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Topic What is your favourite item of clothing to wear? Any type of attire, but only one thing.
Posted 07 Jun 2015 04:51

my little black leather skirt

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 07 Jun 2015 04:50

this morning in bed

Topic Women, how you feel about the word 'pussy'?
Posted 07 Jun 2015 04:49

I love to talk dirty but you run out of dirty words for each other sometimes. I care more about the person using the word "pussy" or "cunt" and the like and the word itself to me is just fun and arousing.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 30 May 2015 06:35

Topic Ladies, would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 30 May 2015 04:22 my boyfriend for sure.

Yes to a stranger...who fucked me later and was no longer a stranger.

Yes..kind of a two couple thing but we just played with ourselves before the boys joined in.

Topic Would you swallow multiple loads?
Posted 30 May 2015 04:16

I've swallowed more than one load from the same guy during a night but I've not had two guys in one night. I think I would as I have a cum fetish but not sure I would go through with it in person. For a fantasy I would say yes yes yes.

Topic 0
Posted 25 May 2015 13:35

ChuckEPoo has responded to a question for the gals in a typical way a guy thinks a gal should respond. She must be thrilled with that.

I like to beg: Please, please, fuck my pussy....

Topic What do you wear to bed?
Posted 25 May 2015 05:09

Mostly panties and a tank top or cami. I do have some long pants for when it is cold but I rarely use them.

Topic Who would you like to fuck that you know, but haven't ......yet?
Posted 25 May 2015 05:07

My first thought is my principal, I'm a teacher. He is older, like 50, single, and I would be practically half his age. But....

Topic Have you ever sent naked pictures of yourself to someone other than on Lush?
Posted 25 May 2015 05:03

Never done it on Lush but have away from lush.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 24 May 2015 07:25

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 21 May 2015 18:48

Topic Sexy heels
Posted 17 May 2015 12:15

Topic Naughty Pokies
Posted 17 May 2015 12:13

Topic Upskirt pics
Posted 17 May 2015 12:11

Topic Threesome Pics
Posted 17 May 2015 12:09

Topic Flashing
Posted 17 May 2015 12:08

Topic Sheer - See Thru
Posted 17 May 2015 12:07

Topic Women on Women
Posted 17 May 2015 12:06

Topic Self Pleasuring
Posted 17 May 2015 12:02

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 17 May 2015 12:00
bow on her panties

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 17 May 2015 11:57

Topic what's the biggest cock that you have ever encountered? (indicate the size)
Posted 17 May 2015 11:56

Have to say that when I am sucking cock I don't usually carry a tape measure, ruler, protractor, or laser imaging device to measure the specimen. If it fits in my hand and in my mouth, it is big enough.

Topic Threesome Pics
Posted 17 May 2015 04:46

Topic Do you like to wear anything while masturbating??
Posted 07 May 2015 14:51

I enjoy some sexy panties sometimes. Watching my hand under the panties I find exciting.

Topic Your Favourite Sex Act
Posted 07 May 2015 14:47

Hard to pick just one...but oral is my favorite thing to do to him...getting fucked on my hands and knees from my favorite thing that he can do to me.

Topic Procrastinating: What should you be doing right now instead of being here?
Posted 26 Feb 2015 07:45

Writing another story or maybe shoveling snow. Can't decide.