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Topic: I Would Like To Announce...
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 04:18

Congratulations to you both on a job beautifully done.

Topic: Onto vs. on to
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 03:33

I never quoted a published source verbatim; the example I posted was my own work.

Yes, it was. And a very fine example, too.

Topic: Onto vs. on to
Posted: 28 Aug 2015 11:06

The preposition "onto", as one word, is acceptable if we are referring to something "to the position of", or, "on the surface of".


"He fell onto the floor."

"His mouth latched onto her nipple."

However, if we want our preposition "onto" to mean "onwards and towards", we write it as two separate words.


"Let's move on to the next question."

"I hope to go on to university once I leave school."

This is an excellent explanation. And yes, it works the same way here in the United Snakes.

On a general side note, those quoting examples verbatim from published sources really need to cite them.

That's how I was taught in England. If the US rules differ, please elaborate.

This is an excellent explanation. And yes, it works the same way here in The United Snakes.

On a more general side note, anyone quoting published sources verbatim really needs to cite where it came from.

Topic: Participles - The Hidden Dangers Of "ing"
Posted: 27 Aug 2015 19:26

Eyes stare hard is perfectly fine. It's just not the most effective writing. As something to throw out to illustrate a grammatical example, it serves its purpose just fine.

To say "eyes stare" or "eager hands" is called synecdoche. A glare is hard, but a stare is only when you look at something (or nothing) for a long time.

What Chrissie says here is all sound, although there's some confusion in the last part between participial phrases and progressive verb forms.

But fuck it. I most appreciate that Chrissie approaches a topic that to most people is about as pleasant as shoveling mud with your face, yet she does so with a light and positive attitude to make it seem less threatening. The vast majority of people learn to hate reading and writing because they're mistakenly taught that their technical errors are more important than they really are and diminish what they're trying to say. Yeah, yeah, yeah...this isn't to say that something can't be written with total incompetence and end up being incomprehensible. Sure. Good grammar and good writing may overlap to varying degrees, but they are distinctly different creatures.

"A language is not a logical set of scientific formulas or rules; it is a complex, flexible instrument of communication based on traditions and preferences." Betty Azar

Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 26 Aug 2015 06:23

In order, lol: visioneer, FrankLee and Cleo el Gato. All extremely close though!

Thank you most kindly, Ms Doll. :)

Topic: Trouble posting my ebook here on lush
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 17:53

It works perfectly now. Thanks very much Gav.

And adding on another note of thanks to Gav for all that hard work and perseverance. Your work is a benefit to us all.

Topic: Ideas for future competitions
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 17:30

a few things - we don't do fan fiction.

also, i don't recall if i meant to suggest it and forget or if i actually did suggest it, that we do a comp where past winners and mods are exempt? i think it's something i wouldn't hate seeing, honestly. My 2 cents

If the idea is to make it a "new" talent comp, then why not even limit the time contestants have been members. Open to those who've been members no more than a year by the date of the comp deadline. Maybe even Liz will think the fresh meat angle will have that sexy zombie appeal.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 21 Aug 2015 13:25


Topic: Seeking a Collaborator for Supernatural genre
Posted: 14 Aug 2015 14:37

I have to imagine you'd make a marvelous writing partner. It's so tempting to write with you, but I know I'd only end up giving you high blood pressure. Just ask Delphi. lol Good luck finding someone. Better yet, hopefully the right idea will come to you.

Topic: Lush Summer
Posted: 08 Aug 2015 06:27

That was me :)

For some reason though dontknow My comment will not show so I have tried again via amazon UK

That's fantastic, kiera, thank you! Yes, if you're in the UK your review will show up one the Amazon UK page but not on the US page. It's good to know you enjoyed the book that much, and your time to let others know is very sincerely appreciated.

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Stories Published By Frank_Lee
A Brief List of Things I'm Never Going to Say

We were eating on the same side of the table again because she likes it like that but I like the other side because I get to see more of her face but I never say this and sit where she asks me to because of how she gets this smile that makes the air feel like something else but still made of air like air you don’t mind being inside of And I never talk about ...

Added 01 Sep 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 87 | 3 Comments

Recommended Read Fingerfuck

“Show me.” She looked at her knees without talking. Her earlier confidence was gone. Sitting on his kitchen chair, she could’ve been a whole other girl. “Cannot.” Her accent was less pronounced in short replies. She’d been studying English half her twenty years, but it was only her first week in an English speaking world. “You can. It’s simple.” “Not simple.” Despite...

Added 14 Aug 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 29 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 3,101 | 22 Comments

Recommended Read Fuck

The way she was breathing kept her tits heaving under their own excessive weight. Her eyes were hooded to slits. She might have looked furious if she’d had clothes on. He wanted to scoop her opulent mounds into his hands and squeeze until she whined he was squeezing too hard, but his hands were planted on her wrists against the mattress and his arms were fencepost straight, holding...

Added 12 Aug 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 16 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,524 | 15 Comments

Recommended Read Almond Girl

All twelve stood at the bank trying to gauge the drop over the ledge to the river in quarter moonlight. Lashed together wrist-by-wrist, they’d only drag each other down and no one would make it out alive. But the dogs were getting closer, and so was the time to either jump or wait and be taken back to the compound. Jagger, the one who’d convinced the others to run when the rare...

Added 29 Jul 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,858 | 18 Comments

Editor's Pick The Freak Inside

Empty brick factories were falling down around her. Glory days abandoned. Hungry souls watched from every broken window. The black thigh highs were balled up in the same hand with her clutch. They were only a couple shades darker than the tone of her bare thighs. The spikes she’d been wearing dangled from the other hand. It was a couple more hours to sunrise, and the cement still...

Added 04 May 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 35 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,849 | 34 Comments

Recommended Read Just a Girl

“Mina. Come in here, please.” Although he was in the next room, his tone was soft and low, as if he’d been standing beside her. He’d called her to the living room with the same words numerous times by now, and she was almost always apprehensive. So often, it seemed she’d done something wrong and he’d recite instructions with soft patience while she stood before his easy chair in whatever...

Added 14 Apr 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 42 | Avg Score 5 | Views 34,299 | 28 Comments

Fuck Story

She walked in the house without speaking a word, her pneumatically pumped hips and tits rocking in a counterpoint of viciously quivering girl flesh. In a thin, tight, tank style t-shirt dress – neckline cut nearly to her deep brown areolas, hem a scant couple of inches past her flexing round ass – she was an almond skin, chocolate brunette fuckdoll. Fallon stood in silence against the...

Added 05 Sep 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 27,820 | 21 Comments

Recommended Read Who Am I Now?

He was thinking about that rickety set of wooden stairs going up the side of the house. Rickety house. Rickety love. Then the train banked at speed and Bill listed sideways into a much bigger, dark-skinned man sitting a space away. The man hardly budged. Bill was sure he was the only one in the entire car who swayed as far as the train. He mumbled a garbled apology and righted himself...

Added 07 Mar 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,044 | 27 Comments

Editor's Pick Dancing on Grapes

The jet black Z3 was eating up shoreline like a ravenous hawk, but Hayden decided to pull off the highway. Cutting his speed and easing onto one of the winding side roads, he stole another glance at Diva. She had the passenger’s seat reclined half way while she stared at the roadside in silence. She was close enough to reach out and touch, but the rest of her was somewhere far away from there. ...

Added 18 Jul 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 5,736 | 26 Comments

Recommended Read Pretty Mama

Jimmy was flat on his back with his head under the front end of the Fairmont. He was trying to loosen a rusty bolt at an odd angle. “ Fuck .” As soon as he spat the word he spotted a small pair of lime green sneakers in front of the car. Lime green sneakers, white socks and the sapling-like shins of a child. A ratty looking teddy bear was hanging down beside the shins. He put down...

Added 08 Feb 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,164 | 29 Comments

eBooks Published By Frank_Lee
Naked Journey
Naked Journey

A lone seafarer by nature, Max agrees to take Alana onboard to help lighten the load of piloting his 45 foot motor cruiser. On a journey along the South American coast, Alana does everything in her power to make Max give in to the powerful chemistry between them. Held back by their past and the...

Violet Rising
Violet Rising

Athletic and beautiful Violet Chase is an affluent, suburban dream. When a handsome and adoring young houseguest moves in for the summer, she realizes the dream she embodies was never her own. Then the soothing voice of a distant stranger begins to reassure her that her own dreams can only be set...


Professor Stone finds himself sharing his house with Nikki, the devilish daughter of the mail order bride he married in order to help her get a green card. Once Ning's papers are legal, she and Stone part ways amicably. But Nikki has her own plans, including continuing college where Stone...

Echo James is on the run from a sordid life with a psychopathic ex-con and his collection of hedonistic followers. All the willowy blonde knows for sure is that her life depends on putting the past behind her, no matter what kind of unpredictable future lies ahead. Through a mutual connection,...


Every artist loves their work, but what happens when one falls in love with his subject? Poised on the brink of success, Rey has been creating revealing prints of Teal, his former protege and daughter of the university chancellor where he teaches life drawing classes. The only problem is that Teal...

Profane Grace
Profane Grace

A chance encounter brings Ilsa, the beautiful, blonde trophy wife of a prominent lawyer, to the undivided attention of one of her husband’s wealthiest and most controversial clients. The moment Dorn, a world renowned painter, meets Ilsa at a formal business function, he is immediately...

Midnight Burns
Midnight Burns

Lance meets the beautiful, raven haired Skye at a sidewalk café on the tropical resort island where he lives. The pair meet there every morning as Skye takes time out on her daily walk to the beach. With Skye in town on an extended holiday with her husband, she and Lance have ample...

The Purring Tiger's Tale
The Purring Tiger's Tale

When an erotic photographer brings an exotic yet inexperienced model all the way from Braizil to his remote, island home in Asia, the emotional wall he spent years building begins to crumble. Veronica can't help questioning how deep Nolan's interest in her runs. Despite his profession and the...


Once upon a time, Townes had been a straight up, by the book patrol officer. Right up until the night he was shot and stabbed by Cray, a low rent sociopath, and his gang. Left for dead in a junkyard ditch, Townes fights his way back. Over the next three years, he survives a tailspin of torment...

Burning Star
Burning Star

When fire breaks out in a dingy nightclub one night in the middle of a Lyla Charles concert, all Hell breaks loose. The little known, Haitian born soul singer is trapped, along with her band and the remainder of the packed crowd who couldn't escape before the exit is consumed in flames. All seems...

Fire at Dawn
Fire at Dawn

It was only supposed to be one night of masked revelry. The thrill of the carnival, dancing naked in a Spanish plaza. But the man’s brown eyes held Alina in reverence of something more, while his arms held her in partnership even with the persistence of his hard desire against her. ...

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