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Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 04 May 2013 20:35

I am so tired of parents acting like children... A friend of mine is going through a really hard time with some medical problems that the doctors can't seem to figure out and his mom came down to "take care of him." Well she doing a shit awful job at it she takes him on a trip that he doesn't want to go on to some place 3 hours away and proceeds to get drunk off her ass. So now he's trying to keep his shit together but he's freaking out and has no one to help him deal with it all, as if he's not under enough stress already. She's really lucky I didn't go on the trip because I think I'd lose my shit and fucking scream at her right now. She is the most useless adult I know, your son really needs someone to support him and all you can do is get drunk and make everything worse. Quit acting like this is a vacation to have fun and lose your mind and take care of your damn son. I'm not his mother and I do better offering support and care when I can because I understand that he needs someone. I'm more helpful than she is and I'm 3 hours away! I swear if I had a GPS I would get in my car and drive down there right now and bring him home while she passes out in her hotel room to wake up feeling like the god awful parent she is. Way to take care of your son when he really could use it..... I really don't think I've ever wanted to scream at her more in my life and I've known her for going on 8 years. I should have known that she wouldn't be able to put her son first I've had enough time to learn better. I thought this would help but I'm still fucking infuriated at this whole situation cussing

Topic The smell of WHAT????
Posted 11 Mar 2013 21:45

Nutbag I can't say much more.

I'm with you on this one!

Topic What is your favorite color pantie and bra
Posted 09 Mar 2013 22:52

Black or Red mainly. As for teddies or corsets it just depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 09 Mar 2013 22:48

Pretty Kinky 63%

You kinkscore is pretty high. Most likely you're up for trying anything at least once, which show open-mindedness. You're probably a great lay, so just keep doing that thing you do!

Topic In your Relationship...
Posted 09 Mar 2013 22:36

Submissive for sure

Topic Songs That Remind You Of Him/Her
Posted 04 Mar 2013 19:52

I can't help but think of sitting in the passenger seat during long road trips with him.

Topic Today in songs (post a song representing your mood)
Posted 29 Nov 2012 21:31

Topic Heartbreak-Which song sums it up for you?
Posted 29 Nov 2012 13:09

Recently got the new Christina Aguilera and this song just seemed perfect.

Topic Where do you Lush?
Posted 23 Sep 2012 21:31

My laptop mostly in bed but on occasion the living room and kitchen

Topic What are your Halloween plans & costume?
Posted 05 Sep 2012 21:02

I know of one party I will be attending but there may be others lol as for my costume I will be going as Sweet Pea from SuckerPunch :)

Topic What Is Your Favourite Dessert?
Posted 05 Sep 2012 20:57

Plain cheesecake or tiramisu (but only from a very specific restaurant)

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 03 Sep 2012 20:31

Talking to a great Lush friend, the comments on part 1 of my newest story, working on the next section, and remembering the night that inspired it

Topic How did you first discover you liked reading sex stories?
Posted 13 Aug 2012 16:33

A guy I was seeing mentioned he visited a site called Lush and I wanted to check it out... read stories for a bit before submitting a few of my own

Topic The animal in you.
Posted 13 Aug 2012 16:19

Got the Mole lol not the funnest sounding animal but the description is fairly accurate

It's easy to recognize a mole personality. They have pasty complexions and are usually seen in late night coffee shops, jazz bars or underground clubs. To avoid drawing attention to themselves, they favor dark clothing and sunglasses and are the first people to volunteer for the graveyard shift.

Physically, moles are not awe-inspiring individuals. Their pale skin and plump physique are usually accompanied by thick glasses or contacts that compensate for poor eyesight. However, they are comfortable with their flaccid bodies and seek companionship with others who appreciate their more philosophical qualities. Shunning contemporary fashions, moles prefer dark clothes and retro-styles.

There's something compelling about the mole personality, and in the early sixties it was quite fashionable to be a mole in the form of a creative and philosophical beatnik expressing angst through music and poetry. Bob Dylan and John Lennon carried the mole standard into the seventies, but the fashion largely died and moles were forced back underground.

Passive and unassertive, they prefer to retreat at the first sign of confrontation and would rather run than take physical action. If they were to be found on a rare trip to Disneyworld, angry tan lines would be a dead giveaway to their mole personality.

Moles are restless and, although constantly engaged in activity, they never seem to get anything done. Careers are taken seriously, though. So seriously, in fact, that with their little heads down and their backs fully into the job moles may not notice the world going by. But even moles have dreams, and long for a time when they can put down the shovel and take a well-deserved hammock break on a quiet shady beach.

Moles have extremely sharp minds and are excellent problem solvers. As reflected in their determined burrowing through difficult terrain, moles prefer solutions with straight lines rather than having to go around problems. When confronted with difficult issues they never give up; hacking away with dogged determination until the answer is found. This attribute makes them perfect for jobs in engineering, accounting or diagnostic work. With their unique underground perspective on life, moles have enormous potential as songwriters, poets, or left-wing journalists, and some of the world's finest philosophical writing has emanated from moles.

Topic The random thread
Posted 04 Aug 2012 21:54

It's a big rock, can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big.
-Spike (Becoming)

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 04 Aug 2012 00:28

Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean featuring Ludacris

Topic Your Favorite Quotes
Posted 29 Jul 2012 22:36

All quotes from the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter or The Black Dagger Brotherhood series :)

Ignorance isn't bliss, but neither is knowledge.

You don't plan love, it just happens.

You hate most in others what you don’t like in yourself.

What is love? Sometimes it's just letting yourself be who and what you are, and letting the person you're supposed to love be who and what he is to.

You can't truly hate someone you've love. You can only hurt.

The truth is what it is, spoken or not.

But you couldn’t help who you fell in love with- or change the feelings of someone who didn’t love you back.

Simple decisions have ramifications that can be shattering.

Topic Just One Of Those Days
Posted 26 Jul 2012 21:51

Thank you for the image Shylass I absolutely love it :)

Topic Suspending
Posted 26 Jul 2012 21:49

I just realized that this topic got moved into a new section and I have no idea why. The original post was in a general topic area as I understand that suspending is not anything normally associated with odd dontknow

CoopsRuthie to answer your question I did mean suspending by hooks or such inserted in the skin. Most of what I've seen on the subject doesn't require the individual to have any kind of surgical procedure lol it's just hooks put in the skin that are removed after the session is over. I does seem to leave behind some serious scars which may be a deterrent for some; but everything comes with a price so I guess I just lump that in with the discomfort/pain one may experience along with the actual monetary cost.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 16 Jul 2012 23:28

My drink and some good music happy8

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 23:26

Crown and 7... must say it makes for a good night after a shit day drunken

Topic Songs From Musicals
Posted 15 Jul 2012 21:49

Well anything from Rent gets my vote but one of my favorites has to be La Vie Boheme!!! This never fails to improve my mood if it's been a long day.

Topic Just One Of Those Days
Posted 12 Jul 2012 16:07

Always glad to hear this thread is useful to my Lush friends; I hope your feeling better today Gurlyboy and I absolutely love that you can quote Buffy bits!! I was reading your post and thought to myself that when I made the original post I had a Buffy quote that would fit perfectly but forgot to include it d'oh!

See when I get into one of these moods I often go shut myself away in my room to avoid unintentionally freaking out on someone and I think Buffy summed it up the best when she said, "I don't want any trouble. I just wanna be alone and quiet in a room with a chair and a fireplace and a tea cozy. I don't even know what a tea cozy is. But I want one. Instead, I keep getting trouble, which I am more than willing to share."

Now that I have remedied the earlier forgetfulness I'm off.

Topic Your Favorite Quotes
Posted 11 Jul 2012 22:45

Apologies are just words. -Lady Heather on CSI

We can not change the truth no matter how much we dislike it. -Raven on Teen Titans

When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew. - Shakespeare

Memories are what warm you up inside but they're also what tear you apart. -Not sure who said it

In the end, we are all who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed. -Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Topic random question to all the american readers out there
Posted 11 Jul 2012 22:28

Also a no from me.

Topic Just One Of Those Days
Posted 11 Jul 2012 22:27

I'm all, grrrr, and crybaby , and grrrrrr, and feck off, and crybaby , and tomorrow is going to be CRAPPETTY CRAP. On a stick. crybaby angry7

I just want fish and chips and Haagen Dazs Dulce du leche and a cuddle until I fall asleep with a sexy lad that fancies me, and I can't have any of those. crybaby angry7

I hope your day was better then CRAPPETTY CRAP on a stick Shylass but if that is not the case feel free to post away! I'm glad someone else got good use out of this thread as well and I totally agree on wanting Haagen Dazs and a cuddle time with a sexy lad but I'm in the same boat there.

Also thank you to TheDevilsWeakness for a great song.

Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 11 Jul 2012 00:15

I wish this scene had made it into the movie so much! I love how it starts out with a semi funny exchange between Tom tells Benny then turns around and breaks my heart with Mimi and Roger crybaby

Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 10 Jul 2012 23:58

One of my favorite funny movie scenes by my favorite comedian Jim Carrey!

Topic Just One Of Those Days
Posted 10 Jul 2012 23:40

So I've seen The Rage Cage and Meh threads but I think I fall somewhere between the two today. I'm sure everyone has had one of those days where you wake up in a pissed off mood for no reason or ended up there for no particular reason angry9 That is where I am at the moment; I was thinking about venting in The Rage Cage but found I had nothing to really vent... I'm just pissed. I had a pretty standard day that doesn't warrant my shit awful mood yet I feel like throwing my glass at the wall, though being plastic it wouldn't have desired effect. I'm usually a pretty upbeat person which is why I can't stand when I have days like this! Well here it is for those Lush members who don't have a reason for the awful mood they are in... feel free to post whatever. I hope it helps you! At least I don't feel quite so much like throwing my glass anymore.

Also for my Lush community stuck in this craptastic mood I present one of my favorite songs for just these type of days. violent3

Topic Suspending
Posted 10 Jul 2012 23:23

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply :) This is something that I have been contemplating for awhile. The only problem being I have a fairly low tolerance for pain and am not sure I'd be able to make it through the hook placement... Modify was one of the first pieces I watched on the subject and is what really got me interested in the subject. Those who spoke about suspending said for the most part that it was one of the most relaxing and euphoric experiences they've had. I'm usually one to shy away from pain but this is just one of those things that has stuck in my mind and had continued interest.