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Topic: Rest in Peace: August Ames
Posted: 07 Dec 2017 16:32

This is the first I've heard of this.

August Ames was one of the objectively hottest porn actresses I've ever seen. Definitely the hottest person from Nova Scotia....

A large percentage of female pornstars refuse to work with male porn actors that have done "gay" work. I sincerely doubt that that was the only issue in this situation though.

Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 02 Dec 2017 15:38

Genjis Khan (Timujin)----a very realistic and accurate documentary

Try "Mongol."

https://upload.lushstories.com/315187782-p159795_p_v8_as (2).jpg

You have to suffer through subtitles, but it's probably the best film depiction of Genghis Khan.

Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 02 Dec 2017 15:32

Geostorm --- Very disappointing

Want to see -- Daddy's Home 2

I predict further disappointment....

Topic: What should be done about Roy Moore?
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 21:04

Excuse me, but my posts are generally well thought out, backed up with facts found in places other than Breitbart or Fox news and on point to the subject as well as trying to invoke meaningful debate. It was not meant to be a joke, but rather was a commentary on what her posts are not. I see no reason for you to insult me by comparing me to Seax, or imply that my posts are shallow.

BTW, I do not drink boxed alcoholic anything, nor am I a fan of facebook. You don't know me at all, so don't make assumptions.

Hmmm... I guess I'll put this in terms you can understand. Adele can understand sarcasm.... Not!

Topic: stranger things - second season
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 20:58

I just watched the second season. Pretty much on par with the first.

I love the eighties nostalgia but like the first season, I lost interest as the season progressed. If you watch the youtube videos and see all the 80s film references you can gain a bit more appreciation for the series.

I have to say though, that the main thing holding back Stranger Things... will be puberty. All the male stars of the series were chosen because they were "unique" looking. Millie Bobbie Brown will get better looking, but all those odd looking kids will succumb to puberty. I call this the "Bran Effect" (for Game of Thrones fans).

Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 20:46


Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 20:38


I kind of liked the first one... even though it was kind of controversial...


Best marketing in history...

Topic: Every Lush Author's Enemy: The 4-BOMBER!
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 20:33

I think it's funny that on this site a "4" is seen as an insult.

I don't think people realize how high the quality is on this site...both in terms of writing and feedback.

I have literally had death threats from other sites.

If someone sees your story as so much of a threat that they will try and bomb it.... then probably 10 times as many will be giving you a positive review.

Anybody that enters a contest on lush and then bombs competitors (or gets other to do so) is a fucking loser. Probably the same type that writes numerous poems in order to jack up their numbers...

Topic: What should be done about Roy Moore?
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 20:06

NOT really sure what this has to do with either the topic or what I said (which was NOT a joke).

Are you serious?

"You always have such interesting posts. NOT!!!!"

Now you have every right to make "mom" jokes. I Fully encourage you to hike up your jeans, pour a glass of boxed chardonnay and log into facebook to catch up on the latest in 1990's internet slang.

"Not" jokes probably work with Seax, since he uses them as well... but trust me, that's not a club you want to be part of.

Maybe you and Seax should start your own thread disputing the pros and cons of trunk space of various SUVs and orange slicing technique.

Topic: Dissocial Personality Disorder v Trolling
Posted: 24 Nov 2017 19:32

I think trolls know exactly what they're doing and don't care. They're just doing what they do best, which is to live vicariously through others, because they have no life of their own.

Thread Resurrection...

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Amanda’s eyes opened to greet the morning sun peering through the cracks in the horizontal blinds. She let out a long cat-like yawn as she stretched her arms out over her head, feeling several cracks emanating from her tired joints. Glancing over, she noticed her boyfriend stirring from his slumber as well. Feeling the soft fabric of the bed sheets gliding over her nipples, her body tingled...

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Katie hummed to herself as she strolled down the hallway, her small arms holding a large basket of laundry braced against her stomach.   As she reached to door to the laundry room, she pinned the basket to the wall as she dug for her key in her pocket.   As she produced the tiny key, she lifted a knee to help her shaking arm bear the weight of the encumbering load as she struggled...

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A Friendly Bet

BRRRRIIIIIINNNNG! "Shit", I muttered to myself. "It never fails! Every time I get in the shower!" With that, I jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, heading for the phone. "Hello", I panted after running half naked through my house, picking up the phone, and dripping water all over the floor in the process. "Hey. What's up?" a feminine...

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Good Girls Don't Fuck

I never thought I'd have any fun at a wedding. The food is bad, the conversation is worse and the only thing to do is drink. And to make matters worse, all the available good looking females were religious. It was turning out to be a real nightmare. At least I looked good in a tux. I was wandering around, trying desperately to avoid a few people that I knew would launch into...

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Birthday Girl

“Fore!!!!,” Sam shouted as he swung the club, striking the little white ball with a resounding ‘crack.” I held my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun as I watched the ball sail into the distance, veering off to the right before disappearing into a copse of tall trees. “God Damn It!” he cursed, pounding the driver into the turf in frustration. I smiled in amusement as...

Added 23 Feb 2010 | Category Anal | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 35,554 | 10 Comments

Birthday Girl 2

When I awoke the next day, at first I thought it had all been a dream.  When I realized what had actually transpired however, my mind became a conflicting mix of emotions.  On one hand, I felt extremely guilty for messing around with my friend’s girlfriend.  On the other hand...it had probably been the most erotic, mind-blowing experience of my life. After months of secretly...

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Editor's Pick The Dirtier, The Better

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to find a position in the hard wooden desk that wouldn't cause my ass to go numb. Just five more minutes. Five more minutes and then my weekend could begin. I hated Friday classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no different. And to make matters worse, this particular lecture took place in the oldest classroom on campus,...

Added 06 Feb 2010 | Category Anal | Votes 62 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 51,681 | 10 Comments

Kiss My Ass

          It had been a good night.  Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going out with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon.  We always have fun, even if we do tend to drink a little too much and this night was no exception. "I'm telling you, she wanted you!" Shannon said, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder.  "You should have talked...

Added 30 Jan 2010 | Category Anal | Votes 60 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 50,967 | 13 Comments


It was dark. It was raining. I was tired.   I was also nervous. I considered calling the whole thing off, but it was too late now. She was waiting. I peered through the rain spattered windshield, between the squeaking wipers in a vain attempt to make out the names written on the overhead street signs. "I really should get some glasses," I...

Added 11 Feb 2010 | Category Anal | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 15,033 | 5 Comments

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