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I'm a nerd. Not a what I like to call faux-nerd, the kind who likes nerdy stuff, but not medium (I.E. people who say they like batman but haven't read a comic). I like comics, video games, writing about the stuff I like, isolating, programming, fixing/building computers. I'm not entirely sure why I joined this site, nor what I intend to accomplish. Although, I write fairly frequenly, my work is predominately what could be called "satire" although I prefer to think of it as as a true story, focusing in my twisted vision of the real world, (for example, in my current piece, the president is a porn-star, and a white supremacy group will not use racial slurs, but will attack tanning salons, because they remove "whiteness")

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Elsworlds and What Ifs
Comics, B movies, video games, and reading, programming, building/repairing tech. Also eating my homemade chicken parm with my bare hands (yeah, I cook (the sauce is made from scratch as well as the chicken)). Also Parenthesis. I am interested in parenthesis.
Favorite Books:
Past Master, a mass market sci-fi novel from the late 60's is probably my favorite. It's brilliant. Also, Cryptonomicon is great. (if you couldn't tell, I dig sci-fi), and also Number9Dream is a great coming of age story (also kind of Sci-Fi at parts). Plus Kavalier and Clay, . If you count comics, Chew is A+ as far as comics, Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, J.H. William's Batwoman, and Robert Kirkman (of walking dead fame)'s Invincible (which is better than the Walking Dead on so many levels (also, never mention that fucking TV series in my presence, it wrecked talking about the comic for me (which is still good, but not as good as invincible (but is still better than the tv series by a mile))) are my favorite ongoing. If you count ended/miniseries, Transmetropolitan, Irredeemable, The Boys, the Goon, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century (volume 3 of LoEG, not original or Black Dossier (Alan Moore has even said that's his best work (century that is))), New X-Men (when written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost), Post roughly 2006 Witchblade (begining with Ron Marz run in issue 80 or so)
Favorite Authors:
R.A. Lafferty, a sci-fi writer from the late 60's and 70's who never got the respect he deserves. also Neil Stevenson is another great Sci-Fi writer, Michael Chabon, Pynchon, David Foster Wallace and David Mitchell are a few others who's work is incredible. If I include comic writers, Mark Waid, J.H. Williams (also a great artist) Matt Fraction, Robert Kirkman, Ron Marz, Tim Seeley, and Paul Dini (of Batman TAS, and Arkham City/Asylum (video game) writing fame) Warren Ellis, Chris Clairemont, John Layman, Bill Willingham, naturally Alan Moore, Scott McCloud, Judd Winick.
Favorite Movies:
Unforgiven is my favorite, but Robo-Vampire, Roshamon, Time Bandits, AlphaVille, and Eating Raoul are some of my favorites, I love the criterion's Janus Films collection, they never fail to deliver great movies. Also, Mel Brooks is an incredible writer/director. Also, Anything Joss Whedon does instantly gains my approval. Tarantino is good too obviously. Mystery Men is very underrated but great. The Dark Knight series is probably the best batman live action representation, (but neither Christian Bale nor Heath Ledger hold a candle to Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill respectively (Heath Ledger even said he based his portrayal on Mark Hamill's)). Also, Pacific Rim, I fucking love Pacific Rim, and horror movies. Horror movies are awesome.
Favourite TV Shows:
A lot of cancelled shows, like Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse (Yeah, I like Joss Whedon), Tales from the Crypt, Batman the Animated Series, Animaniacs, Twin Peaks. AS far as current, Game of Thrones, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Favorite Music:
Where to begin? From Jambands to Classical I listen to so much. My collection of music is nearly 300 GB (maybe more by now). I really like Modest Mouse, Dismemberment Plan, They Might Be Giants, Pixies, Phish, Phil Lesh & Friends/ Grateful Dead, Vladimir Ashkenazi, Glenn Gould, Brooklyn Ryder, moe. Mogwai, Mr. Dream, The So So Glos, Yo La Tengo, New Pornographers, Opeth, Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, String Cheese Incident, Gov't Mule, Titus Andronicus, Tom Waits, Widespread Panic, Elvis Costello, The Clash, Blur, Battles, Andrew Bird, The Allman Brothers, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, MMW, John Coltrane and most of all the Kaizers Orchestra are some of my top bands. As far as composers, I dig Mozart, Philip Glass, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky among others. As a composer, Bernstien is excellent, if a little unorthadox.

Side Note: I fucking hate Itunes (goddamn AAC capping out at maybe 220 Kbps if you're lucky) CDDR and Flac, but Alac and are the only way to go (Capping at over 1200 Kbps) when it comes to digital recordings. Analog though such as record players are great. Stay the hell away from magnetic recordings, they deteriorate insanely fast. In other words: Go Lossless, not lossy.
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Topic: "3 truths/1 lie" Game
Posted: 28 Jun 2014 15:00

I believe that #3 is the lie... sounds like a punchline to a joke

Actually 2

Topic: What do you first notice?
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:59

Facial geometry, most notably shape of face and distances between features.

Topic: Does a girl having big breast matter?
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:55

MATH! Seriously though, bodily attractiveness is governed predominately by proportions. For example, if you are five foot one and have DDD cup tits, it's fucking creepy. The truth is that size itself is a minimal factor. Size in proportion to the body is important. At least that's what the scientist tell us and that I've found to be true. Except with 12 year olds, for them bigger is always better, even in the case mentioned above.
So in short, No.

Topic: What is the best song to have sex to?
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:50

Strokin' by Clarence Carter.

Topic: "3 truths/1 lie" Game
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:49

Asleep's number 4 is false.
1. I play the banjo
10. I think the bond novels are better than the films
11. I once sat shotgun in a car where people were fornicating in the back seat. Neither the driver nor I was amused.
100. I've never seen the lion king.

Topic: Guys, be honest: can breasts get too big?
Posted: 31 May 2014 12:03

Abso-Fuckgin-Lutely (absolutely). Fact remains most people don't realize it, but what's more important than size is proportion to the body. Seriously, why do most people not realize proportion is what they attracted to, maybe it's because I'm a math-aholic, but it's proportions. Yup, it all boils down to math.

Topic: Does girls with glasses (prescription) sexy?
Posted: 31 May 2014 12:00

It's actually a turn on for me.

Topic: How would you turn a woman on without touching her tits, ass or pussy?
Posted: 31 May 2014 11:59

Find the odd zone. Met a girl who was aroused by having a moderate amount of pressure applied in between the big to and the next one down, but only on the left foot. Why she felt the need to tell a total stranger (me) this, I'll never know.

Topic: Guys is this normal?
Posted: 31 May 2014 11:53

Fucking accidental double post. If a mod wants to delete this because I can't figure out how to, please do.

Topic: Guys is this normal?
Posted: 31 May 2014 11:53

If he's as depressed as I can get, then yes, it can severely tank your libido. Speaking again from experience (as an chronically depressed person (I got my anti-depressants on my desk) maybe he should see a shrink. I hate to play distant and anonymous psychotherapist, but from my experience, it's certainly normal for a depressed person to lose sexual drive, and lost hygienic drive.
-Source, I've been on anti-depressant pills for longer than I haven't.

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Friends Comments
Posted: 12 Apr 2015 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 12 Apr 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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