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Topic: Summer Sex!
Posted: 02 Jul 2015 12:35

Frank, let me get this straight, only beach or summer setting stories, and can they be already published here?
I know of one that might fit your criteria, not mine, but would not want to tell my friend if the story does not meet what you are looking for.

here it is

I hope to hear from you so I can tell my friend, or you can contact them I guess...

Thank you

Hi Chica, Thanks for the heads up, but only unpublished stories are considered. Any kind of summery, resorty, exotic locale theme is welcome. There have been some really inventive takes on this, and I'm very excited about the submissions that have come in. The idea is to celebrate summertime....vacation time...like that. The final editing is underway now, but if you or anyone you know has something that's ready to look at then a few more submissions would be welcome. In another week or so, the window will unfortunately have to close.

Topic: Summer Sex!
Posted: 01 Jul 2015 11:16

August 5th. Bring lotion. Lots and lots of lotion.

Topic: Removing stories here for sale on Amazon?
Posted: 19 Jun 2015 13:12


Metilda's point about simply hiding your stories vs removing them completely is an excellent one. And what she's saying about Amazon changing their policy as well is worth considering. I'm still undecided about it, but I'm not especially fond of Amazon to begin with, and they are biased against erotica regardless of the revenues they collect from it.

You can certainly change your name here without losing any part of your profile. I'd suggest asking one of the mods who to contact for help. If you visit the Lush Publishing forum here you can get the general rundown on how, where and what to submit. You can also send me a PM anytime you'd like if you have any questions.

I don't mean to sound disparaging, but poetry may not be the best way to test the waters. It's not a popular item anywhere, and you're sure to get a better audience right here than anywhere else. New readers can get to know you here.

Feel free to send a PM, if you like, but if Nicola and Metilda are offering, too, write to them as well. It can't hurt to get as much information and different points of view as you can.

Topic: Removing stories here for sale on Amazon?
Posted: 19 Jun 2015 11:59

Has anyone removed one or more of their stories here for sale on Amazon? I'm intending on writing / selling on Amazon, but I have some stories here that I would like to delete here and publish under another name on KDP. Anything TOS / legal-wise wrong with that?



Hi GW, if you don't mind another comment to add to what Nicola has said.... If you're planning to post something on Amazon that was already published here, then you're not likely to get as large a readership as you're used to here. Especially if you're going to use a new pen name and starting out completely fresh. Lush is an excellent place to build a readership, and you can certainly let your readers here know of your name change, but if they've already seen your work here then not many are likely to follow you to Amazon.

Your best bet is to publish something new, and then you can promote it with your readers and followers here. If you publish an ebook on Amazon, publishing some here for free at the same time is an excellent way to bring traffic to your Amazon page while your ebook is new. Strike while the iron's hot, as it were.

You can also think about submitting to an established erotica publisher (like Lush Publishing for example :) who will handle putting together your cover, editing and formatting your manuscript, and giving your title more exposure than you can on your own. A lot of people prefer the independence of self-publishing, but it's a tough slog out there on your own.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out the way you hope.

Topic: Coming reeeeeeel soon: Fire at Dawn
Posted: 17 Jun 2015 17:24

drunken zombies usually gawk at my brain. you know nothing, Frank Lee. :)

Geeze, and I thought zombies were suppose to eat your brain.

Topic: Coming reeeeeeel soon: Fire at Dawn
Posted: 17 Jun 2015 17:09

does it involve burning your house down? sorry, i'm a little obsessive sometimes. Embarassed flower

No! It involves drinking excessively and the two of us gawking at your butt like a pair drunken zombies. You know...the usual.

Topic: Coming reeeeeeel soon: Fire at Dawn
Posted: 16 Jun 2015 06:02

which dude? tell me, you bastard, or i WILL burn your house down. umm... i mean, we're all curious... yeah, that's what i meant... Embarassed

I'll give you a hint. It's not Buz. He's busy with another project at the moment.

Topic: Coming reeeeeeel soon: Fire at Dawn
Posted: 15 Jun 2015 10:05

Sometime in the next week or two, the fine folks at Lush Publishing are going to announce the release date of Fire at Dawn, a brand, spanking new novella co-written by Ms. Katherine Rollins (a.k.a. Delphi, in case you live in Saskatchewan and didn't know) and some dude who's a member here and posts dirty stories once in a while. I can't remember his name right now.

Fire at Dawn is an erotic love story set in Spain and Cyprus. Editing is nearly complete, and we should have a cover image to show off soon!

Topic: Summer Sex!
Posted: 15 Jun 2015 09:54

Just wanted to bump this thread and let folks know the anthology is coming along beautifully. We have an excellent group of stories already in the can, and a few more really promising ones on the way. Editing has already started, and to those of you who are waiting to see notes, thanks for being patient while the juggling act is in progress.

If anyone has been thinking of submitting, there's still room for more, and we can keep taking submissions through the end of this month. Then, in July...get ready for the heatwave!

Topic: What is the best Mid Range DSLR Camera for your money?
Posted: 11 Jun 2015 05:00

Mirrorless does seem to be where the next big things are going to come from. For me they are an obvious step forward with the technology but you still can't stop people wanting to have an SLR to look like a "proper" photographer. That said, who's going to argue with someone carrying one of those gorgeous Leicas?

True. "Size matters" is a be-all, end-all concept for a lot of photographers. I'd love a Leica M camera, but ever since I started shooting with Fuji's X cameras I've lost a lot of my curiosity about others. Not that I wouldn't love to have a good full frame camera in the arsenal.

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Stories Published By Frank_Lee
Editor's Pick The Freak Inside

Empty brick factories were falling down around her. Glory days abandoned. Hungry souls watched from every broken window. The black thigh highs were balled up in the same hand with her clutch. They were only a couple shades darker than the tone of her bare thighs. The spikes she’d been wearing dangled from the other hand. It was a couple more hours to sunrise, and the cement still...

Added 04 May 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 35 | Avg Score 5 | Views 12,871 | 34 Comments

Recommended Read Just a Girl

“Mina. Come in here, please.” Although he was in the next room, his tone was soft and low, as if he’d been standing beside her. He’d called her to the living room with the same words numerous times by now, and she was almost always apprehensive. So often, it seemed she’d done something wrong and he’d recite instructions with soft patience while she stood before his easy chair in whatever...

Added 14 Apr 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 36 | Avg Score 5 | Views 29,176 | 26 Comments

Fuck Story

She walked in the house without speaking a word, her pneumatically pumped hips and tits rocking in a counterpoint of viciously quivering girl flesh. In a thin, tight, tank style t-shirt dress – neckline cut nearly to her deep brown areolas, hem a scant couple of inches past her flexing round ass – she was an almond skin, chocolate brunette fuckdoll. Fallon stood in silence against the...

Added 05 Sep 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 27,008 | 21 Comments

Recommended Read Who Am I Now?

He was thinking about that rickety set of wooden stairs going up the side of the house. Rickety house. Rickety love. Then the train banked at speed and Bill listed sideways into a much bigger, dark-skinned man sitting a space away. The man hardly budged. Bill was sure he was the only one in the entire car who swayed as far as the train. He mumbled a garbled apology and righted himself...

Added 07 Mar 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,767 | 27 Comments

Editor's Pick Dancing on Grapes

The jet black Z3 was eating up shoreline like a ravenous hawk, but Hayden decided to pull off the highway. Cutting his speed and easing onto one of the winding side roads, he stole another glance at Diva. She had the passenger’s seat reclined half way while she stared at the roadside in silence. She was close enough to reach out and touch, but the rest of her was somewhere far away from there. ...

Added 18 Jul 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 5,649 | 26 Comments

Recommended Read Pretty Mama

Jimmy was flat on his back with his head under the front end of the Fairmont. He was trying to loosen a rusty bolt at an odd angle. “ Fuck .” As soon as he spat the word he spotted a small pair of lime green sneakers in front of the car. Lime green sneakers, white socks and the sapling-like shins of a child. A ratty looking teddy bear was hanging down beside the shins. He put down...

Added 08 Feb 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,002 | 29 Comments

Editor's Pick No Honey No Baby No Bitch

“Baby, please,” she sobbed. “I just don’t know…” she looked off toward the window, her profile twisted in anguish, “…how it all gets ahold of me.” Kane regarded her in silence over the rim of his whiskey. She looked deflated but tense. A few hours ago she would’ve stopped traffic. Now she looked ready to lie down in it. The only windows faced the alley, and a random spiral of smoke...

Added 11 Nov 2012 | Category Love Stories | Votes 45 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 16,664 | 28 Comments

Recommended Read Siren

They pulled a polyethylene drop sheet over his body as he lay in the trench. Demonic laughter merged with the sound of heavy plastic. “Dancin’ with the devil now, motherfucker,” somebody said up above the crinkle. More laughter, voices fading off toward the outer fringes of the junkyard. They left the knife in his thigh, along with three bullets in the trunk of his body. ...

Added 17 Sep 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 3,160 | 11 Comments

Recommended Read Cherry Blossom

Sakura uttered a soft whimper when Elizabeth wrung the hand towel over the basin and pressed it onto the teacup pout of her naked pussy. The temperature of the fabric was just enough shy of scalding to cause a split second’s burning sensation before her pores opened to welcome the heat under her skin. “Your landing strip is pretty,” the slender blonde told her. “But Mr. Paxton prefers...

Added 31 Mar 2014 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 9,449 | 18 Comments

Recommended Read Cherry Blossom 2

Sakura was sitting straight as a Newell post, hands clasped over her closely set knees. The skirt Paxton had chosen for her was tighter than she was used to, and she was acutely aware of how much her thighs were revealed in her current position. Her blouse was eggshell beige, creating a strong contrast with the crisp, black skirt without overstating her presence. Dr. Lanyard slouched in...

Added 05 Sep 2014 | Category Masturbation | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 4,180 | 12 Comments

eBooks Published By Frank_Lee
Naked Journey
Naked Journey

A lone seafarer by nature, Max agrees to take Alana onboard to help lighten the load of piloting his 45 foot motor cruiser. On a journey along the South American coast, Alana does everything in her power to make Max give in to the powerful chemistry between them. Held back by their past and the...

Violet Rising
Violet Rising

Athletic and beautiful Violet Chase is an affluent, suburban dream. When a handsome and adoring young houseguest moves in for the summer, she realizes the dream she embodies was never her own. Then the soothing voice of a distant stranger begins to reassure her that her own dreams can only be set...


Professor Stone finds himself sharing his house with Nikki, the devilish daughter of the mail order bride he married in order to help her get a green card. Once Ning's papers are legal, she and Stone part ways amicably. But Nikki has her own plans, including continuing college where Stone...

Echo James is on the run from a sordid life with a psychopathic ex-con and his collection of hedonistic followers. All the willowy blonde knows for sure is that her life depends on putting the past behind her, no matter what kind of unpredictable future lies ahead. Through a mutual connection,...


Every artist loves their work, but what happens when one falls in love with his subject? Poised on the brink of success, Rey has been creating revealing prints of Teal, his former protege and daughter of the university chancellor where he teaches life drawing classes. The only problem is that Teal...

Profane Grace
Profane Grace

A chance encounter brings Ilsa, the beautiful, blonde trophy wife of a prominent lawyer, to the undivided attention of one of her husband’s wealthiest and most controversial clients. The moment Dorn, a world renowned painter, meets Ilsa at a formal business function, he is immediately...

Midnight Burns
Midnight Burns

Lance meets the beautiful, raven haired Skye at a sidewalk café on the tropical resort island where he lives. The pair meet there every morning as Skye takes time out on her daily walk to the beach. With Skye in town on an extended holiday with her husband, she and Lance have ample...

The Purring Tiger's Tale
The Purring Tiger's Tale

When an erotic photographer brings an exotic yet inexperienced model all the way from Braizil to his remote, island home in Asia, the emotional wall he spent years building begins to crumble. Veronica can't help questioning how deep Nolan's interest in her runs. Despite his profession and the...


Once upon a time, Townes had been a straight up, by the book patrol officer. Right up until the night he was shot and stabbed by Cray, a low rent sociopath, and his gang. Left for dead in a junkyard ditch, Townes fights his way back. Over the next three years, he survives a tailspin of torment...

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