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The Summer Boy, Part 3

An encounter in the shower room

Lynn stretched her arms over her head, pressing her palms flat against the wall tiles of the shower room. Head down, she leaned forward, stretching the tense, aching muscles in her shoulders and back and neck. The hot water sprayed all over her, massaging her, rolling down her skin in steady, streaming rivulets. Eyes closed, she breathed through her mouth trying to expel the toxins in both...Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 10

She was determined to learn all he knew.

As she squatted on his cock, she used her hands on his chest for leverage as she fucked him until she felt the warmth as he started to cum inside her. This set off a chain reaction allowing her to cum numerous times while playing with her clit. When she was fully spent, she collapsed forward onto his chest as she tried to catch her breath. Listening to his breathing and heartbeat, she...Read On


The Belfast Crab

She blew into my life and blew more than my mind.

When she hit my life, I was living in Belfast and she blew in like a hurricane. To this day, I'm not quite sure where or how I first saw her, the memory is hazy now. I think I had gone to a friend’s house to borrow something, his latest girlfriend was there and we were introduced. Somehow we left together. We ended up having a drink, then a meal and later that night, for the first time,...Read On


Meeting Hannah

This story asks: Is cyber sex cheating?

Meeting Hannah Sisyphus I hadn’t been to New York City in over twenty years, and in fact, rarely leave my off the grid cabin in Maine for any cities. I shop at a local food co-op in our small town, pick up mail at the post office, sometimes get a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee and exchange greetings with friends and neighbors then head home, happy to drive down the long dirt road through...Read On


Strange Nights

One of my first stories in English. It is about a sub being used by her Master and a group of people

Friday evening and Alice was asked to put on the red dress. She loved wearing that, it was hugging her slender body like it was tailor made, and with the two zippers in front her Master could open it up, both from the bottom and from the top. Just putting it on made her feel good since he always had plans when he asked her to wear it. She attached the collar and the leather cuffs and did take...Read On


Before The Fight

I'm so excited for this- first time that I'll get to see you fight. I know how much this fight means to you and so my anticipation and the tension I'm feeling is skyrocketing. I walk through the hall, heading to where someone pointed out your locker room to me. I know you'll be there getting ready for the fight. I've dressed up especially for you, wanting to impress you, to let you know that...Read On


Chelsie's Dilemma - Part 2

Does Shane give in after a series of guilt trips?

What the fuck was I thinking last night? Shane was upset with himself for the way he ended his night. In his inebriated stupor, he decided not to have sex with Chelsie in fear of things moving too quickly with her. But after several trips down memory lane, he began kicking himself for not doing it. “Are you fucking stupid?” Derek asked after he was informed that he didn’t sleep...Read On


Remembering Tracey Part Four

the story continues

So college began with me living right above Tracey’s apartment. The “friends with benefits” relationship seemed to work well. When either of us needed sex, we found it just a flight of stairs away. Sometimes we just used each other for release, and other times it was an all-night event, filled with loving moments and ending with us sleeping in each other’s arms. I was always there for...Read On


A Virtual MFMF Experience

Using cybersex as a warm up to a possible, real MFMF experience.

Vid got the idea from an episode of “Real Sex” on late night HBO. There was a segment on cybersex, and in it there is a woman who is sex chatting with some guy and her boyfriend was right next to her touching her according to the words of the guy online. Vid noticed that his girlfriend Marsha was watching intently and her breathing became a bit ragged. “Wow, that scene was really erotic,”...Read On


Meeting James Chapter Six, Part One

James and Melanie explore sin city.

My eyes started to open as the fog began to lift. I looked around, confused by my surroundings and I fought through the grogginess. It started to make sense now, I had fallen asleep. Slowly, the events of the afternoon started to play back in my mind. Our wonderful reunion sex, revealing my embarrassing childhood spankings, our fight, Oh my God … the spanking James gave me, and even worse...Read On


Dating Kelly Part VI-The Visit Part 1

Kelly's spending the summer in Boston, and JJ can't wait to visit her

"Oh fuck fuck yeah baby yeah Kelly ride my big dick. Let me stretch that tight pussy!" I was on my back and my girlfriend Kelly was sitting on top of me in the cowgirl position, bouncing around, causing her big tits to jiggle. Her blue eyes were closed and her mouth slack with ecstasy as her tight wet pussy was stretched open by my rock hard 9 inches. "Oh fuck babe I'm gonna-" With a start...Read On


Home Sweet Home

Their long distance relationship has come to an end.

She was just walking off of the plane when she looked around and saw him. Her words couldn't express what she felt at this moment. She has waited long enough to finally see him and now he is right in front of her. She must be dreaming, she thought. He was wearing a scruffy beat up t-shirt and dark washed jeans. In his hands, he was holding a sign that read "Sarah." She couldn't help but think...Read On


Marlee: Chapter 03

Adding Felicity to the business model

When it comes to trading whores, I am master. I like to be a black master to white women, too. Right now, I have two white whores. Their names are Marlee and her daughter, Sindi. I started with the worthless -- That's Marlee. She took a lot of special handling. Then I traded up to Sindi. She's priceless. Along the way, Marlee's husband, Fred, came into my possession. I sold him. He was...Read On


Birthday Surprise For Sir

Sir comes home to a birthday surprise

Your birthday is finally here. I've spent the whole day cleaning the house and getting ready for tonight. As time for you to come home draws near I become more and more excited. Soon I begin to prepare for your return. I go to the dresser, pulling out everything I'll need. I grab the blind fold, hand cuffs, ball gag, and the black leather whip with five long tongues. I take it all to the...Read On


The Next Morning with Samantha

They are learning each others love!

I woke up with the sun streaming across my face. I rolled on to my side then realized Samantha wasn’t in bed with me. Oh shit, a moment of panic that she had a bailed on me then I hear the shower running. At that moment I decided to see if we could conserve some water. I walked into the bathroom and saw her standing in the shower! Damn I’m lucky to be here with her. “Knock knock, can I come...Read On


Johny, Penny and Lenny

Where was she going? Johny couldn't resist the urge to follow .......

Jonathan stood up from his desk and wandered to the door. He’d come over all queer. He couldn’t breathe properly and he needed some air. He could feel the others watching him as he went, their eyes burning into the back of his head. Why can’t they just leave him alone and get on with their work? He passed through the door and on to the rear entrance. He was hit by the bright sunlight and...Read On

Recommended Read

Schulrod's Curse

~ Sex is the one bond that binds true love together

Once upon a time and far away in the small town of Desiter, there was an old man with an incredible story to tell. Everyone in the village thought him an old fool, but a fool he was not. For he had a plan that he had put into motion years ago. "Glamora Tregares was a very unusual girl,” began the old traveler, Schulrod Ghet. "She was different and quite strange," he said, making ugly...Read On


Sheri Baby Won't You Cum Out Tonight - Part 1

Sheri, Sheri baby

She wasn't typical of the women who I'm usually attracted to. Sheri was middle aged, taller than average, a bit over weight and conservatively dressed. Her firm voluptuous breasts on the other hand are attributes which I find appealing. Sheri was sitting on a stool, sipping a glass of red wine, at the casino bar. I approached, positioned myself next to her then overtly gave Sheri the...Read On


Trucker Tails Ch.3 - RVers Cum to the Rescue

A breakdown on the side of the road leads to a surpising encounter with a couple in a RV.

An old adage in the trucking industry says, ‘If it has tits or wheels, eventually it’s going to give you trouble’. Today, it was the thing with wheels that became the troublemaker. I was cruising westbound on Interstate 40 in eastern Arizona with a load of corn flour from Lubbock, Texas bound for a big tortilla chip factory near Los Angeles. It was late Sunday afternoon and I was...Read On


His Hands

Our first date became something more very quickly.

His hands were large and soft. That was always the one thing I remembered most about him. When we would lie together he would run his hands up and down my torso. Caressing me gently, warming me all over slowly. In those moments I would sigh and snuggle closer to his hard body. Yet now when I turn over he is not there, just a cold empty bed to caress and comfort me now. My Trent is gone away. ...Read On


Ethereal Cupid

If you could travel anywhere in an instant, who would you visit?

I pulled open a door in the ether and stepped out onto Lakeside road. Well, stepped out and down and landed in a crumpled heap on the asphalt; always a risk over such a long distance. To be honest, opening an ethereal doorway, three feet above the ground, smack in the middle of the road you were aiming for, from over three thousand miles away, was pretty damn close. I picked myself up...Read On


Island Girl, Chapter 2

They laid out the plans for exploring the islands...and each other!

The next morning, Mark got up early and showered, getting ready for his day with his beautiful tour guide. Not sure exactly what they would be doing just yet, he dressed casual in his blue jeans, a lightweight polo shirt, socks and sneakers. Making sure he had plenty of money in his wallet and his credit cards just in case, he locked the room and went downstairs to meet Jennifer. As they...Read On


Moonlight Angel

The prince of hell enjoys an evening with his angelic lover.

Damien watched her, her ivory skin glowing under the moonlight. The bed clothes were a rich royal blue that made her cream colored body stand out against them. Her hair shone like a golden river and her eyes shimmered like aquamarines. She was naked, cloaked only in the light from the moon. Her breasts moved with every breath she took, her nipples hardened to pink rosebuds. Her stomach, not...Read On


Never Let Go

In the doorway I stood watching my baby sleep. His breath steadily rising and falling and that peaceful look on his face was more than I could handle. I inched slowly over to the bed careful not to make a sound for I did not want to wake him. It was the first day he had off in weeks and he definitely needed his rest. Not to mention, we had a big day planned. We had Christmas shopping to...Read On


Romance of Colors

You never know how strong you are until when being strong is the only thing you can be

Enclosed within the four walls of her messy studio, she unveiled her canvas and continued the work that kept her awake all night due to the excitement to see its results. A brush on her hand and a palette on the other, she set wings to the colors and let her vigor unfold in every stroke. She is a tailor of dreams who weaved the tales of her heart into pictures that portrays everything that...Read On


The Real Victory

Antony's victory in the arena seals his fate.

The men grappled in the hard-packed dirt, their flesh nearly invisible under a slick layer of dust, sweat, and blood. Weapons had long been cast aside—they fought with bare hands and knees, no rules, the desperate grunts reaching high into the stands where the elite lay breathless, watching in their silken glamour. Sylvia lay on her side, pillows propped at her back. Pure white skin,...Read On


To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 04

A pleasant evening at the tavern with Thakkor is interrupted by an attack in the night.

Alicia sat cross-legged beneath a cherry tree in the garden, blissfully savoring a few of the ripe fruits, plucked directly from the tree. As with the day before, her parents were simply too stunned by her sudden shift in behavior to articulate their disappointment. She knew the reprieve wouldn’t last long, but she planned to take advantage of every moment. A beam of sunlight shone upon...Read On


Our first meeting

Lyndsey had been single for two years. She had never had much luck with men. She always fell for the wrong ones and ended up paying the price. Steven had recently split up from a long term relationship. Both were looking for something but not quite sure what. Then they found each other, and things got interesting. Lyndsey opened her mail on the dating site. She had just joined and saw a...Read On


Relaxed In Your Love

You have had a hard day and all I want is to see you relaxed and comfortable. I run us a hot bubble bath . You sit in between my legs, your back against my breasts as I drag the warm relaxing water up your arms and torso. You moan in appreciation as I start rubbing your chest in between your neck and breasts and lean forward so I can get your back. I take my time working my hands over...Read On


Gossip City Chapter 1: Revenge of the Kindhearted

The start to a new series of tales of the bitches of Gossip City.

In this segment, Mayor Meg helps Gina, (an innocent girl, accused of sluttiness, who had been framed by an actual slutty bitch) escape from prison. There have been many times in my life, when I found myself dreaming of a world without bitches. Then one night, I woke up from one of those dreams, and had an epiphany. I sat up in bed, and an invisible light bulb, as bright as a...Read On