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The Slow Way to Loving

Sometimes the slow way is the best way

Put us together and we catch on fire sexually. We can’t be together more than a few minutes before both of us can feel how our meeting will inevitably end up. Our visits are so charged with passion that the temperature in the room rises. We once actually set off a fire alarm in a hotel room. In the past, our couplings were sometimes fast and raw and desperately physical. But not tonight. ...Read On


I really really love you, Carmen Orosan

Cybersex can be exciting with the right partner, I'll never forget you Carmen Orosan

Carmen Orosan (26/12/2008 21:58:11): I just wanted to tell you that Carmen Orosan (26/12/2008 21:58:22): I was horny as hell all evening Carmen Orosan (26/12/2008 21:58:27): thinking of you Ed (26/12/2008 21:58:33): tonight Ed (26/12/2008 21:58:35): ? Carmen Orosan (26/12/2008 21:58:39): aha Carmen Orosan (26/12/2008 21:59:00): my nipples are so hard,...Read On


Candy Stroker 8: My Date

The Candy Stroker returns, dispensing BJs and taking a new lover.

Candy Stroker 8: My Date I had an afternoon shift at work that Saturday. There was no way I could perform any special services, what with visiting families all over the place. Weekends, there were usually some on-call staff. One on my wing that day was a young male traveling nurse. I’d heard of that, so I asked him about it. “It’s a great way to see the country and earn money,” he...Read On


The Champion's Prize

Young divorcee discovers her wild side after hours at the Renaissance Fair

The crowd gasped as the Green Knight swung his two-handed pole–axe down against the helmet of the Black Squire; the ringing blow echoed across the tourney field as the young squire fell to his knees then slowly pitched forward into the sandy earth. The Green Knight turned and surveyed the field; six opponents lay sprawled in the dirt. Only the Red Knight remained. Pausing briefly to...Read On


Blast From The Past

First time writing a story. Leave feeback

It had been twelve long years since they had last seen each other, and Rachel could hardly contain her excitement about their lunch date.  All these years, and she could still remember spending every day with him.  Best friends, attached at the hip, until her father's job moved them away.  Thanks to the advance in technology, a social networking site brought them together again.  They had...Read On


Melba and Wanda - Part 3

(You may want to read Parts 1 and 2 of my Melba and Wanda series before you read this true story.)

A few years before I met Melba and Wanda, Melba's second husband had died, leaving her with their house on the lake not far from my home, but very little else. It was shortly after that when Melba took Wanda into her home and adopted her. In order to make ends meet and provide for them, Melba applied for and secured a position as the treasurer at a retail furniture store. Wanda...Read On


Essex Hot Lovin'

Michelle stepped closer to David and could feel the heat from his hot arousal on her

It had been quite a few months since Michelle Dean had returned back to Essex, England from Ibiza. Everything looked the same way she left it back in June 24th, 2005, eight years ago. Michelle returned to live with her Mum in Essex who 'd found a new lodger, a strikingly good looking doorman down at the club called David Watts. One dull Thursday morning Michelle came down the stairs in...Read On


Snow in Barcelona

Stood up on a date in snowy Barcelona

Today, just as a reference, is March 8th 2010 and it is quarter to one in the afternoon. It is Monday and for work reasons I am sitting in my car in a car park on the Montjuïc mountain here in Barcelona. Well perhaps it is not only for work reasons. The day is grey and overcast. In many places in Barcelona it is snowing, something that is almost unheard of here. I have a view of the city laid...Read On


Lust Crazed Fools ~~ Part 2

Nikki and Trent manage to escape away for a night all to themselves.

Nikki's car rushed down the interstate towards Trent. She knew he was waiting for her. They only had 24 hours stolen away together. A few short hours stolen from their everyday lives. For a day they belonged to each other. No question. No phone calls. No explanations. Solely to each other. Nikki and Trent had spent quite a bit of time together but not uninterrupted and not overnight. She...Read On


Carol - Part Nine

Carol discovers a new medium with which to display her body and skills

It was early summer and Carol and I had finally slipped into somewhat of a normal daily routine. That doesn’t mean that there was less sex. In fact, I was actually getting a bit concerned about how often we were fooling around. No complaints. But I had work that needed to get done, and a semi-deadline of early September when I was to have some detailed outlines of my dissertation topic...Read On


Truck Stop Love

First times together can be explosive...

Sitting in the booth at the truck stop, I anxiously look at my cell phone and watch the time pass. Fifteen more minutes and I finally meet Andy, the man I’ve been talking to online and on the phone for a year. Will he really look like his picture? What if he’s a serial killer? Or really a woman? Stop it, Jules! What are you doing, sitting here second guessing yourself? Damn nerves! ...Read On


Coming Ashore [Part 1]

Bar encounter for sailors ashore

As a first port of call after twelve weeks at sea, the King’s Head wasn’t bad. The beer was good and reasonably priced, there wasn’t too much noise and the bar didn’t slope. The smell of stale smoke was in keeping with the faded upholstery. It was just after opening time and the bar was almost empty. The barman was watching a replay on the telly, only coming near us when we called for beer....Read On


Ray and Stacie

Ray and Stacie take their relationship to the next level when both are away on business.

  (Just to note that this story is told in first person from both accounts. The name of the character always foreshadows whose account we're hearing.)   Ray               I was lying on an uncomfortable bed in a shitty hotel room flipping through the television.   No cable mind you, just a crappy antennae sitting on the small set.  ...Read On


He's With Her and She's With Her Too Part 2

It's best to read Part 1 first, and more will follow.

Quite aroused once more, and no longer self-conscious, Lila took a moment to remove her bra, garter belt and stockings. Completely naked, she climbed on the bed and settled next to Janet, watching Roman as he leaned over Janet and kissed her unsuspecting mouth softly, his tongue dipping slightly between her parted lips. Then he tied another scarf around her left wrist, and its other end to...Read On



An early morning encounter

Adam slowly opens his eyes to the dim light of a gray rainy morning casting a glow into the room. He senses the heat of the naked body lying next to him and turns to absorb it. Eve is lying face down on the bed, curly black hair covering her face and neck. Her arms curled above her head exposing the soft curve of her breast. The covers are pulled down to just above her waist, the shadows...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend Ch 4 Part 7

Michelle's trip to Las Vegas with Shaun.

Michelle called me about six, letting me know they were in Las Vegas on their way to the hotel. She said Shaun's reservations were at the Paris Las Vegas. An hour later she sent me some pictures of their room: big, round oversized bed with a canopy cover and frills everywhere. It had a two person raised spa, set where they could enjoy the outdoor scenery, which included the hotel's Eiffel...Read On


An Unexpected Meeting of Two Souls (How I Met My Soulmate)

This is completely true

I was in a marriage that had been going downhill for years. We tried everything possible to get it back on track, but ever since I had been diagnosed a couple of years earlier with a rare disease, deep inside I knew it was over. It’s amazing how the human mind can isolate the truth, and how a traumatic experience can all of a sudden begin to make you see the truth behind everything, even...Read On


Storm of Passion

Unabashed electricity

We lingered in the tent, our bodies slightly stiff from yesterdays travels into the wilderness. We had just managed to set up our tent before the sunset faded and we had fallen exhausted in our conjoined sleeping bags. The warmth of our bodies had kept the chill from inside. I marveled at your natural beauty as you relaxed next to me, your head on my chest. The well toned arm resting across...Read On


After Jess

After Jess, was there ever going to be love in my life again?

It was 3 weeks later that Tippi called. ‘Hi, it’s me, Tippi.’ I had not been expecting her to call. I’ve so often spoken words and then, as they left my mouth, wished I could have swallowed them back. I’d assume that was what she had done. Maybe she was ‘phoning to apologise. ‘Look, Tippi, I was being really stupid that night. Could we just forget it?’ ‘We can forget some of it, sure....Read On


The Reunion...part 1

this is an on going story co-written with a friend who is not a member yet...

It has been more then twenty years since I had seen her but my mind was racing. My stomach was getting queasy, not from the plane ride but the butterflies squirming to escape. Questions pierced every corner of my mind. Would she even recognize me? Would she greet me with open arms or with one of those looks from the corner of her eye, you know...the looks only women can give you? Was I...Read On


My Attentive Angel

Her angel works to bring in a whole lot of glory.

Slamming me against the wall, his lips ravished mine as our hands worked to remove the barriers between us. As flesh slapped flesh, gasps of anticipation swirled with our dueling tongues. My desire for what would come brought liquid heat to my soft tangle of curls, wetting my inner thighs. His stiff loins rubbed against my navel, trailing a sticky, wet path along my skin, chilling as the air...Read On


Chocolate Brown Tropical Loving

Isabella and Markus looked at each other as their naked wet bodies pressed against each in the water

Isabella Brown was a snotty twenty one year old student, on a holiday with her two best friends from university in Santorini, Greece. They stayed in a small hotel and went down to the beach everyday to catch some rays and swim. "Come on, Isabella, you got to come out with us tonight," urged one of her best friends called Lucy Dixon. She was a petite blonde with baby blue eyes. Isabella...Read On


Remembering Tracey Part Five

story continues

I followed Tracey out of the movie theater, watching her sexy butt sway in her short skirt. Anyone looking would have noticed the big bulge in the front of my pants, and probably notice the flush on her face as well. We walked out to my truck and I opened her door for her. As she climbed into the seat, I reached up and slid my hand up between her legs, nudging her pussy. It only took a...Read On


Why do fools fall in love… Jacie 2 (Chapter 4)

Jacie gets a surprise visit, then surprises her guest!

“JACIE! Jack has phoned three times already, are you ever getting out of bed?!? Oh, and your friend Laura is here.” Her mum’s voice echoed in Jacie’s ears as she tried to get some clarity through her cloudy thoughts. ‘Who the hell is Laura? What happened last night? How did I get home?!?” Just some of the thoughts mingling with the confusion in Jacie’s mind, as her bedroom door opened...Read On


All is fair in love and war (part 2)

Scarlett was awfully turned on by Elisabeth's dominance. It was already making her wet. She liked being controlled, made her feel naughty. "So come on then Scar, I don't have all day!" she said tapping her foot and raising an eyebrow before mumbling with lust in her eyes "take me right now!" Scarlett gulped and extended her hand taking hers and wandering over to the single bed. ...Read On


Lover's Reunion 2

Deb lay curled up on the bed asleep. As I watched her breathing, I smiled. She looked so beautiful and peaceful after our sexy night last night. I stroked her curly blond hair while reflecting on last night. Watching my sexy lover lick Lenore’s wet pussy, remembering the way she moaned when I pounded her ass. I started getting hard again. I had let her sleep for a few hours, but I knew...Read On


A pirate's tale

Adventure and eroticism on the high seas

The warm nighttime breezes moving across the dark waters of the South China Sea ruffle your hair a little as I come up behind you, and together we enjoy the smells and sounds of the island bay we are anchored in, while enjoying the closeness of each other even more. Just as I decide I should kiss you once for good luck I am surprised by the sounds of footsteps behind me on the deck, and...Read On


How'd that happen

Tribulations of a traveler

“What the hell is the screaming about” I thought as I pulled my horse up. Another sharp yelp split the air, but this one sounded like a different voice but was definitely female as was the first. I was almighty curious as you don't ordinarily hear such some days away from “civilization”. Dismounting and tying my horses, I pulled my rifle from the boot and snuck through thru the trees 'til...Read On


A Chance Encounter (Part 1)

Samantha needed this trip

My name is Samantha, but my whole life I’ve always been called Sam. I’m forty-three years old and have been divorced for a little over a year now. During these months I’ve been trying to get myself back into the dating world which, to say the least, hasn’t been easy. Perhaps my expectations are too high or the demands of my job have been too great; regardless of why, I’m not willing to...Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 2

Kendall continues to explore her slutty side

It only took a few seconds to get out of the building and into the cool evening air. I was holding Greg’s hand and pulling him behind me like a little puppy. Greg’s grip on my hand suddenly tightened, and he pulled on my arm spinning me around. It was like I was a rubber band being released, and I spun around and landed in Greg’s arms. His lips were on mine and a deep passionate kiss...Read On