Party Tasks

Rene was driving absentmindedly. Her mind raced as she thought of the possibilities. Ed had asked to see her tonight. More importantly, Ed had asked to see her and had told her to dress sexy. It was that that had her mind soaring to places that were everywhere but on the road in front of her. She remembered the last time Ed had made a request. They were going to go to a party and Ed...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Birthday Surprises

Some women are fine getting their husbands a tie or a new golf club for their birthdays, but I wanted to get my husband Alex something really special for his 40th birthday. He always said that his fantasy was to have two women at the same time. A couple of years ago, I confided in my friend Natalie that Alex had been dreaming about a threesome. Natalie’s eyes grew wide. I thought she...Read On



The Ladies club

Tina spotted the black purse from almost 100 feet away. She glanced around quickly. The tail of a plane moving past the window held her eye for a moment. She started moving closer to the purse, eyeing the crowd as she did. She stopped, waiting breathlessly, estimating that it would take three long strides to grab the purse and sprint away. Her nerves were tingling. The hair was standing up at...Read On



Full Repair

My name is Suzie and I’m a housewife. I wanted to tell you about a truly memorable day that has started a new hobby for me—finding things around the house that need fixing. When I’ve been desperate, I’ve even broken a few things just so they could be fixed. Let me tell you why this is so much fun! It all started when my husband was off early one morning on a business trip for a week. I had...Read On