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Topic Commando or not
Posted 16 Aug 2012 17:23

@ 1 nympholes I just asked Again. Now can Ihave my ice cream cone?

Topic Would you ever stop an elevator and do it with your partner?
Posted 16 Aug 2012 11:15

Had the pleasure with one of the girls I dated. We reached the floor we were going to but never exited do to the fact we were pretty heavy into each other by then. The doors closed and we were going at pretty heavy just as She and I were right on the cusp, the doors opened and in walk another couple They look a little shocked but I guess so did we . She pulled away just as I let go of my load it went all over her ass and on the floor of the elevator. She ran out the door and I just zipped up and said Oops. Needless to say we had a good laugh later. I wonder what the other couple thought.

Topic How do you make a guy cum when you're giving him head?
Posted 16 Aug 2012 10:55

I have to agree with HighDesert My wife absolutely loves to give head, hence one of the reasons I married her. Nothing thrills me more than seeing a woman with her lips wrapped around my cock that absolutely loves what she is doing. Oral sex is one of the most intimate things you can do to the other person. Why it is called a blow job is beyond me. I guess because so many women treat it as just that a job. If you don’t love the feel of your man’s Throbbing Cock in your Sweet and Sexy mouth please don’t bother. Learn to desire the feel of every ridge and vein as it glides across your tongue and lips. My wife loves how my cock feels when I flex and my cock grows that extra girth. Also ladies the underneath of the head is great but too many times there is not enough attention paid to the underside of base. Also too much stimulation on the head can sometimes can cause the man not to be able to reach climax. There is nothing is worse than a bad blow job. Ladies if you are doing it right, then there is no way he can help but to vocalize his deep appreciation.

Topic Why is the person above you locked in your bedroom?
Posted 16 Aug 2012 00:22

Dam son How many times do I have to tell you quit stealing my fliping underware

Topic sexy tattoos
Posted 15 Aug 2012 15:00

I have seen some really sexy tats, but to tell you the truth I don’t get why these gorgeous girls are getting sleeves or are placing numerous tattoos of the most god awe full things which do not compliment them or for that matter anyone. I personally don’t have any ink lord knows I have enough scars that I don’t need anything else marring me anymore than what I have done being My klutzy self. My wife has one at the start of her ass that I have deposited upon and she want another I told her I would rather her not but have agreed that if she wanted to add to the one she has I would pay for it.

Topic Unusual places to have sex?
Posted 15 Aug 2012 07:13

Most of these are with the same woman, In a tent while on a church camping trip with her boyfriend who I had to share a tent with sleeping right next to us god was it hard to keep her quiet thought she was going to wake everyone who when on the trip. On the stage of the chapel at church camp after the camping trips was over, still everyone with in reaching distance. On the roof of the Disney's Contemporary Resort. We got cuaght be security. Wonder if they still have the video. I an Olan Mills studio with the photograher while She was to be taking my picture, On the band bus while heading to the game She was a freak loved to be watched. many times in the airport parking gargage hey we couldn't wait. in an attic crawl space, I will have to write a story about that one, there are many more but they are not unusual.

Topic Are all men unsatisfied with the size of their penis?
Posted 15 Aug 2012 06:38

Well I never had a problem with the size of my cocktail weenie (lol) I have noticed as I have gotten older and the midsection has advance in it's girth, it seems that I am losing more and more visual evidence of my state of manhood. Also why it is that woman tend to jump right on the size of a man’s penis and use it as a weapon when fighting? I don’t think I have ever heard a man tell a woman, Oh yeah; well your Boobs are too small I feel like I am sucking on a mosquito bite. I have seen bigger pepquiños and if you don’t know what it is look it up you stupid bitch. I know you don’t want me to go on about your lack of intelligence.

Topic Shaving A Girl's Pussy
Posted 15 Aug 2012 06:10

I love shaving my wife. I usely have to give her the tongue test after doing so to see if I have gotten it smooth enough. I have on many occasioins brought a towel and a pot of water into the bedroom and given her a nice close shave and a nice warm wash. She says that it's really a turn on, having me spread her lips and the feel of me running my hands over her as I spread the lather over her Pussy. I have had to stop while shaving her many times due to the numerous climaxes she has had.

Topic Commando or not
Posted 15 Aug 2012 05:58

This is a two part question. Frist off I go commando and would love to get feed back as to what you women think about this. Second My wife has started going commando as well. I don't have aproblem with it, but dam I sure miss the thongs she use to sport. There are certain outfits that no panties is a big turn on but I really miss when she use to wear the thongs and one of my dress shirts.

Topic Against cumming in mouth...
Posted 15 Aug 2012 05:38

Well sweetie, I hope he doesn’t have an issue with the blow job, just the part of filling your throat with his cum. I can understand if you wanted him to piss down your throat or shit on your chest, but hey we are talking about the juices of life here. I will be only too happy to fill your need and I am sure there are plenty of others out there that will also volunteer. If he is into get his dick sucked then the next time he is ready to blow grab his ass hold him tight and swallow. Once again I’ll be happy to help you out : > )

Topic asking a girl out
Posted 14 Aug 2012 04:47

Good luck son! It can go either way. If she has flirted with you during your friendship you stand a good chance of turning it in to a great relationship if she has treaded you more like a brother then you are more than like to just remain on the friend list. If the latter is the case ask anyway let her know. it may not happen now but at least it will be inbedded in to her thought prosses. and who knows down the line She may just pursue you.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 30 Jul 2012 05:48

I would treat her so good