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Advocate of Seduction


Afternoon Delight

Andy's Office Initiation (Part1)

Andy's Office Initiation (Part2)

Andy's Office Initiation (The orgasmic conclusion)

Back To College (Knee-high Socks and No Knickers)

Bitches On Heat

Blonde Ambition - Chapter 1

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Blowjob Heaven

Business and Pleasure

Caught sniffing my panties

Caught wanking in my panties

Caught wanking in the library

Cinderella - the sexy version


Cock-sucking Teens

Confessions of a Cheerleader - The Naked Truth

Confessions of a college slut

Cum in her panties

Cum in my pyjamas

Cumming for teacher


Dildo surprise!

Emma's Confessions - Afternoon delight

Fingers in the shower

Focused On Sex

Forbidden Encounters

Gold, Silver and Thongs

Goldilocks - the sexy version

Handjob Heaven

Hard Drive


Hot, Hungry and Horny

Hot, Wet and Horny

How I lost my lesbian virginity

How to do a messy blowjob

I am the slut, you are my slave

I want to play with you

In a Tight Spot

It's All About Sex - Again!

Just A Blow Job This Time

Katie - Part 1

Katie - Part 2

Katie - Part 3

Laura's lesbian awakening

Lesbian TV - A fantasy vision of the future

Licked out in the library

Lisa - A woman hard to please

Losing Her Girl Cherry

Love me, love thy nurse

Massage Sir?

Mile high triple blow job and fuck

My Babysitter's Daughter

My Crazy Naked Twister Weekend (The messy conclusion)

My birthday party - five girls and one guy

My first lesbian orgy

My gym fantasy

My lesbian fantasy

My lesbian house warming orgy

My lesbian pyjama party

My three girl - one guy sex party

My tit wank fantasy

Naked and Horny


Office Games (Part 1)

Office Games (Part 2)

Office Games (Part 3)

Orgy at the gym

Orgy of Delight

Phoebe - Her descent into porn

Pulling down her panties

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 1

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 2

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 3

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 4

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 5

Santa's Little Helper

School Uniform!

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 3)

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 4)

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader - Chapter 1

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader - Chapter 2

Secret Seduction

Seducing my Boss's Daughter (Part 1)

Seducing my Boss's Daughter (Part 2)

Snow White and the Seven Wharfs - A Lush Christmas Special

Strangers on a train

Suck it and see (My first blowjob)

Taking one for the team

Teasing My Boss

Teasing my gym buddy

Teasing my neighbour

Teasing my neighbour... again

Teasing my tutor

Teenage Temptations

Teenage Temptations - Two

The Au Pair - Part 1

The Au Pair - Part 2

The Au Pair - Part 3

The Babysitter

The Blow Job Class

The Blue Dress

The Day You Saved Me

The Door

The First Taste is Always the Sweetest

The Girl In Red Shorts

The High Priestess of the Willow

The Lighthouse

The Perfect Threesome

The Pleasure Dome

The Scent Of A Virgin

The best blowjob in the world?

The blowjob lesson

The sweetness of your lips

The tainting of the May blossom

Three in the Afternoon

Tied up with nylons

Training the Freshers

Trapped in the lift!

Trick or Treat!

Two days with Sarah

Vanilla Sex