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Topic Paper Penis for Women
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:35

sure.. but do they still tap it on the side of the urinal and tuck it in their sock when they're done?

Topic Facebook Ownage
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:32

lmfao I fucking LOVE facebook almost as much as i love lush!

Me too!! Lol, revenge is so so sweet!!

I haven't done anythign like this yet but i'm sure i will eventually!!!evil4

Topic Can you do it?
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:25

yeah... i don't get it. d'oh!

Topic Check kids home work
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:21

evil4 laughing3 Lfunny 6

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:17

Love it! Saw it first on Ellen

Topic I still exist...
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:15

good to see you back Tech!flower

Topic Favourite Movie Quotes
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:15

Not that funny. but a favorite of mine ever since i was like...5

Topic whore?
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:11

<<<<<<<<< thinks people should grow up! If they don't like people posting in the forum all the time that's their problem! DEAL WITH IT! I'm just sayin....

Topic Here, kitty kitty ...
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:10

beat_deadhorse EVIL!

Topic Hooker in Vegas
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:07


Topic The Snow Fairy .. ,, Is the Snow And Cold Really Bothering You That Bad??
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:05

I'd run back in the house if i saw that in my front yard! binky

Topic Blue Humor
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:05

laughing6 Lfunny

Topic Tiger Woods . ,, One More Time!!
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:04

laughing3 priceless!

Topic Wives.
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:03

laughing3 6

Topic Does the length really matter?
Posted 21 Jan 2010 07:02

Agreed! ^^^^^^^^^

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 21 Jan 2010 06:59


Topic How to get more story view / votes / comments
Posted 21 Jan 2010 06:58


Topic Elmore Leonard's Rules of Writing
Posted 21 Jan 2010 06:56


Topic Which is better a BJ with touching or without hands just mouth
Posted 20 Jan 2010 11:45

I gag just watching women give BJs idk that i could do it.

Topic whore?
Posted 19 Jan 2010 14:15

lmfao you can't make everyone happy.

Topic Lesbians kissing pictures please
Posted 18 Jan 2010 08:52

VERY supprised to not see this up yet!

Topic Facebook Ownage
Posted 18 Jan 2010 07:59

lmfao I fucking LOVE facebook almost as much as i love lush!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 17 Jan 2010 07:38

two bad days in a row. I came out to my mother last night about me and Mara. and today i start my fucking period. WONDERFUL! beat_deadhorse violent1 violent3

Topic Sex toys?!?!
Posted 17 Jan 2010 07:30

lmfoa yeah i'd never tough those. the finger could be infected. lol

Posted 17 Jan 2010 07:04

happy birthday bike!! hope you have a wonderful day! :D

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 15 Jan 2010 08:16

llmfao that sounds like me Lydia!

Topic The perfect ass thread [PICS]
Posted 14 Jan 2010 09:48

how do u get picts on here?

you haven't made enough posts yet. i'm not szure what the limit is but i think its like... 20? or 25 posts. you've only got 5.

Topic What languges do you speak and write fluently?
Posted 13 Jan 2010 09:46

DAYUM Charlie!

I speak Spanish and butcher English – but I’m pretty good at writing both.

Haha i can understand you! It took a while for me not to have to say "Huh" after every two sentences! but i still understand!

I speak and write English..... thats it. lmao

Topic Death By Condom
Posted 12 Jan 2010 11:45

Lfunny 6

Topic Porn Star
Posted 12 Jan 2010 11:34

I wouldn't date a male or female porn star. Even if they had every STD test known to man kind.