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Topic Write what you know VS Experimentation and the great unknown?
Posted 06 Jul 2015 05:24

It's ok, we all know that Ashleigh's a boy's name

This is the excuse I'm going to use the next time I try to sneak into the guy's locker room at the gym.

Topic Happy Independence Day USA!
Posted 05 Jul 2015 17:41

Happy Belated Fourth! Hope everyone had a good one! x

Topic What snacks and drinks do you sneak into the movie theater?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 17:06

I take in wine or vodka soda in a Starbucks cup (I save a few cups for this purpose). And I like licorice. That's usually about it.

On very rare occasion I get stoned beforehand (for a stoned-appropriate movie) and then I want the buttery popcorn.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 16:51

I know many people seem to have an issue with the size of their forum signature. As of now, it only says no more than ten lines. Okay, that's cool, but it doesn't help if you're using a photo as your signature. How do you know when you've reached the "ten line" rule. It should say in the area where it says ten lines, what size height and width are acceptable, so it's there for anyone to see and not be confused when making their signatures, as some put a lot of time and effort into making nice ones and don't want them deleted, or to get in trouble. Could it be possible for this feature to be added?

I think it would be helpful to have it specified there (instead of ten lines), I agree.

In the meantime, if anyone needs help with correct sizing for a forum signature, here is the Lush Guide with all the specs:

Topic Games/Drinking games for girl's night
Posted 05 Jul 2015 14:53

Here are some ideas for the 'I have never' game - I kept them light and not too risque.

I have never had sex with two people on the same day.
I have never kissed a girl.
I have never had sex in a public place.
I have never had sex on the first date.
I have never had a one night stand.
I have never flashed someone.
I have never made my own sex toy from household objects or food items.
I have never had cybersex.
I have never had phone sex.
I have never sexted nude pics of myself to someone.
I have never been good at dirty talk.
I have never had someone's hands up my skirt in a bar/club.
I have never given my used panties to a guy as a souvenir.
I have never done a striptease.
I have never gone skinny-dipping.
I have never thought of another man while having sex with my boyfriend/husband.
I have never fantasized about being with a girl.
I have never fantasized about one of my boyfriend/husband's male friends.
I have never been to a strip club / I have never gotten a lap dance.
I have never faked an orgasm.
I have never had a fuckbuddy.

Topic What's the weather like where you are?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 14:35

Sunny and balmy with lazy clouds.

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 14:33

It's so stupid to lie about that. In fact, it's better to say you're smaller than you are. That's why I say I'm only 10 inches. I like to create shock and awe when I unleash the baker's dozen I have hidden away. Always better to surprise rather than disappoint.

Or just go commando and let your sweatpants do the talking! :)

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 13:51

So 4 inch heels are more likely to only add 2-3 inches to your actual height (unless you're wearing legit platforms). If you're wearing 4 inch stilettos and are standing eye-to-eye with a guy, chances are he's closer to 5'7"-5'8" than to 5'9"-5'10" (I remember reading that you're 5'5" in another of your recent posts). Hence why a few 5'7"-5'8" guys could also claim to be 5'9"-5'10" (or men in general can exaggerate their height a little without women noticing); most women wearing heels aren't as tall as they think they are.

So these men are even shorter then... bastards! :p

Actually most heels these days have a hidden platform so they're probably a little closer to the technical heel height.

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 12:24

I'd be curious to test you both to see how accurate you are at guesstimating guys' heights. As Dancing_Doll said, many guys in the 5'10" range tend to round up to 6'0"; and in my own experience, many guys just below average (around 5'7") also round up to the average height of 5'9". It can be hard to tell exactly what 5'9" or 6'0" (or any other height) looks like when so many men lie about their height; pretty much like it is for the size of dicks in fact.

It may depend on how tall the girl is to start with.

If I wear 4 or 5 inch heels, it puts me at around 5'9 to 5'10 - which is the height where guys start to exaggerate. So if I'm in heels and standing eye-to-eye with a guy that's claiming he's 6 feet tall - I know he's lying.

If it was a 5'1" girl in heels, she may be more likely to believe his claims because regardless of heels, she's always going to be shorter than the guy in question. It might be harder to guesstimate.

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 10:52

That is so true. I am 5' 10" and have overheard my friends tell women they are 6 feet when I know we are the same height. I figure they think that to a 5'3'' chick anything over 5'8" seems tall. It's really funny. One of the funniest things ever is listening to a dude's rap, who you know well, when he's trying to get with a chick. Bullshitting about height is just the tip of the iceberg.

Like when a guy's dick is 7 inches, they tend to round themselves up to 9 inches... it's like as long as they know it's technically bigger than average, they figure nobody will be able to tell the difference anyway.

The height thing is annoying though because girls are pretty exacting about their own height and are aware of precisely how tall they will appear in various inches of heels and platform shoes, so we kinda know what 6 feet looks like. We're usually polite enough not to call the guy out on it... well, most of the time, anyway.

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 09:57

I don't - my height is pretty average though.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of guys who are 5'10 and up tend to round themselves up to 6 feet.

Topic Skincare 101
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:59

I knew it. whenever you feel dirty, you think of me.

serious note, i think this would smell good on you - it's bubble gummy, kind of :)

Oh - I love bubblegum and candy smells... I'm down!

And yeah.. my shower has always been a bit of a daydreaming bubble for me. No doubt that sudsing up with Rachel, the Lush Snow Fairy, would be fun. ;)

Topic Write what you know VS Experimentation and the great unknown?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:54

My default is to write what I know (people, places, experiences, psychological motivations), but I have tackled things outside my comfort zone on occasion. I've written from the male POV a few times, and I feel like that requires getting into a different kind of zone. When I'm writing about people, places or things that I don't have experience with, I do some research beforehand. Yay for Google.

Topic Skincare 101
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:41

Snow Fairy. It's seasonal, so i stock up every winter so i have it for year around. Lush has always had a place in our shower. It's not super high end, but it is one of my favs.

I'm buying this next x-mas so that I can smell like Sprite.

And think of her in the shower. drunken

Topic Total stranger and a blindfold
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:35

Fantasized, yes. Done it in real life - no. It's hard to pull off unless it involves some kind of sex party/club. And unless someone has pre-arranged it for you (in your favour), god knows who could end up fucking you. It's great in a fantasy but in real life, I'd rather be able to see and choose.

Topic Do you ever fantasize about the size of a man's cock
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:29

I've only been genuinely disappointed once.

Topic How easy are you?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 08:28

Compared to my friends? No.

Topic Make up...why?
Posted 04 Jul 2015 06:22

That's crazy.

And this isn't even one of those drastic, you don't even look like the same person, makeup transformations.

Wasn't even a marked difference between her face with/without makeup. People can be so damn cruel.

That video is averaging over a million views a day. I found it both heartbreaking and inspiring to watch.

A woman criticized for her problem skin tries to make it better with make-up and then is criticized for wearing too much make-up (with some typical anti-female bashing thrown in). Social media can be a cruel place for people willing to put themselves out there. It's telling as well that even in the remarks on youtube for that video, you have some assholes being assholes and insisting that make-up is 'false advertising' and blaming her - yet again.

I wasn't aware of her as beauty blogger before, but her site is really nice ( ) and I think she's a great role model for girls and women dealing with acne who can still put their best face forward with great makeup looks. She really is a beautiful girl.

Topic Make up...why?
Posted 03 Jul 2015 06:27

A you-tuber makes a no-makeup video in response to her 100,000th comment.

It's a powerful video, well worth watching. It's almost at 3 million views in the three days it's been up.

Topic Accessorize me, baby!
Posted 02 Jul 2015 09:04

I swooned hard for the Balenciaga Mesh Arena Classic earlier this spring.

Topic WIN $100 First Prize in our "Get Creative" Competition
Posted 01 Jul 2015 09:33

Fuck, those are two incredibly sexy girls... I need to borrow your collection some time.

Right? I need access to this porn collection too. I'm clearly missing out. :p

Congrats on the win, SP! Very well deserved! 3601

Topic The Winner of our Attention Whore Competition for June is...
Posted 01 Jul 2015 09:30

Congrats, Chica! Very nicely played!

And cheers to Mysteria and Annie for rounding out the top three, as well as all the awesome attention whores who made an effort this month!

Topic Moderator of the Month for June
Posted 01 Jul 2015 09:27

Yay! Nicely done, Katie! Congrats! 3601

Topic WIN $100 First Prize in our "Get Creative" Competition
Posted 30 Jun 2015 05:27

Hope you enjoy...

(Note: available in HD)

Bam! You killed it, SP. I knew you would. That was FANTASTIC!

Ok, going back to watch it for a third time now. Embarassed

Seriously - congrats! :)

Topic What is your prefer Height for your partner and what is your Height?... why
Posted 26 Jun 2015 13:24

I'm 5'5 and I'll do 5'9 and up. If I had to choose an 'ideal' height, I guess I prefer a guy around 6 feet or a little taller. I do like a bit of a height difference - it's not overly important to me though.

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 26 Jun 2015 13:15

I hit it three times! And I didn't even show my titties! <-- saving this trick for the half a million milestone race. :)

Topic Pizza: Settle a disagreement!
Posted 26 Jun 2015 13:00

It looked great until I saw the edges... I hate when the bottom is burnt. If somehow this one escaped with just blackened edges, then it would be ok (especially if it's thin crust)... otherwise, I'd send it back. I prefer no pepperoni though... as someone else said, Margherita all the way. Actually I've been making some Margherita pizzas this summer myself! <--- miracle in the kitchen!

Topic *JAYNE33 and LIZ share A BIRTHDAY on Sun June 21st...*
Posted 19 Jun 2015 17:33

Clearly, it was a pretty great day to be born!

Happy Birthday to Liz and Jayne! Pop the champagne and eat cake - time to celebrate! occasion7

Topic Epilators?
Posted 13 Jun 2015 08:31

Just a word of advice to the guys, don't let your wife or girlfriend or both, talk you into using Nair on your testicles. I don't care if it does say Nair for Men, don't do it.

Topic Happy Birthday Gav!
Posted 13 Jun 2015 08:21

Happy Birthday, Gav! Hope you have a fantastic day! occasion7