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"Good sex is in the head. The tongue helps a little too." It was the first quote I ever made up.

I'm extremely curious and love writing erotic and sometimes downright dirty stories. My imagination seems to be holding up in my advancing years. Some of the stories I write have come from actual experiences. I am continuing to learn about this wonderful world of sex, passion and eroticism.

I have learnt a lot from the various authors on here. The most important thing to me are the comments on my stories. They mean so much more when they are heartfelt. The comments I make range from the short to the overly expressive, I try not to leave a negative comment.

I will email and chat, but I don't always have the time when I am online.

I love Lush, I'm glad I stumbled across it and I'm starting to like the people here. A few more Recommended Reads or an Editor's Pick wouldn't go amiss though!

Dark Side
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Reading, I love erotica, especially black and white photographic erotica and very well written stories. I love flirting and being naughty and trying out new ways of finding pleasure. I have a photo album on erotic images that I have collected. I have seen a few photographic books that make themselves out to be erotic photography but they fall far short of most of the images here.
Favorite Books:
Mostly SciFi and Biographies, some funny ones as well. Trying to find something different that will take my imagination. If you have any - let me know!

I have never read Shade of Grey - why would I want to read that, when the stories on here, I feel, are a lot better.
Favorite Authors:
I have lots of favourite authors.
Favorite Movies:
Too many to mention.
Favourite TV Shows:
A while back, in the UK, there were a series of shows including: Tipping the Velvet and Queer as Folk.

The former was a period series about lesbians, probably around the Victorian era. The latter was about the gay community of Manchester based around Canal Street. It was one of the funniest series I ever watched.
Favorite Music:
Everything from Rock to Easy Listening...Even Jazz and New World.


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28 Apr 2011
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15 Jan 2018
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Topic: Do you have a Dirty Mind?
Posted: 22 Dec 2017 09:13

What a strange question. Isn't that why we're all here?

Topic: Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted: 11 Dec 2017 14:24

Was it bad?

I think it's gonna be very bad.

Last thing I looked up on line was images for various cars. Thrilling eh! Then I posted on here, so this must be the very last thing (much better!!!)

Topic: Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted: 05 Dec 2017 12:50

Squirting is massively HOT, HOT, HOT. Like the temperature of the SUN, HOT.

Topic: Big Natural Boobs ~Unlimited~
Posted: 04 Dec 2017 14:26



Topic: Moderator of the Month, for November
Posted: 04 Dec 2017 14:15

Well done Ruthie.

Just a shame you had a valid answer for each and every one of those gifts!

Topic: Florence and the Machine
Posted: 04 Dec 2017 14:12

Good track, she looks sexy as hell as well, and that red hair. Hmmmm.

You only lose 5 years at a time, what's your secret???? Actually, I get bored working. Much prefer to write on here!

Topic: Alive or dead, who is your favorite guitarist?
Posted: 04 Dec 2017 14:06

I would have to say David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Especially in later life. Superb player and wonderfully crafted licks.

Put your pervy minds away, not those licks, guitar licks.

Topic: Your profile views
Posted: 03 Dec 2017 14:56

Well I have 76,470....I've been here a long time (let's say 6.5 years). That means I must have visited my profile page 32.2 times a day to get this famous.

Come on people - hard push now - get me over the 100 thousand.

Topic: Sexy heels
Posted: 03 Dec 2017 14:51





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Tempestuous Changes

Melissa sat on a bench, her back against the cold wall. The musty dampness of the crypt invaded her nostrils and with her eyes half closed, she rested with her legs pulled up against her chest. Angeline was on the other side of the curtain preparing and placing some of the props for the play. Bernadette, or Berni as she liked to be called, was applying the finishing touches to her clothes....

Added 13 Jan 2018 | Category Occupations

The Beginning…And The End

Matt closed his eyes and imagined the words she used to describe how she looked at that precise moment. Her sexy voice was a little hoarse but she described herself exquisitely. Matt hardly said a word, he just listened. “But darling, I’m sat opposite an open window, in this large hotel room overlooking the Strand, the white net curtains are shimmering in the cold breeze that’s sneaking...

Added 08 Jan 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 867 | 4 Comments

Seduced In The Shower

I had agreed to do it, just for her. My task was to take some images of Emily in the shower, sexy and erotic images for this social sex site, of which, we were both members. She wanted to take the next step and show off her sexy and voluptuous body to all her followers. I had agreed on the one condition that nothing happened. So at seven-thirty I arrived at her place complete with camera...

Added 04 Jan 2018 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 5,972 | 5 Comments

New Year’s Resolution – Comes True!

I made a New Year’s resolution, one that I thought would never materialise, but here I am, nearly one year on, sitting naked on the edge of Emily’s bed. I have to admit that I am extremely excited. I’m looking at Emily as she is fastening the last strap and pulling it as tight as possible around her waist. Her pink phallus rearing upwards as it bounces in front of her. What a sight! My...

Added 30 Dec 2017 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.81 | Views 2,314 | 16 Comments

Suggestive Liaisons

It was seven thirty in the evening and David and his wife, Vanessa, were sipping cocktails at the bar. It had become a usual night out on the tiles and one that David had grown to enjoy so much. Not for the conversation or the meeting of new people, or the presence of his beautiful and sexy wife. It was far more than that. David loved the way he could make his wife behave in front of all...

Added 20 Dec 2017 | Category Mind Control | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.44 | Views 2,401 | 11 Comments

Layers of Love

A tiny clench of the stomach, Confirming that -  The 'look' is returned Mouths, gasp open across a crowded room. The sudden glance away Afraid, not wanting to blush - An inner smile triggers The earthquake on luscious lips. Too shy to pursue To see if -  A few steps towards the kitchen Driven to the safety beyond. A tap on the shoulder Frozen in time -  A glance over the shoulder and...

Added 17 Dec 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 342 | 4 Comments

Teenage Hormones Take Control

  I could feel my breath coming in fast short gasps. This was the moment that Lucy’s hand would come firmly down on my backside. Fuck, I wanted this so badly.   ooOoo It had all started about two weeks ago. I had never been an unruly child, but I was never that innocent either. Every day, or so it seemed, I would do something that would upset my closest friend, Lucy. Something would...

Added 10 Dec 2017 | Category Teen | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 4,513 | 6 Comments

Caught and Captured!

Janice had been watching the lady at the bar for what seemed like hours. In reality, it was probably only ten minutes. Ten minutes of intense observation in which nothing went unnoticed. She turned her head only slightly to watch the doorman, standing at the entrance of the hotel in his top hat and tails, opening the fingerprint-free, floor to ceiling glass door for the wealthy couple...

Added 04 Dec 2017 | Category Lesbian | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 4,957 | 5 Comments

Don’t You Just Love Libraries…

Don’t you just love libraries? In my day, they used to be the only source of information, the only place that had the whole set of Encyclopaedia Britannica.  They had other books as well but when I was a teenager I was only interested in Science and Ancient Greece for some reason. Then of course I hit college. I was directed into areas of the library that contained all manner of books...

Added 01 Dec 2017 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 2,358 | 8 Comments

The Giantess

Desdemona looked at Matt not knowing how the evening would pan out. She wanted to have sex with him, wanted him to lick and fuck her, but she knew what would happen if he did. Should she tell him what to expect? Would he understand? It was their fourth date and any other normal woman would have been in Matt’s pants like a flash; probably on the second date, if not the first. He was...

Added 28 Nov 2017 | Category Monster Sex | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 2,186 | 8 Comments

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