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Hello all Just a little about me: My stories here are all based on some level of life experience. I won't go in to details on how much embellishment is actually there, but all my stories are to be taken as fantasy anyway. Oh, I will more often than not decline random chat requests. No offense, I love you all, but I can only do so many things at once, and I'm usually already multitasking when I log in to LUsh.

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Horror and Sex...although, not usually mixed.


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Topic: Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted: 29 Apr 2013 01:30

Fuck yes...in a heart beat!

Topic: How long does it take you to write a story?
Posted: 13 Jan 2012 08:07

I usually take a few days to get mine done. I don't do a lot of rewriting and drafts though, and I know my work could be a lot better if I did. I wouldn't worry to much about being so critical of your work though. I'm never 100% happy with anything creative I do, I just got over the anxiety I had about nothing ever being good enough.

Just put something out there, and don't be upset about the bad reviews. The good usually outweigh the bad anyway.

Topic: Vote please - enforce member signup to vote / comment or not?
Posted: 17 Dec 2008 07:48

I like the idea of anonymous vote, but registered comments. If you want your opinion to be anonymous, just vote. The internet brings so much anonymity as it is, that I've seen people take things way to far, or people just being offensive for the sake of annoying someone. If you don't have something constructive to say about what someone wrote, don't bother. Comments like "This sucks" or "Do better" (This is obviously being overly nice) don't do the author any good, and not having a name to go with it only makes it more aggravating.

More than that...I like being able to tell who said someone about what I wrote. Not because I want someone to be responsible for what they say, but because I can quickly tell if it's another author, or established member of the site whose opinion may be backed up by more experience.

Well...there is my 2 cents. In the end, I'm with ya whichever way ya go Lush, cause I know you're just looking out for the sites best interest.

Topic: Eyeborgs
Posted: 01 Dec 2008 21:52

I'm with Lush...weird. It also bugs me that the little ones they show are bipeds...that just seems inefficient.

Topic: I've seen it all now
Posted: 15 Oct 2008 03:50

It seems like a great idea gone wrong to me. Something that just shouldn't have come about. It's all well and good if you carry a purse, but if you're like about 95% of guys, your wallet goes in a back pocket. I can't speak for anyone else, but I sure as hell won't be eating off something that spends most of the day within a few inches of my asshole...

Topic: ISP's confirm '2012: The Year The Internet Ends'
Posted: 18 Sep 2008 01:24

Net Neutrality is a serious issue we may have to fight in the upcoming years. I can't even imagine using the internet like I would TV. Honestly, if ISP's actually pull this crap off, I plan on boycotting internet service all together until they bring the old service back, or at least make it fair for startup companies, small fan sites, or personal blogs to have the same rights on the internet. The internet has done so much for us in the last few years, and we've been here to watch it grow and evolve with great new ideas.

Think of it this way...if ISP's started doing this from the beginning, we wouldn't have eBay or craigslist. There would be no fun projects like One Red Paperclip...No Google! I don't mean these sites would be different now, I mean that wouldn't exist at all.

Don't let your ISP tell you what you can and can't do with your internet! They may own the pipes, but WE made the internet.

Topic: VIRUS
Posted: 18 Sep 2008 01:06

This is just my own $0.02 as someone who really doesn't care for Anti-Virus software...but incremental backups and your recovery media can quickly become your best friend. Just make a back-up of everything you absolutely can't live without, and re-format the drive with the OS disc. Kinda simple solution, and it's about the equivalent of using nukes to take care of a termite problem, but it gets the job done!

Topic: Sexual Appropriateness Test
Posted: 09 Sep 2008 20:51

50 here too

Topic: Sexy Mormon
Posted: 10 Aug 2008 00:07

Ahem...polygamy. Need I say more?

Topic: His parents have a sense of humor?
Posted: 10 Aug 2008 00:00

Working at an inbound call center, I've seen quite a few names that made you wonder about someone's parents, but this does land somewhere in my top 5....also used to know someone named Richard "Dick" Hertz...

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