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Ok I feel I have been on Lush for a while now so its time to be a bit more honest. If you read down a bit you will find that I am a film-maker. And I have always worked in the creative industries. Its a part of me rather than just a job. I love it and its a passion. It allows me to be creative in a professional, money-earning context. And to work in a team to create something together.
I have kids so you could say I am a grown up. But as those of you out there who are also parents will know, that this doesn't stop you being a kid at the same time. Its just that younger part of you becomes filtered. And possibly even more pure. I try to stay in touch with that younger part of me every day but also I try to blend it with the more adult responsibilities that I have. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes its a bit of a car crash...
I am realising that sexuality isn't fixed. I don't know why I thought it was but somewhere that seemed to get imprinted on me. Instead I am trying more and more to allow a flow. I know that a big part of me is hesitant around intimacy. While another part of me is very demanding and wants to be dominant in a relationship, in sex. It means I am sometimes inconsistent, daring one minute and very unsure the next. I like confident partners but am also a bit of a rescuer, finding the wounded animal to take care of them.

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I'm a film maker by trade and I love it. Im a sucker for a bit of everything. I like to work hard, work with people I like and respect, and work creatively. Spend time in the city, compete and succeed. Then go walking, live by the sea, feel the wind and warmth on my skin. Completely get away from it all. I'm too obsessive and so need to vary it up a bit, not get stuck into a groove too much.
Favorite Books:
Favourite books have to include Shantaram. If you have been to India and loved it then this one is a Must. Also the End of Mr Y sticks in my mind... Really odd and inventive. I have a guilty pleasure for well-written sic-fi films and books. At the moment I am listening to the audio of Ann Beckie's Mercy books and I am really enjoying the world/universe she has created.
Favorite Authors:
Robert Heinlein and Asimov growing up. Ian Banks science fiction. Odd random books mostly that I find and if loved, treasure. Can't finish one that doesn't hold my attention. Always have a soft spot for the Terry Pratchet Discworld novels but I feel that I lost the passion for reading somewhere and am only recently re-discovering it...
Favorite Movies:
Zombieland, True Romance, Wings of Desire, Shoreshank Redemption, My own private Idaho, The Bourne Identity, Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, The Usual Suspects. And an abiding love of 'She's out of my league'...guilty secret movie...most recently re-watched movie would be 'Live, Die, Repeat'. But also into great TV like Mr Robot.
Favorite Music:
Always looking for new music as well as old. Like to keep finding new bands and sounds. Love the older stuff but too restless with music so love new discoveries.


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Mr Archer Ch 4

Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was finding this situation completely surreal. The student from his class that he had just started to date wasn’t the student from his class, but her twin sister. And the almost naked young woman in front of him wasn’t the twin sister he thought she was, but was in fact the student from his class... Wow. So he had just spent the last...

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Michael was nervous. Today was the first proper workshop he had done with his year one drama group at the local University. In fact he had spent most of the last few weeks feeling nervous. It was a strong group of characters, despite the fact that they were all just starting out on this, their freshman term of college. And although they didn’t exactly intimidate him, Michael still felt he...

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Mr Archer Ch 2

The next day Michael woke in his flat as he normally did, alone. He stretched and wondered sleepily why he had slept so well and why he felt so damn good. And then it all flooded back. The images and emotions of those minutes in his office yesterday afternoon. In his office! And with the naughty, sexy Juliette. Christ though he was terrified someone had heard them, or had guessed what was...

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Mr Archer - Chapter 3

In the morning Michael woke early as he always did. He was instantly aware of Juliette, still sleeping deeply beside him. He was tempted to wake her but then thought better of it. As a student she probably didn’t have to get up this early and might not appreciate his early morning enthusiasm. Instead he rose, showered and shaved and went through to the kitchen to put on coffee,...

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