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WARNING: If you haven't got a sense of humor... Then stay away from my stories and GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROFILE NOW!! But, if you do have one, please continue

Hello, my name is Fugly, but just call me Fugs.

About me: Well, I am a semi shy, respectful (and hopefully respected; if not, well fuck you LOL), straight to the point and very direct ... yet a friendly #FLEXISEXUAL tease here to have fun, a laugh, and to write stories.

About sexual me: I love BDSM, gas masks, masks/paper bags, rape role playing, bondage, gay porn, sissy boys, transsexuals, cross-dressers, restraints, chastity belts, strap ons and corsets; mainly underbusts and cupless ... Would not wear lacey ones ... ewwww too girly. I also have a fetish for latex, PVC, vinyl and rubber ... one touch and I am as wet as your tongue.

My likes and dislikes are: I like BDSM, loathe violence ▪ I like Respect, I don't tolerate disrespect ▪ I love intelligent conversations, yet I don't like know-it-alls

I am no lady, but I don't claim to be anything that I'm not, and I am what I am, and what you see, is what you get. Since you are on my profile and have seen my artwork, I have to ask ... are you scared yet??? Muwhahaha

Talking about my artwork All graphics which have the 'Fugs', 'Fugly', 'L' or 'Latexia' signature (background, images, animations, avatars, My Gals, blog) are created solely by me and I wish for them to remain mine. Please do not use or copy without my permission. Thank you.



#FLEXISEXUAL = A person of flexible sexual orientation. Whereas they flirt with and try to attract both sexes, yet refuses to identify as bisexual. This person will constantly alter which gender they are more attracted to.


"Dude, is Fugs kissing a gal? I thought she was straight."

"Nah, she's flexisexual. Give her an hour, she'll be hitting up some guy, and in four she'll be going down on the gal."

Please note that no animals were harmed in the making of this profile.. well except for that pesky fly annoying me while typing this - flat as pancake

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25 Jun 2018 10:37
HATE Political Correctness ... If you are fat, you are not weight disproportional, you are FAT ... If you are a sexual deviate, you are not a person who has a deviation of sexual imagination, you are simply a fucking HORN-DOG ... If you are fucking ugly, you are not visually challenged, you are FUGLY. Stop all the bullshit, stand up and tell it as it is! Am I joking or am I being serious? hmmmmm - LOL.


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11 Sep 2010
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Editor's Pick Bag of Lush all sorts

Anal “You like that, don’t ya Fugs, hey?” asked Eric. “You like a big cock going deep in that sweet tight little puckered up ass?” “You know I do, Babe,” I said between thrusts. “But, do you want to talk or fuck?” “Oh, let’s talk please,” Eric smirked. “How was your day, sweetheart?” “Well asshole, it was going fine... until you opened your mouth. So, stop being a smart ass,...

Added 08 Sep 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Views 33,790 | 31 Comments

Bag of tricks

CHAPTER ONE: The sensual erotic love story continues "Hello Fugs," said Mr Noodle Cock, as I gently pushed and pulled his pee hole to make him talk, "I am not in a very good mood today, in fact I am so angry I am at the point where I could explode!" "Oh, what's the matter babe?" "Shit Fugs, they are after me. I need to find some place to hide, somewhere dark," Mr Noodle Cock...

Added 05 May 2011 | Category BDSM | Views 5,772 | 14 Comments


I couldn't believe what the fuck was happening. There was Eric, proud as punch with his cock shoved in some slut's mouth, occasionally glancing over at me with a ' Wow, look at me, I'm getting head ' smile on his stupid face. I love him to death, but boy, does he piss me off sometimes; no sorry, actually it’s a lot of the times. It was  Déjà  vu  and I was living my High school prom...

Added 06 Oct 2010 | Category Straight Sex | Views 9,357 | 19 Comments

The Paper Bag Girl

Have you ever been in a position where your sexual desires totally over-ruled your sensibility? Where you knew it was wrong, but oh boy, it feel so right, so multi-orgasmic right? Well, tonight was one of those times! When Eric asked/pleaded for me to wear a bag, I thought he was just kidding. I was about to tell him, he was out of his fucking, fucked up, drug induced, schizophrenic mind,...

Added 27 Sep 2010 | Category Straight Sex | Views 7,413 | 15 Comments

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