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Topic Have you ever been licked to orgasm?
Posted 03 Dec 2013 22:40

I haven't, though I'd love to try it! That video is so sensual, the control she has. Now I need to find a girl who's into the idea...

Topic Pussy Eating
Posted 03 Dec 2013 22:20

It's mostly something I reserve for really special girls. But for those girls I usually can't get enough of it. Often with those girls I even love their taste. It's a huge turn on for me seeing them get flush, swollen and wet. Their body writhing and thrusting based on what i do with my mouth and tongue....It's so rewarding when they shake uncontrollably while cumming.

Topic The craziest place you ever had sex at?
Posted 03 Dec 2013 21:40

- in a vineyard during her sisters wedding reception, not 5 minutes after we finished was i taken aside by her dad and had a long and pretty good conversation (I'm sure my face was totally flush, maybe he just assumed it was from dancing).

- in the machine room of a boat that was converted into a bar (people were walking on the catwalk overhead).

Topic Teasing/foreplay?
Posted 03 Dec 2013 21:28

I really enjoy drawing out the foreplay (until she's squirming and even begging). One time the girl i was with jokingly threatened to rape me. Of course there's the odd occasion where I can't help but just want to strip us both down (or not) and get it done in the nearest closet; but for the most part for me to get good and hard, I need to know and feel that she's really wet and turned on.

Topic Oral start to the day
Posted 06 Jul 2013 23:02

Hey ladies, I have this really special girl coming for a visit and I want to show her an amazing time both in and out of bed.

I was wondering if you would imagine it being weird, unappreciated or simply awesome being woken up with your guy going down on you. I personally think it'd be a great way to start your day, but then again i'm a guy...

Topic Cumming: Describe It
Posted 30 Jun 2013 23:43

- Do you have one that stands out in your memory as being mind-blowing?

The one that comes to mind was a 69 that really built up in intensity; and to her credit she was very good at both keeping herself pressed against my mouth while at the same time downing my cock (while on top). This was after a lot of foreplay/spooning on the couch during a movie and she got so worked up that the 69 built up to the same intensity level as some pretty good fucking.

- What do you remember most vividly about it?

Having normal sex has that awesome feeling that in the act of taking pleasure, you're also giving pleasure. In a 69 that's working well I feel like that specific feeling is intensified because it's simultaneous oral, so your both working at it to serve each other, yet receiving at the same time so it just magnifies.

- What did it feel like?

Like she was sucking sexual energy from my cock and I was licking it right back up from her pussy. I'm not even trying to be abstract or weird, that's really what it feels like. Every time I would thrust into her mouth/throat her swollen wet pussy would press back against my mouth - pretty heavenly. You feel the energy coming back to you as you give and take it - so circular/cyclical. I'm not a die hard 69er, as they can be awkward too if everything isn't right, but this one was especially good.

- How could you tell when you were 'getting close'?

The head gets sensitive and feels swollen. At that point I become keenly aware of the feelings surrounding my cock; and I get this instinct/spasm where I just need to thrust deep into whatever it's buried in. it feels like it gets a lot harder and there's like a half second or a second where everything goes blank or on pause - in both feeling and my mind too. Then of course the rush of endorphins or whatever it is floods my body while my dick throbs and shoots cum.

- Did you moan or growl?
A kind of heavy breathy/moan : /

- Did you clamp your eyes shut?
I think so, right as I thrust up into her mouth.

- Did you pass out?
Actually yeah i kind of felt like i was about to.

Topic Tall Girls?
Posted 30 Jun 2013 23:07

Tall girls are awesome! I'm 6'4" so any girls over 5'9" grab my attention. Even just hugging alone; it's nice having breasts press against your chest instead of your stomach. The ergonomics of sex are great too, but then again short girls have their merits so I suppose just work what you've been given - it's all good!