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Topic: Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage
Posted: 04 May 2015 21:39

Nudie nudie, where are you man? I was hoping to rekindle our previous intellectually debating relationship. Or did you lose the article you cut out of Guns and Ammo? I truly miss your tendency of focusing on cherry-picked statistics to prove your poorly supported points.

Minority deaths generate more outrage? Gee... I wonder why. Maybe its because you live in a nation that has done more than any other in the developed world to promote racial inequality than any other. When exactly did you outlaw slavery? Oh wait... you had to actually fight a civil war over it. And then... more than half your nation still refused to accept people of darker skin than yours as equal people. Now, I admit...this is not an anomaly in world history. But as a country that claims to be the bastion of freedom and equality, I find it amusing that you didn't give black people equal rights until the 1960s.

But yeah...You're probably right. There is not a racial component to what has been happening lately. Even though you enslaved an entire race of people and then built a nation based on supposed total freedom but continued to form a nation built on continued subjugation of blacks and eradication of native americans. I find it amusing that your type focuses so much on that hallowed 2nd amendment yet rejects one of the basic principles set forth in your declaration of independence.

You treat black people as subhuman. The entire world recognizes it, so maybe its high time that you grow the fuck up and recognize it as well. Just listen the to 911 recording of people that call in and report the apparent misdoings of "black" people. Nobody calls 911 and says "there's a white guy looking suspicious outside my house. Please send the cops."

Is race the only issue? No. But your inability to recognize race as a contributing factor is not only unhelpful but detrimental.

Topic: Kate Upton Too big to be SI swimsuit?
Posted: 04 May 2015 20:45

I think people seem to have difficulty differentiating between fashion model appeal and general sex appeal. The people that design clothing tend to lean towards very tall, very skinny women because those are the medium in which their clothing is best demonstrated. There is soooo much outrage over what this perceived "ideal" based on fashion model physiology. Nobody gives a shit, other than the people that are presenting the clothes for international sale. Most of the people that get upset are women that don't feel adequate because they don't meet these supposed ideals. When you look at fashion modelling... think of those women as clothes hangers from which designers hang their clothes. If you want to know what men actually find attractive, look at playboy, penthouse (if they actually still exist or...PORN.

Kate Upton is fucking gorgeous. Is she thicker than the usual fashion model? Yes. Does that decrease her appeal? Hell no. For all the guys out there...I really don't need to say anything because I think you feel the same as me. For the women... Please please stop using fashion models as this supposed ideal that you are supposed to live up to. And please stop referring to all women that are thinner than you as "Anorexic". And please please quite claiming that all men have this "thinner is better" attitude. Attraction is not a choice. And you should repeat that mantra to yourself everytime you turn the page in one of those stupid fucking magazines that you read. You read those magazines because that is what YOU want. You want to know what guys want...buy a fucking Hustler. Fashion media is for women, not for men.

Watch Kate Upton playing flip cup on Jimmy Fallon. Yummy. Should she model bikinis? I really don't care. All I know is that she looks damn amazing in that red dress and she look stunning in that game of war commercial. But please dont call her a "plus sized model."

Topic: Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted: 04 May 2015 19:35

Hear ye, Hear ye. I am back and I have seen the light!!

After years of aimless wandering in the desert of the unfaithful, I Have returned. I only ask that all you uncouth, heathen sinners repent and bow down to the obvious fact that obtaining actual knowledge will severely decrease your chances of getting into heaven. (Unless you provide an adequate donation, of course).

Do not ask questions...Do not think that your puny human mind can even begin to question the almighty lord. (Oops...did I forget to capitalise something there?). We do not know absolutely everything about evolution, so that obviously brings the chances down to less than 50/50. We also don't know 100% of everything about the Roman Empire. So that obviously means that it simply did not exist! What's that you say? 99.9999% of scholars believe that the Roman Empire did exist? Well that simply makes you all sheep. I have a book written in Japan in 137 BC that says the entire west was covered in Ocean at that time. Please refer to my upcoming forum thread: Roman Empire Denial 101

Now I don't care that the vast majority of the world's scientists ( and yes, I'm talking about people that actually devote their life's work to studying this kind of thing) have accepted evolution as a fact. And I don't care that we can actually see physiological evolution and natural selection taking place in short lived biological species such as the drosophila melanogaster fruit fly....If you can't show me a slug transforming into a person then you must be completely wrong.

No, no, no. Until you can show me a monkey turning into a homo sapien within a lifetime, then I'm going to stick with that tried and true, fail safe argument of MAGIC. Yes, that's right. Magic. My mommy and daddy told me so and thus I feel it necessary to impart that particular brand of superstition on to the next generation. Some may call that intellectual child abuse but I prefer to use the term "pre-emptive faith healing."

Show me the evidence! Oh...what is that you say? there is a plethora of evidence for evolution? Well if it contradicts the facts written in our holy book, then I just can't accept that. What I meant to say was.. Show me the evidence in an incredibly dumbed down version of science that I can either dismiss due to complete ignorance or else somehow squeeze into the limited world view that I have built around myself.

Creationism taught as science? Is there any other option? But why stop there? I've just been fucking dying to major in tarot card reading in university or take that class in astrology that I've always been craving. Fingers crossed... I'm still waiting to be let in to the Griffindor science club.

Topic: Quick question, Dick or Cock?
Posted: 30 Sep 2011 18:11

Sometimes its good not to directly mention them, but allude to them. All depends on what the intent is with the story. I personally dislike words like cock, pussy, cunt, etc. I find them derogatory and used as a means for the author to be lazy. Now, it cannot take away from the quality of an author as a whole, but it can slightly mar the quality of the story. But that's my opinion, not a solid fact.

I was going to say that 'no one would agree with me, but I hate reading any of those words' and then I saw this. I agree with you. This is the first erotica-only website I've ever been on. In all my other writing communities, when I read erotica they never name it.

I pushed inside her works just as well (better in my mind), than I put my dick/cock in her.

Here, I'll be getting into a story and then have hold back laughter after reading cock, cunt, fucked, or the the dreaded 'cum'. The first three won't kill the story for me, but it does water down the arousal factor.

What about "throbbing manhood?" Or "pulsing member"? Probably still too dirty for you huh? I think you need to stick to cheesy romance novels with pics of Fabio on the cover, wearing a white, flowing shirt and tearing with unbridled passion at the bodice of his female suitor....

People use dirty words (now I feel like a kindergarten teacher) in sex stories because they evoke feelings of arousal in themselves and in most readers. Show me a guy or girl that doesn't like to have the words "fuck me" whispered into his ear during sex, and you can bet their are one boring, vanilla lay. Perhaps you should go back to diddling yourself to Twilight posters and fantasies of being swept up by prince charming..... Oops. Sorry. I didn't mean to use such crude language there. I should have said "touching yourself down there". My apologies.

Topic: vancouver 2011 riot
Posted: 17 Jun 2011 18:42

I would like to say that that riot was NOT about hockey. The same thing happened in 1994, and when game 7 was going to be held in Vancouver again, everyone here expected the same thing. It would have happened whether the Canucks won or lost. I hate reading the international news and hearing them say that it was "upset canucks fans" who were angry the team lost....

There were people who went down there, not only expecting to riot, but hoping for it. Who brings a black ski mask to a sports event?? These idiots were not angry or upset. You can see the footage. They are excited, lustful and almost euphoric. The good thing is, that with so many bystanders taking pictures and the prevalance of social media, the majority of these retards are going to be caught and prosecuted.

Topic: Plagiarism
Posted: 15 Apr 2011 14:23

Well, I guess I've finally made it. :)

Now, I used to having my work plagarized....but this is the first time someone has tried to make money off my stuff. I just found out, that several of my stories have been stolen by some supposed "author" named Elizabeth Summers, and are on sale on Amazon in Kindle form for 6.99 a pop.

So far, she has stolen my stories "Weekend at Sonja's", "Dirty Little Secret", Kiss My Ass, Anal at last, and The Dirtier, the Better." She also has numerous other stories for sale that are no doubt stolen as well from other authors. Here is link for one of my blatantly stolen stories. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003XYESSU/ref=cm_cr_error The thief even used the exact tagline from the story posted on another site.

Now I'm not sure what to do about this. Does anyone have any ideas?

PS: who the fuck would pay 6.99 for one of my shitty stories?? <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/confused5.gif" alt="confused5">

Topic: Why do Lush Writers post our stories???
Posted: 26 Mar 2011 20:10

Any used panties in that mix? (fuck, did I say that out loud?)

As Doll's personal manager (and toenail painter) all requests for used panties need to be put through me - and quite honestly, those requests are rarely filled. That said, in liu of nudes of Ms. Doll and the knife set, a pair of my used panties along with a signed certificate of authorization, is also available.

I actually have a few pairs of dancingdoll panties, that I might be able to part with to the highest bidder... :) The price will have to be substantial though...

Topic: some help needed soon as possible please
Posted: 18 Mar 2011 22:38

Ahhh, back pain. The holy grail for snake oil salesmen.

Here are a few pieces of advice.

1) Don't look for a quick fix. Anyone who promises such is either a swindler or an idiot...( usually both).

2) There is absolutely no need to go to the hospital or even go to your family doctor (unless you are looking for some better drugs). Family doctors ( general practicioners) have very little knowledge of orthopedic injuries.

3) There is no damage to the muscles. The muscles simply are going into spasm as a protective response to increased movement at one or more of the spinal levels. Most treatments for low back pain are aimed at reducing muscle spasm, but will not adress the underlying cause. These include massage, acupuncture, heat, medications electrothermal modalities etc...

4) Keep moving! The worst thing to do is to engage in excessive bedrest. Immobility results in atrophy of the muscles that support the spine and a subsequent vicious cycle of weakening and pain. Even though it might be uncomfortable to move, it will not do any damage. Exercise based treatment has been proven to be the most effective means of treating and preventing lumbar injury.

5) Don't listen to WMM when it comes to health advice.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Topic: Are men's bodies repulsive (or beautiful)?
Posted: 18 Mar 2011 21:36

Judging from the changeroom at my gym....definately repulsive!!!

Topic: Whacky Evolution theory vs whacky Creationist theory vs whacky 3rd theory
Posted: 03 Mar 2011 21:54

What do I owe you for the diagnosis, Doc? I think I need a good brace, but they look so dorky under nylons socks and slacks, with loafers.

Its on the house. Actually, I think there are some berries that might fix your ankle. If you send me 500 dollars I can mail them to you. :)

Now the next question would be...how does anything that may have happened (or not) that day...lead, even tangentially to whacky evolution/creationist/panspermia theories?

ok...but having a conspiracy theory view on one topic is one thing. But when you project that view onto every possible other scenario, then something is wrong. It protrays a personality that thrives on contrarianism and looking for some evil "boogeyman" behind every shadow.

For comparison's sake only - think how you might have evolved or changed, since September 2001?

Well, aside from the accumulation of more knowledge, I would like to think that I still have the same worldview as I had then. (Pssst...for the majority of the world, 9/11 wasn't a huge reality changing event.) The ability to logically evaluate information really doesn't depend on the decade or the age of the person.

That just might be more of my "pablum" though.....

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Kiss My Ass

          It had been a good night.  Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going out with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon.  We always have fun, even if we do tend to drink a little too much and this night was no exception. "I'm telling you, she wanted you!" Shannon said, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder.  "You should have talked...

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It was dark. It was raining. I was tired.   I was also nervous. I considered calling the whole thing off, but it was too late now. She was waiting. I peered through the rain spattered windshield, between the squeaking wipers in a vain attempt to make out the names written on the overhead street signs. "I really should get some glasses," I...

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