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Topic Ideas for future competitions
Posted 04 Sep 2015 13:01

That's a shame. This was a very good entry.

I agree! I loved it!

Readers - you need to check out Varrick's story:

Topic Moderator of the Month for August, with $100 to spend at
Posted 01 Sep 2015 14:41

Excellent work on the queue! Big congrats, Jen! Hope you enjoy your prize! 3601

Topic Gav's Performance Review
Posted 28 Aug 2015 12:45

You da man! Thanks, Gav! :)

Topic How do you react when you see a guy with a bulge?
Posted 26 Aug 2015 11:14

Accidental bulges happen - not a big deal. If it's a stranger, I pretend I haven't noticed, in case he's easily embarrassed. If I know him (or he's hot), I might smile like the girl in the pic.

If it's a creepy guy leering and trying to get me to notice his bulge, it's a whole different (unattractive) thing.

Topic Cheating My Husband
Posted 26 Aug 2015 11:06

Use a condom.

Topic Fear the Walking Dead - the new spin-off
Posted 26 Aug 2015 10:48

I had been hoping they would touch on the origins of the virus ie. what started it, how did it become airborne so quickly (and globally). I read an interview with Robert Kirkman who said the show isn't about that (or concerned with it), however I thought one of the strongest episodes on TWD was the one with Dr. Jenner, the scientist, at the CDC explaining how the virus reanimates the basic core of the brain. I would love to see more of that.

It also might have been cool to see a glimpse into different pockets of characters (eg. EMT, hospital staff, government, news reporters etc). I think it would have been interesting to go beyond this core family and then have all the characters converge later on.

Re the main family. I agree with others, I'm not feeling the parental units at the moment, or the sulky teenage girl. Unlike everyone else however, I absolutely love the Nick character. He's by far and away the most interesting one on the show and Frank Dillane's acting is absolutely stellar. He approached the role of a junkie with considerable complexity and vulnerability and I was kind of blown away actually. I thought he stole every scene he was in and I started feeling like maybe he was the main protagonist and the parents were the backseat characters. I'm already invested in him. The others.. not so much (yet).

There were a few lapses in believability that were frustrating with the parents and maybe that's why I'm turned off them - ie. why would Travis hear about a massacre at a drug den (involving blood and viscera ) and then think the smartest thing to do was to go there... to the drug den. At night. And then, after seeing the mess himself, instead of calling the cops, he brings his wife there, who shrugs it off as "well, bad things happen all the time in places like this." What?? Come on, did you not see the viscera?? lol

Anyway, I get they were trying to move the plot along, but I'm hoping to see more genuine reactions in the next few episodes... sometime more along the lines of Frank Dillane's Nick character rather than this furrowed-brow, confused but weirdly calm, "what's going on here", styled take on everything. Especially in the final scene with the drug dealer... I'm kind of missing the shock and panic with those two. Maybe since it's LA, they're a little slower to startle.. dontknow

I do like the pacing though. I appreciate the slow-burn compared to TWD and I think the show has a lot of potential (as long as they don't kill Nick). I'm looking forward to the next episode.

ps. Anyone else think the first zombie, Gloria, was kinda hot? Embarassed

Topic Fear the Walking Dead - the new spin-off
Posted 25 Aug 2015 18:37

Fear the Walking Dead debuted on AMC last Sunday and became the No. 1-rated cable series launch of all time.

Did you watch, or do you plan to follow this spin-off show? What did you think? Casting/acting? Storyline? Do you like the style switch-up from The Walking Dead or do you think the spin-off will fail to maintain momentum? ]

AMC's ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Sets All-Time Cable Ratings Premiere Record. Nielsen estimates that the 90-minute debut of “Fear the Walking Dead” became the No. 1-rated cable series launch on record with 10.1 million viewers, including 6.3 million adults 18-49.

In total viewers, “Fear” surpasses TNT’s “Raising the Bar” (7.7 million in 2008) as top dog among cable premieres. The previous record in the 18-49 demo was AMC’s “Better Call Saul” (4.4 million) earlier this year. In fact, AMC now has three of the top five cable launches of all time, with “Walking Dead” ranking fifth.

In both 18-49 and total viewers, Sunday’s premiere out-rated all 22 episodes from the first two seasons of “The Walking Dead.”

Topic Does anyone else love Project Runway?
Posted 24 Aug 2015 10:34

I watched some of the earlier seasons but haven't really kept up with it in recent years.

I remember Mondo Guerra - he was a very cool designer and really knew how to mix edgy prints.

Topic Favourite Fashion Era
Posted 24 Aug 2015 10:26

This is a cool trip through fashion eras.

Topic Happy Birthday ChuckEpoo
Posted 19 Aug 2015 14:59


Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Hope you catch some sweet waves today! :)

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 13 Aug 2015 08:55

Topic Lesbians
Posted 06 Aug 2015 12:25

Everyone likes to hit their erogenous zones - it's not the sexual act that defines sexual orientation, it's the person (gender) you're doing these things with. Many straight guys like a finger up the ass during a blowjob or using prostate toys, but that wouldn't make them gay. I think it's the same thing for lesbians - it's just another way to pleasure each other and connect.

Topic Ronda Rousey porn parody coming soon!
Posted 06 Aug 2015 05:15

I read about this on the weekend - I think they were trying to time the announcement with her recent fight.

Miesha Taint is such a great parody porn name. lol

I'm sure this film will do very well. Everyone wants Ronda.

If anyone's looking for a similar style porn vid (ie women's boxing, decent plot lines, big-name porn stars), check out 'Fighters' by Digital Playground. It's quite good.

Topic Traveling with "Toys"
Posted 05 Aug 2015 06:16

I randomly looked this up today... there are lots of tips, youtube seminars etc on how to fly with sex toys. I learned some interesting things - namely that it's best to travel with toys less than 7inches and that in some countries, sex toys are illegal.

Jill Filipovic was on an international flight from Newark, NJ to Dublin, Ireland, and upon arrival found in her checked bag a printed advisory from the TSA stating that her bag had been opened and inspected by the TSA. In the margin of the note, a TSA screener added an extra message saying "Get your freak on girl."

Tips for traveling with sex toys

There are a number of common sense things that you can do to protect your sex toys and to limit the likelihood that the TSA will cause you any embarrassment or excessive delays:

1. Tell the truth: If a TSA screener asks you what is in your baggage just say what it is.

2. Remove batteries: This suggestion applies to any battery-powered item in your baggage that won't be used in flight.

3. Put your items in separate clear plastic bags: Keeping items in Ziploc type bags keeps them from being contaminated by handling by TSA screeners.

4. Don't pack banned items: Most sharp items, and liquid filled or gel filled items are typically banned from carry on baggage, but can be packed in checked luggage.

Size does matter. Remember that the TSA restricts hand tools longer than 7 inches in length in carry-on baggage, so if you a have a longer toy, it might fall into the category of “baton-like” or “club-like” items that have to be checked. TSA sometimes confiscates items from checked luggage when they cannot tell what they are, so if you think your toy is ambiguous, consider attaching a note.

Definitely okay to carry-on

- Vibrators, dildos, toys shorter than 7 inches
- Lubes/potions in 3 oz or less containers
- Handcuffs
- Strap-on harnesses or other gear made of leather, fabric, buckles
- Rope

Gray Areas: might be a good idea to check it

- Toys longer than 7 inches, especially ones made of hard or heavy materials
- Whips: the TSA specifies that “riding whips” and “riding crops” are okay to carry-on, but “whips” and “bullwhips” are martial arts/self-defense equipment that must be checked.
- Paddles: the TSA specifies that ping-pong paddles are okay to carry-on, so paddles of about that size should be, too.
- E-stim: TENS units for pain treatment are okay to carry-on, so our guess is that e-stim units will be treated the same way.

Must check it:

- Objects with sharp edges or points.
- Objects that are similar in size/shape/weight to clubs, bats, or batons.

Remember, finally, that if you’re headed out of the United States, it’s a good idea to do some research on the laws and culture of the particular country where you are traveling, as some countries have more restrictive laws about sex toys. (A partial list of countries where sex toys are illegal: India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates) . Also remember to keep the US embassy’s phone number on your at all times, just in case.

How to Fly with a Sex Toy Under TSA Rules

Topic $100 Prize: Moderator of the Month for July
Posted 04 Aug 2015 10:57

Big congrats, Evie! Hope you splurge on something fun and enjoy your prize! :)

Topic Traveling with "Toys"
Posted 04 Aug 2015 05:10

I traveled with several of mine in a carry-on once when going to visit someone. I just kept them in their regular discreet pouches (that they came with) and then put them into a larger sleeper bag from one of my purses. I tucked the the whole thing between my clothes as if it was just another item I was packing.

I also decanted some toy cleaner into a mini perfume bottle and put it into my clear plastic bag that I would show for allotted quantity of liquids.

I didn't have any issues, however my flight was domestic and it was on a smaller airline used to hop cities.

If they do search your bag, just own it and shrug it off. They see all kinds of things. I'm sure they'll understand by the shape of the objects through the scanner that it might be 'toys' and if they go through your bag, I'm sure they'll be discreet as well and won't be pulling stuff out and waving it around the airport.

Topic *Happy Birthday Naughty Nurse/Dirty_ Di/WHATEVER SHE'S CALLING HERSELF ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!*
Posted 03 Aug 2015 09:49


Happy Birthday, Dianna! Hope it's a fun one! :)
Miss you... xx

Topic Paws for Thought
Posted 31 Jul 2015 14:01

Agreed. I'm all for the hunter becoming the hunted in this case.

Topic Body Painting
Posted 31 Jul 2015 13:54

On last nights segment the final part was in florescent's. These guys and gals are terrrific.

The other night on Ink Master, they used UV body paint on people to make the human form disappear. It was also very cool.

Topic Body Painting
Posted 31 Jul 2015 07:47

I'm just going to imagine it was finger paints. For reasons I will not disclose.

I actually want to try glow-in-the-dark paint sometime.

It looks like fun.

Of course, I've had my face painted on many occasions, but so have most girls. Organic-style probably doesn't count.

Topic Would you let your hubby or bf have sex with another girl if he demands or asks?
Posted 31 Jul 2015 07:27

Maybe. I have before. Depends on the situation.

The 'demand' bit would be a hard no, though.

Topic Body Painting
Posted 31 Jul 2015 07:18

Air brush or finger paints? I need to know this...

haha. Airbrush.

Topic Pillow talk
Posted 31 Jul 2015 07:15

Not really, unless it naturally evolves that way (ie. there's something to talk about). I'm not into filler 'small talk' or chatting about feelings/relationships though - that would be a turn-off.

Topic Body Painting
Posted 31 Jul 2015 07:07

I've been professionally painted once for an event (as a tiger). It was fun, although crazy messy during paint-removal.

Topic Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted 30 Jul 2015 14:29

I like revenge... I've written revenge on more than one occasion. :)

I would say no to 'historical' - only because I think it's a super niche category.

The collab one might be an interesting idea but honestly - I wonder how many casual surfers would click on that category or care much because it doesn't really tell them anything about the actual content. You can actually end up with fewer views depending on the category you choose - going too obscure doesn't always work favourably.

Topic what kind of body turns you on!
Posted 30 Jul 2015 14:18

I like fit and athletic with some muscle definition, abs, a nice chest. Nothing too juiced though - i'm not really into the oversized traps and excessive bulk.

Topic Going topless in Canada it's Legal, but would you?
Posted 30 Jul 2015 11:30

Thanks for commenting on my forum topic, what is interesting to me is the effort of removing the stigma of going topless, if man can do it, women should have equal rights. Well that's the premise, is it valid change for the better, or a moral misstep?

It's definitely not a moral misstep. Everyone should have the right. Whether someone wants to take advantage of it is up to personal choice, but it's only fair to have equal options available.

Topic Going topless in Canada it's Legal, but would you?
Posted 30 Jul 2015 06:21

I had a friend who did it sometimes to prove a point back when we were in university, but it's far from the norm. I'm definitely not comfortable going topless walking around in the city or in 'non-topless' environments (ie. not the beach). Quite honestly, although it's technically legal, I don't ever see people doing it outside of things like the Pride Parade, or occasionally some will go body-painted at sporting events or outdoor concerts. I have been bodypainted before in public (for a charity event), but for me - I still have to feel like the event/venue is 'appropriate'.

Topic An end to online affairs?
Posted 21 Jul 2015 04:59

Me too. It's the perfect blackmailing tool.

'Becoming the Hacker's Whore'.... someone needs to write it.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Money Talks" Story Competition
Posted 20 Jul 2015 13:12

I've only been able to read a handful of stories for this comp so far, but my top three favourites won, so I'm thrilled to see that.

Champagne pops to Liz for taking top spot with the hot tease and tension in Miami Heat! And huge applause goes to Jack's visceral and moody Belgard as well as Buz's twisted and entertaining One Thousand Dollar Revenge.

Congrats, as well, to those who made top ten and everyone that entered!