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Topic new tattoo
Posted 13 Mar 2010 08:39

Ahh this makes me what another tattoo even more!!!!!

I love your idea Necho!

Topic My new woodie
Posted 13 Mar 2010 07:54

Leen to the left... then Leen to the right!

there for no need for a steering wheel!

Topic My wok will not do this
Posted 11 Mar 2010 12:15

Thats really cool!!!! but really long. lmao.

Topic Happy Birthday, Necho!
Posted 11 Mar 2010 03:35

Happy Birthday Necho!!!!! Sorry to hears your birthday sex was ruined!!! Just make it twice as good next year!!!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 10 Mar 2010 03:11

I just noticed the "badges" on our profiles. thats a pretty cool idea! it makes me want to be more active in the forum! lol

Topic A riddle
Posted 09 Mar 2010 14:25

Here is a new riddle to pickle the brain.

There was 289 people on a airplane to Australia they had a few problems in the engine and they crashed every single person died but yet there were still survivors who were the survivors?

The animals? or non people things?dontknow

Topic The Best Divorce Letter Ever
Posted 09 Mar 2010 03:02

6 Haha and this is what i call a DUMBASS!!!!!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 09 Mar 2010 02:50

It's very beautiful here. Took the puppy outside for the first time on his leesh it was soooo cute he was trying to do everything at once.......

Hey, I was watching True Life: I'm an Ex-Amish last night and they were in Goshen, In for some of it! And i thought of you!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 08 Mar 2010 12:11

It is a b e a u tiful day outside today!!sunny

I second that!!! I drove home from work with my windows DOWN!!! and the music blarin!!!flower sunny

Topic Sandra Bullock be named best and worst actress of the year?
Posted 08 Mar 2010 10:19

I am a fan of Sandra's! I think she is pretty damn good! but then again i don't know the first thing about acting.... I just saw "Blind Side" last night and i thought it was really good. i didn't cry the whole time. but she played a good "sweet bitch"

Topic Signature perfume that you always get compliments on from strangers
Posted 08 Mar 2010 10:15

I'm cheap. I like the "knock off" perfumes. I am currently hooked on Play its the "knock off" of Game by Cool Water i do believe and i'm constantly getting compliments on that. The only name brand i've bought is Hillary Duffs With Love... And it got me a few compliments.

Topic FAA suspends pair after kids radio pilots at JFK
Posted 06 Mar 2010 13:56

Haha, i heard about this on the radio on the way to work on Friday. And Tim and "My Mom Calls Me George" had parents letting their kids call in. it was hilarious! They put a limit on the age from 4-8 i think. and a 4 year old called in and he was making freaky noises. it was by far the funniest thing i had heard all week.laughing6

Topic Guys: What body shape do you prefer?
Posted 05 Mar 2010 12:23

BBW I’ve been with a lot of girls all different shapes, sizes and colors; but there’s something about a full figured woman that drives me absolutely crazy… I love to explore every inch of their body I’m like a kid in a candy store yum yum..!

I know it’s a question for the guys… But FUCK it!

Mara is a woman after my heart! lol

Mine too!!

Sorry ladies!!! I win!!!

Topic Guys: What body shape do you prefer?
Posted 05 Mar 2010 12:23

damn im out then im chubby.....

Does no one know what BBW stands for???

Big Beautiful Woman

The older I've gotten, the more I've come to appreciate the well-upholstered shape. Unless there are separate categories, hough BBW includes Chubettes, regular BBWs and Supersize.

Chubettes can buy their clothes at WalMart, but not at high-prices boutiques. BBWs are the women marketed to by Lane Bryant stores. Supersize women are too big to buy their clothes at retail Lane Bryant, although the catalog (which is actually a different company!) may be able to handle their needs.

April Flores is my idea of the perfect body - and she's a BBW of the middle group.

But an enthusiastic and skilled lover of any size is nice, and if they have something between their ears, it's wonderful.

hmm... thanks for that deacon! i have always concidered myself what you call "Supersized" but according to the way you put it i am a chubette/BBW. lol I shop at Wal-Mart and i do have a few Lane Bryant pieces in my closet!!!

Topic Little Boy at Nude Beach
Posted 05 Mar 2010 02:54

6 Thats pretty good!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 02 Mar 2010 08:55

lmfao I vote hot girl 3 some!

Topic Now this is A MASSAGE.
Posted 02 Mar 2010 08:50

I love massages but i would shit bricks if i paid $50 to have clowns and balloons scared me! lmao

Topic Introducing Lush Stories in Spanish
Posted 01 Mar 2010 10:59

Let me know when you guys record your first Spanish story, would love to give it a listen.

Oh i second that!!!drunken

Topic The C Word
Posted 01 Mar 2010 07:45

Sometimes it offends me, sometimes it doesnt, it depends on the context of which it is being used

I second that

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 01 Mar 2010 07:45

Talked to my aunt Linda about me and Mara and i love that she is so understanding. we got to talking about how NOT open minded my mother is adn some how ended up on sex toys. i told her i don't have any yet because i can't have them shipped here.... she said to have them shipped to her address. lmao LOVE MY AUNT LINDA!!!

Topic any one want to webcam hit me up with a message
Posted 28 Feb 2010 16:01

lmfao wow.

Topic Scary Movie Fans
Posted 28 Feb 2010 15:52

I love scary movies. 3/4ths of my collection is scary movies. but "Paranormal Activity" scared me so i don't think i could do it.

Topic The Question Game
Posted 28 Feb 2010 08:05

1. If you were King/Queen of the world, what's the first law you would pass? Everyone has to walk around naked. clothes are banned! evil4

2. If you found out you only had a week to live, who would you spend it with, and what would you be doing? The ones i love the most and we'd be making fools of ourselves in public and having a blast!

3. What's the one thing you've always wanted to do, but never had enough nerve or guts to make happen? Go on the "Sky diver" at Kings Island in Ohio. I'm too afraid of heights though

1. What is your worst "guilty pleasure"?

2. What is the strangest thing that you've ever eaten?

3.Whats your favorite place to have sex?

Topic The Question Game
Posted 26 Feb 2010 03:15

1. Dogs or Cats? Dogs
2. Have you ever caught people screwing somewhere public? Yes
3. If stuck on an Island what book is a must to have with you? The Twilight Saga (I don't read often)

1. If you had the chance to choose your last meal, what would you choose?

2. If you could find out the day and time of your death would you want to?

3. After you die is there anyone you'd like to haunt? and why?

Topic A moment of your time please
Posted 25 Feb 2010 13:24

haha.. I almost had a panic attack when the server was down too.. I spend more time on the site now that I'm without a man to give my attention to.. and the stories are coming thick and fast again. :o)

Sorry to hear about that Smiler but i have to admit i am enjoying the very frequent stories!!!! hello1

Lush is the first sight i check along side Facebook. i find myself wishing mom would leave so i can see whats going on that day.

Topic The Question Game
Posted 25 Feb 2010 13:19

1. Speaking of aliens, if you could travel to a distant solar system in some form of suspended animation, but knowing that IF you come back at all, everyone you've ever known (family, friends, etc) would be long dead, would you still go? No. I am loving my life here on Earth.

2. If you had to choose between bungee jumping or parachuting, which would you do? I HATE heights....... but parachuting. i only have to fall once.

3. Have you ever used a different online username to spy on your SO in an online community? Nope but i would if i had any suspicions.

1. What is your favorite TV show that is REALLY corny?

2. Whats the longest you stayed awake without any kind of sleep and why?

3. What body part turns you on the most and why?

Topic So Apparently I'm Going to Hell
Posted 23 Feb 2010 10:38

Alcohol Drinking
Guitar Playing
Having a Tattoo
Showing Cleavage
Girls Showing Their Knees
Girls Showing Their Elbows
Girls Wearing Tight Pants
Being Blonde
Being Fat
Kissing on the Mouth before Marriage
Holding Hands before Marriage
Being Homosexual
Judging People (He wasn't though, he was being honest)
Being Selfish
Playing Sports
Women Working
Watching BET
Watching MTV
Watching VH1
Watching TNT
Listening to “Gangsta Rap”, Techno, Christian Bands, and Rock and Roll
Believing in Evolution
Being a Woman (they're still paying for Eve's sin)
Owning a Pet
Sin, Have Sinned, or Plan on Sinning in the Future

........................ I'm fucked. lol

Topic The Question Game
Posted 23 Feb 2010 10:30

1. When was the last time you cried? last night

2. What do you wish you could be doing right now? with Mara. I don't care what we do.

3. What’s your favorite body part? on me- my eyes and my hair. lol on someone else their legs!

1. What is/was your main goal in life?

2. What is your favorite movie and why?

3. Does it annoy you that Mara and i answered each others questions?

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 23 Feb 2010 10:10

Just put "Paranormal Activity" in the DVD player....

Topic The Question Game
Posted 23 Feb 2010 10:03

1. What was your weirdest masturbation experience? hmmm i'd have to say the time mom walked in on me. luckily i was covered up and i quickly acted like i was taking a nap.

2. What was the funniest thing that happened to you today? I was trying to tell the kids how they're supposed to be posed. It was a simple cross your arms with your elbows on your knees and back straight well for some reason i kept saying "put your ankles on your shoulders". The kids looked at me like i had 4 heads... That's what happend's on 'rush rush rush' days.

3. Have you ever been instantly attracted to someone without knowing why? Yes, in Middle school. So i asked him out. We dated for a year and a half. I still to this day can't figure out why i was so attracted to him.

1. Whats your favorite song right now?
2. Whats one thing the opposite sex can do that you wish you could do?
3. What is your favorite quote?