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Topic Watching your partner cum...
Posted 27 Dec 2012 14:31

I love seeing a man shoot a big load....sometimes I watch my man masturbate, it gets me incredibly hot.

Topic Big Clits
Posted 10 Sep 2012 20:07

I have a pretty large clit, perhaps the size of a pinky tip when excited. To be honest, my female lovers have always had more of a fascination for it than the guys have. It is very sensitive and can barely take direct stimulation, although a tongue and gently sucking lips are best. A vibe is best applied to the one side of it rather than directly. You can see a pic of it on my profile.


Topic How quickly can you bring yourself off?
Posted 06 Aug 2012 06:36

With a vibrator, very quickly, perhaps within 30 seconds. I like to edge for a while, get dripping wet, and then use my rabbit.

Topic Giving/Receiving first handjob
Posted 04 Aug 2012 11:46

That was me the first time I ever gave a hand job and watched a guy come. I was amazed at the amount and the force of his orgasm. He hit the wall behind him on the first shot, his own face, covered his chest. I just kept saying OMG OMG OMG....I was next to him in the car and was reaching over, but my hand and wrist were covered too. We were both 18 so he was a sperm machine.

Topic Be honest: Do you REALLY like sucking a cock?
Posted 02 Aug 2012 09:02

First of all, this is a sex forum, so any girls who are on here in the first place are going to be open sexually and more likely to love giving head. Personally, I was slow in getting to men and I learned to love sucking cock from a college roomie who was a bi girl. She taught me all I know about guys and to love cocks and cum.

Secondly guys, when it comes to's all about you. If a woman likes/loves a man blowing him, swallowing his cum, licking his balls, etc. is enjoyable, it's a turn on. It's not the disembodied cock that we like, it's what's attached to it....YOU...that gets us hot. We're not guys!!!!!!!!

Topic For the girls, where is the strangest place You have ever masturbated?
Posted 01 Aug 2012 11:56

When I was 17 my GF and I masturbated together on a Ferris wheel. It was the kind that had enclosed cages and we weren't all that visible to outsiders. We remained clothed but opened our jeans and stuck our hands in our pants saying stuff to each other like, "I wish I could be eating you right now" and tasting each other's fingers. It was incredibly exciting and I came hard somewhere near the top.

Topic fingering
Posted 31 Jul 2012 13:36

If we're not talking about toys......

I like rubbing my clit in a circular motion...not necessarily fast, probably a bit slow. However, there really isn't one way to get off. Sometimes, I can put my fingers in my pussy and have minimal amounts of clitoral stimulation from the base of my hand but get off from's slower but the build is nice. Sometimes, I have the fingers of one hand inside me and fingers of my other hand on my clit. Other times, I have one hand caressing my nipples while the other hand alternates between fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. I can spend lots of time masturbating if I have it, caressing and playing with myself in lots of ways and building to a powerful orgasm. I don't seem to love fast or hard, but at times I do it fast because I'm in the mood for that.

Topic Small Dicks
Posted 31 Jul 2012 13:25

Am I the only one who doesn't consider a 5" cock to be small, but average?
3" is small, but 5"? are living in the real world. My current BF is 7.5 and I consider that to be quite large. I have to remind him to be gentle sometimes because he can hurt me if he pounds. Most guys are about 6. One of my favorite guys was Asian, about 5 inches (but beautiful), always hard, and he came buckets. I loved blowing him and he tasted great. He was a gentle and sensitive lover. In my opinion, average, 5 to 6 inches, is just great. Big is nice if the guy knows what he's doing. Big makes for a good visual. Smaller than 5 is challenging, but if the guy is a good lover he can be just as good as anyone. Ok, anything smaller than 4 is a challenge to get off on. I have no experience with that.

Topic Be honest: Do you REALLY like sucking a cock?
Posted 30 Jul 2012 06:56

I definitely love doing it and love the sensation of his cock swelling ad twitching and feeling him shoot in my mouth. I have to like the guy though, be attracted to him. I could never enjoy a stranger that I don't think is cute just to suck a dick.

Topic O.K. Ladies, let us know, would you lick your pussy if you could?
Posted 28 Jul 2012 11:11

As long as I can remember I have loved my smell and taste. I always taste myself while masturbating. I'm bi and love to eat pussy, and would eat myself silly if I could.

Topic Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted 28 Jul 2012 11:08

I had group quite a bit when in college and my current BF, who is bi, had an ongoing 3 way with a MF couple for years. His stories are incredible as they explored all kinds of MMF. I happen to love having a guy and girl together myself, and I love eating a girl while she's being fucked, licking the guy as he's in her, and tasting their combined juices after coming. I'm not amenable to "orgies" with strangers....too dangerous IMHO....but if I know two people and it feels right.......mmmmm.

For the past year BF and I have stayed monogamous to deepen our commitment. I have to say, it's been great.

Topic you let your spouse watch..
Posted 26 Jul 2012 17:18

My current BF and I see each other pee, but we don't watch in a sexual way.

I did have a male lover for a brief time who was very turned on by it though. He knelt in front of the bowl and watched me close up as I peed. Then he ate me before I could wipe. I didn't hate it, but I'm wasn't particularly turned on by it either.

Topic Ladies, would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 26 Jul 2012 06:09

My high school GF liked me to sit in front of a mirror with my legs spread and masturbate as she massaged my breasts and told me how beautiful I was. She would watch me intently, commenting on how wet I was, and instructing me on how to massage my cunt and clit. Then we would switch places. This addicted me to being watched and watching myself in the mirror. My current BF and i love to watch each other masturbate as part of our sex life, although actual sex is the priority. My BF has large capacities so it's not unusual for us to have oral sex, intercourse, and masturbate in the course of a day. I love watching him jerk off and shoot a big load all over himself.

Topic masturbating while looking at photos
Posted 24 Jul 2012 05:42

Of course....isn't that why we're all turn each other on and masturbate together?

Topic men licking your pussy?
Posted 24 Jul 2012 05:38

Though I've only been eaten out a couple of times one thing i find allot of men do is lick my opening allot. it may just be me, but i don't like it and it makes me feel like a popsicle.
I liked it when they licked and sucked my clit GENTLY. It felt amazing and was mind blowing.
Rubbing my stomach while they were doing it also made it feel more sexy and intamit.
Hope it helps!

What she does feel good if you lick all around but if that's all you do it will just be numbing. As a bi girl who has licked lots of pussy I can tell you that gently licking the clit in a steady rhythm while putting two or three fingers in and GENTLY fucking the slit, massaging the top area behind the clit (Gspot) is a good way to make a woman come. You may come across some girls who want you to finger fuck them harder and that's great, but don't assume that will work generally and I'm sure lots of girls on here will agree. OH, and by the way, CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!

Topic masturbation
Posted 24 Jul 2012 05:32

I'm at work but I'm mostly hidden behind a nurse's station and no one is around. My hand is down my pants as I read this site and pressing on my clit through my white cotton i guess that's a yes.

Topic Ladies, how do you feel about fellatio/oral contact after penetration?
Posted 21 Jul 2012 19:16

I love my own taste and it's even better tasting it on his cock or on his lips after he eats me.

Topic pussy grinding
Posted 21 Jul 2012 15:56

I love tribbing and it allows girls to be face to face or even kiss depending on how we're doing it. I have a large clitoris which sticks up about an inch when I'm excited like a pinky tip (see my pics). I think this has always made tribbing a bit easier for me as I can hone in on the other girl's clit with my bigger one. I've never done it with a girl whose clit is as big as mine.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 21 Jul 2012 15:47

I've always masturbated a lot....sometimes while working or doing other things....and, yes, I'm doing it now.

Topic or not?
Posted 21 Jul 2012 12:05

My BF is bi and I am on the pill so he eats his own cum out of me pretty regularly....I often come from it. YES! It's hot.

Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 19 Jul 2012 10:44

Every day, at least once. Some days, like when I'm ovulating, I can;t stop touching, smelliing, and tasting myself.

Topic Ladies: Pubic Hair
Posted 19 Jul 2012 10:39

I shave and have been for two years now. Oddly, I love it when other women don't shave and I find a thick bush to be quite attractive. I think this is because my high school GF was Italian and had a gorgeous thatch of shiny curly pubes that barely hid her thick dark luscious pussy lips.

Topic How many of you ladies actually get off when you're cybering?
Posted 19 Jul 2012 10:36

I come from sex talk fairly often. I love to masturbate a lot and do it continuously throughout the day, smelling and tasting myself when I can. I will have my hand down my pants while chatting sex, unless I'm home naked. If I'm in a place where I can, I make myself cum. My bullet vibe is a sure fire way to produce a quick orgasm.

Topic Do women dislike or resent the use of the slang "Cunt"?
Posted 17 Jul 2012 11:53

I like to use the word if I'm talking about my pussy or someone else's in a sexual manner, as in "Oh yes, lick my cunt"....I hate when the word is used in a derogatory fashion though, as in "She's such a c***"