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I've been around on various sites for a while, I enjoy dominating women, telling them what to do and then getting "reports" from them. Love to just chat and pics too. However, I do NOT roleplay or cyber.

I am not looking at this time, but, I can be found. However, make sure you understand what I'm about, please.

I enjoy a lot of different types of stories, mainly BDSM, humiliation, domination and some mind control.

If you're a female reading this and you're in a chat room with me, feel free to speak to me, or whisper me, but please, read below.

READ THIS: If you plan on communicating with me for anything more than casual chat, and I do like to chat, then you'll need to prove to me that you're a woman, expect to be sending me a picture of my choosing, face NOT included. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.

I like women, naturally born women, only, that means no TS, TG, CD etc.

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23 Feb 2018 16:02
cooking, some fishing, learning things.
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Like most music except hip-hop and rap, although I can't listen to any one type for too long.


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Topic: Stockings, do you wear them and do you prefer stay ups or garter belts?
Posted: 14 Feb 2018 08:46

And what is your favorite color or style?

When you wear them do you feel sexier and do you like to show your stocking tops and thighs.

Yes, when I was younger and women wore only stockings the idea of a glimpsing that flesh was very exciting, and also fairly rare.

Topic: Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted: 07 Feb 2018 07:36

So what is the fascination?

It's the intimacy of the item and the revealing upon request. I personally don't care what color panties, undies, lingerie or whatever you want to call what you are wearing at the moment are, I care that you told me.

The item is located where most men want to go. The fact that you told me is somewhat exciting. But the item itself?

I once heard a story about a husband and wife at a party and the wife catches the husband staring at a particularly attractive young woman. When she confronts him he says" oh, I'm only admiring the dress" and she responds with, "I've never seen you look at a dress like that on a hanger in the department store ". I think that sums it up. Yes the dress may be stunning, but not just hanging in the closet, the woman makes in irresistable. The same with the panties. When you've told me what color you're wearing, you've revealed something intimate to me. Let's face it, you wouldn't show me in real life just in passing. Would you?

Topic: Please explain something.
Posted: 26 Jan 2018 06:29

There is no better answer than the ones from the ladies themselves as to how to act towards them in the chat rooms.

I've been here for over 5 years now, and I will say this, Lush has changed quite a bit over that time. I believe there is now more rudeness exhibited, at least by females. Men have always been rude, and there is the problem. A woman will probably conclude that you are and will therefore have to be "won" over.

I have three rules on Lush that I abide by:

1. Always read the profiles of who you are or want to speak with. -- If you want cyber and they say don't, why bother trying? A simple hello will suffice and maybe some small talk, but don't ask her to cyber you. You may be surprised that as you just chat she really wants to cyber after all. or maybe not.

2. Always assume nothing is at it seems. --yes, some "females" aren't, they are guys (don't ask, I don't know). Some subs aren't, some Dommes aren't, some lesbians aren't. And something that seems to be coming up more and more, some are not of age.

3. Always be respectful --I may not agree with you, I may not like what you do/say, I may not like that you're an imposter, but I will be courteous to you. Exception to this: If you come into a room and are openly rude and disrespectful I will, as will others, call you out.

Females are overwhelmed by the number of whispers and hellos they get when they come into a room. I wait a bit, then say hello. Many times I get a response, many times I don't. Many times it's a whispered response, so I whisper back.

I also post pictures, and I get many responses from that, both openly and whispered.

Topic: crashes
Posted: 25 Jan 2018 06:42

Well here we are, Thursday, Jan. 25th, and I, for one, have had no issues on Lush for about three days now.

Thank you for finding and fixing the problem! Yes, I know it's your "job" to do it, but still Thank You!

Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 08:02

This kind of depends on a whole bunch of things. What is she wearing? which way is she facing? Skirt, legs mostly. From the front in a tight sweater, guess. leggings or skinny jeans, legs wearing a tight sweater, guess. no jacket or long top wearing leggings or tight jeans, rear end, wearing a tight sweater, etc., But I always go from whatever to her face. and her hair.

Topic: crashes
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 07:57

The site seems to be crashing around 8 am to 10 am EST every day, with s few exceptions. I"ve noticed on my computer that I have to daily access my task manager and shut down my browsers so they dump whatever they have. Is this possible the same thing? If so and if it's the black boxes, etc, why not simply for the time being post that the site will be down every day from 0800 to 0815 EST or 0300, etc GMT or what ever its being called now, and dump the data?

Topic: How many women had a good first experience with a man?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 07:47

I always here about how it was: okay, meh, so-so, wondered what all the fuss was about, etc. But were any of your experiences good, And no, don't post ages of first time please.

Topic: Ladies, have you ever used a Sybian or similar. If not, would you?
Posted: 20 Nov 2017 06:15

And I've said that if I lived in a city I'd invest in one, then made sure the word got around that I had it.

Topic: How many of you women own a Hitachi Wand? Why? and do you also own
Posted: 14 Nov 2017 04:53

other vibrators? If so, why?

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Marian The Librarian

She loved books! God, how she loved books. Books could do so much. Yes movies and the internet could too, but you didn't need your imagination with them. Now books - a book could take you to the furthest reaches of our planet, or other planets beyond our solar system. They could take you into the inner workings of a space ship, the deepest part of the oceans, into the best and most...

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You Wanted It, Didn't You?

You're on your third date with a guy, and while it's been nice, it's been kind of lame too. Oh yeah, he's kissed you, and it felt good, really good. You've pressed your body against his, and the contact felt really good too, but you couldn't entice him into anything more. You've begun to wonder why he hasn't tried to do more, is it you, are you not "hot" enough? You know you're not movie...

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The Train Ride

It was time to head back to college after three days at home and that meant a commuter train trip into New York City then a walk to the bus terminal and a bus upstate. Plenty of time to relax but no one to share it with. She was catching the train for the hour and half trip in mid-morning, a time when all the business commuters were already at work so the train would be more or less empty....

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She's Sorry

"Please. Please! I really am sorry and I'll do anything, anything at all . . . please." The last word was said in a very small, almost defeated voice. We had been friends of sorts for a while. She was in her twenties and I was somewhat older. I had met her online and we had fooled around a little. I had dominated her long distance via email, text and phone, and on skype once or twice. As...

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