Oral Sex(1)


The Balcony

He filmed the woman's volleyball game. Afterwards, five of them learned how to suck his cock.

Brent was bored as he sat alone in the balcony watching the girls’ volleyball game through the viewfinder of the video camera. Little did he know that in less than an hour he would experience one of the most exciting events of his life. Soon he would be focusing on five of these players in front of him. They would all be on their knees taking turns at sucking his cock. Chapter 1 ...Read On



Pep Bus Fun

High School students make the best of their bus ride to the big game.

“Everybody sit down, I have to get a final count!” Mr. Paul was saying to the rowdy fans and cheerleaders on the bus. The poor man was trying to gain some control over this group of rowdy high school kids. The basketball team bus left over an hour ago. Now he was the only adult supervising the cheerleaders and all the fans that paid to get a ride to this away basketball game. The team had...Read On