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Strangers in the Night: Part 2

Devon shares his fantasy with Jessamine in a dark movie theater

Devon stepped from the warmth of his car into the chilled evening. A breath of wind caught up a handful of newly fallen leaves, and they whipped and twirled around a streetlamp before drifting to the ground as the wind passed. The neighborhood was well established, with the 1930’s bungalow style houses canopied by century-old maples. The house before him was, he admitted with a wry smile,...Read On


We decide to open a resort

This is a continuation from my surprise dare stories, just a different name. Thank you to everyone

So I have a little thing for showing myself off in public. I’m usually dared to get naked by my friend, but lately I’ve been thinking about a serious vacation. Just me and Satin, somewhere that we won’t be judged and can be one with nature. Happy the whole time together. So far, over the weeks of searching, I’ve found a couple places that cater to just gay people and some that were...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya-P3

Part two: Taliya (its backwards sorry about that its before Ceres's part)

Chapter 3: I was heading back down stairs with my black thong accentuating my tanned ass cheeks, a green loose fitting Chambray shirt on to finish up my chores.  Ceres was still hard at work; it was close to lunch time so I went to prepare it.  Mistress Julia stopped me. “You girls go help Master John.   I'll finish up here.  If I need help cooking I'll call for you, Liya.”  Looking at her...Read On


Mobile Phone Sex Toy

The heat of the day had passed, but London was having the last laugh as the buildings gave up all the heat they had absorbed through the day. As was my want in my summer commute, I had changed out of my works clothes in to board shorts, linen shirt and flip flops in a forlorn attempt to make the journey home more bearable. I was in my own world contemplating my evening and when I noticed...Read On


A Fantasy Comes True Chapter Two

Young businessman enjoys having sex with mature women

Jack awoke at six. Ruth was lying beside him looking into his eyes with a wonderful smile on her beautiful face. They kissed then Jack said, “Ruth, I need to go to the bathroom. Will you come with me then we both can use the bidet.” Ruth sat on the bidet first. Jack used shower gel and washed her gently. She came off and Jack dried her with a towel. Then Jack sat on the bidet. Ruth washed...Read On


Working Away

Couple Meet At A Works Forum

My company have sent me to a management forum for my line of work. Whilst there I get talking to Holly, who works in another regional office. Neither of us wanted to come, but as luck would have it we meet fairly early in the day, and whilst most of the delegates are taking themselves far to seriously we have a bit of a laugh and joke and generally enjoy the day the best we can. At the end...Read On


Sweet Kisses

Sweetness was her thing

Carmel was hard at work. She had received the ultimate order that would set her on track for Christmas and into the following year. She smiled at the thought that her business idea was finally starting to pay off. That was not the only reason she was smiling. A ringlet of golden hair dropped down from beneath the blue hairnet, and gently tickled its way down her cheek. It brought with it...Read On


My 2 AM Phone Call (Part Four)

I had no idea I was to be auctioned in that motel bar

They let me finish my cigarette and glass of wine which I appreciated very much. I sat very still on the bed smoking and sipping the wine while they watched me intently. A few minutes earlier when he locked the motel room door and I heard the lock click, I felt just a little fear, but that now gave way to excitement. The guys remaining in the room of this cheap, motel had seen me perform...Read On


The Woodman

Solidly fucked by The Woodman...

The third character, in "The Shop Across the Road” saga. Chapter One: Kurt was the supplier of wood to one and all, in the small town where I lived. He was a very engaging guy, and always had a mischievous look on his face. He was quite stocky, and stood at about 5’10” tall. He was also extremely hairy, with a full black beard and thick moustache. He hardly ever trimmed his moustache,...Read On


The old switch around

strap on, dom, sub, couple, bi

I guess I should preface this by saying that my wife Lee and I don't have what you would call a traditional marriage. We are swingers and a bit on the kinky side, she is bi-sexual and I'm straight but we have experimented with videos and toys. We tend to get a special itch from time to time that we know is best scratched by someone else. The evening started out with her and I at a...Read On


Valerie Lewis--Part 2

New client

I enjoyed my time with Leo that afternoon. After we had slept he had woken me up tied to the bed. He had brought me to near orgasm three times before finally letting me cum. It had been torturous and exhilarating. But our time had come to an end. Monday morning came and he had to be getting back into town. We said our goodbyes, he patted my round ass, kissed me on the forehead and left. ...Read On


Weeping Angel of Death

Hell is empty All the devils are here… William Shakespeare

Cosmos In the beginning, Source projected the cosmos using music, arithmetic and geometry. He patterned souls after his Source spirit, mind and individuality. Angels were given the divine right to serve as co-creators of the universe. They mingled with the dust of stars and the spheres of winds. Feeling them, becoming part of them. Earth held the position of the third dimension in...Read On


Princess Diaries (02): Jasmine

Jasmine relates her first sexual experience with a boy and admits to an exhibitionist streak.

“If you must know, Aaron was my first,” said Jasmine. “The guy who lives above your garage?” “Isn’t he Israeli?” “Yes. And yes,” she admitted. “And of course, he’s poor as dirt.” “And you’re…” “Palestinian. Obviously,” Jasmine didn’t need to say how well off her father was, her Model X was parked outside waiting to take her home in the morning. “I thought that was weird, him staying...Read On


The Story of Finch and Stifler's Mom Part II

the things i didn't know.

I wake up the next morning... glowing, tired, and a bit sore. But in all, i am fine, just kinda getting last night through my head. wow, i had fullfilled my fantasy....and it was truely amazing. Anyway, i get up and shower....gotta get the previous nights smell off mom would know for sure. I get in and the hot water cascading over my young toned body...oh how good it felt....Read On



You have to face your past.

"Lila?" Delilah froze. She knew it was him, she'd recognize his voice anywhere. It sent shivers down her spine. It had to be done. She had to face him sooner or later, after all it had been well over a month. She shakily spun round, her stilettos screeching on the tiled floor. He hadn't changed at all. His dark hair was pushed back exposing his murky blue eyes, his rosy lips spread into...Read On


Hawaiian Ala Cunt, ch 3 Balcony

The mere thought of the two men taking care of her, and each other was more than she could stand.

That evening after they dined at one of Hawaii’s five star restaurants. Afterwards, they returned to Todd’s room for a night-cap. Todd unlocked the door, and Mark and Kandy followed him into the room. Todd walked over to the small refrigerator to get out some wine, and chilled glasses. Before he could get it, Mark tapped his shoulder and whispered, "Forget the wine, let's you and I have...Read On


The Night Continues

That grin still hadn't left his face... I was starting to get the feeling that he was planning something. Our night wasn't over yet, so he had said. But what, I wondered, could he possibly be planning? This question faded from my mind upon pulling into the driveway. It was quiet as we casually got out of the car, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. Immediately I went to the bedroom,...Read On


Birthday Pleasure

It was mid June and the car is driving through the country side of Yorkshire. The scenery outside is simply wonderful. It was as they say a perfect English weather, with slight cool breeze and the sun not too hot. She turns to look at her Master driving the black sedan through the winding roads of the countryside. That morning, he had awakened her, ordering her to get ready and to wear the...Read On


Lola Goes To Dinner Part 2: Dinner And A Movie

Lola's partner continues to expose and embarrass Lola before taking her home for the night

Lola’s partner kept her on edge. However, although he reached for the remote, he did not engage the vibrator. Soon their food came, Lola’s partner received his steak and Lola her salad. Lola had just placed her first bite of salad into her mouth when she felt the vibrator buzz into life inside of her. Her partner had removed his hand from his pocket and had begun eating his steak, pretending...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend Ch 4 Part 7

Michelle's trip to Las Vegas with Shaun.

Michelle called me about six, letting me know they were in Las Vegas on their way to the hotel. She said Shaun's reservations were at the Paris Las Vegas. An hour later she sent me some pictures of their room: big, round oversized bed with a canopy cover and frills everywhere. It had a two person raised spa, set where they could enjoy the outdoor scenery, which included the hotel's Eiffel...Read On


Edwin's Big Day

Edwin got more than he bargained for on his trip to Vegas

* Inspired by a talk with my Boi* Edwin Saunderson was a man on a mission. He was going to do something he had never done before. He was an ordinary little man...little in stature, little in luck, and sick to death of Being ordinary, but tonight he was going to fullfil a dream. His sneaky business partner had been skimming the books, and his wife was a frigid cow who only knew how...Read On


Three nights in London, night 2, Irene is going out

Cute Tgirl goes out for the first time

"Irene,wake up sweetie." Slowly the mist from my dream started to lift. Irene, who's that? I slowly became aware that I was holding something soft and cuddly in my arms. A Teddy bear? I moved and felt something tugging at my chest. Breasts? I opened my eyes slowly and saw the broad smile of a pretty redhead just in front of my face. "Wake up, pretty girl." In a flash...Read On


On the Down Low

It all started one summer day, when I was on my way to Dallas from Oklahoma City. I had spent a week up there, and I was on I-35, heading south. I'd been drinking coffee, and needed to stop for a break at a rest stop. I entered the rest room. I decided to relieve myself completely. So I took a stall at the farthest end. That left three others. I let my jeans down over my boots, and dropped...Read On


Horseplay 4

The saga continues

‘I have to admit,’ said Vicktoria, ‘I do love a knee trembler.’ The kitchen is a large room equipped, as you’d expect in a country home, with a range cooker as well as a conventional type. The centre of the room is dominated by a long oak table and my bum was against as Vicky was fucking me, her hands on m shoulders. My kirt was up and my knickers still in place. She’d come into the kitchen...Read On


Watersports Mermaid

A chance encounter in a station buffet, leads an old man into a world of sexual enlightenment

Sir Desmond Anstruther MC (Baronet) tapped the silver ferule of his walking stick irritably on the marble mosaic floor of the Wanderers Club in London's Pall Mall. He scowled at the elderly porter behind the mahogany reception desk. "My cab?" It wasn't so much an inquiry as a military-style reprimand. Noakes, the club's Head Porter, looked up nervously from his ledger and gave a discreet...Read On


His Hunger

When he cooked, the entire kitchen was galvanized by the strength he put into it; the dishes, pans, knives, everything bore the brunt of his strength, and everything was challenged, forced to cook, to boil. He was a beast of a man, unrefined. His fingers thick and dented from the way he conquered the vegetables with his sharp knife. His arm marked by red streaks from boiling water that raised...Read On


The Prince in the Sycamore Box

Alex is growing obsessed with an ancient prince. Can her fantasies be realised on Halloween night?

“Alex, have you finished cataloging the section yet?” “Not quite, Mr Waters, but if you just let me -” “No excuses. Alex, you have got to get faster.” Mr Waters sighed, pushing his glasses back up his nose, and for a brief moment Alex actively disliked him. “We need you out there for a school talk anyway. Let Mrs Holden take over.” Mrs Holden was a shrewish, beady-eyed little woman...Read On


Idle Play

It was another dull day. Nothing to do all day. He was off at work again. She was all alone. Leora was all alone, except for her dog. The little princess was bored. She had got up after Paul. At least, when he was ready to leave for work. She was still sleepy. So when he left she just laid down on the huge couch in her tiny panties and little top. On her stomach. Taking another little...Read On


Have a great weekend

Hiya, hope you are well, let me know what you think of this. I wake up as you walk in the door, soaking wet from the rain outside. I offer to dry you off with a glint in my eye. I slowly undress you, taking your top off and kissing your neck as I do so. I slowly undo your bra as my lips touch yours, our tongues joining as my hands stroke your bare back, running up and down it. As we kiss...Read On


A Good Start

An encounter in the wild

(Part Two)Alone at last Layla stands at the entrance to the grass roofed hut (aka boma), her slender body clad in a white t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots, her long dark hair tied up in a pony tail. She smiles welcoming at the tourists as they file past her, exchanging warm “good mornings”. The last tourist to walk past her is Timothy, and she feels her body flush with excitement. ...Read On