Awakening Her Desires

He was a man who always got what he wanted. And today what he wanted was Charlotte.

It had been a shock to her system, that first experience. She had reacted with fury and embarrassment at first.. Then with mounting excitement and finally almost unadulterated pleasure. But later at home, thinking of it, it had really only seemed like a deliciously naughty game. An unreal kind of fantasy...her first ever spanking, in the woods last summer at the company Christmas picnic. ...Read On


Awakening Her Desires II

David was behaving so normally. AS if he'd forgotten how he spanked her bare bottom in the forest

Her hot little tongue trailed wetly across his sweat soaked chest, licking at his nipples, biting and sucking. She revelled in the flavour him. His essence of salt and sex and utter maleness assailing her taste buds, dizzying her. Filling her mouth and nostrils as she knew he would soon be filling her sex. She felt the slickness between her legs increase sharply at the thought. Imagined...Read On


Awakening Her Desires III

Charlotte was an eager student - and a very fast learner.

They both liked fucking in his office. In the middle of the working day. Or in her office for that matter. But it was riskier there. Far riskier. Even though it was tucked away at the end of a long corridor. The walls of Charlotte's office were far thinner. And its door lacked an internal locking mechanism. That risk added a lot to the thrill of it for both of them. Charlotte liked danger....Read On


Awakening Her Desires V

David had never been inside a woman quite as tight and as hot as Charlotte.

Charlotte was quite sure she had never been in a longer, deeper bath tub. “Any bigger and you'd have had to call it a spa”, she had said to him, as he carried her naked from the stained and rumpled bed and laid her in its steaming luxuriance. He had then stepped into it with her and settled down facing her, a smile of pure contentment and pleasure settling over his chiselled face, making...Read On


Awakening Her desires VI

There she sat. Naked from the waist down. In the finest dining establishment in Sydney..

They had lingered in their bath for well over an hour. It was only David's slow dawning realisation that they were both near starvation that finally roused them from their sensual explorations. He was suddenly overcome with an irrepressible desire to show her off. He suggested that they dine at one of the exclusive harbour side restaurants he frequented; Fruits of The Sea Charlotte...Read On


Awakening Her Desires VII

The first kiss of his belt brought her more pleasure than she had known existed.

Mondaymorning. The sun had risen hours ago. David had called the domestic staff and pleading flu had given them all the week off. He had cancelled every business appointment and social engagement he had made for the same time period. Damn feeding the gossip mill at work. Once he had begun to realise quite how voracious was Charlotte's appetite for his own favourite type of sex play,...Read On


Awakening Her desires VIII

David was beginning to realise Charlotte was tantalisingly adept at the fine art of Submission....

“ Come here Charlotte.Take off your knickers and lay across my lap.” His tone made her it apparent that this was a command, not a request. David was sitting on the sofa, a jar of something on the seat beside him. Charlotte whimpered in dread, despite herself. She found she was squirming in her place. She was perched on her side on the floor of the library, until just now happily devouring...Read On


The Real Awakening

She had her first real orgasm before he had entered her or even touched her clit.

They were downstairs, in his beautifully restored Victorian terrace. It was 11pm on Friday night. The deal had been signed now for almost 12 hours and they were still celebrating it. The others had both left while she was in the bathroom apparently. George and Todd, the fat Englishman who had been negotiating with David for two weeks. She was glad they had gone. She had wanted to be alone...Read On