Group Sex(1)


A New Discovery (Part 2)

Enjoy part 2 of the story... 3-way!

After having a wonderful orgasm, I fell back onto my bed, covered myself with my blanket and tried catch my breath…. “Haa…mhmmm…ha ha…” “That was pretty amazing…..” A voice came from the dark hallway outside my room. There could only be one possibility. It has to be Helena. She's the only person staying with me in this apartment. “Helena? I thought you were asleep… I’m sorry if I...Read On



A New Discovery

The first story I've written: it's about my unforgettable night

It was a nice cool night, as I awoke from my bed after having a weird lesbian make out session in my dream. My curtains were slightly pulled apart, leaving a handful of gaps to the outside clear view of the street. I turned up the air con temperature in my room, as I try to recover from my first lesbian dream... "Goshh!! What the fuck was that? Did it really happen?" I spoke to myself...Read On



Friday Night

A little something I thought for my man

It had been quite some time since I planned an evening for my boyfriend, Jason. Jason and I had been seeing each other for more than six months and we have fulfilled some of our deepest darkest sexual fantasies together. Recently, I thought of a new one which only he could fulfill it for me. Every Friday was movie night at my apartment. Over the past two weeks, I had been requested by...Read On