sighed as my friend, Nate, tried to cajole me on my cell into going to a club with him. “Come on,” he said, “I’ll be your wing-man.” “That’s because you never need a wing-man,” I replied. Six-foot four, thirty-one, clean-cut with black hair and an almost perfect tanned physique, as well as good taste in dark clothes, Nate didn’t need any help...Read On


When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 5

“You’re not laying your hands on her!” Nathan barked into the phone, totally unaware that Megan was just a few feet away. “Do you know where she is?” the voice on the other line asked in a mocking tone. “No!” “My men lost her as well.” “You had her followed?” Nathan asked in shock. “You’re not doing your job, Meyer”, the man snapped, “What happened? Did the little slut…” “Don’t...Read On


Identity Confusion - Part One

An embarrassing mistake leads to a morning of pleasure...

Maggie closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair, letting the hot water rush over her naked body. Hot showers were heavenly, especially because Maggie didn’t get to enjoy them very often. Her sister was always using up all the hot water. She tilted her head back as the droplets caressed her body. They started with the top of her head and worked their way down her face, softly...Read On


A World of Color

Joan discovers color in a grey world

She looked out on the grey world outside her kitchen window, a wry smile on her lips as she considered that view a metaphor for her life. It was not that her life was bad; it was actually quite good. She had married well. John was a good husband who had a great career. He had given her three children, but they were the only color in her world. When they were at school, she was home and...Read On


My Initiation-Part 7

I was having fun watching the sorority girls and their playtimes.

I only had a few days to complete my initiation challenge for my fraternity. I had to collect panties from each one of the sorority girls and the dorm mother from a particular sorority on campus. I had been watching the rooms each night to learn the routines of the girls so find the best way to collect each one. I had to go through the window of each one in turn. I could not go from room to...Read On


Returning the Favor

It was my pleasure to return the favor...

About three weeks ago, my girlfriend came home from work apparently very sexually aroused. Being a man, I am definitely NOT complaining. She came in, took charge, and fucked my brains out! Then, a week and a half ago, she gave me the single most spectacular blowjob of my life! It's time to return the favor... At her office, everyone had cleared out, and now it's time to rock her world!...Read On


A girl has to do what a girl has to

He cried but a girl has to do

A Girl Has To Do What a Girl Has To It was a matter of principle mainly that I went with Charley to the party in a hotel because it concerned his job, and that is what he said like I was expected to go with him. Okay so I was a trifle too encouraging maybe when dancing with a few guys, but all the time Charley had his beady eye on me so if I did want to have a sweet kiss on the quiet...Read On


Our Night Together

I'm in the kitchen working on a baking project when I hear you come home. You come into the kitchen to greet me and smile. I have made a huge mess again, including getting flour all over me, even in my hair. "You are a beautiful mess," you say to me as you pull me close and kiss me. You have had a long day, I can tell by your voice. You seem tired and worn down. I pour you a glass of...Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 3

Kendall explores her slutty side

Greg traced his fingertip up a trail of juices on the inside of my thigh and slipped his finger into him mouth. “Mmmm, that tastes nice. Sit on the counter.” It was more of an order than a statement. I quickly moved onto the counter with my legs dangling off the edge. Greg stood in front of me and placed a hand on each knee and spread my legs. He leaned forward, kissed me and said,...Read On


Montana to L.A. Chapter 3

Jordan and Emma go on a date

Janelle woke early, Kelsey still sleeping peacefully next to her. She managed to slip out from underneath her young lover without waking her. Her thoughts tormented her about what she'd done the night before. She contemplated taking a shower; instead got her gym clothes on then headed downstairs. She tiptoed past Jordan's room, not pausing to check since she heard the young woman snoring. ...Read On