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Just here to meet friends.
Guys, I already have one at home and i'm NOT interested in one night stands or getting together for some discreet times.

Debbie Fisher
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Topic: Blowjob with a condom... have you tried it?
Posted: 26 Aug 2015 23:54

The whole idea of it just seems wrong to me. I mean I can understand why you may want to do it if you are worried about STI/STD.

But to me it falls into a group with Dental Dams, Tofu Burgers and Non-Alcoholic Beer...............No Thanks!

I think if one worries about STI's/STD's than why would you give a BJ of sex for that matter

Topic: Girls, have you ever kissed another girl?
Posted: 19 Aug 2015 05:45

I'm not straight and yes I have kissed girls and love every second of it. If only men could kiss as good.

Topic: Sex-Fiend Test
Posted: 16 Aug 2015 04:51

I earned a 100%

Topic: being shared
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 11:39

Its the God's world and all the precious things that God has made should be shared ....... (including me....... LOL)

That's so true.

I have been shared several times and loved it. My husband always brought the guys home. We do keep it for special occasions and he's selective as to who he brings.

Topic: So, you like it from behind.... why?
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 11:26

I just love the deeper penetration. He can get a really good grip around my waist and just pound away, pulling me back on to his cock while i submit to him. Plus from behind, i don't have to see the face of whoever is fucking me. And as 'Dani' said. "The sex has a more raw, primal feel to it."

Topic: Gals, do you date outside your race?
Posted: 25 Feb 2015 04:46

Well... I guess it's a YES. I 'DATE' within the Human Species...

Topic: Would you sell yourself?
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 08:25

Oh, YES!! I did it more than once. The first time was whole hubby was away. A guy took me to a motel where we spent the night and in the morning i was in bed alone and on the bedside table was a $500.00.
After that it was a lot easier.
Hubby would freak if he knew though.

Topic: Australia has bid $50bn to buy New Zealand
Posted: 04 Jan 2015 09:00

I thought i read that back in 1901 when the Australian Constitution was drawn up. The Monarchy included New Zealand as Australian land and the Barton Government actually entitled it to govern it self but there was no mention of it becoming a separate country.

The other part of it is.
Thare are mor New Zealanders in Australia than there's left there

Topic: Unusual places to have sex?
Posted: 02 Jan 2015 02:57

In a graveyard at midnight and a full moon.
In the back of a pick-up naked driving down the main road with me cowgirl.
In the snow.
At 1600m in a light aircraft while George was flying. I had achieved it at higher altitudes but I actually wanted it at 1 mile high, to be true to the saying.
On the beach in the surf.
In a hospital ward (oral).

Hey Meggsy,
Think If you did it at 1600 metres, you have to go back and do it right.
1600m makes it 400m short of a mile. sad1

For me it was on the church steps at 3:00am

Topic: Blowjob with a condom... have you tried it?
Posted: 02 Jan 2015 02:39

Think That's got to be a trick question. Right? d'oh!
Who in their right mind, other than a porn actress, would stick one of those awful things in their mouth?

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Posted: 06 Jun 2015 20:09
Mmmmmm for you babe

Enjoy the weekend have some wild fun

Posted: 20 Apr 2015 20:50
thanks for the add love
Posted: 26 Mar 2015 17:11
Posted: 25 Mar 2015 15:01

Posted: 27 Dec 2014 12:33
Your the only one I know that is always on but the quietest lady on lush! Debbie don't change a damn thing Hun and I enjoy your friendship always

Posted: 27 Dec 2014 12:31
Posted: 14 Sep 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.

Posted: 13 Sep 2014 16:49
It's a bit early but
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you may you enjoy the entire day and have the greatest birthdY you've ever had to date!!!!!!!
Thanks for always being here too and that purple lipstick is awesome
Posted: 30 Aug 2014 12:56
Thank you for being my friend Debbie. Slicky
Posted: 16 Aug 2014 12:09
Posted: 01 Aug 2014 15:34
Posted: 29 Jul 2014 15:07
Respecting your wishes...just here for a friend to have fun with.


Posted: 27 Jul 2014 21:13

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 08:40

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 10:15
Thanks for the add sexy hope we. Chat soon
Posted: 04 Apr 2014 07:56
Thanks for the add
Posted: 14 Sep 2013 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 20 Mar 2013 15:41
thanks for the add

Posted: 18 Mar 2013 22:21
Thank you, Debbie for the add. I am greatly honored and just mesmerized by your mystery. I hope to get to learn more about you sometime.
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