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Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 21 May 2015 18:56

A big ole pork chop, gravy and taters, green beans, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and some deeeelicious homemade cornbread. Sweet tea!

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 20 May 2015 19:22

Steak fajitas, chips & salsa, and a couple of ice cold Dos Equis.

Topic Meeting the oppisite sex from Lush
Posted 20 May 2015 19:14

A camouflage tuxedo, with a red polkadot bow tie, gator skin cowboy boots, Samurai sword, Catholic Pope hat with blinking lights, and dark sunglasses. And I'd be going commando.


Topic Waist training
Posted 20 May 2015 11:19

I don't like it at all... NOT SEXY! The curve shape is too drastic, not natural looking at all. A major turn off!

Topic What's the weather like where you are?
Posted 20 May 2015 07:41

A beautiful sunny morning in Atlanta with a gentle breeeze. Its warm but not hot... yet.

Topic If aliens came to our planet...
Posted 19 May 2015 18:27

Actually, the Earth and all of us are a Reality TV show for the rest of the universe. Ratings are the highest when Bethany Frasier is going around topless. In fact she saved the planet. Cancelation due to poor ratings could mean the end for us. So we all owe Bethany a huge round of thanks!

Posted 19 May 2015 15:07

Please don't. Don't text and drive either. director

It's one thing to get head while driving as you still can have both hands on the steering wheel, but jerking off while driving? Unless you can do that and keep both hands on the wheel, just don't.

Topic Do you like funny girls?
Posted 19 May 2015 06:46

Of course. My wife and I spend a lot of time making each other laugh. We pull pranks on each other and we often talk to each other in made up cartoon voices just to make each other laugh.

Topic Slutty or Classy?
Posted 18 May 2015 19:38

The 'Classy' ones are probably the biggest sluts. You might need to go to the health clinic later. Looks are deceiving. If they're hanging out in a bar they know how to deceive.

Topic Opinions on my E-Book covers please?
Posted 18 May 2015 19:33

Maybe try some new fonts that are more up to date. I would suggest not using italic for the title. I like red. Also look at some more distinctive art.

Good Luck!

Topic 9 dead after argument between rival biker gangs ends in shootout
Posted 18 May 2015 19:30

In reality half of them are undercover for the DEA and the other half are postal workers just blowing off a little steam. I'm sure they just had a few too many umbrella drinks and wine spritzers after they attended the Coldplay concert.

Topic Cheating... in the NFL
Posted 14 May 2015 20:38

The Patriots have cheated before. I think as an organization their ethics are among the lowest in the NFL, if not the lowest. It does hang a cloud over their accomplishments, but when the day is done, the American public will soon forget. Tom Brady, partly because of his pretty boy looks, is a very marketable product, so he'll never get the punishment he deserves.

Under inflated footballs probably made a huge difference in that AFL Championship game. As cold as the weather was, the Colts QB struggling with a cold tight football would most likely consistently be throwing a few inches off target. That IS a big deal in a football game, especially considering Brady has his footballs under inflated so he could get a bitter grip, making his passes more accurate. No wonder the score ended up lopsided.

With their previous history for cheating whenever possible, add to it this Deflategate scandal, just how many other cheating activities have the Patriots gotten away with over the years?

And how about Coach Belichick? And why doesn't owner Robert Kraft and his team get a serious enough financial fine to actually punish them? What about being banned from TV for the season, along with a loss of TV revenue?

Even with Brady's suspension and all, this is all just glossed over.


Is it time to put Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Hell, didn't he always bet on his team to win? If he'd been as pretty as Tom Brady, would baseball have lifted its sanctions on him?

Would y'all love to see Tom Brady get his face rearranged?

How much longer will Peyton Manning play?

Will Tim Tebow ever play again?

Who has the ugliest mascot in the NFL?

Topic E-book vs posting on Lush
Posted 14 May 2015 20:19

You should contact Frank Lee, the editor of Lush Publishing. That is the E-book Publisher associated with this site. You could do a complete E-book and also post here, a teaser story, from a portion of that E-book.

Topic I will cry if Daniel Brayn retires.
Posted 14 May 2015 19:53

I have noticed that with cmt. Down south is just stupid

Amen! It's just another ignorant TV show creating degrading unreal stereotypes to entertain illiterate brain dead TV zombies.

Topic How many girls shave?
Posted 14 May 2015 19:40

Damn you, you got me. I do have a stache

I bet it's not as good as this one, legendary baseball player, Rollie Fingers had. Plus, he had such a good name. He played for Oakland, so I know Sprite loves him.

I have a 'stache too, but only let it grow with the rest of my beard for a month or so in the winter. My wife loves how it all looks, but she's not too fond of how it scratches her face and her, errr, well... her 'yehaa-good-time-fun-bunch.' Which she doesn't usually totally shave. She usually leaves a little landing strip and sometimes dyes it different coors. When we were engaged she shaved her little patch into a diamond shape. She's been creative, hearts, squigglies, etc. She's even vajazzled before (and I get those little sparkly beads all over my face.)

Topic I will cry if Daniel Brayn retires.
Posted 14 May 2015 19:29

I heard a myth, the the M in mtv, stands for music. I do not see it

It did when I was a little kid. I can even remember some of it, but when I was real small, my parents used to get me to dance and/or lip sync to videos on MTV. I'm the oldest of my siblings by a lot and my parents were crazier with me. My mom even had me wearing real long hair (maybe why I wear it so short now that I have control, though my wife talked me into growing it real long for our wedding. I like it 'buzzed' off, hence my nickname.)

But I can remember seeing MTV when it was mostly music. I wish there was a channel like that now, just music video after music video. That would be great to kick back, smoke something fun, sip a bourbon and watch to relax. Even CMT is going down hill fast now.

Topic How many girls shave?
Posted 14 May 2015 18:59

Are we talking about ladies with mustaches again? kekekegay

Topic I will cry if Daniel Brayn retires.
Posted 14 May 2015 18:53

so is the nfl, and that movie you spent $20 to watch.

What's most scripted is reality TV, especially anything on the worst channel in history, MTV. I wish someone would come up with better scripts for porn.

I'm with Sprite, I like MMA, but even that is usually pre-determined.

Damn! What can a person gamble on anymore? boxing

Oh well, I make a sweet profit gambling on the NFL every year, despite under-inflated Brady balls (bet on 'em.)


Topic What's your favourite way to call a vagina?
Posted 14 May 2015 07:04

Snatch is my favorite! My wife and I sometimes have to stop fucking and just laugh at the names we call each other's genitalia. In fact once I yelled out, "I'm gonna wear out your genitalia!" and my wife had to roll over laughing so hard she snorted.

Topic I will cry if Daniel Brayn retires.
Posted 14 May 2015 06:21

I hate to burst any bubbles, but those 'wrasslers' ain't nuthin' but stunt men doin' scripts. Read it


When I was a kid my favorite wrestler was WCW Champion, Bill Goldberg (former Georgia Bulldog football star). I've been over to his house.

Topic Fisting Vaginally
Posted 13 May 2015 07:39

Oh! I'm dyslexic and thought this said 'fishing vaginally'. I almost fell hook, line and sinker. Never mind.

Topic Morning breath
Posted 13 May 2015 06:48

Any other time we have sex it involves lots of tongue sucking action, but not in the morning when we awake. We mutually avoid sharing the grunge of morning breath until after brushing our teeth and a good gargle with mouth wash. So right away morning bed sex is without kissing. Well, she might kiss my woody log.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 13 May 2015 06:37

Beautiful, talented and super nice. Did I say talented? Talented!

Topic career/occupation turn on
Posted 12 May 2015 21:22

titties aren't a career.

oh, and Marine Biologists. *drools*

I beg your pardon, but titties are a career...

Stripper 101: Titties and How To Use Them
Stripper 201: Advanced Titties and How To Use Them
Stripper 301: Titties and Your 401K
Stripper 401: Titties & Money - Thesis

Topic If your wife, girlfriend, significant other wanted to take pole dancing lessons what would your resp
Posted 12 May 2015 21:15

but does she use it?

Yes, quite a bit.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 12 May 2015 20:22

Love the hat and sunglasses – the style.

Topic Height
Posted 12 May 2015 20:21

Height never mattered to me.

Topic If your wife, girlfriend, significant other wanted to take pole dancing lessons what would your resp
Posted 12 May 2015 20:20

I installed a pole for her in the basement myself.

Posted 11 May 2015 19:58

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