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Topic Gord Downie, 1964-2017
Posted 18 Oct 2017 10:30

Gord was such a talented, courageous and inspiring Canadian icon. He will be greatly missed.

Topic Announcing our new "Boobies" Competition $500 going to charity
Posted 16 Oct 2017 05:28

A great theme and a very worthy cause. I'm already looking forward to reading some of these entries!

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Bookish" Story Competition
Posted 16 Oct 2017 05:25

Congrats to Burquette, Lupus, Oceanrunner, the runners up and everyone who entered!

Gutenberg was special piece that really spoke to the theme of the comp. It was also damn sexy . 3601

Topic Long Johns: Does anyone wear them anymore?
Posted 14 Oct 2017 12:02

Personally I don't wear them, though I do have thermal tights and base wear for skiing, snowboarding and sometimes just walking the dog during hardcore winter. They're not attached though.

I did take a second glance the other day at the Roots' Cabin Collection waffle onesie, but that's got buttons down the front and no flap, so I guess they're not technically Long Johns.

Topic Long Johns: Does anyone wear them anymore?
Posted 14 Oct 2017 11:57

there's a fucking flap? thinking i need to investigate!

Long Johns must have a 'fetish wear' fandom somewhere, right?

Topic Sprite's Butterfly Beach stories and other delicious goodies...
Posted 12 Oct 2017 10:29

I've never been drawn to Fantasy and Sci Fi, but Butterfly Beach is probably the most unique story/series on this site.

You get adventures of raw creativity, lyrical language, creatures birthed from a truly trippy imagination, and... tentacle sex! And not the sketchy kind of tentacle sex - the really erotic kind. Just when you think you're burnt out on reading all the standard dirty story fare, you fall into this world and it's all fresh and new again.

This is one of my favourite series on Lush. Highly, highly recommended!

Start here:

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 11 Oct 2017 09:03

No, it's not. Trinket does not say anything about who she has or hasn't blocked in either of those threads, only Damon does, and he's only making an assumption. To me it looks as if SP has access to personal information that should be invisible to anyone but the mods, and I wonder how that is possible.

Damon posted that she blocked him. He used a sarcastic rhetorical question. It should be pretty obvious to most people (who aren't looking for a loophole argument). It's not an assumption. His PM reply to her didn't go through, which means he knows for sure that he got blocked. (This is detailed in the second link).

SP used to be a moderator and is also familiar with Trinket because he's been a member for several years. The rest are probably educated guesses, some of which are inaccurate, and Trinket knows this as well.

There were no private details spilled.

But if you (or Trinket) have ongoing concerns, please contact the Help Desk so it doesn't further fuck up the thread. Thanks.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 11 Oct 2017 08:49

But, as Dani has shown, it doesn't really work if you yourself keep responding to off-topic comments and then add this little line for others to get back on track.

Unfortunately, public explanations are sometimes required as clarification to public insinuations.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 11 Oct 2017 07:22

How would you know who I have blocked? I'm still interested to know how SP Would know details of who I friend, block and report and And why it's ok for him to post that all over the forums? Most of my friends are hidden, he can't see who I have blocked, and he shouldn't know details about any possible reports I've made about anyone.

It's already on the forums.


Lush Thread Link

Which resulted in another thread, on the same day:

But, as Dani would say, back to the guns and shit.

Posted 22 Sep 2017 06:58

Happy Birthday to the one-and-only badass, kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, Talented AF Blondie!

Wishing you a special day (and year) of unparalleled good times that celebrate your beautiful and playful spirit!

Love you, girl. xx

Topic Look for some help or advice
Posted 21 Sep 2017 05:07

You seem outdoorsy, so maybe look into getting involved with a local nature/camping/portaging or hiking group. Something that will give you some sustained quality time with a group of people. Try a paddle-boarding or kayaking club in your area.

If that's not your thing, consider volunteering or getting involved with a charity of your choice. Do fundraisers, work a booth at a local event or festival, help out at a local shelter (animal or human). Volunteer to go abroad with a charity group (eg. clean water projects) or get involved with something like Habitat for Humanity. You will always meet people that way.

I don't know if you're religious (or care to be), but church-based activities/groups are probably a slam-dunk if you're looking to ease into growing a group of friends or finding a relationship, but that involves a personal commitment that's not for everyone.

Lastly, maybe save up some $ or dip into the vacation funds and go on a Contiki tour. You'll meet lots of solo travellers (they claim up to 55% go solo) and have some fun. I have two friends that have actually found relationships out of this.

Topic Awesome Award 9/18/17: Verbal
Posted 19 Sep 2017 15:51

Congratulations on being recognized as truly Awesome, Verbal! 3601

Topic Deodorant/antiperspirant streaks on shirts
Posted 15 Sep 2017 16:27

I use Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It's marketed as Unisex, so you could try it. It leaves zero stains and it works great. Streaks drive me nuts.

ps. The green cap/cucumber one smells the best, followed by the blue cap/original scent. The other scents are too girly/powdery.

Topic All About Nails - General discussion board (Brands, trends, maintenance tips...)
Posted 15 Sep 2017 16:20

Looking for some advice.

My nails have a pretty good shape so I normally keep them fairly short. Every once in a while I get a notion to grow them, but they're really bad for just getting super dry and splitting when they get to a certain length.

I don't want to just layer on polish. Does anyone have any recommendations for strengthening nails so they don't split? Have you found a product/cream that works for you?

Thanks in advance toothy2

Yes, the Trind system, often recommended to people transitioning from acrylic nails as well. It's very good. Ive used it (usually for a couple of weeks at a time) and it does work. I still use the Nail and Cuticle Balsam on a fairly regular basis when my nails need a bit of extra TLC, especially in the winter. You can buy it as a kit in a variety of places.

Topic Colin Kaepernick and Nationalist Hypocricy In the NFL
Posted 14 Sep 2017 05:22

Should I have used a more articulated smiley or put "We simply don't know either way" in bold? dontknow

I'd say guilt should be proven without a doubt indeed, but if that's not possible then that doesn't mean it's the girl's fault as "innocent until proven guilty" should apply to all.

Mixon pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges. He was advised the prosecution would easily be able to prove their case because he doesn't meet the legal requirements for 'self defense'.

A shove and an open-palm slap does not equate to cold cocking someone and breaking their face in four places, especially considering her size and the fact that she was stumbling drunk.

That's leaving out her police report where she alleges he and his friends had been sexually harassing her outside the restaurant, asking for a birthday blowjob for Mixon and then when he followed her into the restaurant, he allegedly continued and called her male friend a homophobic slur.

Even if you take context out of it, he used unreasonable force.

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 13 Sep 2017 05:30

Sometimes I'll just go for some classic Yo-Yo Ma when I need to de-stress.

I've always found the cello to be the most sensual (and beautiful!) of all the musical instruments.

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 13 Sep 2017 05:23

Yeah, the more I dig into it, the more I start to realize that this research might only be a big publicity stunt. The song Weightless was actually commissioned by Radox Spa , who also concurrently commissioned the whole study. And Mindlab International , although having a neuropsychologist as their chairman, is in fact a profitable company of independent neuromarketing consultants. I'm not arguing that a few of the findings might have a valid scientific foundation, but it's hard to perceive the bulk of it as much else than a concerted effort to bring a hefty dose of attention to the different parties involved (ie. Radox Spa, Marconi Union, Mindlab International).

Yeah, Mindlab is a commercial 'neuromarketing' company. Though controversial, the research backing certainly made the song a huge success, so I guess it was a win.

This is actually pretty impressive:

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 13 Sep 2017 05:17

Ahh, the Spa, Lush-style... how thoroughly relaxing.

Yes, there's often a bit of a stink, isn't there. It may be time to leave a Spa-approved bottle of Poo Pourri in the thread, just in case. :)

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 18:32

Moby's The Sky is Broken. Best enjoyed in the dark, on full volume. A major sentimental favourite.

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 18:22

One of the early examples of this kind of ambient music is Brian Eno's Music For Airports, which was created from loops of piano and synthesizer, of varying lengths played on repeat, so that different notes would go in and out of synch with each other. The music was intended to be both interesting and ignorable. The sparseness of the music was supposed to create calm and thoughtfulness in travelers.

The music was actually installed at LaGuardia Airport in the 1980s. Contrary to Eno's intentions, many passengers found the music to be distracting and annoying.

Interesting... Similar to 'Weightless', I think this type of music works best as part of meditation or if one is asked to be very still and concentrate on the tones. Then I think it does relax, and allow you to enter a deeper place of relaxation. If someone is trying to get things done or rushing through airports on a time crunch, the intent of the music to affect your physiological resting rates probably has the opposite effect, since we need that energy and bit of adrenaline to motivate us.

Topic If Trump can be President, can Kanye??
Posted 12 Sep 2017 15:30

Of course Kanye can be President. I would hear him out and not judge him on his lifestyle and history of walking off stage, ranting on Twitter and having nervous breakdowns.

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 15:23

May I ask what exactly did you find confrontational about it? Because I merely explained my previous post, which seemed not to have been interpreted the way I meant it. Ironing out possible creases in the fabric of this thread so to speak ;)

It seemed like you were going back and forth about the same point and trying to prove each other wrong. The anxiety in the thread seemed to increase, regardless of the musical helpers. My post was meant to nudge it back in the right direction since I'd started a topic on reducing anxiety . It actually wasn't a 'formal mod warning'. I just wanted to restore the harmony and get back to talking about relaxing music. *hugs*

Topic Did you use a condom the first time
Posted 12 Sep 2017 06:44

Yes. For those 6 glorious seconds it lasted.

Topic Eyebrows
Posted 12 Sep 2017 06:02

If you are not happy with your brows, you can try brow wigs. Who knew?

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 05:52

Not everyone can be right all of the time, Doll. It's going to be that soft in here? We aren't in kindergarten.

I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me, it's all the other BS that came with it in the "other" forum. Am I allowed to say "BS"?Shhh

Yes, the Spa isn't a place for continuing arguments. People can kindly disagree and then leave it at that. Going on through multiple exchanges about the same point often derails a thread. Thanks for your understanding.

Note: I did say ' In this thread everyone is right' because I asked whether a piece of music worked for them in the way the UK study suggested. Everyone experiences music (and anxiety) differently, so nobody is wrong. sunny

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 05:16

Top ten most relaxing musical tracks (according to music studied).

1. Marconi Union - Weightless
2. Airstream - Electra
3. DJ Shah - Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)
4. Enya - Watermark
5. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing
6. Barcelona - Please Don't Go
7. All Saints - Pure Shores
8. Adele - Someone Like You
9. Mozart - Canzonetta Sull'aria
10. Cafe Del Mar - We Can Fly

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 12 Sep 2017 05:11

You responded to Trinket who said it "actually irritated" her, which you seem to have read as not liking , but I read it as not bringing down anxiety (or worse) as that's what the thread is about.
And the OP kinda suggests it works for everyone: "A UK study found that it reduced overall anxiety by 65% , and resulted in a 35% reduction in physiological resting rates." So if it doesn't work at all for one person then it would have to reduce anxiety by 100% for two other people to get to that average of 65%.

Now, now, there's no need to be confrontational about it. In this thread, everyone is right. flower

The original post does say, 'Does it work for you?'.

Concerns about research methods can be directed to UK neuroscientists, and specifically, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International.

Topic What candle are you currently burning?
Posted 11 Sep 2017 06:22

Dear God, is it based on the respiratory drug delivery system of the same name? It uses a similar principle. (the respiratory care company I work for sells and supports the medical Nebulizers)

Hmm.. maybe? I'm not familiar with medical nebulizers, but here's the mechanics on how the aromatherapy one works:

Let me know if it's similar. I would assume the general concept is the same.

Topic The Spa & The Think Tank: same discussions twice?
Posted 10 Sep 2017 09:52

'Fierce debate' or confrontational posts still belong in the Think Tank. The Spa is a place for 'discussion'. You can still discuss politics and world affairs, but everyone's opinion is to be respected and valued. This means not calling someone out as wrong or poking fun at them because they voted for a certain political party, have religious beliefs, or think differently from you. It's not a place for sarcastic memes, ALL-CAPS posts or political name-calling. This is a place for thoughtful discussion, being supportive of each other, and sharing your opinion without potentially offending people with differing views and life experiences.

Tip: When making posts, re-read it and ask yourself whether someone could reasonably feel attacked or devalued by your statements, and make changes where necessary. Otherwise, forum mods will take care of any slip-ups and issue reminders or warnings if required. Your words won't be changed, but they (or certain sentences/posts) may be deleted if they go against the spirit of the Spa.

Topic Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%
Posted 08 Sep 2017 12:44

Marconi Union worked with sound therapists to create their track 'Weightless', which is widely regarded as the most relaxing tune in the world.

A UK study found that it reduced overall anxiety by 65%, and resulted in a 35% reduction in physiological resting rates. Researchers measured brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure and rate of breathing. Its carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines help slow a listener's heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

According to Lyz Cooper, the founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, there are basic musical principles that correlate with relaxation. She explains that the song “contains a sustaining rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually slows to around 50.” The listener’s heartbeat will naturally slow down to match the track’s BPM (beats per minute). The song’s length is also critical. Cooper explains, “It takes about five minutes for this process, known as entrainment, to occur. And there is no repeating melody, which allows your brain to completely switch off because you are no longer trying to predict what is coming next.”

Does it work for you? Do you use music or sounds to reduce anxiety and stress?