Straight Sex(5)


Construction Site Chaos

What happens when I forget my lunch and my girlfriend brings it to me.

I was working on a paving project on a state road as the quality assurance tester. That means I do the testing that the state uses to determine the paving contractor's incentive/disincentive. Today paving had started very early and I had to get a sample consisting of 7-75 lbs sample cans instead of the usual 2 cans because there were going to be additional tests run on the asphalt at the...Read On


Goodgulf the Wizard; Ogres and Amazons, Part 1

I was sitting in my favorite tavern in the small town of Salla Sallew (where ther are no troubles, at least very few) minding my own business enjoying a good pint of cold beer (I used wizardry to chill the beer, I can't stand it warm) when in walked three ogres. Now we get all sorts of beings in town so three ogres wasn't all that unusual. We have humans, elves, orcs, dwarves,...Read On


Goodgulf the Wizard; Ogres and Amazons, Part 2

How Goodgulf finds out what he really needs to do to get the crown.

The next morning I woke before Nell. I then used a bit of wizardry to move the farmer's outhouse to the new pit. No use in contaminating the well after I had purified it last night but then I recast the purification spell because I had a sneaking suspicion that the farmer or one of his family members may have used it last night. When I got back to the barn Nell was awake, getting dressed...Read On


Nicki and Gio

How a smart ass remark leads to a long term relationship.

This started when I was in my third year of college. I was working in a fast food restaurant while I was going to school to get my undergraduate degree in Physics. I didn't really need the money because my parents were rather well to do. I was able to go to school for free because my mother was an associate professor at the university I attended but, unfortunately for me, my parents have...Read On


Waiting for your call

What I am thinking while I await your call.

It is almost midnight on a Saturday night and I am waiting for your call. This all started six weeks ago when you caught your idiot of a boyfriend cheating on you. I happened to be in the neighborhood bar where you wanted to cry and get drunk. You sat next to me at the bar and got yourself a cranberry juice and vodka. I just happened to be there because I needed some human company for...Read On



Vampire's Bane, Part 1

A clash between two worlds.

It was a cold Friday evening in January when Sylvia was walking to her boyfriend Bob's condo. She was thinking about the night they finally hooked-up. Sylvia was a third year English Lit major. She met Bob the first day of the previous fall semester when she arrived for her science class that she needed for her basic education required credit. Bob was teaching the Physics 101 course that she...Read On