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His Smoky Beauty

Some might smoke a cigarette after an amazing orgasm, but in our case smoking one leads to more....

She leaned over and reached for her cigarettes, her whole body still tingling from their most recent erotic adventure. Deftly she pulled a cigarette from the pack, placed it on her waiting lips and flicked her lighter; setting a warm soft glow over her pale skin. She knew he was watching her, so she dramatically took the first drag and then slowly blew the smoke out from between her soft,...Read On

Love Poems(9)


Crumbs In My Bed

There are crumbs in the bed, In the spot where he laid. And the moon casts a shadow, Where love once was made. And the clock shines the hour, As the night turns to day. But the sun has no power, Over what is now gray. Mascara stains the pillow; Tiny footprints of pain. A battle was fought, Yet nothing was gained. Each night the moon returns, And once again casts shade....Read On


Friends or Lovers

Two souls connect by chance one night At first they just glance and stare They dance around their growing attraction Flirtatiously courting in the warm night air The look in his eyes draws her closer Her sweet lips betray her desire Their tongues dance and hands explore Their hearts slowly set afire She catches her breath and takes a step back As his mind takes control for a moment ...Read On


I love you more...

dedicated to my love

I love you more than the moon loves the sun Because without the sun it could not shine I love you more than the flowers love the rain Because without the rain they could not grow I love you more than the air we breathe Because without the air we could not live I love you more with each passing day Because without our love my heart could not be whole...Read On


I Won't Let You

received my separation papers today...trying to look forward

I Won’t Let You We made promises of forever But our love you did betray You tore my heart in pieces But I won’t fade away We shared so many laughs But abruptly left me in tears You shook me to the core But I won’t regret the years We looked to the future together But you had other hidden schemes You left me feeling lonely But I won’t let you steal my dreams We close the...Read On


Love Like No Other

For my love, D

Love Like No Other The smell of your skin, The gentleness of your touch, The passion of your kisses, All filled with so much love. A love that surpasses the stars, Higher than the heavens above, Transcending the here and now, It's a love like no other. We give each other this love, So freely, so easily. Dancing and flowing, It surrounds us and grows within us. This love is...Read On


Today I Choose...

dedicated to the one who has stolen my heart

Today I choose to love you With every part of my being Today I choose to ignore the doubts Leaving behind old wounds My heart reaches across the miles And seeks the warmth of your soul Closing my eyes, my skin tingles Surrounded by memories of your touch Slow are the minutes, hours and days The longing, the yearning, the hunger grows Two lovers, two hearts,...Read On


Wish I Could Have Met You

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who lost his dad...his best friend

Wish I Could Have Met You You inspired a man to be great His eyes shine when he speaks your name You taught him to be kind You taught him to work hard You taught him how to live You taught him how to love You left behind a legacy Look down on him from above Feel joy and be proud Wish I could have met you Shake your hand and share a smile Wish I could have met the man ...Read On


You Signed Your Name

Love is a choice you make every day, choose to celebrate it...

You signed your name across my heart And that's where it will stay. Through the sunny days and the rainy ones Through the changing of the seasons, it will endure. We built a love that is greater than any structure, Stronger than any stone and more powerful than the waves. We closed all the doors to the past And welcome a future of love and devotion. You signed your name across...Read On



Dedicated to JE

You always make me smile You’re so passionate and sweet You fill me with desire You make my life complete You’re always on my mind You inspire my soul You send shivers down my spine You make my heart whole You fill my life with happiness You know I won’t disappear You hold me close and whisper I love you dear...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


The Massage

She sat on their couch, tapping her five inch heals as she impatiently waited for him. She missed him, wanted him...every part of her craved him. He had been gone four days on a business trip but for her it seemed like an eternity. Since Veronica and Damien had moved in together four months ago they had sex every single day, sometimes three and four times. In their bed, in their shower, on...Read On


The Massage Part Two

continuation from The Massage

She knelt before him and slowly began to undo his belt buckle. He chuckled in anticipation of what was coming next. She slowly undid his zipper and with his help pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. She then leaned back and pulled off her own t-shirt. His eyes fixed on her big beautiful breasts as she moved forward to rest them on his balls; licking her lips she looked up at him...Read On