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Topic have any of you seen this?
Posted 02 Feb 2012 14:17

Here you go! thumbup

Topic Dog vs Baby
Posted 02 Feb 2012 14:12

Which one do you save? The dog or the baby?"

Whichever is nearest the exit. You aren't going to bypass one stranded living thing in favour of the other. Human nature will be to save whichever you come across first. The one whose eyes meet yours first, begging and pleading for help.

In this way, you can chalk it up to whatever is meant to be, will be. Fate is great consolation during the "would have, could have, should have" phase.

If it was my dog, however, as LB said, I would be moving through the flames until I found him.

Topic Happy Birthday to Dancing_Doll!!!!
Posted 02 Feb 2012 13:31

Ash, your birthday is on Groundhog Day!!! Does that mean you'll be celebrating over and over and over again?????

Everyday feels like a celebration of Dancing_Doll! icon_biggrin

Which of course, is just as it should be... stirthepot

Topic To protect the one you love
Posted 02 Feb 2012 12:00

I said it!!! Come on, give me my props! A significant other would be a loved one.

Sorry, I got distracted by the "I'd have no problem taking her down if she was a threat to my kids" bit. evil4

Just kidding LM... I know you'd be a protective one to the entire core family. :)

Topic To protect the one you love
Posted 02 Feb 2012 11:48

lol... I love how nobody in this thread has mentioned taking a bullet for their significant other yet. geek

Protecting one's children/offspring is definitely an innate and biological trait in most people (well, other than the Casey Anthony types).

I'd do whatever was necessary to protect a loved one (could be a child, a dog, a parent, an S.O.)... anyone in my inner circle of mutual and reciprocal love and devotion. If the pain of losing them is something that would override my desire to live without them, then there's nothing I wouldn't do if I had the opportunity to save them.

Topic Girls, what is your favorite cock size?
Posted 02 Feb 2012 10:03

It's not magic at all really... All it takes is one look at this trixie, seriously. guuuuys... *cute giggles*. I love all this bonding over dick size. It's like the Lush version of old-fashioned romance. love7

Topic Happy Birthday to Dancing_Doll!!!!
Posted 02 Feb 2012 08:40

Thank you beautiful and talented Lushies for all the sweet words and wonderful wishes! XO

Topic Ladies, Tributes hot or not??
Posted 01 Feb 2012 17:02

I really appreciate it when the guy can sign his name with his cum. Then I will always remember him

Mmm... that's my favourite kind of autograph.

Topic Girls, what is your favorite cock size?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 10:46

big or small ? Medium rare

Cute or manly ? Metrosexual cock is the best of both worlds.

Cut or uncut ? - Cut! (and if not, I hear you can order a Do-It-Yourself kit online).

Topic Which country would handle better a Zombie invasion?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 09:53

I can't say we're stockpiling our military resources

Trust me, I know important people on the 'inside'. North Korea and Iran ain't got nothing in Canada. It's all a big smokescreen. We know how to hide our weapons by playing up the guise of being innocent peacekeepers until the big moment when the first Zombie appears. Of course, the first line Canadian infantry will try to point the Zombies south towards our friendly neighbours where the eaten' is better and all the people taste like bacon. geek

Topic Announcing our $100 February "Attention Whore" Competition
Posted 01 Feb 2012 09:42

oh, and i just wanted to point out that Dancing Doll's birthday is this month - typical! LOL love7 occasion7

It just means that I have to lay around in my birthday suit a lot this month... in front of a webcam or mirror while using a camera-phone.

Also, for the month of February only, I will be giving away my sexiest panties at the end of the month to the Lushie that has commented the most on my stories...and don't forget - you can comment on stories as many times as you'd like - I suggest daily comments to keep your bases covered. thumbup

Topic Which country would handle better a Zombie invasion?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 09:35

Dancing Doll - it sounds like you're talking about Canada - eh? Low population densities, vast areas of wilderness, etc. lol

It's a well known fact that Canada will save the world one day. thumbup

While all the other countries have been whittling down their armies and military arsenal with meaningless wars, Canada has been stockpiling, training and saving up for the only one that really matters: the Zombie Invasion.

Yep, we're covered. :)

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 01 Feb 2012 09:26

Topic Which country would handle better a Zombie invasion?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 09:16

The countries that would survive would probably be ones with low population densities (ie. less population = less zombies), and vast areas of wilderness where you can camp out, subsist on the land (food/water/shelter), easily see the enemy coming and hide out until scientists from the smarter countries come up with a cure in the depths of their zombie-bunker.

Countries where civilians are already well-armed with guns may seem ideal, but mayhem and pandemics also make circumstances ripe for looting/shooting and lawlessness in densely populated cities. You end up worrying about your fellow man, not just the zombies (although metaphorically they are one and the same).

PS. love that show... can't wait for it to start up again.

Topic Happy Birthday to Dancing_Doll!!!!
Posted 01 Feb 2012 08:41

one of the first friends i made here, and one of the best
Not that i'm saying that you're better then the rest
that said, you're amazing and funny and smart
and sweeter then honey, and you've got a great heart
your stories are brilliant and no one can compare
i don't know what we'd do if you weren't here
so please understand that i say this with love
i hope for your birthday you get someone to shove
a huge cock up your ass and talk dirty to you
and buy you a new vibrator or two!


ps - personally, i celebrate your existence every day! thank you for brightening up mine!

Miss Kitty, you are adorable ! Thank you for that! drunken

The day has been been happily spoiling me. So far ... I've gotten an elaborate and extensive new lingerie and sex costume wardrobe with a few new 'accessories' too! Lucky me, I'm feeling very Kinky Barbie in the funhouse of sex-play. Nudity is soooo overrated... as with birthday presents, it's always more fun to tear the wrappings off first. Oh and PS, I can almost guarantee there will be something in my ass later tonight. lol

Note: If I get enough profile views today, I might even post some dirty pictures tomorrow... *ahem*...

Topic Impulsively asking u out ...yes or no?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 08:04

Depends what he looked like to be honest!

Exactly! thumbup

Topic Drug company blunders - who is ultimately responsible?
Posted 01 Feb 2012 07:15

So.... who is responsible for this colossal fuck-up by the drug company that is now recalling 1 million packs of birth control because they screwed up? If you get pregnant accidentally because of an error by the company who makes them, should you have any kind of legal recourse, or is this one of those "well, everyone knows no birth control is 100% effective and you're ultimately responsible for the risks you take."

This kind of scenario can be extrapolated to other cautionary scenarios, especially involving drug companies that claimed certain drugs were safe, but were later found out to be not, but I thought the concept of "who is ultimately responsible" might be an interesting discussion point.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Pfizer Inc. is recalling 1 million packets of birth control pills because of a packaging error that could leave women with an inadequate dose of the hormone-based drugs and raise the risk that they will get pregnant accidentally.

Pfizer found that some packets of the drugs had too many active tablets, while others had too few. Oral birth control products use a series of 21 drug tablets and 7 inactive sugar tablets to regulate the menstrual period while providing contraception.
A company spokeswoman said the problem was caused by both mechanical and visual inspection failures on the packaging line. She said the problem has been corrected.

Pfizer issued a statement saying the problem was identified and corrected immediately. The recall is not related to safety but does raise the risk of unintended pregnancy. Patients with the affected lot numbers should return them to the pharmacy.

Topic Happy Birthday to Dancing_Doll!!!!
Posted 01 Feb 2012 06:59

LOL... I wonder what it says about me that I already have all the vibrators listed on this page so far! laughing8

Loving the birthday wishes... thanks for the love... Oh, and thanks for putting me with me too! glasses8

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 31 Jan 2012 20:53

Lana Del Rey - Without You

I've been listening to it all day... best song I've heard in a long while. Yay, iTunes. :)

Topic How to get my wife to orgasm more/quicker
Posted 31 Jan 2012 12:01

A VP job? Id just love to work in R+D, HAHA!! A few months ago, I was watching this show on late night Cinemax called Chemistry. In one of the episodes, one of the characters has a meeting with the CFO of Lelo. She had all the toys spread out on a table. Too funny!!

Stop teasing me! laughing8

Topic How to get my wife to orgasm more/quicker
Posted 31 Jan 2012 05:53

How's your commission working out DD?

I LOVE my Lelo - so glad you recommended them!!

I keep waiting for them to start up a Canadian office so I can apply for a cushy VP job and walk among my own kind... evil4

Topic How to get my wife to orgasm more/quicker
Posted 31 Jan 2012 05:36

Maybe try using a clit-vibrator on her during sex. For example, use a small vibe that cups in your hand, you're in doggy position and then reach around with the vibe to use on her during penetration. That should speed things along... rather quickly.

There are toys designed specifically for couples play during sex: You can try a We-Vibe or something like the Lelo Lily (and there are many other version of the same kind of vibe, I'm sure).

** And yes, everyone, I know I'm recommending Lelo... yet again. LOL and no I don't make commission... it's just the toy line I'm most familiar with and feel confident recommending because I have a lot of them. I find the noise associated with a lot of vibes a bit of a turn off and these are verrry quiet. geek

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 31 Jan 2012 05:06

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 31 Jan 2012 05:02

Topic Dreamscapes - turn your dream into an interactive visual experience
Posted 30 Jan 2012 16:12

Dreamlines is a non-linear, interactive visual experience. The user enters one or more words that define the subject of a dream he would like to dream.
I've gone through a few different versions with different keywords, and it's quite amazing... even the complex ones. Very trippy!

Topic Regret?
Posted 30 Jan 2012 13:57

Have you ever met someone on Lush that made you really regret answering them? Like those who are a bit more to deal with than you want? Experiences? Am I just crazy?

Only one but that was way back when I first joined the site and was being too nice to people. lol He tried to seek revenge when I had to abruptly cut off a first-time online-chat. He took this as being rude but was actually a real life interruption that I didn't have time to explain. Anyway his subsequent actions got him banned so all ended well.

Admittedly I really don't chat much, and it takes a while for me to build trust where I'm open to regular/ongoing communication on this site. I'm a guarded person in general based on life experiences and the fact that this is the internet.

Other than that one blip, I have actually never had to use the block-feature on this site before, and because I'm careful with who I get to know and let into my life, I have zero regrets. Everything has been very positive so far!

Topic Responding to messages?
Posted 30 Jan 2012 12:45

How would you respond to this if it comes from someone you have never had any contact with, and then it was followed with a friend request?

hey!!! how are you sexy??? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
have you had sex in these days? with who?
how long is the biggest you have ever tried? and the smallest cock??
do you want to see my cock?
do you like anal sex?
what do you want to know about me?? make me many questions...

Because I get them all the time as I am sure many other women do too.
Not the best way to get me to want to chat with you but at east this one didnt ask for any naked pics, they usually do.

LOL... I got the exact same PM today too. evil4

Topic The worst thing a guy has done on a date with u?
Posted 30 Jan 2012 12:43

I guess my worst first date was with this guy who showed up with 3 dozen yellow roses for a casual drinks-date at a local pub/bar. He then proceeded to tell me about how he was a private investigator on the side and could find out anything about anyone and how he had all these nefarious contacts. It creeped me out a bit (something was off), so the date ended just after two drinks (still daylight outside) and I left the roses on an anonymous person's doorstep on my way home because I didn't want the association. Then, after telling him (during the next phone convo) that I wasn't interested in anything serious, he said ok, he understood. Then two weeks later, he hacked my email account, started sending me threatening/harassing messages under another name, stalking me, and as this went over a six month period, he sent an email that he was going to kill himself if he couldn't have a relationship with me. That weekend, he just randomly disappeared (after six months of intense stalking). I assume he 'offed' himself, but I never really found out. Anyway, at least the stalking stopped. thumbup

Topic I love meat!
Posted 29 Jan 2012 15:48

I've never been much of a meat-eater. Even as a kid I was really picky with it.
I'm also pro-PETA... and I was traumatized with high-school dissection of the fetal pig.
I spent my teens being vegan, but now I will eat a bit of chicken and mainly seafood. I will have red meat verrry sparingly.
These days the meat industry is pretty much a toxic cesspool with hormones and unhealthy animals living in unsanitary conditions.
I don't care if other people eat it though and it doesn't bother me to watch someone eat a steak... it's everyone's personal choice what they want to put into their bodies. For me, the chilli lime basil tofu from Whole Foods is one of my favourite meals ever. My system feels a lot better on a low-meat diet.

And the pics... as someone else pointed out. Yes, it's a big difference from a random no-makeup shot with the vegan-woman's hair pulled back vs. a photo of Nigella with full hair/make-up at a media event - also taken when she was younger in my opinion. I've seen recent candid shots of her, and she looks very much like a normal woman her age... beautiful (because of her great genetics), but not like she's discovered the fountain of youth at the local BBQ pit.

Sorry to mess up your thread ChefK. lol.

Carry on with the lip-smacking and the carcass roasting, everyone... laughing8

Topic My current girlfreind and her so called True love
Posted 29 Jan 2012 11:12

Dump her.

She does not love you, she loves someone else. If she loved you, she would never be saying any of these things... trust me.

You were probably more of a rebound/security-blanket type relationship to make her feel better after the guy chucked her, but now she realizes she wants more.

Do not counsel her on her broken heart. That is not your job.

Good luck... thumbup