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..."But what no one told these girls is that they have stars beneath their skin, and seeds in their hands that they don't need another human to grow..."

28 Jan 2015 09:48

Just been coerced into eating haggis. That can only mean one thing... Happy Burns night all!

25 Jan 2015 12:10

"As I walked through the door she was still in my head
As I entered the room she was laid there in bed
She reached out for me all twisted in black
I was on my way down, never coming back
Let me sign,
Let me sign,
Can't fight the devil so just let me sign."

19 Jan 2015 17:32

18 Jan 2015 16:30

A little more lighthearted than the last few things I've posted. This girl is brilliant.

14 Jan 2015 05:55

"Merabet's sacrifice matters: Each of the 12 victims deserves equal remembrance and respect. But given the Islamophobic backlash that has already ripped through France — several mosques were vandalized overnight, and many fear that the Charlie Hebdo attack is to blame — the country is in a dangerous place when it comes to anti-Muslim sentiment.

Instead of assuming that everyone who practices Islam is tied to the extremists who carried out Wednesday's violence, we would do well to remember that that vast majority are, in fact, much closer to Ahmed Merabet."

10 Jan 2015 15:30

"Today's news will assert that a crazy, White outlier attempted to bomb an NAACP office, and that Islam carried out a terror attack in Paris"

"The chilling violence that took place in France needs and should be all over the news. But that shouldn't take away from reporting on the terrorism that takes place here at home. Let's call a spade a spade, and finally recognize that white people can be terrorists, too."

Something we really need to be conscious of.

Thoughts with the victims and their loved ones. "l'amour, plus fort que la haine."

08 Jan 2015 13:57

"L'amour, plus fort que la haine."

08 Jan 2015 08:14

04 Jan 2015 17:54

"And here I dreamt I was a soldier
And I marched the streets of birkenau
And I recall in spring
The perfume that the air would bring
To the indolent town
Where the butlers call the moon down
The carnival was ringing loudly now
And just to lay with you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
Save lay my rifle down"

04 Jan 2015 05:06

"Oh so kiss him again,
Just to prove to me that you can.
I will stand here, and burn in my skin."

01 Jan 2015 16:01

"...Well you're high on top,
Of your mountain of woe,
Come on up to the house.
well you know you should surrender,
But you can't let go.
You gotta come on up to the house."

29 Dec 2014 16:48

..."But what no one told these girls is that they have stars beneath their skin, and seeds in their hands that they don't need another human to grow..."

21 Dec 2014 14:22

Back home for Christmas, missing France already!

20 Dec 2014 17:04

"When my family think
That I'm safely in my bed
Oh, from morn until night
I am stretched out at your head
Calling out unto the earth
With tears hot and wild
For the loss of a girl
That I loved as a child."

Another gorgeous one from Kate Rusby

14 Dec 2014 03:46

"...Here beneath the stars I'm landing
And here beneath the stars not ending
Why on earth am I pretending?
I'm here again, the stars befriending
They come and go of their own free will

Go gently
Go gently..."

For anyone with a penchant for a northern accent! Kate Rusby is just beautiful. Would love to go to her "Underneath the Stars Festival" next year! Anyone fancy getting me a ticket?

12 Dec 2014 10:13

"We wade through blood
for our sleeping girls.
We have daggers for eyes.

Behind our lullabies,
the hooves of terrible horses
thunder and drum."

CAD, Queen Herod

07 Dec 2014 07:46

"Autumn was waiting in the streets,
Blown by the cold wind from the river.
You hear the whisper at your feet,
Only the hunger lasts forever.

A flight of pigeons filled the air,
And I was king of all Paris!
Oh, but what beauty could compare?
Sunday morning, Saint-Denis..."

02 Dec 2014 05:21

"Your room is still and soft as a jeweler's.
Incidental music coming down the hall.
Remember when I never had to wait for you at all?
I wish my hands were yours
As I lay your keys on a magazine."

28 Nov 2014 13:50

"With Crowley as her close companion
His Diaries went hand in hand with
All the men that she has known
She leaves their silver but keeps their gold.

So lawyers, doctors please beware
Of that girl with wavy hair
For she will cut you down to size
Reveal the truth behind your disguise"

27 Nov 2014 12:07

"We were born to run,
You said, "hey kid, we had some fun."

It's midnight in the garden,
and I find myself alone."

24 Nov 2014 11:02

"Gossip's gospel in this little world
You taste the beautiful girls
You come down hard and go to bed
The visions simmer
In your head
In your head..."

19 Nov 2014 13:28

"I was in a fog, I didn't notice everything
Was coming all apart inside of me
There wasn't anyway for anyone to settle in
You made a slow disaster out of me."

09 Nov 2014 03:23

"There now, don't weep. You're a Yorkshire Lass, and Yorkshire lasses have iron in their souls"

Best quote ever.

01 Nov 2014 10:41

Happy Halloween all!

31 Oct 2014 13:03

Perhaps not the best platform on which to share this video but you know, this stuff will always be incredibly important.

Don't wait for someone else to stand up and say "No!". Be that person. Help yourself and others.


28 Oct 2014 09:56

"...I am not my rosy self,
Left my roses on my shelf,
Take the wild ones, they're my favorites.
It's the side effects that save us,

Put the flowers you find in a vase,
If you're dead in the mind it will brighten the place.
Don't let them die on the vine, it's a waste,
There's a science to walking through windows..."

25 Oct 2014 14:14

I just got in the shower forgetting to take off my underwear. I didn't even notice until I tried to wash my body and felt bra not boob... I need a decent night's sleep. X_X

23 Oct 2014 10:59

Different style to my usual music tastes, but I really am loving this... Guilty pleasure

17 Oct 2014 08:24

“Each night I lie and dream about the one
Who kissed me and awakened my desire
I spent a single hour with him alone
And since that hour, my days are layed with fire.”

10 Oct 2014 13:07