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10 May 2015 06:53

13 Dec 2014 11:37

09 Dec 2014 19:11

Emily Part Three is now posted. First time that I ever bowed to audience pressure and added a story. We'll see.

28 Nov 2014 08:15

23 Oct 2014 20:40

20 Oct 2014 18:54

Okay, I've submitted Déjà Vu - Part Two to the moderators for review.

09 Oct 2014 17:32

Hey, everyone, I'm back! Had to take a "mental health" break after dealing with some personal shit, which turned out way longer than expected. Moved a couple of times, too, and changed employment. But, I haven't been sitting on my rump. What I have done is written the last two installments (at least for now) of my "Wages of Sin" series, which I hope you will like; a couple of two-part stories; and I have started a new series and already have three completed and ready to post. So sit back Lushies; the show is about to begin!

23 Aug 2014 18:09

To all of my Lush Friends; I apologize for being away so long. I hope to get back into the swim soon.

05 Mar 2012 12:20

Getting ready for my semi-annual trip to the City of London for the week of October 23. One day of fun, four days of work.

20 Oct 2011 13:47

Just in case anyone is interested, several reputable police supply stores sell actual police-issue handcuffs in pink and red. For that someone special on your holiday gift list...

03 Oct 2011 13:22

Two more Wages installments, then I think it will be time to break out the handcuffs again...

29 Sep 2011 17:24

Been on a much needed mini-vacation. Need to finish up a couple of stories to post.

06 Sep 2011 06:45

Work has kept me away, but I hope to remedy that soon.

26 Aug 2011 05:55

What's everybody doing up so late?

20 Aug 2011 20:09

Somehow I've become popular with the Canadian ladies of Lush. Mmm...

19 Aug 2011 15:45

Have any other authors noted that by the time they get done writing, editing, correcting and revising their own stories, that they just aren't as "hot" as when the idea first came to mind.

16 Aug 2011 15:21

Spent all day trying to recover a partially crashed PC and it still ain't working right.

14 Aug 2011 19:40

Changed my avatar again. Still contains a clue to my real identity...

27 Jul 2011 15:58

I find it interesting that my two most-viewed stories are in the "Taboo" and "Spanking" categories...and that they also have my two highest average scores. Mmmm...

27 Jul 2011 15:36

Heading to San Diego just as ComiCon is ending. Perfect timing! Role playing belongs in the bedroom, not the auditorium.

23 Jul 2011 11:52

Need to rest. Three submissions in two days. Gotta get some real work done...

22 Jul 2011 16:08

I need to come up with a good beginning and end for a project that has a great middle...

22 Jul 2011 06:39

I think my next story will be a little "off the reservation" compared to what I've done so far...

21 Jul 2011 05:56