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Lover Come Back

High school sweethearts can and do make it.

Thirty years ago,as a junior in high school, I fell in love with a twin. I had noticed Frances and her twin sister, Ilona, seniors, playing badminton on the school's intramural squad. I asked the coach if I could play and was told I could play boys singles. At the time, Frances was supposed to play mixed doubles, but one day she and her partner needed some one to practice against, so she asked...Read On


Worth the Wait

The happy ending of two people who waited far too long to get what they wanted.

It's a homecoming party. Your friend Eric just got back into town. He's only been gone six weeks, but any occasion for us to party is a good one. You've been staring at me for the last hour; I'm pretty sure I know what's on your mind. We met two months ago through my roommate Kristi. You were drunk and half passed out, yet you still managed to flirt with me. That is, until you fell asleep....Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 3

Kendall explores her slutty side

Greg traced his fingertip up a trail of juices on the inside of my thigh and slipped his finger into him mouth. “Mmmm, that tastes nice. Sit on the counter.” It was more of an order than a statement. I quickly moved onto the counter with my legs dangling off the edge. Greg stood in front of me and placed a hand on each knee and spread my legs. He leaned forward, kissed me and said,...Read On


A World of Color

Joan discovers color in a grey world

She looked out on the grey world outside her kitchen window, a wry smile on her lips as she considered that view a metaphor for her life. It was not that her life was bad; it was actually quite good. She had married well. John was a good husband who had a great career. He had given her three children, but they were the only color in her world. When they were at school, she was home and...Read On


A Secret Sub No More

I walk to my bedroom, yawning and I’m glad it's time for bed. I slide under my soft cotton bed cover and snuggle into my pillow. As I close my eyes I’m thankful that it's Friday night and the end of a very long working week. Being a manager of a large administration team is challenging at times. Everyone expects something from you, to sort out their petty squabbles and, of course, the...Read On


Naomi visits Julian

Naomi entered his loft and the view almost took her breath away. A standard kitchen to the right gave way to a two-storey open room with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors. Behind them was a large patio bathed in the late afternoon sun. Beyond that was the glistening skyline of downtown Houston. "It's gorgeous," she said as Julian closed the door behind them. The ambiance,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Devil Inside- Part I: The Possession of Davina Faire

Her darkness will be her undoing...His love will only nurture that darkness...

Love seems to rely on self-deception. Relationships are for idiotic breeders. It’s all bullshit, if you ask me. People constantly lie to each other and stab each other in the back; they break their promises and break one another. Their infidelities destroy their “picture perfect” family, and their selfishness eradicates all the noble virtues of love. That’s why I’ve been single for so long....Read On


A girl has to do what a girl has to

He cried but a girl has to do

A Girl Has To Do What a Girl Has To It was a matter of principle mainly that I went with Charley to the party in a hotel because it concerned his job, and that is what he said like I was expected to go with him. Okay so I was a trifle too encouraging maybe when dancing with a few guys, but all the time Charley had his beady eye on me so if I did want to have a sweet kiss on the quiet...Read On


A Weekend in the Blue Ridge - Part Three

Drumroll please...

Josh was a mass of pent-up, seething need as he yanked Emily in. He was done with the waiting and sneaking. His pull had propelled Emily to the center of the room. Josh leaned back against the closed door and threw the deadbolt, the sound gunshot loud in the quiet darkness. He watched Emily turn to face him, ambient light from the sheer-covered windows casting her in gradient shadow. He could...Read On


His Favorite Girl

"Hey Coco watch where you are walking sweet thing!" Hunter hooted as his boss nearly dropped beer all over his uniform. "Hunter O'Neal, you know my name is not Coco. It's Cindy!" Cindy said placing her hands on her hips and turning around. "You let all those other boys call you Coco. Why can't I? I work here at this club every night with you, and I can't have a little bit of fun?" Hunter...Read On


In the Past

Who or what was this spirit?

The new house was what we had always aimed for but the work involved in getting it to the state we wanted proved to be greater than anticipated. Exhausted, we had barely enough strength to kiss each other goodnight before submitting to the arms of Morpheus that night. So I was surprised and somewhat annoyed to be woken by Harry's grunting; grunting as when we were enjoying the culmination of...Read On


Somebody's Got To Do It, Part 3

More in the life of a mature bachelor.

I shouldn't bitch. I really have nothing to bitch about. I'm just feeling a little exhausted, and rightly so. I'm burning my candle from both ends and so my dick is sore and my ass is killing me. Like my Dad always said...nah, screw my old man, he didn't know anything. I couldn't resist Elaine. The goat horns sprung from my head. I couldn't help it. Call it hormones. Anyway, she was a hot...Read On


The Long Journey Home

After a long trip overseas, he meets a young gorgeous women on the flight home

It’s funny how life is. Sometimes, the things you are dreading turn out to be the best things that ever happen to you.  I had spent the past three weeks traveling all over England. It is a beautiful country and I truly enjoyed my time there. However it was time to head home. I was tired and not looking forward to the long flight back to the States.   I boarded the plane and took my...Read On

The Secret Passenger Protocol

As we walked across the tarmac, I nervously asked the Fixer, "Well?" "She made it sir. She's a little upset. Apparently the handling was a little rough. We'll try to do better next time." "Thank you." He's the most trusted of my Secret Service detail. The only one I could clear for 'blueball' ops. It's best if I don't give his name. He doesn't need to be hounded for the rest of his life...Read On

Recommended Read

Strawberry Epiphany

Strawberries with cream was never like this…

“Oh dear, slave, you’re drooling. What’s the matter? Don’t trust yourself to swallow? Afraid you’ll bite that juicy strawberry? I know, baby. It’s such a delicate thing to hold between your teeth, but Mistress put it there for safe keeping. So…we’re going to be a good boy and hold it there for Mistress, aren’t we? Yes, we are. “It took a long time, strolling through the farmers’ market,...Read On


Jim And Kay: Pura Vida

Micki and Bill meet us in Costa Rica for a week of uninhibited sex

My client tossed me the keys to the executive villa on the beach at Jaco, Costa Rica. A thank you for a job completed on time and under budget. A week of R and R in a tropical paradise. Kay and I invited Micki and Bill to join us for a week of sex and fun. Every time we get together as couple’s, sex was always initiated immediately and this time was no different. The limousine had not even...Read On


My Initiation-Part 10

I was having fun watching the sorority girls I had to steal from.

I could not believe what I was watching. The second girl, I call the dom, had the first girl, who was her sub, bent over her lap as she sat on the bed. I was in the perfect position that I could be in to watch what was going on. The view in front of me was a magnificent ass sticking up in the air. When she spread her legs, her cheeks separated and I could see her ass and her pussy. I...Read On


Penny’s Other Life. CHAPTER 6 and EPILOGUE

the women get revenge, and the happy ending

Monday night came and Penny called Mr. Brown and told him she couldn't make it that evening. He complained for a while that his security staff was still after him, but he didn't threaten her with exposure. He just got her assurance that she would be back the following week. And finally the big day came. Before her usual afternoon shift at the market, Phoebe came to the Y and knocked on...Read On


A Little Light Teasing (a Love Story)

This is a story of submission, and of orgasm delayed.

This is a totally factual tale of dominance and submission, of phenomenal orgasm without friction, and it is not a work of fiction. "I need to come," she said. I continued what I was engaged in. She repeated, "Please, I need to come." Hearing the pleading in her voice, and not wanting to deny my darling anything, I thought about the matter before I replied, "I hear you, but I don't think...Read On


Waiting for faith

Don't worry Alex; I shall take care.what a fine specimen this is.

Waiting for Faith by alexcarr © I live in a block of purpose built retirement flats. We have our own community gardens to keep us pensioners happy as well as a community room where we hold regular functions. Not being the social animal my aim was to settle for a quiet uneventful life, believing all things sexual were long gone. Except for the looking of course and I could always...Read On



A short story about a couple lazily on bed caressing and fondling each other until orgasm.

They lay on the bed. Together at last – after a long week of working late hours; a week of going to bed at separate times, and getting up for work separately; a week of stress, too much coffee, too little to drink… and… too little of each other! They are in an embrace resembling a 69, but more lovingly, and more relaxing. Rather, they merely ended up this way because he was the wrong way...Read On


Screen Time

A young married couple uses an electronic device to finally get some morning privacy

“6:01. They let us sleep in,” I commented to Charlotte, after the twins barreled into our room to let us know that it was time to wake up one Sunday morning. “Guys, you need more sleep,” Charlotte pleaded. “Try going back to bed for a few minutes.” They both looked at her as if they doubted her intelligence. For a moment I did too. In their entire lives, they had never “gone back to bed.” ...Read On


A new start. The love story of a sub pt3

Kelly shows her complete submission enjoying being used as a sex toy

Thanks, as always, to NaughtyAnn, for her help and support.  I suggest you to read the previous two parts before to read this one. Comments are strongly appreciated. ********* So, as the months continued, I received punishment and humiliation for my mistakes and also for my unworthiness. I concentrated totally on learning everything as fast as I could, not for me, but to let...Read On


See You Again Soon

A story of a sleepwalker who has a sexual encounter with a beautiful woman. “ I tell this story for your entertainment, in a hope that it intrigues you. The character in this story is a sleepwalker. He spends more time in the real world asleep though you’d never know it if you met him. He has no idea how the following events occurred.” I awoke to find myself lying on my back, limbs cold, numb. I slowly gathered the...Read On


Maude/Madeleine Part 5

Maude/Madeleine's evening with her guest proceeds

‘Stand, girl.’ I stood and noticed she had unpinned her hair although I had not been aware of it. Her mane was dark and glossy in the subdued light of the room. She indicated a spot to her right where I should position myself and tapped my inner thighs to indicate I should spread my legs. When I had done so she first cupped my mound and then, slowly and cautiously, slid her finger under...Read On


Furry Lust

Phoenix discovers the orgasmic magic of furry fantasy.

When I donned my fursuit to go out for my first public event, I was flushed with anticipation. I was more than a little nervous too, not knowing what to expect and worried about etiquette and what others would think of me. But for the first time in a long while, I felt a bit like a child again, believing that I can be anything and do anything that I had dreamed about. I had custom ordered...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twelve

Apres date sex for Laura and Greg leads to anger and aggression with Dan

Chapter Twelve - Dan Fights Back Greg was comfortable at home, and Laura was in the bedroom with him. What they were doing could be called funny business. Laura was exploring methods, ways, and positions to make her bells ring for her lover. Greg sat on their bed watching as she undressed and moved her hips in a circling, bumping motion. As the bells tinkled Laura told about the...Read On


Check You Out...

This was not what I had planned for my day off, I can’t stand supermarkets and do my utmost to avoid them. My girlfriend, Lucy, normally takes care of the grocery list, but had been called into work as they had some urgent order to complete, so the shopping list was left in my less than capable hands. I wandered up and down the aisles, trying to find the items from the list and to be...Read On


A Tale of Survival chapter 2

Jeanie finds a home

Glen put in his eight hours driving and pulled into another truck stop. He fueled up and backed his rig into a parking space at the back of the lot. He turns to Jeanie, "Okay Jeanie we have a restaurant and a motel and a Subway. We can eat in the restaurant or at Subway and I'll get you a room in the motel. That way you can have a shower and a comfy bed." Jeanie rolls her eyes at him....Read On


British Angel

She was an Angel that changed my life.

Please be patient in that part I has little sex but I promise it will get better in subsequent parts. I am a business man that travels in my job and therefore have met some very interesting people, in a lot of different places. This story is of one meeting that changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I was on a business trip to England with a large group of businessmen...Read On