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Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 22:15

Anyway, short answer with short words. Who could get their hands on a C96 vs. an AR-15? In pretty much both cases, anyone who wanted one.

And what do you think the response would have been if people were committing mass murders with a C96 in 1902? Do you think the US government would have just said "aww shucks. That's just people being people." Or would they have done something to remedy the issue?

So if you're being honest with us and yourself (right!) the question isn't about the availability of the firearm.

So just as a hypothetical, if Canada tomorrow passed a law that allowed everyone from 18 years and up to buy semi-automatic rifles... are you saying the murder rate wouldn't change?

I'll even avoid making any insults since I know that you tend to use them as an excuse not to answer my questions.

Topic: African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 21:09

I just watched the Documentary "Trophy."


It's fucking sickening. And the sad part is... this doc is apparently a Pro-hunting film. It tries to show the benefits of big game hunting in Africa.

They make the argument that the number of lions, elephants etc have increased. Right. They essentially farm animals in captivity and then release them into a controlled area so that douchebag hunters from the US can shoot them in the head.

And this isn't even hunting. For example they drag a crocodile out of the water, and then stand around drinking beer while this huge lizard just sits there. |Oh, and course they are all wearing camouflage. Because you need to be dressed in green camo when you murder a defenseless animal. Then a redneck asshole walks up and shoots it in the head. He then cheers as though he just saved the world. "Fuck yeah!" Literally. he actually said that.

He then goes on to state all the animals he's killed and says that he still needs to get a caracal and a baboon. And this is all in one trip. I won't even get into the elephant shooting. Honestly... you have to be a piece of shit human being to see an elephant in the wild and desire to shoot it in the head.

And everyone involved is saying that they are doing it for "conservation."

None of them are doing it for conservation. They are all doing it for money.

I would rather see an animal go extinct than see it farmed so some asshole from Connecticut can shoot it, take a picture, cut it's head off and mount it on his wall.

Oh, but wait... the left over meat goes to the poor locals....

Bullshit. If you were worried about the "locals" and their food supply then the money you spent to kill one rhino would feed an entire village for years.

I understand hunting. This isn't hunting. This is just killing.

And not one of these idiots will just admit that the reason they do it is for fun.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 20:34

The first mass shooting in the USA involving semi-automatic weapons was likely the one at a San Ysidro McDonalds on July 18, 1984. Since you're apparently convinced that mass shootings are caused by the easy availability of semi-automatic firearms, perhaps you'd like to explain to all of us the 88 year gap between the San Ysidro shooting and the introduction of the Mauser C96, or the 25 year gap between the same shooting and the introduction of the AR-15.

Ugh. Invention and availability are two different things. How many people had access to that Mauser in 1896? How many people in Florida have access to an AR-15? I know that you are just trying to support your love of guns but please try to make sense.

Please give me some indication that I can salvage some kind of intellectual respect here.

Topic: What vitamins or supplements do you take on a daily basis?
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 19:49

Aren’t we told by admin that we should keep this kind of thing to PM? I tried that. Find someone else to pick on for your entertainment. I’m done. You’re not worth my energy. Now I’m sure you’ll have the last word.

As per usually you try to get the last word and then block me. Good thing that they changed the rules so that you can't just block/unblock anymore. As much as I will miss your comments threatening me with strongly worded messages (especially when you capitalize them) I'll enjoy myself nonetheless.

Just a note...If you want to play the sympathy card, try not to go to that well too many times. After a while, you're just pulling up annoyance and resentment.

You can't act like a victim in PM but simultaneously act like a bitch in public.

I would say that you are manipulative, but I don't think you're smart enough for that. Everyone on this site knows your tricks because we've all seen it before. I gave you an out. You chose to pretend to be badass. I don't care if you block me. I don't care if you come up with some make-believe sob story. You've cried wolf way too many times.

Keeping with the topic at hand... what supplements do I think you should take? I suggest a look in the mirror and a daily dose of Vitamin shut the fuck up.

Topic: Winter Olympics Korea 2018
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 19:17

The Prince's Flag, as it is called, is now associated with right wing white nationalism/fascism

Well, that's not good. Why is it that the fascists always capitalize all the really good flags and color schemes....?

How about this one:


or this one:


You have to have orange in there. You can't just have the same old boring European tricolor. You fought an 80 year war against a Catholic religious foreign power to establish a republic based on religious toleration and pursuit of capitalism....a hundred and fifty years before the United States claimed to have "invented democracy."

Let's ignore the fact that the US just "borrowed" their flag from the British East India Company.


From a marketing perspective, I would say "You need to have a better flag."

But after a bit of thought and seeing how some Americans see their flag as being somehow more important than the people in their country.... I can see your point.

Although I really do like the colour orange....

Topic: What's your mental illness?
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 18:13

According to the national alliance on mental illness , 20% of Americans have experienced a mental health problem in the past year, and 4% experience a mental health issue requiring clinical attention (i.e. therapy and/or drugs).

I think that a lot more than 4% of Americans take psychoactive drugs for mental issues. It's more like 10 or 11% and the number is growing year by year. For people 45 and older the number is more like 18-20%.

Everybody has mental health issues, just like everyone has physical health issues. Unfortunately the stigma regarding mental heath is still strong so that most people are reluctant to address it.

If a person has a stuffed up nose, they have no problem buying a pill to relieve the symptoms. But in our society, mental health is still viewed as a weakness of sorts. Now that being said, the brain is a much much more complex organ than anything else in the human body. And the science behind pharmacological intervention is still in the infant stage.

If you do go to the doctor and get a prescription for mood stabilizing medication, understand that this is in no way a sure fire way to solve your problems. It may help, it may make thing worse or it may do nothing at all. The mechanisms for how anti-depressants affect various neurotransmitters are well known, but how that then affects overall mood is kind of a crap shoot. It's a trial and error thing.

Side note: I use the terms anti-depressants and mood stabilizers synonymously because there are really no "anti-depressants" unless you are talking about ecstasy. All of these drugs (if they do anything at all) usually just eliminate extremes of mood. They kind of just make you not care as much. That may be effective for some people.

If you go to your doctor and bring up depression or anxiety he/she will probably prescribe you something. Because that's what doctors do. What they prescribe you will probably be whatever drug is en vogue at the moment (or if you live in the US it will be dependent on whichever pharma rep they last had lunch with).

People often say that these drugs are over prescribed... and yeah maybe they are. But it's just because your doctor doesn't know what else to do. It's more cost effective than therapy, and therapy doesn't have a great track record either.

There are things like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia that are diagnosable biological conditions. Everything else is still in the learning stages.

The main problem I see is that most doctors aren't concerned about solving the problem. They just want to placate the patient, collect their cheque and go home.

I feel like a lot of what people see as "mental illnesses" are actually just personality traits that may not be what the general public views as "acceptable." Most of the geniuses throughout history would probably fall into the spectrum of being "mentally ill" by today's standards.

And when you eliminate biological conditions like bipolar and schizophrenia, you'll find that more intelligent people suffer more from things like depression and anxiety.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 16:09

Obviously, arming teachers to make schools more secure is a touchy subject. The example of Israel is an extreme one. You have to keep in mind that almost all Israeli Jews are veterans or reservists as are most parents. So that means they are also trained with firearms and likely combat veterans as well. A letter in the Miami Herald some time back mentioned that Israeli school children were not allowed to go on field trips unless each class had at least four armed adults along as chaperones and security. By armed, I mean with IMI Uzis or H&K MP5's. For those of you not familiar with them, they're both full auto sub-machine guns. I don't think you're going to get that kind of security for a field trip any where in the world outside of Israel. It certainly wouldn't fly in today's USA.

But allowing volunteer teachers, especially those with military or police background, and perhaps with additional training and certification, to carry concealed on campus, with that fact widely published, would put folks on notice that at least that particular school was no longer a collection of defenseless targets for the next psychopath who desires to run up a body count and get on the news.

I think we can all agree that what we're currently doing is not working.

Those are actually some good points.

I think that what is missing here, is that the majority of people who do this type of thing are not expecting to get away with it. None of these people are expecting to murder 20 people and then go on living their life. If you choose to walk into a school and kill as many people as possible, you pretty much are forfeiting your life. Whether you are going to spend your life in prison or be dead, none of these are deterrents once you decide that your life is over.

How many mass shooting occurred before semi automatic weapons were available the public?

Are you a proponent of anti-aircraft stinger missile launchers being available to the general public? If not, then why? Every argument that you have made regarding AR-15s can be applied to missile launchers.

Because it crosses a common sense boundary. You as a semi-rational human being would say "there is no need for a normal human being to own that."

Well then now you know how the rest of us feel when we constantly have to argue with people like you regarding semi automatic weapons.

By the way, I love how you constantly make the argument that "the US is not like Canada, Australia, or the UK" so the things that reduce gun crime in those countries are not relevant to 'mericans... Yet you immediately jump to Israel when you want to compare effectiveness of gun control. Your biases are so transparent it almost becoming embarrassing to even waste my time making you look like more of an idiot that you already are.

You have one argument.

"I like guns. And I don't care about anyone else."

That's it.

Everything you right wing douche bags stand for is grounded in one basic principle. Self interest. It would be very refreshing to actually here one of you just say it instead of hiding behind this fallacy that you actually care about other people.

Topic: Anyone know the best way to cook a venison tenderloin?
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 15:43

I've also had it ground into hamburger meat for burgers and used for chopped steak or steak & gravy.

Venison steaks I grill just like steaks according to size & thickness. Sometimes a marinade.

I've had venison sausage before but not involved in making it.

I have a lot of venison. I have it ground as well as put into sausage meat. Do you add fat to the ground meat when you make burgers? I feel like venison would just dry out.

Topic: Anyone know the best way to cook a venison tenderloin?
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 15:25

I recently had another foot injury so I was sidelined from the grocery store. I was hoping to get some rosemary and juniper berries but I had to deal with what I had. (I also had no bacon.)

I also ran out of black pepper which is pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

I had to slice off the silverskin, which was hard because my ex girlfriend took all the expensive knives that I bought for "us." So I kind of mangled the thing to begin with. I coated it with olive oil and a bit of fleur de sel. (much better than regular or kosher salt). Because I didn't have any black pepper I used white pepper, which I feel is an often underutilized spice.

I roasted it in the oven for about 30 mins and then seared it in a pan to lock in the moisture. I let it rest for about ten minutes and then sliced it into medallions. I was worried that it would be overcooked, but it was perfect. Not too gamey. Not too dry. Definitely under seasoned, but it worked.

I ate the whole tenderloin in one sitting.

Topic: What is your favorite wine?
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 15:00

My favorite is Chateau Neuf de Pape


It comes from the South of France. It also comes in a really cool bottle. It has a rustic look...kind of like you just unearthed it from a shipwreck.

Wine snobs bitch about North American wines, but I enjoy Napa Valley and Okanagan. Even though I'm from the Okanagan, I tend to opt for California because they tend to be a bit more reasonable price wise. (Sorry Niagra Valley... I just can't get into east coast wines).

If I eat red meat, my choice is generally a bold Australian Shiraz. Even though Australian reds are a bit more expensive than South American, I find that they are far superior taste-wise.

The best 20 dollar bottle I've had is probably 19 Crimes Shiraz.


If I have Asian food, especially if it's spicy... I go with German Reisling. Cold weather wines just aren't that great, but the sweetness of Reisling nicely balances the flavors of Kun Pao Chicken.

For desert wines, I like Muscato. Although I don't really eat deserts so this one really doesn't come into play often.

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