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Topic Have you ever had your heart broken but still needed them?
Posted 15 Feb 2012 12:49


I've had my heart broken and even gone for a second round with an ex, but those were cases where my heart was broken because I was sad that the relationship had ended, not because he had "crushed" me or "stomped on my heart".

I have some ego and a lot of pride. For me, it all comes down to respect. I get that people make mistakes in relationships but when someone truly maliciously disrespects me in a relationship, I'm done. There's just a certain threshold that shuts down all interest for me, and it happens very quickly when it does... just like a light-switch (even when it comes to a long-term relationship).

I cannot hold any love/hope/desire for someone that I don't feel has respected me or the relationship we had. You can break up with people (we all do), but if you fuck it up and needlessly hurt someone just because you're an immature douchebag, then it makes it very easy to get over them, in my opinion. Once it's done, it's done. I don't look back or have any wistful feelings of 'what if...' It's instant closure for me.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 15 Feb 2012 07:52

Topic Happy Birthday to Callisto
Posted 15 Feb 2012 07:19

occasion6 occasion7 occasion7 occasion6

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!
I hope you celebrate in style and have a wonderful (and kinky!) year ahead!
Ashleigh XO

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 14 Feb 2012 07:27

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 14 Feb 2012 06:48

Topic how long should a guy last in bed
Posted 14 Feb 2012 06:16

Offhand, I'm thinking that you probably need to use more lube... that might be why she's uncomfortable after a while.

I think the important thing though is to ask or figure out why she's getting sore... is she too dry? (you needs more lube). Do you have a bigger dick and are maybe pounding her cervix too hard so she ends up sore? (you need to modify the positions you use for sex). Or is there something else going on? (might be a medical issue).

Communicate... ask... and then go from there.

If you're just doing straight-fucking for an hour, then maybe you need to vary it up more... ie. fucking in different positions with breaks in between including things like oral, foreplay, fingers, kissing, sex-toys, 69, massage, and fun stuff like edible oils/candlewax/popsicles/cream etc. I like a guy that lasts a long time, but the whole sexual experience isn't just about duration of intercourse... you'll want to mix it up, and maybe give her a few breaks as you go so it's not high-impact intensity fucking the entire time.

But yeah... she should be placing importance on getting you off as well whether that ends with a blowjob or even a handjob if she's too sore from intercourse. If she ends up just saying "I'm sore" and just abruptly wants you to stop and you have to finish off by yourself while she falls asleep, then that's not cool.

Topic I know this sounds really dumb but... (about Valentine's Day)
Posted 13 Feb 2012 12:03

if it helps, i'm in a relationship and i hate VD (Valentine's day). it has some really ugly memories attached to it. Not only will i not be talking about it, but i'll be actively bitter and curl my nose up in disgust about the whole affair. in fact, please don't bombard me with VD notes or spam my wall about it or even remind me about it on tuesday, cause you're likely to get a response you're not expecting.

Oh, and i'm serious. this little rant is not just for amusement, i f'ing hate Feb 14th.


+1 on all counts of this post. It will always be a black-hole on my calendar.

Topic Do you think having a girl and a boy could save a sinking marriage?
Posted 13 Feb 2012 10:40

I don't think the gender of the kids matters - adding kids to a messed up marriage is always a bad call.

I get where you are coming from with certain cultures though. Some cultures still put high value on having a boy child, so maybe if they are unable to, or keep having girls, it puts a strain on the relationship. Not saying this is the way marriage should ever work, but the pressure is still there in many cultures/countries.

I do know a guy (the successful yuppie type) who said the only reason he got married at all was to procreate. He said he would have remained a single bachelor if he wasn't planning on having kids. When his wife had major fertility issues, he was seriously considering bailing on the marriage because of that. He just saw marriage as the necessary means to getting to have kids. When she was finally able to conceive after a long struggle, in a way I guess it did *technically* save their sinking marriage... Well for now, anyway. lol

Topic What is you views on having a fwb or fuck buddy?
Posted 13 Feb 2012 07:08

Actually I find that men are the ones that end up emotionally involved and wanting more in a FB or FWB situation.

In these scenarios there are usually specific reasons why I would never go for a full-blown relationship with a FB and no matter how great the sex might be, it doesn't really change my feelings on it.

On the other hand, I've had FB's get jealous and territorial about me and start to complicate a good thing.

Topic Sex toys
Posted 12 Feb 2012 16:08

Reminds me of something Bam-Bam on the Flintstones would carry.

LOL... omg, yes! This is exactly the perfect description for it! Like you could seriously bludgeon an intruder with it if you had to use it for self-defence.

Topic Sex toys
Posted 12 Feb 2012 13:00

I have a hitachi magic wand and it is pure magic!!!!!!!!!!! Use it on my partners too and they love it. I dont have a Wi-vibe but would like one!

I have had the Hitachi demo'd for me on soooo many occasions at the Toy Store, but I always end up buying something else. I really *want* to like it, but I just can't commit.

I have a few friends that rave about it, but it just seems so heavy and bulky. I'm amazed at how popular it remains in porn though. It must give an intense full-body rumble compared to a finely tuned instrument like a Lelo vibrator.

I can't imagine with Hitachi and Lelo Soraya sitting in front of me that I would ever be opting for the plug-in wand.. but hey, maybe you have to really try it to appreciate "the magic"... dontknow

Topic do you actually like to cyber
Posted 12 Feb 2012 12:48

I am 100% sure that I would not enjoy it without a real connection with the person. I'm sure I could fake it if I had to, but I'd probably be painting my nails at the same time or watching TV in the background. I often wonder if a lot of people are doing the same thing when they cyber with random/faceless people that start up convos like, "hey, Im horny, wan 2 cht." Like I assume someone out there is actually saying yes to those offers at some point, right?

There's only been one person I've had a real connection with here and cyber-soaked my panties for, but we've long since taken things beyond Lush, so I definitely don't come here for the cyber. Like Sprite said though, it can be damn hot when you're in synch.

In general though, in terms of fantasy-spinning and hot-chats, I find phone/cam more intense and fun than online-cyber if you're long-distance.

Topic ok i just need help here..what do u guys and girls do with the gift ur ex gave u after you'll br
Posted 12 Feb 2012 12:19

I still wear/use a lot of my gifts from exes. Sometimes I'll think "oh yeah, I remember when he bought me this ring etc." when I first look at it, but if I like the ring, I'm still going to wear it. I also still have my pink Burberry teddybear that an ex gave me sitting on a bedroom shelf.

To me, these are just objects that I like...

If something has too strong an association then I just store it away or give it to a friend.

Strangely enough I actually feel more uncomfortable about using gifts from a guy whose heart I broke rather than the other way around. Might be related to residual guilt etc.

Topic Chasing a married or engaged woman
Posted 12 Feb 2012 07:11

Some guys will go for engaged or married women because they know she's probably looking for no-strings fun or a dirty fling, so it's a low-maintenance hook-up. As well, there is the kinky factor of fucking another man's fiance/wife which can be a turn-on.

Is it morally wrong? Technically, yeah.
I don't really fault the the single person though - it's up to the attached person to make intelligent decisions.

One of my best friends is married now and always wears her huge, sparkly diamond engagement ring and it does not slow down the guys that approach her at all. She doesn't try to hide it at all, but she does cheat on occasion - like girl's vacations, her personal trainer, or a random hot bar guy.

They all explicitly know she's married but don't care. Why should they care if she doesn't? Everyone knows it's just fun sex, so asking a guy to have the moral fortitude to consider the feelings of a dude they've never met while his girl is half-naked in their lap is asking a lot... especially when it's just going to be a random or occasional hook-up and both parties know this up front.

The reality is... some people will cheat, and some people will take advantage of this.
This isn't the 'popular answer' but it's the real one.

Topic Ragdoll versus MSL
Posted 11 Feb 2012 16:49

*Waiting patiently for men to start replying to this one.*

C'mon guys! lol

Personally, as a girl answering this Q, I don't like MSL unless I'm actually in-L or verging on it - it feels awkward otherwise.

If it's just hot, dirty, sweaty fun, then Ragdoll all the way!

Topic Pads or tampons?
Posted 11 Feb 2012 16:44

* Topic has been moved to Ask the Gals section.

To answer the OP, I'm a tampon girl and have been since I first started. I still can't imagine using the kind without the plastic applicator though...or the cardboard applicator ones. *cringe*

I prefer Tampax Pearl of all the brands.

Topic Coke versus Pepsi? The Grudge Match
Posted 11 Feb 2012 10:57


Topic Would you let your GF/Wife/Current partner bite u during intercourse?
Posted 11 Feb 2012 09:52

You have to know how to bite, without leaving a real mark - that goes for both guys and girls.

I love a little well-timed bite, both giving and receiving... nothing excessive though. I had one guy that used to bite me a lot... it was hot in the moment, but then I'd end up with marks and bruises for a week or two, which was always annoying in terms of trying to hide them later.

Topic Cock Size, What's Small?
Posted 10 Feb 2012 13:18

I am no size queen, but have been with a guy that had a cock about the size of an ob tampon. There is a lot to be said about it's not the size it's how they use it. But in this case, no pleasure was to be had with that one.

I agree Lola. I had a tampon-sized guy too, and trust me, there was nothing he could have done in the way of 'using it' that would have made much of a difference.. LOL ... I still remember that "oh no!" feeling when I first put my hand on it.

I do think some guys are too small, but they are few and far between and I think it just depends on how important that feeling of 'fullness' is to a woman's sexual pleasure. Some need it, and others are fine to get off more on oral-sex or the overall pleasure of being with that lover in particular.

I've never told a guy he was too small, but I did think it with the tampon-guy, but that was a vacation-fling so it didn't really matter as much to me at the time.

Topic orgasm
Posted 10 Feb 2012 13:10

Eyes rolling back in your head, eyelids fluttering, body writhing, toe-curling, semi-conscious state with a series of hot-electric explosions in your pelvic region where you almost disassociate from your body for a short time. In those moments you don't care what you look like, or what you sound like. It's just the pure momentum of the pleasure and muscle contractions and spasms in your pussy and the throbbing of your clit that you ride out until the sensations finally fade away.

Quite fun, actually. icon_biggrin

If you're unable to orgasm through hand masturbation, you might want to experiment with a tub faucet, a small/cheap handheld clit-stimulator like The Pocket Rocket, or even wearing a tight pair of jeans with a pillow between your legs, rubbing back and forth. You'll get there eventually... :)

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 13:01

Parenting isn't a one size fits all endeavor. And I don't disagree with you per se. But it would seem your repeated use of "non parents" is at least insinuating that I am a parent or that I have a"non parent" bias. What the real issue seems to be with MOST of the "non parents" have an issue with the use of the fire arm.

I know, it's weird, right? Usually having children and firearms go hand-in-hand.

I heard it's an updated chapter in Dr Spock's 2012, USA edition manual... Plus they've now added concealed weapon holsters to most diaper bags.

I'm sure the non-parents will get on board with it eventually. thumbup

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 12:08

If anything I find it ingenious and creative, and absolutely certain that the message was received and fairly certain that particular type of activity will not occur again.

Absolutely certain? Clearly this is the answer, then! I'm going to buy my gun. I am convinced now. It's a wonder that parents in countries where guns are illegal are able to get through to their kids at all.

You have several "non-parents" in this thread that are relatively young and saying it wouldn't have worked out well, had we been the kids involved.

Parenting isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavour.

Did he have good intentions? Yes. Did he choose the wrong method of discipline? Yes.

Can we be "fairly certain" the girl will have 'learned her lesson' and respect her parents going forward? Not by a long shot (pun intended).

I am of the philosophy that drawing a firearms for *any reason* associated with disciplining a child is wrong.

None of us "non parents" are saying she didn't deserve consequences or discipline. We are judging his choice of discipline as wrong. Why are we judging? Because that was the question asked!

Good parenting tips can be found in Buz's post in this thread. They raised him with intelligent parenting techniques that were creative in a positive way, instead of the "if you do me wrong, I'll shoot up your stuff" approach.

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 11:03

No one here is doubting that. People are merely stating their view from where they are - on the other side of this guy being some kind of online parenting 'hero'. I don't think anyone is claiming that he's 'violent' either. I think people, myself included, were just pointing out that his behaviour was, while amusing from an outsider's point of view, childish. And, to be frank, not good re example setting.

I'm sure due to the online fanfare and cheering, parents all around the country are loading up their guns and getting ready to do some target practice on their children's possessions the next time they mouth-off or step out of line.

I totally agree... setting him up as a "tough love" Parenting Hero will probably lead to some disasters to come that we'll all hear about in the news.

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 09:47

He could have easily had this same conversation with her privately, and just taken away her computer and stored it until everyone was in a calm/rational place again.

Blowing his fuse publicly where it's now become a viral youtube video, humiliating her in front of her peers and the world, and taking a loaded weapon and unloading it into a computer is far more immature than what she posted on her facebook wall. Kids these days are committing suicide over social humiliation that occurs over FB, twitter and myspace. As well, this is more like revenge instead of punishment.

This is his child ... not his peer.

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 09:04

You may be in the minority, but you're in good company.

That makes three of us.

I prefer the idea of setting a mature example of parenting, rather than reducing things to this level. Maybe next she gets a boyfriend to drive by and shoot the tires out on her Daddy's truck. Then what? Things can escalate fast... all over an immature facebook rant by a typical sulky teenager. Who is the adult here?

Topic is it too much? is there too much?
Posted 10 Feb 2012 07:22

HAHA!! She sold me on these panties too. I found a local dept store that has them and I am going tonight. What's another pair or five of panties anyhow, LOL!!

BTW, if they are as addictive as Lelo, Im in trouble!!

lol... the retail economy should thank me for posting on Lush... evil4

Let me know what you think of them, Nikki!

Incidentally - Victoria's Secret has tried to rip off the original Hanky Panky design with their own copycat line, but I find the quality to be sub-par. But you know when when Vic-Secret is copying it, Hanky's genuinely are something special. :)

Topic camel toe???
Posted 10 Feb 2012 06:48

To me, camel toe is like having a bad pantyline showing.

I can't speak for all women, but I'm pretty sure if you're seeing it, it's not intentional.

Topic is it too much? is there too much?
Posted 10 Feb 2012 06:44

OOOKKKKKAAAAAAYYYY....I'm gonna hang by a thread on this one. I saw the price for what DOLL put up....and discounted DOWN to 15.00 for a guesstimate average of what 84 panties might be. Do the happy math yourself...that's $1260.00!! O....M....G!!

But it's all relative. If you started tallying my shoe and handbag collection, you'd see that the amount paid for an entire collection of panties is a bargain! evil4

Topic have you or would you ever do ass to mouth like in the movies
Posted 10 Feb 2012 06:29

FYI. to avoid confusion about this term for future posters:

Ass to mouth is a colloquial term used in pornographic movies. It refers to the withdrawal of a man's penis from the receptive partner's anus followed by the immediate insertion of the penis into the receptive partner's or another partner's mouth.

It's not rimming.

Topic have you or would you ever do ass to mouth like in the movies
Posted 09 Feb 2012 20:51

haha... at first I thought this thread said, "would you ever do ass to mouth AT the movies"... I was like... oooh... that's pretty daring!


This all depends on the situation for me - so - not every time and not with every guy.

When I'm nicely prepped for anal fun ahead of time (douched and lubed) then yes, I enjoy it and will even ask for it if I'm in a dirty-girl mood (which anal tends to put me into anyway).