Love Poems(1)


The Perfect Man

Life As We Should Know It.

There’s always someone who is there for you, Who wants you, Who adores you, Who loves you, Who tells you what he wants to do to you, How he’ll hold you, How he’ll kiss you, How he wants to make you feel, How he wants to have sex with you, How he is sad because you’re gone. His pain is deep it hurts knowing the days go slower with each thought, He wants to sleep...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


Championship Sex

Going wasn't as bad as she thought it would

"It's just a game right?" I replied after being asked to attend Rob's footy match. "Of course, it's not like a hooligan riot will occur.." laughed Rob at my sad attempt at a joke. In result I playfully punched him after he made that snide remark. Rob then wandered off into his room to gear up and leave for the championship game he basically begged me to attend. Everything about this...Read On


Did That Really Just Happen?

Did that really just happen?

It was just a normal day for Stephanie; get up, get ready, go to work, bore the day away. But she really wasn't in the mood to go work, so she called in sick and stayed home. Ok, she really wasn't sick but, who gives a fuck, everyone takes a sick day; and that is exactly what Stephanie did. Since she stayed home, she got really horny, ran upstairs, took off her work clothes, which consisted...Read On


Landyn Gets It Down Under

Landyn gets her fill up down under ;)

Landyn always liked talking and meeting new people, she especially liked it when they were from places far from where she lived and the person she had just met was from a place farther than she had expected. This particular person found her this time, his name was Finn and he was from Newcastle, Australia. This seemed pretty cool to Landyn and they seemed to hit it off quite easily and...Read On


My Quantum of Solace

The Day I had Perfect Sex with my BF

I work at London's main airport, every day I meet assholes, really nice patient customers, the crazy ones who think it's all my fault and sometimes a famous face enters the round of people I have to deal with. Today was different, I was working United flight 3029 to Los Angeles and I know it was late and was going to have to deal with estranged passengers wanting to get home or their...Read On