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Topic Favorite song about masturbation?
Posted 04 Sep 2015 11:41

"Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.

I bet Steph gets it.

Topic Vajazzle
Posted 04 Sep 2015 11:25

Did she go to a salon or did she do it herself?


Hi Mysteria!!!
She has always had it done at her salon. It's the salon where she gets her hair done and also has a section that does waxing, Brazilians, etc. My wife likes to change up and get different little trimmie designs and sometimes gets her trimmie colored. They do the vajazzles too.

Topic Vajazzle
Posted 04 Sep 2015 09:01

My wife has vajazzled for me about four times. Once for our anniversary, my birthday one time, and the other two were just formal dress up occasions and she went vajazzled underneath and teased me with updress peeks the entire time.

When you have sex, those crystals will start popping off. Try to not swallow any or get one in your eye.

Topic The Point In Living
Posted 04 Sep 2015 07:50

To impact the world in a great and positive way and have a lot of fun in the process. And having a lot of fun in the process seriously includes Jack's theory, "Getting stank on my hang low."

Topic Why it’s never ‘the right time’ to discuss gun control
Posted 03 Sep 2015 17:44

Control yes. There is no reason for a civilian to have an AK. You can not hunt with that, well, you can, but you won't have any meat left. You can not just outlaw them. Did prohibition get rid of alcohol? No, it made it worse.but yes we do need better control.

You can hunt with an AK47. It doesn't do any more damage than a hunting rifle. Military bullets aren't that big, they are faster and designed to tumble inside a body so that they kill. And you wouldn't hunt with a rifle on fully automatic. Having one that is fully automatic is illegal anyhow. Legal versions are semi-automatic. You can't aim it very good compared to other rifles. You'd have to switch it to single shot for hunting. The drawback of an AK47 is it isn't nearly as accurate for shooting straight as a hunting rifle. An AK isn't known for accuracy. It's for spraying bullets or bullet spurts in military situations. It can be used for hunting, but is not nearly as good as a rifle made for hunting.

AK47s are fun to shoot though. But foolish amateurs using them without experience could easily shoot themselves or anyone near them. Guns in the hands of inexperienced people are dangerous to the people handling them and anyone nearby, their friends and so forth. Movie scenes of someone with a submachinegun in each hand spraying bullets are faked. One cannot hold the real guns straight for even a second doing that. There is too much constant recoil and you cannot control the gun, especially rifles which have a much more powerful bullet shell.

AK47s are popular with criminals because they are cheap and rarely jam. They can take all kinds of abuse and still fire. AK47s are produced in massive qualities all over the world and they are easy to manufacture. Someone that knew how could be churning them out in quantity from their basement. One doesn't have to be a very good shooter to use it, because you just spray the bullets in the direction you want. It is the main gun used by drug cartels, terrorist armies, and poachers wiping out elephants in Africa. It would be the gun of choice by criminal gangs doing drive by shootings since you can spray lots of bullets at your target. You used to be able to buy old Chinese People's Army AK47s converted from automatic to semi-automatic in the US for well under $100 each. Those particular ones may still be available, I don't know.

Topic Why it’s never ‘the right time’ to discuss gun control
Posted 03 Sep 2015 12:09

How about flamethrowers?

I want a flame thrower. I also want a cannon. I have guns... almost seventy in fact. I ain't kiddin'. Probably over half of them are antiques though. I'm a collector and sometimes I sell or trade. I also have a lot of hunting rifles. I have pistols and a concealed carry permit. And with all the wackos walking around, car jackings and such, I am most often armed.

But really, I don't like anyone that's crazier than me to have guns. I am all for the 'waiting period' to purchase a gun. I wouldn't mind if it were extended a few more days. I fully support background checks. In fact they should be more thorough than the current ones. And people with serious mental issues should not have access to guns. Actually those people should be required to be in some type of care and treatment, but the USA does practically nothing to help or treat our mentally ill. The government ignores them and provides no facilities for them. That's right, the US government aid to the mentally ill is basically non-existent. Therein lies a portion of the problem.

And a big question is why are so many more people committing such nonsensical violent acts now that didn't happen decades ago?

I also get really pissed off at people who don't properly store their guns so that children cannot get to them. Gun locks, locking gun cases, gun safes are easily purchased, even at your local Walmart. If someone leaves a gun and a child gets to it, they need to go to jail. I have a reinforced concrete wall, gun room with a heavy steel security door with both combination and key lock to get into it.

Anyone that buys a gun should take a gun safety class. Most gun stores can set buyers up with those.

I still want a flame thrower and a cannon. Maybe a mortar also. Oh, and a rocket launcher. bunny

Topic What do you think of girls who use fake profile gallery pics?
Posted 02 Sep 2015 12:01

It's certainly not worth getting one's panties or boxers in a wad over it. I really don't care. This is a fantasy site where people should be welcome to hide their true identity for many reasons obvious to anyone with a brain.

Topic Oral vs Vaginal
Posted 01 Sep 2015 21:37

I love getting head, but I love vaginal sex even more. I love giving oral to my wife. Really, I love all there is about it, the foreplay and extending it out as long as possible. There are times for quickies, but serious extended sex, where you touch as many buttons as possible, that's great. And usually extended foreplay somehow makes the act of fucking last even longer, gives you more staying power, more mental control. I like it when my wife keeps talking about how good it was all day the next day. And if it's really good she will go on and on. And that gets me in the mood to go again.

Topic Do girls really like anal?
Posted 01 Sep 2015 21:19

My wife likes anal more than I do. Usually when we do anal, she asks for it. We more often fuck vaginally while she is buttplugged. Really it's just changing up for variety.

Topic How do you feel about being fucked in row?
Posted 01 Sep 2015 20:22

In college we'd call that a gangbang and narrowing it down we'd call it 'pulling a train' like Bethany said above. It was by far the most popular gangbang format in college, but usually with 2 girls each on a different bed in the same room and a crowd watching and cheering. And usually the chicks competed to see who could talk the dirtiest, moan the loudest and put on the best show.

Sorority chicks, don't ya love 'em?

Topic Google's new logo - love it? hate it? not fussed?
Posted 01 Sep 2015 20:17

Google had a brand new typeface designed for their new logo, but it very closely resembles other typefonts already in use. I give it low marks for creativity and originality. It's very bland. Take away the colors and it looks like the logo for a department store.

Topic doggy style or cowgirl
Posted 31 Aug 2015 19:04

I like both pretty much equal.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 31 Aug 2015 17:58

In reference to WMM's post above, the US Courts have ruled that it is within citizen's constitutional rights to video the police in action, making arrests and so forth. The police have been trying to get around this by arresting the citizen making the video on other charges. As citizens we cannot allow police to get away with that. Don't sit by idly taking that kind of illegal abuse by the police, take this battle to your elected officials and don't let up.

Topic Eggs - in the fridge or no?
Posted 29 Aug 2015 11:24

I don't know of a supermarket that doesn't sell them from normal shelf space rather than a fridge unit or chilled shelves. Having said that I put eggs in the fridge when I get them home.

On another note I apprehended a thief on Fryday. He tried to poach some eggs. I fried to catch him and managed to crack him on the head. He ended up in a scrambled heap on the floor! It was very eggciting, especially as everything turned out all-white in the end Embarassed

That's quite an eggstravaganza. You did an eggcellent job of handling that. Did anyone egg you on?

I've only ever seen people put eggs in the refrigerator. That's what I do.

Topic Denounce your faith to save your life or that of loved ones
Posted 29 Aug 2015 10:15

The question is not about this specific incident or ISIS in general. There are well known stories with a similar convert-or-else theme. Like the ones where, in the past, Jewish children were sometimes secretly babtized with the help of a Catholic maid (maids working for Jewish families were often Catholic as they were allowed to work on Saturdays), after which they were taken away from the parents. The only way for the parents to get their kids back was for them to get babtized as well. There were cases where the parents refused this. And I can't help but wonder why, cause Catholic babtism doesn't mean anything to Jews. Performing a meaningless ritual seems like a trivial thing to do to get one's child back.

Hey Bi, I see what your'e saying. If it were just me, no I wouldn't denounce my faith. Knowing that they are going to kill me, I would hope I have enough warrior spirit to find a way to take a few of them with me. If unable to do that, I guess I'd just be killed.

Now if children were involved and held hostage with their lives threatened, that is a much more difficult decision and I'd probably do whatever I had to do in order to save their lives. But the God I believe in would've already forgiven me for anything done under extreme duress. My Christian beliefs have very little in common with the Catholic church, so anything in comparison with them does not fit. Being baptized does not make one a Christian nor does it give them salvation, it is only symbolic. Any kind of forced conversion to anything is empty and meaningless.

Topic I Would Like To Announce...
Posted 29 Aug 2015 09:55

It's a great three part series and I highly recommend it. Congratulations on the Outstanding Series Award.

Topic Gav's Performance Review
Posted 27 Aug 2015 18:10

Gav always does an awesome job. This is one very large and complex site, which is why it is so popular. Anytime problems occur, Gav jumps right on it and soon has it back to 100%.

I am noticing how smoking fast Lush is now.

Thanks for doing an awesome job. Gav!

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 20:15

Tacos, rice and beer.

Topic have you ever been to a nude or clothing opitional beach, location and will you return?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 19:59

Yes and Yes! Beach nekkidness is fun. But keep the sand out of those crevices and don't let the jellyfish bite your pecker.

Topic Tattoos
Posted 26 Aug 2015 19:55

I have a few.

Topic What do you think about people who have no pics on their profiles?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 19:53

Frauds and con-artists, the lot of them.

I'm also dubious about people who have cartoons as their avatar. This is an adult site, for goodness' sake.

Absolutely! I'm always leery of cartoon avatars.

Topic Friends activity
Posted 26 Aug 2015 14:48

It should all be fixed now. :d/

Topic How do you react when you see a guy with a bulge?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 11:19

The old Battle of the Bulge problem. It's really embarrassing when that bulge starts to uncontrollably dance The Texas Two Step.

Topic Are You a Thread Killer?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 07:24


That's a thread revival. Can I get an amen, somebody?

Topic What is your ideal sexual partner?
Posted 25 Aug 2015 21:48

Gorgeous, a sizzling libido, smoking hot body, some tattoos and piercings, the sexiest twisty butt walk in the Western Hemisphere (oh fuck that, the entire planet), can punch the hell out a heavy bag and any bitch around, and loves to ride motorcycles.

Topic A note to Moderators
Posted 25 Aug 2015 21:39

I want peanut butter cookies!

Topic Ideas for future competitions
Posted 25 Aug 2015 21:32

But to return to topic...
xx SF

I think we should have a Stephanie's Night On The Town Competition and all entries have to be in the Fantasy & Sci Fi, Humor or MILF categories.


Topic Denounce your faith to save your life or that of loved ones
Posted 25 Aug 2015 14:52

ISIS is not reasonable at all. They would kill you regardless. And if you have no religious belief they might even hate you worse. But no doubt they hate western culture.

Topic Bodybuilding (Tips, Tricks & Info)
Posted 23 Aug 2015 17:16

I use very heavy weight with low reps for bulking. Lighter weight and lots of reps for toning/cutting. It is good to change up your routine, drop and add some lifts every 4 months or so. I've always done a lot of cardio - running, biking & swimming. I did the supplement thing for awhile but since I'm not bulking anymore I don't do that.

I always split work outs.