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Topic The worst thing a guy has done on a date with u?
Posted 30 Jan 2012 12:43

I guess my worst first date was with this guy who showed up with 3 dozen yellow roses for a casual drinks-date at a local pub/bar. He then proceeded to tell me about how he was a private investigator on the side and could find out anything about anyone and how he had all these nefarious contacts. It creeped me out a bit (something was off), so the date ended just after two drinks (still daylight outside) and I left the roses on an anonymous person's doorstep on my way home because I didn't want the association. Then, after telling him (during the next phone convo) that I wasn't interested in anything serious, he said ok, he understood. Then two weeks later, he hacked my email account, started sending me threatening/harassing messages under another name, stalking me, and as this went over a six month period, he sent an email that he was going to kill himself if he couldn't have a relationship with me. That weekend, he just randomly disappeared (after six months of intense stalking). I assume he 'offed' himself, but I never really found out. Anyway, at least the stalking stopped. thumbup

Topic I love meat!
Posted 29 Jan 2012 15:48

I've never been much of a meat-eater. Even as a kid I was really picky with it.
I'm also pro-PETA... and I was traumatized with high-school dissection of the fetal pig.
I spent my teens being vegan, but now I will eat a bit of chicken and mainly seafood. I will have red meat verrry sparingly.
These days the meat industry is pretty much a toxic cesspool with hormones and unhealthy animals living in unsanitary conditions.
I don't care if other people eat it though and it doesn't bother me to watch someone eat a steak... it's everyone's personal choice what they want to put into their bodies. For me, the chilli lime basil tofu from Whole Foods is one of my favourite meals ever. My system feels a lot better on a low-meat diet.

And the pics... as someone else pointed out. Yes, it's a big difference from a random no-makeup shot with the vegan-woman's hair pulled back vs. a photo of Nigella with full hair/make-up at a media event - also taken when she was younger in my opinion. I've seen recent candid shots of her, and she looks very much like a normal woman her age... beautiful (because of her great genetics), but not like she's discovered the fountain of youth at the local BBQ pit.

Sorry to mess up your thread ChefK. lol.

Carry on with the lip-smacking and the carcass roasting, everyone... laughing8

Topic My current girlfreind and her so called True love
Posted 29 Jan 2012 11:12

Dump her.

She does not love you, she loves someone else. If she loved you, she would never be saying any of these things... trust me.

You were probably more of a rebound/security-blanket type relationship to make her feel better after the guy chucked her, but now she realizes she wants more.

Do not counsel her on her broken heart. That is not your job.

Good luck... thumbup

Topic Announcing our $100 February "Attention Whore" Competition
Posted 29 Jan 2012 10:54

Ooooh... time to create that nude public photo album I've always been meaning to...

Also... I shall be posting a new story every three days and uploading a link to my private sex tapes.

Game on! stirthepot

Topic What do you wear to bed?
Posted 28 Jan 2012 13:21

Depends on my mood, but the standard is typically boyshorts and a little tank-top.

Topic Define slut.
Posted 28 Jan 2012 11:27

I refuse to judge, insult or denigrate a woman based on her sexual appetite, desires and personal choices.

If a woman wants to have sex with a new guy every night, that is her prerogative and does not make her less of a human being, or less worthy of respect than a woman who has saved herself for marriage and only had sex with one guy in her entire lifetime.

Sexual choices should have no bearing on how someone is viewed by society. I would hope we are on our way to evolving to this point.

The word 'slut' is being redefined by this generation (same as the word 'bitch' is now being embraced to be something positive) to lose the derogatory implications and just become a symbol of someone who is a lover of sexual pleasures who is liberal enough to indulge those desires on her own terms.

Having said all that... I love using that word during dirty talk and with sexual role-play. I've never used it as something to be whispered to someone else in judgement of another woman's sexual behaviour. Men and women that use this word in a negative way are clearly insecure about their own sexuality. This isn't the puritanical dark ages! As long as nobody is getting hurt, then do not judge. Simple.

Topic Turn Ons
Posted 27 Jan 2012 22:24

Sexually dominant
Great upper body (shoulders, arms, back, abs)
Sculpted calves
Mischievous eyes
Orally talented
Filthy, creative, depraved mind
Uniquely flawed
Intense mental connection
Confident and assertive
Twisted sense of humour

Basically a good guy at heart, but someone who challenges me on all levels and has a few of the bells and whistles to get my attention and keep it.

Topic Eli Manning or Tom Brady?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 22:17

I'll take Tom Brady too... If he's good enough for Gisele, he's good enough for me... thumbup

Topic If Posters for Oscar-Nominated Movies Were Honest
Posted 27 Jan 2012 10:53

That was hilarious!!!

Best thread ever! Lapplause

Topic Why ask why? (inexplicable picture marathon)
Posted 26 Jan 2012 19:36

Topic sexy tattoos
Posted 26 Jan 2012 17:52

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 26 Jan 2012 17:34

Topic Kept resolutions for 2012? Have they been kept?
Posted 26 Jan 2012 13:47


1. Finish minor reno's, sell my place and change cities - in progress.

2. Knee surgery, and properly rehab knee (chronic injury-related) - not booked yet (procrastinating!)

3. Do something wild and outside my comfort zone - check! got that one down... :)

I think it's still early in the year to know what resolutions will be kept or broken though. January is still a 'hopeful' phase for most people, I think.

Topic Alcohol bans in parks and beaches - "Un-Australian"?
Posted 25 Jan 2012 23:06

Save your used 'grande' coffee cups after your next latte... then just put your alcohol into the Starbucks cup at home before your next outing. That's what I do when I want to drink in public or at the movie theatre.

But you're right... we shouldn't have to sneak around on principle.

Happy Australia Day! 3601

Topic Body Modification
Posted 25 Jan 2012 15:57

I can't say I'd ever try human suspension, no matter how enlightened I was supposed to be at the end of it. I have a high pain threshold, but it's just not my thing.

I'm not really into piercings personally, but I do have a small tattoo that I got because it had personal meaning to me, and was symbolic of something important... not for the design aspect of body modification.

In general, I like tattoos... but not so much into the heavy piercings and dermal implants. I wouldn't judge others for getting them though. Body modification is a personal choice and I find it intriguing especially when there is personal meaning behind it or a story.

Then again, if someone wants to get horn implants or sharpen their teeth to look like a vampire, hey, all the more power to them if they are confident this is how they want to represent themselves as individuals. People should do whatever makes them happy and more confident in who they are and what they want to be.

Topic 28 year old British Mother BANNED from nightclub for dressing too sexy!
Posted 25 Jan 2012 15:49

There's several places in South Beach like this. Men can't go in alone, you have to have a certain "look" etc.

LOL South Beach is sooo bad for that scene. If you have enough cash though, you can hire a promoter that will arrange for you to get into all the clubs ahead of time with VIP all the way (similar to Vegas). Or they can pay off the guy at the door. Getting into clubs and events is one area of life where it's way better to be a girl. Then again I've seen girls partying their way through free champagne and drugs in South Beach by letting themselves be passed around like a groped plaything for the sleazoids with cash... that isn't cool either.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 25 Jan 2012 15:06

Topic 28 year old British Mother BANNED from nightclub for dressing too sexy!
Posted 25 Jan 2012 14:30

I think we are all in agreement that her clothing choices are pretty bad. But if this is a public place and there is no dress code displayed, then banning her for her manner of dress is unnecessary. If they banned some guy because he clothes were too geeky/nerdy would that be ok? Or if some woman came in dressed like an old school marm or librarian, would she be banned for not dressing sexy enough? If her tits keep popping out or if she's flashing her beaver, then that's a dfferent story.

Any business should have the right to withhold service when they see it necessary. Banning her for her lack of style alone seems a bit of overkill.

I love that you always play devil's advocate LM.... lol

But in this case, a bar or nightclub can turn you away at the door for whatever reason they want - whether it's clothes, age, or general uglyness. The polite way of terming it is "sorry, we're at max capacity right now, please wait in the line to the right." Then the 'attractive' or 'connected people' walk right in via "VIP access" or because they are on the 'guest list' and the unwanted people can wait in line until closing time if they choose to. It's just the nature of the club industry. A popular place can pick and choose who they let inside and keep the rif-raff out to maintain exclusivity. That's what keeps the club popular - because it's filled with hot, young people, and because of that you want to keep coming back (or trying to get in).

If a person doesn't fit the demographic, they hit the B-list clubs, and so on down the line until they are chilling in the 'bar section' of their local family restaurant, like Applebee's.

It might not be 'fair' or PC, but it's just how it works in the industry.

In this case, they probably told her that she's dressed wrong because they don't want to see her standing in line night after night shivering in her plastic boots, or they were concerned about the image she projected to other people trying to get into the club, or they thought she could be "saved" by the right wardrobe choice and actually get into the bar next time. They were trying to do her a favour, but she took it as an opportunity to gain publicity in the media by whining about it publicly.

Topic It's Over
Posted 25 Jan 2012 11:53

I would not say anything... i would just move on.

Reason for this being, we generally already know when our guy-friends are crushing on us. You guys make it pretty obvious even when you think you're not. When this happens and we feel like you're getting "too into us" we will attempt to chill things down by talking about other guys and trying to avoid the awkward moment of 'friendship-interruptus'. By talking about other guys, reinforcing what a great 'friend' you've been for listening, and showing you that our interests lay elsewhere, we're trying to let you know in a subtle way that it's not going to happen.

This is a very common friend-zone deflection strategy used by women all the time.

We like our guy friends... so just be our friend . :)

If you want to date us or fuck us, then make those intentions known up front within a couple of weeks of knowing us. It saves the confusion later.

Topic 28 year old British Mother BANNED from nightclub for dressing too sexy!
Posted 25 Jan 2012 09:52

I actually had a quick browse through the photo galleries at Mode and Tramps in Worcester where she was denied after her reading her complaint that her attire was "conservative" compared to a lot of the younger girls in those clubs. Sorry to say, but no... none of the girls I saw in any club pictures were dressed like a $20 hooker.

The outfits she's wearing are the kind you find on sex-outfit websites that are "things you wear at home or at sex clubs"... Most of them have a section called "Club Wear" which she has clearly mistaken for clothing meant for "nightclubs" and not understanding you're supposed to be wearing them while on stage with a silver pole gripped between your thighs.

There are ways you can be super sexy and show a lot of skin without resorting to cheap polyester, chains, ill-fitting plastic boots and shiny pleather. These are the fun outfits you wear at home where you don't care if you get cum and lube all over them because you can toss them away later, not something you wear in public where you're looking to make a first impression on strangers.

Topic What to do when Aunt Flo shuts the party down?
Posted 25 Jan 2012 09:20

If there is a specific weekend that you really want to be free for every month, I'd just get a couple boxes of the pill and do a back-to-back cycle and then go off early (your doctor will help you with the best time to go off)... this will basically just 'reset' your cycle. Then you can go off the pill if you don't like it, and continue from there.

I've done back-to-back cycles (ie. not going off for the one week in between) if there has been a vacation or special weekend that's scheduled during P-time. I wouldn't advise on doing it often and screwing up your cycle constantly, but a one-time "reset" shouldn't be a big deal.

In the meantime, you can always stick to anal and oral... or find a guy that doesn't mind getting a little messy.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 24 Jan 2012 20:01

Topic It's Over
Posted 24 Jan 2012 18:52

Aww... sorry to hear it didn't work out hornyboy.

The Friend Zone is infamous and very hard to work your way out of in general. Try not to feel too bad about it... most guys have experiences like this and it just helps them to see the signs and subtleties with the next female friends they start to crush on.

As much as it hurts, at least the 'awkward conversation' didn't happen, and you can technically still be friends. Although you are now going to become her sounding board and advice-guy when it comes to talking about her new love interest. If you still want to stay friends, I'd try to steer the conversation away from that topic in general going forward. If not, there's no harm in just moving on in general.

Topic Healthy snacks
Posted 24 Jan 2012 17:44

RX, if you can find this brand of dried mango, you have to try it... but it has to be this brand specifically. I've tried others, and they end up too sugary... this one is just right. The sweetness level and flavour is very natural. I buy them by the bags and keep them handy whenever I feel like a snack that will satisfy my sweet tooth as well. And it does taste like a dessert-item... almost like natural candy.

I like to keep a bag of these and another bag of almonds in my bag if I'm running errands after work or on weekends. I prefer grazing on healthy things and having smaller meals... that way you're never really hungry or likely to overindulge.

I also like adding a bit of dried ginger to my granola (and throw in some dried banana slices and raisins too). If you mix in some nuts, you have a tasty granola/trail-mix that you can reach for as well whenever you're craving a snack with some flavour.

Topic Lush "etiquette"
Posted 24 Jan 2012 13:12

Read the person's entire profile before sending a friend-request or assuming anything.

Topic Sexting/cybersex: Is It Cheating?
Posted 24 Jan 2012 08:13

depends on the rules. if your partner knows about it and has given you their blessing. no. if you are lying about it, then yes. it's that simple. i'm not judging, btw, but it's pretty much black and white.

This is the correct answer.

Topic Courtney Stodden's Tweets. Is she a lush member?
Posted 24 Jan 2012 08:02

To me, she looks 'high' in most of her vids, but being a good christian girl who saved herself for marriage, I'm sure she's just high on love. puke

Topic 28 year old British Mother BANNED from nightclub for dressing too sexy!
Posted 24 Jan 2012 07:17

Wow, she looks way older than 28!

I dunno... maybe she's going to the wrong nightclubs. She's dressed perfectly for a fetish party or a swingers club, but too skanky for an upscale place. Clubs/bars have the right to refuse anyone that doesn't fit their desired kind of clientele, so I don't fault the club.

It may not be that they think she is too 'old' as much as they think she just looks too trashy or too much like a 'working girl' looking to solicit new clients at the club. I'm sure if she picked a more lowkey outfit, she'd get behind the velvet ropes no problem. People need to work with the system.

Topic Are your Nipples the Ultimate Barrier?
Posted 24 Jan 2012 06:57

I'm thinking maybe something medical was going on, either with her nipples or the surrounding area.

Or maybe she has a baby at home and is still nursing/leaking?

Or maybe she has implants or recent surgery or something going wrong there.

It's truly a strange thing to say to a guy, unless they're trying to avoid/hide something they'd rather not need to talk about during a one-nighter. That sounds far more plausible to me than someone just having 'sensitive nipples'... never heard of that to the point that you'd tell a guy not to touch them at all.

Topic Does anyone actually crave cum?
Posted 23 Jan 2012 13:09

Yeah, when I said I like protein shakes in the morning, that isn't really what I had in mind... tard

The Cum-Jug... lol... great title for a story though.