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Champions celebrate.

We won. I kicked the last goal, after taking a screamer in the pocket. The hush around the ground was frightening as I lined up and ran in. With my heart in my mouth I kicked as the final siren sounded. From four points down we won by two points. There was pandemonium, the grand stands erupted and I was so relieved. I bent, hands on my knees, to gather breath. My team mates were first as...Read On



Food is love

She bit into the mango, savoring it as though it were the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The pit was resting on the plate before her and the other half of the soft bounty was in my hand, dripping its succulent juice along my fingers. I had to admit, this was certainly not what I had expected. Emma had called me the night before, an air of seduction on her voice, pulling me into her...Read On


You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 1

Roxanne finds Dan and hopes he will find her

After a long, hard day at work, Roxanna had very little energy left. It was all she could do to drag herself over to the office of the dating service she belonged to, to resume her search for that perfect man. It was a cool, gray March day. It looked like rain was coming soon. So that was all the more reason it was so difficult for Roxanna to feel motivated about driving over to the...Read On


My Christmas Miracle

Robert has a special visitor on Christmas Eve.

This was my third Christmas Eve as a widower and it was the coldest on record. That night, the wind howled as the snow storm intensified and the drifting snow began to pile up. I found myself alone, once again in my dark and empty house, and dwelling on the loss of my wife Carol, whom I had been married to for forty years. It was just before she passed, Carol made me promise to continue...Read On


He Drops By -5

Who needs to watch tv?...

He came to my house one night. When I opened the door he was leaning against the frame. He reached out and pulled me to him, kissing me gently, prodding me with his lips to respond to him. I open my mouth slightly and he groans and wraps one hand around my back and the other hold my neck. He pulls me to him and I can feel his hardon, his heartbeat, his breath on my cheek. His hand rubs down...Read On

Hook, Line, and Sinker

A "catfished" guy learns that sometimes things do work out for the best!

She made the first contact, answering his personal ad after seeing it on an Internet bulletin board site. Her profile caught his interest as he reviewed the email she sent over and over. Should he contact her back? Could she be the one? Deciding to take a gamble, he wrote back, telling her more about himself and what he's looking for in a woman. He told her what he looked like, and what he...Read On



Brian and I had a supposedly secret relationship early on in our lives. He treated me as if I was “the one”. He would occasionally bring me flowers just because and show up almost everywhere I was just to hang out with me. One afternoon he showed up at my door. The doorbell sounded as if it were in pleasure by the way he shoved his finger onto the smooth button. I walked to the door to see...Read On


Ceremony of The Sun

Sexual adventure of a young college in an Aztec Ritual

This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and...Read On


Dee’s Naughty Descent Chapter 05

Naughty submission leaves her breathless

Dee’s Naughty Descent Chapter 05 By MrDeep© Dee was an expert at making black men cum. She wanted to give pleasure. She derived pleasure from giving pleasure, be it as a submissive or accepting their fluids deep inside her sensual body or both. Dee was a blonde, blue-eyes woman in her early thirties. She was a divorced mom. She left her two daughters and a son with her...Read On

Sister Celeste: Snake Charmer

When Mr. P can't get it up, Dr. F calls in a consultant.

Author's Note: I've never written from the POV of a woman before, but I like this character and have a love story in mind for her. I entered the exam room and saw the patient, Mr. P, for the first time. He was 54 years old and seemed to be in pretty good shape. I checked his blood pressure and pulse, both of which were a little high, but that's to be expected given the subject we would...Read On


Forbidden Desires Ch.07


Her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth covered by a black gag. Her dark eyes stared up at him as he stood naked in front of her. She was knelt on the floor. Naked and her soft breasts rose and fell quickly with her breathing. He held a black whip in one large hand and she shivered at her hard look on his handsome face. She had disappointed him today, she had been late to meet him...Read On


Hot Nights In Copenhagen

how life's unplanned twists and turns can take you to surprising places

I heard a joke once, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him you have a plan.” Well, I can vouch for that one. After three months at sea working on a Norwegian freighter, I finally signed off in Alicante, Spain and made my way to the north of Europe, my original destination three months earlier. I had signed on as a galley boy in Brooklyn with twenty bucks to my name and planned to sign off...Read On


Still Faithful, Always - Chapter 2

Laura and Greg have romantic dinner date as prelude to passionate sex once again.

Laura had every intention of announcing herself with a witty phrase when Greg’s door opened; she thought of several on a theme of Avon calling while driving south. Best intentions sometimes flee, just seeing Greg as he opened the door left her speechless. She almost leaped into her lover’s home and into his arms. Laura kissed first, squeezed tight, pulled back to look, and then...Read On


What Happens When You Leave The Side Door Open

This is what happens when you leave the side door open.

Rose leaned against the counter daydreaming, the soapy dishes in front of her being cleaned by unthinking hands. A shiver curled from her neck down to her toes, as she remembered last night’s bout of love-making. Her husband was perfect in her eyes, and last night was the first time in their marriage that they had ever gotten into a row that large. She wasn’t the stay-at-home type. She...Read On


First Date

Tombstone meets a new girl in the parking lot and takes her on an enjoyable date.

The smell of pizza and sweat made my nose cringe when I walked out the back door of work. The long day of spinning dough, crafting pizzas, and taking orders made me ready for the weekend. Too bad Friday night looked pretty bleak with most of my wingmen out of town for the weekend. “Hey, Tombstone,” a female voice said. I looked around to see a girl with long dark hair and wearing an...Read On


Pretending Ch. 06

Trying to sort out just what happened.

Pretending Ch. 02 © 2009 All Rights Reserved Sunlight peeked through the blinds and prodded Connie awake. She took a moment to orient herself. I don’t have piles of books on top of my computer , she thought. Then she remembered where she was and turned her head. Simon lay behind her, his hand on her waist, sleeping like a log. Her first instinct was to jump out of the bed, but...Read On

Recommended Read

The Devil Inside- Part I: The Possession of Davina Faire

Her darkness will be her undoing...His love will only nurture that darkness...

Love seems to rely on self-deception. Relationships are for idiotic breeders. It’s all bullshit, if you ask me. People constantly lie to each other and stab each other in the back; they break their promises and break one another. Their infidelities destroy their “picture perfect” family, and their selfishness eradicates all the noble virtues of love. That’s why I’ve been single for so long....Read On


A Holiday Tease Ends Well

Hanna and Tom discover the sun, sand and stars which leads to sex.

I was travelling around the world and had reached Anegada in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and was due to meet my old friend Alice and you, one of her friends from back home in Canada. Alice and I had enjoyed several holiday romances, or sex sessions, in various places around the world and I was looking forward to catching up with her. Unfortunately she wasn’t going to be here...Read On


A Time to Behold

I would do anything to taste him.

He stood against the far wall, leaning into it as he waited for something exciting to happen. Naked men and women surrounded him, already on to the most desired part, the fucking. Just one look at his chiseled frame and my mouth watered as well as my more hungry flesh. His rich blue eyes locked with mine as he found me staring. He was probably hoping that I would be an entertainment for...Read On



An Architect gets more than he bargained for... or did he?

Just as she had promised, the key was on the top of the doorframe. I took it down and unlocked the front door of a stylish, but moderate beach house. I had my clipboard, my measuring tape and my camera. The view from her great room was spectacular. The wall facing the beach was made of glass with tasteful Grecian columns to support it. It was a simple project. Extend the deck further toward...Read On


So Fucking Loud

What a charming lady. That was my first thought when we were introduced. She had an engaging smile and a certain reticence that made one think she might be rather shy. And she was lovely to look at, too. It was a year ago that Elaine and I became friends. We had mutual acquaintances and met during a business luncheon. She was seated at the same table as me, and we had an engaging...Read On


While You Were Sleeping

This was written when B and I first met. Would love for it to one day be a reality.

While you were sleeping I thought of you. I thought how nice it would be to crawl in bed with you. To curl up and lie surrounded in your arms. To wake up there with your back pressed against me. I can feel you lodged between my cheeks.   We both stir awake feeling the passion beginning to burn. You kiss my neck and cup my breast. I arch into your caress pushing you deeper between my legs....Read On


Carol - Part Seven

Still early in our relationship, Carol and I continue to explore our sexual interests

Prologue It had been an interesting 24 hours, beginning with a straightforward, but totally unexpected question from Carol: did I want to fuck her? Despite my surprise at the question, I did not hesitate with my response. There followed an interesting, but quick, four hand game of strip poker and a late dare proffered by Carol. I had already won three poker hands, each win resulting...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 25

Harvest time on the farms

Drew pulled the tractor to halt in the machinery shed. It was early Friday afternoon. He stepped down from the cab and walked to the doorway of the cavernous shed and looked to the east. A massive thunderstorm was brewing. He stood and watched the lightning crack down on the hills on the other side of the highway. There would be no more harvesting today. He had spoken to both Geoff and Dave...Read On


New tricks

there's life in the old boy yet.

It all started at a party. Jim was invited by the host whom he had known for some 19 years. While he was in the kitchen, talking to one of the parents, he bumped into a friend of the family; she’d been invited by one of the host’s cousins. Somehow the chat got onto age and education. “You’re over the hill,” the young girl told Jim. “Partying is a young person’s activity.” “Really”...Read On


Coming Out (And On) to Hailey: Part 3

Sara and Hailey express their feelings in a more physical way.

"Of course I will!" I exclaimed. "Good! Hmmm... I want your pussy. I need to show you what I feel for you, my Sara." She pushed me on the bed and pinned my shoulders down with her hands. She straddled my body and bent down until we were almost touching foreheads. "Right now, I'm in charge of your pleasure. This is all about you now." I felt a growing ache in my pussy. I was already...Read On


Winter's Afternoon

The sun is warm, filling the room with a warm lavender glow as it streams through the window and the sheer curtains. I think that everything is ready for your arrival. The pillows on the bed are plumped and the bed is warmed and turned back. The fire is lit and the couch has a soft lavender chenille throw tossed over the back. There is a low table in front of the couch facing the fireplace...Read On


The Reward

A good slut deserves the best rewards.

The slut gasped, kneeling naked and panting like the little bitch she was. The blindfold she wore held her trapped in darkness. The ropes woven intricately over her forearms held them securely behind her back. Welts covered her body from her whipping. Her nipples were red, puffy from the. Her pussy dripped with her juices like a true slut. “And now my little cum slut, it’s time for...Read On


The Gardener of High Haxford

Gemma's plans for a day of the senses in her garden go further than she expected

Few people were ever admitted to Gemma’s garden. Indeed, most people walking along the lane down toward Haxford, never even suspected that a large garden lay behind the thick Beech hedge. Many a weary walker was glad to come across the pleasant rustic seat, rest and enjoy the view; while being oblivious of the summer house less than five yards away. Some wondered how a seat came to be...Read On


Amelia in the half-light

A pre-dawn erotic meeting

Bingo turned the end of the conversation with Fred over and over in his mind as he started his walk. “It’s all about how you take the stage..” “What?” “I think I have to go. All this talk about you, and your dating profile, it’s compounding my own… stench of… of desperation. It might not work out but I have to get out there you know?” “No.” “Well I’m gone, I’ll let...Read On