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Topic: I'm NOT holding THAT ladder steady
Posted: 10 Nov 2008 04:15

It is kind of nice how the management have given the gators a nice cute sun deck to lie on though.

Topic: I'm NOT holding THAT ladder steady
Posted: 09 Nov 2008 22:49

OK, this is a great picture from



Yes, those are alligators in the water it's at an alligator park

Topic: The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted: 29 Oct 2008 18:05

Back from your travels Deadly? Is Kanga still hopping around the Northern Territory somewhere?

I believe Kanga is. I just wish my absence had all been just traveling. No matter how much I keep looking, I can't find a health pack that works in real life like the ones in the games do.

I've also been a bit busy writing some stories, mostly non-erotica for sale through www.dpdotcom.com - even managed a romance; not the Mills and Boons type romance, more like a Pride and Prejudice style romance. It's called Out of Reach.


Topic: The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted: 29 Oct 2008 05:18

Hey Rocco,

That kitty is a bit too young to be fucking yet isn't she?

Topic: The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted: 28 Oct 2008 16:08

The answer to the question "What are perfect boobs / tits / breasts /hooters / whatever you call them?" is extremely simple.

The only correct answer is the perfect boobs are the ones I'm sucking or fondling at the moment. This mainly because they're in the perfect condition, being intimately involved with me.

Topic: Underage Stories
Posted: 17 Jun 2008 07:03

I stand corrected. I thought if it was fiction it wouldn't be a "big deal", actually acting it out, yes. What happened to "freedom of speech" ?

also, in some countries 'freedom of speech' is only allowed to those in power. here in NSW, Australia, a story about people under sixteen years of age having sex is in breach of section 91 of the NSW Crimes Act and classed as Child Pornography - even having a story where a fifteen year old watches two adults having sex is classed as Child Porn under the law. I can well understand why Lush doesn't want to risk the legal trouble, and agree.

Topic: First story
Posted: 17 Jun 2008 06:57

ok, thank you where can i get a spell check?

Contact your nearest coven for an experienced witch to do your spell checking.<img src="/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7">

Topic: Youthful Vitamins
Posted: 21 Mar 2008 04:04

I wondered what happened to that script, I lost it years ago.<img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Topic: The Silencers
Posted: 21 Mar 2008 03:55

The sad thing is they made the movie like it was an early version of Austin Powers and satire, yet if they'd followed the book, which is an action thriller, it would have come out much more thrilling than The Bourne Supremacy or any of the Bond Films. The waste of a good story when made into a film.

Topic: This is the ask the Author
Posted: 21 Mar 2008 03:43


Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

This is a bit of linguistic twister in two parts.

1. Bra is short for brassiere a French word and is an undergarment for a lady's bust. So it's a bust holder not a tit holder and the ladies only have one bust each.

2. Panties is a derived femanised version of pants, why is beyond me and any record I can find. Pants is a shortened form of the word pantaloons which were tight fighting pants that hugged tight to the posterior.

My personal opinion is that Panties is an abbreviation of the word Pantalettes which were long drawers frilly above the ankles and worn by women and children. I cans ee these shrinking to the modern frilly panties and the word shrinking from pantalettes to panties very easily.

Many moons ago, probably before most of you lot were born and dinosaurs like me roamed the earth in our youth, women wore under garments or drawers of plain cotton, also the smaller and tighter ones were often called underpants. Panties always referred to the short tight fitting frilly versions with lace etc or made out of silk and satin.

Hope that helps you out. now go put your silk panties on and go to back bed.

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