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Topic Tumblr
Posted 24 Jan 2016 15:24
I hope y'all enjoy!

Topic What is your Recovery Time?
Posted 25 Oct 2015 18:23

It all depends but usually about 15 minutes before I'm fully ready to go again. I'm usually able to cum twice before I'm completely wiped out.

Topic What Are The Most Memorable Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With You Always?
Posted 01 Jan 2015 20:28

I can't post the video but the girl in the red dress from Schindler's List

Topic Are you a dry guy or do you use lube when masturbating?
Posted 18 Jun 2014 20:42

I typically use lotion or lube. Never really liked it dry

Topic How BIG is your cock for guys and how BIG are your tits for women?
Posted 18 Jun 2014 20:41

I'm quite average at just about 6 inches u===D

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 18 Jun 2014 14:20
As much as I am rooting for the Yanks, I believe that Germany and the Netherlands will meet in the final with Germany being the ultimate winner..

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 18 Jun 2014 14:16

No way. Spain all the way baby..... Viva EspaƱa
Well, there goes that...

Topic Bare, trimmed, or bushy?
Posted 15 Jun 2014 17:36

I prefer bald, trimmed isn't too bad, but bushy just ain't my thing at all

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 06 May 2014 21:43

Skinny dipping and more ;)

Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 06 May 2014 21:25


Topic Do you enjoy naughty chat?
Posted 22 Apr 2014 07:21

I think it all depends on who it's with.

Topic How would you turn a woman on without touching her tits, ass or pussy?
Posted 22 Apr 2014 07:18

Start with gentle kisses on her neck and softly whispering everything that I would do to her

Topic Browsers that work best with Lush, specifically Mac users
Posted 14 Apr 2014 20:11

Does anyone have trouble with the chat pop-up window on iPads? Mine keeps freezing and not sending or receiving messages.

Topic Favorite Frozen Treats
Posted 12 Jan 2014 21:28

Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches or mint chocolate chip ice cream

Topic quick rough sex or long softcore sex
Posted 30 Dec 2013 10:58

I think it always depends on the circumstance. I much prefer long, slow sessions. I love the build-up and making it last. However, pressing her up against a wall and taking her however I want is preferable sometimes.

Topic Drop letter, add letter ..
Posted 30 Dec 2013 08:42


Topic Favourite Body Part is ..............
Posted 28 Dec 2013 21:58

I tend to get the most compliments on my eyes, so I'd say that's my favorite

Topic Straight Guy in a gay bar: You go in, not realising it is a gay bar, and get hit on.
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:52

I think I would be flattered but would definitely decline. I have a feeling that being a straight guy in a gay bar would be a lot like being a girl in any bar in the US. After a while, being hit on would become a pain in the ass (no pun intended).

Topic Are all men unsatisfied with the size of their penis?
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:49

I am more than content with mine. I'm not large by any means but I'm certainly not small.

Topic Platonic Cuddling
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:45

I have in the past cuddled with friends. It's not always about the sex, but more about the closeness and non-sexual intimacy.

Topic Guys what do you like more shave pussy or not?
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:44

I prefer shaved or at the very least, nicely trimmed. The last thing I want is a full-on '70's style bush.

Topic When was the last time you had an orgasm
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:38

A couple of hours ago

Topic This or That
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:34


Thong or boyshorts

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 28 Dec 2013 10:49

I'll have to pass

Topic How many of you, actually look at the PROFILE of the person you're asking to be friends with?
Posted 27 Dec 2013 11:57

I always do with both asking and accepting. If I feel that a connection isn't there, I don't ask or accept. I'm not here to collect as many friends as possible.

Topic Do you masturbate daily?
Posted 27 Dec 2013 11:48

I think it all depends. There are days that I masturbate several times and days where I don't. I do however masturbate quite often.

Topic What is something about YOU, that has remained the same since you were little.
Posted 27 Dec 2013 11:18

I've been a smart ass my entire life