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Topic clothed or naked?
Posted 13 Jan 2012 11:53

I think people, especially women look much sexier wearing a little something than they do naked. But I have seen people that did not look that hot when dressed, probably because of their choice of clothing but then you see them naked or on the beach and you say"WOW, Who would have imagined he/she looked that hot!". And the same can be true in reverse too.

So true. Especially for a guy that may just appear lean while in a dress shirt, you don't get to appreciate the shredded muscle and washboard abs until it comes off.

Topic Unexpected message on facebook?
Posted 13 Jan 2012 10:30

I would think "aww, that's cute" and then I'd probably write him back a pleasant "hope you're doing well, happy new year etc." message and get back to my day.

Well... unless he was *hot*, however the types of guys that send these messages almost never are. evil4

Topic How long does it take you to write a story?
Posted 13 Jan 2012 10:06

It totally depends on time constraints. If I'm motivated and have free days over a weekend (or insomnia), I can finish a story in a couple of days, and then an extra day's evening hours for edits etc. I'd say that as long as I'm not procrastinating, the whole process usually averages around a week.

For me, the plotting is always the most intense part of the process... the writing itself is fairly easy. When I write a story, I always have the plot points very carefully fine-tuned ahead of time, so from there it's more like I'm just describing the 'movie' playing in my mind.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 12 Jan 2012 17:26

Topic How many fingers have you...
Posted 12 Jan 2012 16:41

There actually is fist shaped toys. how well they sell I have no idea

Probably about the same profit-potential as those bowling ball sized butt-plugs. lol

Topic How many fingers have you...
Posted 12 Jan 2012 15:24

How many times do you think i can quote you and say " exactly what she says" before it starts to sound redundant? LOL

Some guys think that more than 2 or 3 fingers are great!, for me NO they dont, more than that it feels weird and just not comfortable. For me that many fingers just dont have the right shape or can rub the nice places in where i like to be rub!

LOL... Yeah, funny how there are no sex toys on the market shaped like a guy's hand with his four fingers pressed together. I don't think they would sell very well. geek

Topic Let's be nicer/friendlier to newbies?
Posted 12 Jan 2012 14:40

Fuck the newbies.

Thanks for always taking care of this one for us. evil4

Topic Anal toys??
Posted 12 Jan 2012 13:57

Ooo I'm likeing the sound of a glass one I'd quite like it to vibrate though

Just did a quick search... looks like they make glass vibrators.

I can't necessarily recommend that one though. Something about it reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament.

When it comes to anal, I actually prefer just a dildo without the vibration. Not sure why.

Also...if you do just get the typical glass dildos on the market, go for a double-ended one (one side smooth, the other side waved/ridged). It's more multi-functional. Glass dildos can actually be quite beautiful too.

Topic Anal toys??
Posted 12 Jan 2012 13:44

I agree with Missy... go for a small thin vibrator. The Lelo Billy is a nice one and works for both girls and boys. You probably don't need anything bigger than that. You probably want to start with a butt-plug or maybe anal beads if you're new to it and work your way up from there. You can also try a We-Vibe and use one end in your ass and one end in your pussy for self-play. Or you can go for a small (smooth) glass dildo which I quite enjoy for anal play and feels great because it can be warmed prior or put in the freezer for additional stimulation.

I've tried everything I've mentioned above... it's all good, just depends on your mood.

Topic Let's be nicer/friendlier to newbies?
Posted 12 Jan 2012 10:45

perhaps a sticky at the top of each forum outlining how to search for keywords, what sort of topics everyone is a bit bored of would help? But no doubt that'd ruin some people's fun

LOL... I seriously think we should make a 'pubic-hair' and 'cock size' thread sticky at the top of the Ask the Girls forum. That's a great idea!

Topic Casey Anthony video diary
Posted 12 Jan 2012 09:19

I don't understand why the media is still on this story to be honest. It's just feeding her narcissism. Nothing that happens going forward will change the outcome of the trial, which is the only thing that we should be concerned about at this point. Not whether she gets a new nose-ring, changes her hairstyle or tries to shop her story. The only thing that concerns her right now is making her million dollars and moving into criminal-celebrity status with the talk-show circuit and maybe a reality-tv show farther down the line. If she has no audience for this, then she just becomes another random loser in the game of life... which to me is exactly where she should be. The trial is over, Caylee isn't coming back or getting any justice in this mess, and everything she spins now is garbage and more lies... so why are people giving her an audience for this and rewarding her in exactly the way she wants?

As an aside... I do believe the state more than proved their case. I don't believe they overcharged, however I knew she would never be a death row inmate based on this crime. The downfall was picking an impatient, uneducated jury that didn't want to go over the evidence twice because they were geared up for their 4th of July weekend and wanted out of that sequestered nightmare as fast as possible. The judge should never have given them such a conservative estimate on their potential time-demands. The 'blink and it was over' duration of their deliberations was just as criminal as the case they should have been reviewing under proper care and guidance... one of those charges would have stuck if they had taken their time (ie. at the very least - manslaughter).

This is maybe a topic for another thread but the jury system as it is right now... sucks! I am much more in favour of a smaller panel from a more highly educated and qualified pool of people (maybe ex-lawyers, judges, or legal students). Criminal trials are filled with tedious facts, legal jargon, highly specialized medical/forensic evidence that the average person with the average attention span simply cannot comprehend. They will always defer to the schmoozy easy-to-understand paint by numbers theory. In this case, Jose Baez's infantile "photos and poster-board" defence closing was the winner. It looked like something I would have created for a trial role-play in my grade-9 law class. The jury system, as it is today, will quite often fail when it comes to complex legal cases like this that are based on circumstantial evidence, which is considered valid by the law but not by the simple minds of a 'jury of our peers' that will only respond to flashy CSI-style proofs.

Topic How many fingers have you...
Posted 11 Jan 2012 16:12

Both fists?? Damn, what porn have you been watching?! LOL

For me the max is three fingers but I prefer just two at a time with skilled movement. I find that in terms of properly fingering a girl, a lot of guys really fuck it up in general. I think I've complained before about guys that use the ram-rod stiff fingers at warp speed and assume it feels good to the girl. It doesn't. You've got to follow the natural curve.

All in all, fingering is fun, especially if you use the thumb on the clit at the same time, but for the most part I much prefer a cock or a vibrator/dildo.

Topic Best female profile
Posted 11 Jan 2012 12:11

I'm sorry, but I took this as maybe the op wanted to find hot profiles considering this is in the 'Ask the guys' and 'Relationships' and not in the 'fun' forum games. dontknow

Thank you LadyX for bringing up my profile, it was very gracious of you. The thing is, is that my blunt and valid point is that to have a sense of humor and have fun doesn't necessary mean make nasty remarks and jump on members and then say it was 'all in fun'.

Fishing for something else??? I'm not fishing for anything but how about a topic where people can voice the opinions without getting mobbed attack as MsYumm and then I did.

I think the OP just wanted to post a thread asking guy's opinions on profiles.

Nobody is *attacking* anyone in this thread. I don't see the premise of this thread as any different than the "Lushies you most want to have sex with" (of which I think there are about four variations scattered through the forums). I don't see anyone being upset about not being mentioned in those threads so I didn't expect this one would cause any issues either. There are no ranks here and no prizes. It's just subjective opinion and a bit of fun.

I also try not to underestimate people's ability to have a general sense of humour in the forums. I think we're all relatively mature enough to handle it both ways. And we're also entitled to give our opinions in return without it being called an 'attack'. Plus when someone takes a jab at me, I just sic my Alpha Kitty on them. She's pretty scary once she gets out of her cage. Don't let her tiara fool you... geek

Topic Best female profile
Posted 11 Jan 2012 10:44

Sorry I am getting to this party late. I was too busy knocking the 'betas' out of the way so I could get to this thread. violent1

Ok, seriously though... the whole 'alpha reputation' isn't something that LadyX, Sprite and I have 'worked hard' to create. We don't have a 'burn book' and we don't all coordinate to wear pink to school on Fridays.

I think this thread is just supposed to be about profiles, not reps. As far as profiles go, I've filled in all the blanks, submitted an interview, stacked it with photo albums, have a playlist and have attempted to make it a playful space. Anyone can create a cool profile, it just takes a little time and effort. If my name gets mentioned here, then I give thanks for that. There are lots of great profiles on Lush... just that some might be more pimped out than others.

As for my answer to the Q... I would like to nominate... all the females on my friends list!! .... And I will now be handing out consolation lollypops in the cafeteria if you are a female on this site that isn't on this list yet and are now experiencing hurt feelings. School counsellors will be on hand to help you through... lol

Relax everyone... just have fun. thumbup

Topic I want to spice up my sexual life with my boyfriend but...
Posted 11 Jan 2012 03:40

He doesn't like the idea of lube?? Girl... not going to sugarcoat this one.... Dump him!

Ok, fine maybe that was a bit harsh.

My longest term relationship was with a guy that wanted to play it like he was a sex god but he had major issues with toys. I know, how was "I" possibly compatible with such a guy?! I love my toys, and wouldn't give them up at this point for anyone. It's not just about the toys... it's more what it says about insecurity and control, which I think are features that go hand-in-hand with the anti-toy male.

It's one thing if the guy just isn't familiar with experimental play, toys, watching you masturbate with them or using them on you during sex. If he's open-minded, you can have fun teaching and playing. It's another thing if the guy just vetoes it altogether and gets jealous/edgy about toy play because he feels like his almighty dick should be more than enough to hold your complete attention forever. I find that these types of guys aren't very good in bed because they are limited by their own groundless fears.

Toys (and especially lube, which sometimes is more of a necessity than a luxury depending on how wet you naturally are) are about growing and evolving your sex life together as a couple. I would have a talk with him about it. His fears may stem from the fear of you hauling out dildos that will make him have size insecurities. You can start with a smaller hand-held vibe that he can use on you while in doggy/spooning position and many vibes these days are not intimidating at all... they aren't even shaped like dicks. There's no reason that he should be against *all*'ll probably find some to suit both of your needs and make you enjoy playing together as a couple.

If, after this convo, and after showing him some things you're interested in getting or trying together, he still refuses the idea, then I think you have to make some decisions. It's not the end of the world if the rest of your relationship is great, but I just find it often reflects other issues that might pop up later in other areas of the relationship (again, the insecurity/control thing). In the meantime, get your toys and have fun when he's not around. :)

Topic Best female profile
Posted 10 Jan 2012 15:38


To me, she's a legend here in lush. Sexy, gorgeous, talented, independent, real, not afraid to express herself, always give friendly suggestions and comments.

Awww.... thank you! You made my day! 3601

Topic Going out of your comfort zone?
Posted 10 Jan 2012 15:11

I have a lot of new ideas (I add them to an ongoing list on my computer). For me, time is more of a factor, as well as the motivation to delve into a 10,000 word effort. When I get inspired to write, the story flows fast (usually in 1-3 days).

I like going out of my comfort zone because I want to diversify my writing portfolio and I enjoy a challenge. It can quickly become boring to regurgitate the same sex-scene over and over again. My last story, Fade to Black, was riskier for me because it involved a femdom element and a strap-on (which I don't have direct personal experience with). Typically I write more from the "slutty-female/male-dominant" perspective so it was an interesting challenge for me. I questioned how much I wanted to push the content because I could have gone a lot darker and more intense, but I wanted to make it more "femdom-lite" because I knew I would be asking readers that expect a certain kind of story from me to walk with me down a path they might not be immediately comfortable with.

For the most part I think I would have trouble writing about a concept that I haven't *at least* explored through fantasy and found to be a turn-on myself. But as you push your own limitations and start to explore fantasies and kinks that are more 'out there' than you're used to, you'd be surprised at what you might find exciting. It also helps to have someone that you can explore these concepts with too... I'll be honest in saying that the engine that starts most of my stories and brings them to life has relied heavily on this.

The general rule for me though, is that until I get to the point where the idea makes my panties wet, I won't attempt writing about it.

Topic homemade enemas
Posted 10 Jan 2012 13:33

Honestly I would just say on this whole topic... when it comes to your bodily orifices, "homemade-anything" isn't the best idea.

If you fuck this up, you can end up with serious bloating, cramping or even ruptures (hello bacterial infection!).

Just get one from the drugstore. It's not that expensive. If you want to reuse the enema-device for a quick anal-refresher, just clean thoroughly and substitute with luke-warm water. Be gentle.

There's no need to turn to the garden hose or kitchen appliances.

Seriously, it's worth the $10. Just do it.

Topic What will your sex life be like in 2012?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 16:58

"The next morning I was walking by the filthy playground in Washington Square Park..."

Yep, 'filthy playground' sounds about right. (Book: Going Down by Jennifer Belle)

Topic Why cum on your face?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 16:28

Cause it makes you feel like a dirty girl. And it goes well with dominant/rough sex.

I have to be in the right mood though. And no red-eye please.

Topic How big can a guy be before he is to big?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 12:59

I have with one guy. It was semi-enjoyable but I was kind of squirming away during the cervix-pounding portion of the events. I also had the "phantom-cock" sensations for about 24 hrs afterwards (where you're still sore enough that you can almost still feel it).

It's not about the duration of the sex, it's how it's being used. Certain positions can be uncomfortable and rough sex is definitely not cool if you're an XL-guy. Not to mention the desire to go for multiple rounds isn't very high.

I know some girls love it (pain or not) but in my opinion, to max the creative potential of kinky sex, medium is always best.

I have a friend that dumped a guy because his dick was too big to enjoy regularly. It was like an 'event' to have sex and she had to pysche herself up for it. I have a similar mindset when it comes to this, but the larger-dick experience I had was just a fling anyway.

Topic gratitude: turn on or a turn off?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 11:33

Giacomo Casanova, the greatest seducer of all times said that the best way to gain a woman's heart (or just take her to bed), is by gratitude, he used to play the gentleman at the rescue of some lady in trouble, do something for her, and eventually the lady felt so much gratitude she just gave him whathe wanted.

But in my personal experience, this has been just the opposite. The more I've done for a lady (favors, money, gifts, etc), the more she seemed ankward towards me, and eventually running away from me. I did it in a casual, nice way, not like an stalker or a perv, and always making it very clear that I expected nothing in return, but didnĀ“t work at all.

So I wonder, what you ladies think about it? Is gratitude a turn on, or a turn off?

Yes, the silverback/golddigger code is pretty much standard fare but it depends on recognizing who is playing by this code. If you misidentify, then it tends to lead to the awkwardness you mentioned. In these scenarios nothing is technically ever spelled out, it's all based on nuances and subtleties. Usually stuff like, "Oh Greg, I'd love to go out with you tonight but I have to stay in and figure out my finances and how I'm going to pay all my bills and rent this month." Then Greg offers to help her out or write her a cheque as a 'loan' that he'll never ask repayment for so she can go out with him. When/if she agrees, it's kind of understood that she's on the hook for some kind of entertainment value. I have a friend that's lived 5 yrs of her life like this... no job, living the high life, but just with some male 'friends' that were eager to 'rescue her', and she showed her 'gratitude' accordingly... sometimes just a nipple flash or letting a guy suck her toes, or sometimes it was a full hot-tub orgy or gangbang.

But... if you start trying to play this code on someone that doesn't work this way, yes, it leads to awkwardness and suspicion and it tends to send the person running the other way. I have always disliked guys that try to work the 'rescue theme' or flash their money prematurely. It either means they are hoping you're a golddigger type (insulting) or it means they have emotional issues about needing to 'save women' and be 'heroes' and thinking this will make you fall for them hard (stalkerish).

Everyone does little nice things for each other at the beginning of a relationship or friendship but it should be a two-way street and should be appropriate to the level of the current relationship... otherwise yeah, major turn-off.

Topic Kids Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Drunk...
Posted 07 Jan 2012 18:51

They do it because it gets them drunk/high faster and on a more potent level because it goes straight into the blood-stream (thin membranes in the ass, pussy and nostrils) and bypasses the gastic juices and digestion process that breaks this stuff down on some level and disperses/slows the effects.

I've heard of people shoving E, MDMA into their ass and snorting vodka (all for the same reasons).

I've never done it myself... I'm pretty patient when it comes to party favours. I don't mind the wait. And I like to keep it classy. glasses8

Topic porn in phone
Posted 07 Jan 2012 15:34

I can see having some dirty pictures hidden away on your computer but on one's phone? That does not seem like a good idea.

These days most dirty pics are taken by a phone-cam and attached by text-message to the recipient so they tend to accumulate on your phone unless you download them to your computer later.

Topic Mirrors
Posted 06 Jan 2012 15:04

I absolutely love mirrors and have a floor to ceiling at the end of my bed too. Watching is such a turn on.

Topic small cocks
Posted 06 Jan 2012 14:49

Best tattoo a woman can get... a ruler on her inner thigh. clown

Topic 18yr old mom shoots intruders into her home. One killed, one flees.
Posted 06 Jan 2012 13:19

Whatcha talking about Jeff? D. D. and I are in complete agreement on this one. You never know - she may even finally agree to my invitation to take her to the gun range for an afternoon.

Let's see... what kind of offer would be apropos? She can have an hour dominating me, and lashing my poor, tender buttocks with whatever cruel instruments her beautiful heart desires, in return for an hour spent with me, punching holes in paper bad guys...

Whaddya say, Doll? Sound like a fair trade? evil4

Uhmm... I think you get to win on both of those, Nudie. a1089

Funny how the pro-gun advocates always seem to secretly love submitting to the rough stuff. So, what size weapon do you want me to be packing? And do you mind if I carve it out of ginger? icon_biggrin

Topic What's your erotic weakness?
Posted 06 Jan 2012 13:02

Tongue, bites, sucks and kisses along my neck and collarbone.

My neck is my most sensitive non-obvious erogenous zone by far.

Topic Why do some women??
Posted 05 Jan 2012 14:55

Think they need a man or partner to be happy and "complete"?.

Because Walt Disney brainwashes us from an early age that one day 'our prince will come' and that is the only prelude to happily ever after. Otherwise you get cast as the ugly spinster step-sister or the homely chick that sews the beautiful dresses the princess will wear while she frolicks in the meadows with her royal boy-toy. No girl really wants to see herself as a supporting actress in the big fairytale of life.

Then, as girls leave their Disney'fied adolescent years, further bolstered by teen-love melodrama like the Twilight Saga 'life is not worth living without my man' sentiments, girls get sucked into the giant marketing machine called the bridal industry which convinces us like confectionary candy, that we *must* wear white one day while everyone swoons in our wake.

I know some girls that 'shopped' their husbands the way they do a new car or a pair of boots. True love often takes a backburner because let's face it... true love is rare... and we live in an impatient society.

Topic How many times have you cum in a day?
Posted 05 Jan 2012 13:29

Honestly? After a dozen I got bored (and dehydrated).

3-4 is more the norm.