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Topic Post The Classiest Photo You Can
Posted 08 Jul 2011 22:37

LOL, Fugs.

my senior year of high school

What a hottie you are!!! love10

Topic Why don't guys just say what they feel?
Posted 28 Dec 2010 01:02

I agree with the consensus here. We don't answer direct, blunt or even honestly, because the truth usually leads to a hell to be paid. Hey, I answered honestly enough times, that I've been cut off going on 4 years now... When my wife asks me a question, a loaded question like "how do you feel..." I have to dodge it. 99% of the time, my answer will be wrong, if I answer truthfully. And that is frustrating, because I know better than she, how I feel ... Hehehe... But its not just my wife. I see so many of my friend's wives do the same thing to them. Doll is very right, that it is not ALL women... but I have noticed it to be common enough.

As for the men versus women... I forget who said this, but I've found it to be very true...

"Women marry men, in hopes they can change him. Men marry women, hoping she will never change."

And therein in lies the problem... neither accept each other for who they are...

CFL hits it on the head there... about men. My wife cut me off years ago. I'm still with her, I don't cheat on her...because I love her. If she can't understand that, I have no clue how to better express it. I stick by her, provide for her, take care of her, nurture her, listen to her, and abide her wishes that I not touch her... if I didn't love her, I would've kicked her out on her ass a long long time ago! But I digress...

It just seems it would be a lot easier, if she simply handed me a 3x5 card, instructing me on how I should feel about a particular topic, so when she asks, I can give her the perfect answer... and harmony would reign. Flash cards could've saved my marriage!! *lol*

Topic Because or Cause?
Posted 28 Dec 2010 00:18

If using "cause" where you mean "because" it is proper to spell it with a preceding apostrophe (see below)... however it is recommended that you only use 'cause in dialogue. In narrative, always use the full word, because.

'cause = because

cause does not mean because. See dictionary entries provided above.

Topic Shutter or Shudder?
Posted 28 Dec 2010 00:15

*palms forehead* d'oh!

Posted 28 Dec 2010 00:14

Correct, Sweet Penny!! This one comes up enough that all three of my publishers include this in their "style guides" that they provide to authors they sign on. Further is too often confused where farther should be used.

Topic Tips for publishing a book for retail
Posted 28 Dec 2010 00:10

If you're serious about becoming published, here's some advice. Rule #1, all money flows to the author, not the reverse. Never pay a single dime to any so-called publisher (vanity press or self published), unless you have accepted defeat and just want your story out there. I can give you a list of some free sites that will publish your book for no cost to you. However, they will not edit or format your story. You'll need to design the cover and if offering it in print, you'll need to understand the graphic design requirements. works fairly well (unless you pay for their marketing services), but you'll get more audience with without spending a cent.

But if you want to be a real published author, rather, a traditionally published author, where you are paid by the publisher, they edit and work with you to revise your manuscript with a professional editor. They provide the cover artwork, from a professional artist, and market your book on their site, as well as Amazon and B&N among others... then there is a very steep learning curve and that slope gets steeper, depending on the strength of the publisher you are targeting. it is much more difficult to get signed on with Simon & Schuster, than it is to get on with XoXo Publishing (no offense to XoXo, they are a great small press)

I recommend this writing forum (link below). Lurk, read, then join in once you're comfortable... there are all levels of authors there, from NY times best sellers, to small independents and even vanity published. They discuss EVERY facet of the publishing industry, including erotica. Agents, authors, editors, publishers and even just readers visit there daily. It was the stepping stone that lifted me from the wannabe writer stage, into a paid published author...

Now, my next piece of advice is give up now, unless you have very thick skin and can accept very brutal and harsh criticism well and don't mind very cold shouldered rejection. It takes oodles of patience, a saint's share of endurance and the willingness to shred your story at the whim of another's demand. This is usually what separates professional authors from amateurs who turn to self publishing... many, rather most, writer's can't understand why these highly acclaimed and veteran publishers and editors cannot see the brilliance of their work. Clearly they do not understand the story's potential... hehehe... 1 in 1000 writers has the wherewithal to transform themselves into an author. Rule #2 is get used to rejection, because it comes by the truck load.

"It's none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way."
~ Ernest Hemingway

Topic Does a writer's gender make a difference?
Posted 12 Oct 2010 21:14

My wife is in a romance writer's club that meets weekly. Most in her group refuse to read a man's attempt to write romance stories. They say there are very few who can.

As a professional male romance writer. I get this reaction from romance writer's groups from time to time. Even from my own fans (all few of them! *lol*) I've had a few that once they realized I was male, quit reading my stuff. But I have never had anyone who didn't already know I was male, read my stuff and think... definitely a male writer! I've had plenty of professional reviews that thought i was female until after they gave my books a glowing review and I corrected their comments about Ms. Chase. *lol* My alias is purposely gender neutral though,because of some romance readers/agents/editors/publishers who insist its not to be written by men. Fortunately, these days, they are the minority

Topic Should Erotica concentrate more on the story or the action?
Posted 12 Oct 2010 21:06

Writers tend to agree its best to just tell your tale as it comes. Write and don't worry about how exciting each installment is. Tell the story. If you concentrate on making each segment hot, it can and likely will detract from the overall story. IMHO

Topic Do you rate other authors?
Posted 12 Oct 2010 20:46

For here... I use the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." method. I give 4's and 5's only. If something ranks a 3 or less in my mind, I leave it alone. I've never seen anything worthy of less than a 3 here though. The moderators are very good in sorting out the poorly written stories. I also try to leave a writing tip behind to help them with their next story.

Now, in the professional world, when I review someone's work, I give them the brutal truth and I expect it in return. They wouldn't ask my opinion if they thought I'd sugarcoat the flaws in their story. If I don't expose the problems, they might submit it to their publisher as is and most likely receive a rejection.

Topic Erotic Story Contest
Posted 18 Sep 2010 21:18

Would have been nice to have been asked prior to posting a link to another erotic stories website.

I'm glad your wife is recuperating well.

I'm sorry Nicola. I didn't think of it like that. I see your point now. I guess I just got excited to share the opportunity. Wasn't thinking. My bad. Can you delete the thread? *crawls out, cheeks glowing*

Topic Erotic Story Contest
Posted 17 Sep 2010 20:07

Hey all, wife finally came home today from her mother's, where she's been recovering from several surgeries. She's gonna be okay! Anywho, I finally get a chance to get out and play, so I thought I would share this fun opportunity with you all...

I've entered a short story "That Crazy Night" in an erotic short story contest here...

There is still time to enter as well and the top picks will be published in an anthology, published by Ravenous Romance later this year. Please think about submitting (I know there is some really hot talent here!) and drop me a vote if you like my story! Mucho appreciated.

Topic Free Swag and contest
Posted 16 Jul 2010 06:43

Doh! OK, added Lush to my links (I'm way behind on all my linkage *lol*) My FB is here...

Topic Free Swag and contest
Posted 14 Jul 2010 23:20

I just wanted to let you guys know I'm running a contest over on my blog. There are chances to win free books from authors I know, as well as my debut novel. There are also free participation prizes for all who want them... Drop by my blog and check it out. I'd love to see you there!

Topic How much time do you normally allocate for a reading session?
Posted 29 Jun 2010 02:08

I read on the bus, on my way to work, s I get roughly 30-45 minutes. I'm usually wiped when I commute home 12 hours later, so I usually nap on the ride home. I have too many distractions at home to read there. *lol*

Topic Capital Punishment
Posted 29 Jun 2010 02:02

Don`t forget free ass-rape!

I think you`ve painted a pretty fairy-tale picture of prison life. I think if you spent time in a maximum security prison you wouldn`t think of it as better than the way most Americans live. You`d probably be beaten and sodomized within the first couple days. Of course, conditions vary depending on the level of security, but I don`t think any prisons give free massages to inmates.

My cousin is in prison currently, and I was actually quite surprised at how lax it was there. But this is Canada, and our prisons are far more cushy that american ones. Even so, I definately wouldn`t want to spend any time there. And making conditions worse really wouldn`t solve anything, other than satisfy our own desire for revenge. We have to stop thinking about prison as a means of punishment and start thinking of it as way of removing threats from our society.

I didn't say it was a cake walk. I have a couple friends in prison and none of them have been ass raped, but they had to fight/bribe/ally to make sure that didn't happen to them. But if you want me to have sympathy for them, I don't. And they do get massage therapists. They have saunas, jaccuzi's, HBO, internet. college courses... all paid for on our dime, so they can be smarter and healthier criminals when they get out. I know someone who attacked a cop so they could get dental for free. It was worth the 90 days they got, considering they needed 8 grand in dental work.

And yeah, it depends on the security level and the state. The last statistics I read, showed it was closer to 250k per year per prisoner of tax payer dollars. I would prefer they were gassed... but if we have to let them live. No college, no HBO, no therapists. Minimal medical and dental. No hot tubs, no jacuzzis... and they would repay society by working for us, building roads, bridges, etc...

The punishment for a crime should make it not worth committing it to begin with. History has long proven this to be effective. Steal? off with a hand. Molest a child? off with the cock. Murder? off with your head. believe me, countries that practice brutal justice, have much lesser crime per capita.... by far! IMHO

Topic Capital Punishment
Posted 27 Jun 2010 05:21

I am pro capital punishment for major crimes where there is a high level of evidence and confidence in the person's guilt and where the crime was of malicious intent.

I am against long wait times for execution where someone sits on death row for 10 years going through endless appeals, and using taxpayer money waiting for the inevitable.

I would also be 'pro' situations where prisoners would like to choose capital punishment due to their own feelings of guilt, or lack of desire to serve a life sentence behind bars.

I wouldn't want to see capital punishment automatically enforced in situations where there was some level of reasonable doubt or let's say where an abused woman or child killed their abuser... but extreme cases of cold blooded murder should carry an automatic death sentence. Basically because I think it's better that justice be carried out legally versus me having to pay off an insider to do the job if someone were to have killed my loved one.

In prison these days, you can get a correspondence based university education, make friends, work out, use the computer, and even correspond with pen-pal lovers that you can marry and enjoy conjugal visits with. All on taxpayer dollars! I think that system is way too lax. It's an easier life for a convicted criminal than for many homeless people in today's society.

Basically you said my entire feelings on the issue, put more eloquently than I could've. Only tjhing I disagree with you on is that it's an easier life for criminals than most middle class Americans these days, not just homeless! I'm middle classed, and I don't get free medical, free dental, free vision, free room and board, free college, free internet, free gym membership, free masseuse, free therapist, free laundry service, free chef service, free janitorial services, free legal defense, free HBO and cable... and the list goes on. They have it better than homeless people... but they also have it better than 75% of Americans in way too many ways.

We need to go back to death sentences, without long waits. And chain gangs for long term sentenced criminals. No HBO, they get to rebuild a road instead. No conjugal visit. Instead, they get to clean graffiti off buildings. Give back to the society they were once a plague upon.

Topic Brindle Chase Interview
Posted 26 Jun 2010 19:20

Just thought I would share. I was interviewed the other day... whatta trip, someone asking to interview me!??? I was like, WTF for? Me? *lol* Anywho... if anyone's curious, its posted here. jerk

Topic Protesters vs. the Police: whose rights require more protection?
Posted 26 Jun 2010 15:34

There is a fine line between peaceful protesting and riots. There are always those who will provoke altercation and the fallout is never pretty.

Having worked on the law side of a riot, it gets very messy. Too often you see video footage, where someone shoves a cop and the cops them beat the tar out of five people in the general vicinity. People scream foul, excessive force...etc. Let me tell you, when you're in a crowd of 10,000 people, angry people and your side is marked with badges, and you're outnumbered 200 to 1, when someone strikes you, even if a shove, you lash out instinctively. You often don't even know who attacked you, but your response is one of fear, survival and knowing you are in serious danger. Its not excessive force, its uncontrolled fear. I've been there. I've been trampled. I've had beer bottles thrown at my head from behind. I've been hit with an axe handle from behind.

The police don't want to hurt anyone, except just like with the protesters, there are a few bad apples. I believe everyone has the right to protest, but the instant ANYONE moves that right to supersede anyone elses right, it is forfeit. Your right to protest does not give you the right to smash my car, tear down my house, break my windows, hit me, shove me or terrify my children. It doesn't even give you the right to block the road so I cannot pass.

Topic Gothic City Lights is unleashed
Posted 25 Jun 2010 06:03

Thank you everyone! If you're on facebook... look for Brindle Chase, there's an excerpt available!

Topic Gothic City Lights is unleashed
Posted 23 Jun 2010 18:31

Thank you everyone!! *"singing: I'm so excited... and I just can hide it... Imma bout to lose control and I think I like it"*


Topic Gothic City Lights is unleashed
Posted 22 Jun 2010 22:21

Thank you so much! I'm completely high on life at the moment! *lol*

Topic Gothic City Lights is unleashed
Posted 22 Jun 2010 18:56

Finally, after nine months of preparation, editing, revision, more editing and even more editing, my debut novel released today in eBook format. It is available at Loose Id . It will soon be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most other major bookseller's websites.

I can't tell you how exciting it is... I just had to share! Wish me luck! And if you pick up a copy, let me know what you think of it.


It was just a fling. Lilith Templeton had no clue he was a human agent working for the angels. No big deal, but she got caught and Mother Superior, Portland’s most powerful angel, wants penance. Or death, Lilith’s choice. Being a lowly half-demon and therefore not a participant in the never-ending war for souls, she knows it's insane to cross the full-blood demons like Mother Superior wants. But opting out isn't an option: do or die. For additional penance, she's paired with an angel who not only ignites her lust but something more. Lilith wants to fall in love, to know what it was like to share herself with just one man. Yet since succubi needed to stay sexually satisfied, falling in love with the angel of chastity is a mistake she can’t afford.

Gabriel would have never second-guessed his choice to ascend through the virtue of chastity. Until he meets Lilith. Now, his ascension would be forfeit if he cannot vanquish his need for her. Having no choice but to ignore the fire burning inside them, they work towards tempting the demon cult’s human leader into revealing the hideout. Lilith, sexually irresistible half-succubus, is the perfect bait. Get in, send the signal and wait for the angel to rescue her. Oh and not get killed, or tempt the angel. Simple, right?

Topic Time to update the forum "replace words as you type" feature
Posted 20 Jun 2010 11:22

Are we talking about the stories or the forum?

If we're talking about the forum and not the stories then...

I don't know about correcting text-speak. All across the web, on every forum, you'll find it commonplace. Long before it was called text-speak, it was called eSpeak. Emailing and forums were slow and sluggish (I remember when email could take up to a week just to deliver an email.) and dictionaries were very expensive books most people didn't have. anyway, the point is, eSpeak evolved by necessity, to communicate with less keystrokes.

Today, many of those excuses no longer apply, but it is rooted within the internet and its communities. So, my opinion is that it would be a shame to disallow eSpeak such as "lol", "OMG" and the like. The internet is not grammar school, the atmosphere is more relaxed. Casual. Fun. I'd be disappointed to find people feeling alienated from Lust because of their grammar (mine isn't so great either) <--- perfect example! *lol*

But commonly misspelled words could use help. Nicola's examples are two of my own pet peeves. Also mentioned by rocco is all right is not alright (I make this mistake myself. Sadly alright derives from a cultural anomaly. It used to be acceptable in English classes, so I grew up believing it was properly spelled.)

Dont = don't
wont = won't
cant = can't (most likely, cant is a word, but rarely used in conversation)

Topic What makes a big girl, well, big?
Posted 17 Jun 2010 19:45

I don't think its possible to build a chart that nails it. Its not dress size, bust size, height, weight or waist that determines a woman's sexiness. Its in her smile, her laughter, her eyes, the way she carries her weight (no matter how big).... There is a point when you can tell when a woman no longer cares about her aura. Being a plus size does not disqualify a woman from being sexy. But if it bothers her, it can.

You can stand two women side by side with the exact same statistics and one might be sexy as hell, because she's confident, at peace and keeps herself clean and looking her best, even if overweight. While the other doesn't even try. She's self conscious about her weight, but won't do anything about it. She hates her love handles, but instead of getting on a treadmill, she eats herself sick in depression. The first is sexy, the second is not.

The girl could be a size 0 and be horribly unattractive, because her personality is sickening, her health shattered and her spirit a mess, with depression, self confidence issues, etc... size isn't the issue, to a point.

The difference is that line that cannot be defined. It doesn't show in her weight, it shows when she feels unsexy because of it. I can see it in them and so can others.

Then, I confess, there is a physical line that can be crossed as well, where she can feel as sexy as she wants, but no one else will ever think it, except the odd obesity fetisher. If she weighs 700 pounds and can't get out of bed without the help of a forklift... she's much too big. period. If that makes me shallow to think so... so be it. I admit I have a threshold... but generally its not as narrow as most.

Topic Someone help me figure out who this girl is.
Posted 16 Jun 2010 21:37

If not Poser, than severely PhotoShoped. Perfection to the point of imperfection.

Severely airbrushed! It's a shame... she'd probably be beautiful without the fake paint on! I canceled my Playboy subscription years ago when they went from very subtle airbrushing to overkill.

Topic Wet Pussy
Posted 16 Jun 2010 20:26

I saw it, but could not believe anyone could be so mean. cussing

I've been cleaning pussies for years and the only way to get your pussy truly clean and keep it happy is to do the deed by hand. Plenty of circular motion, not too much soap and let those fingers firmly but gently massage the fur - isn't that right Chef? evil4

*lol* yes... and let's not forget a nice old fashioned tongue bath! Very tre' chic in the day!

Topic What is your payoff?
Posted 15 Jun 2010 22:49

For me... long story short, I didn't realize before it was too late, that my marriage was absent of romance, and eroticism (not to be confused with sex), through my own fault... anyway, by the time I woke up, it was a decade too late to fix things, at least quickly... anywho. I started writing erotic romance to fill that void in my life. I'd been told since I was a a kid that I had a talent for writing. My stories began to receive praise once I was no longer too embarrassed to share them and that little hobby/outlet became a love. That was 3 years ago.

Now I write every day. Every single day,and have ventured into the world of publishing. Being published is just the icing on the cake. I didn't write to get published. I love writing so much, I wanted to do it more, but to do that, I'd have to get rid of my day job and replace that income... so, I started peddling my wares to publishers and I made the cut! (just barely, I suspect, but still)...

So now I'm working on improving my skills, in that dream to make writing my full time gig! People dream about doing what they love for a living and few of us ever do it. I decided to do it... and I'm on my way!

As for here, I love sharing my stories and helping others to learn more about writing. Plus there are some pretty sexy people about... hehehe.

Topic Samantha VS Jeannie
Posted 15 Jun 2010 19:55

Samantha for the long haul. She was sensible, intelligent and sweet, and gorgeous. Jeannie for that wild reckless fuck fest one night stand!! Imagine the things she'd do to you in that bottle!

As a young boy, I had huge crushes on both of them growing up.

Topic Which author have you recently discovered that has impressed you the most?
Posted 15 Jun 2010 19:41

J.R Ward is my girl these days. But I confess to suspecting that the success is getting to her head. It feels as though the editors are letting her get away with more and more, because of her high sales, and not pushing her to maintain the quality of writing that drew me in the first time. Could be that the editors just want to crank the books out faster, hard to say.

Anywho, right now, she's my fav, but it doesn't look likely to stay like that.

Topic Do you ever fall asleep while reading at night?
Posted 13 Jun 2010 21:36

I consider falling asleep while reading a bad thing. A really good book should hold my attention... but I confess, my days are very long and I'm beat by the time I get to bed. Reading zonks me out. I read in the morning, on the bus, on my way to my day job... Its a 45 min ride, so I get some good reading in. =o)