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Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 13 Sep 2012 18:03

Kinky bastard!
Grats! You're 90% kinky!
Well well well, you kinky bastard! Most likely you're into some weird shit, which is always great. Consider mailing the author of this test, and keep up the good work ;)

Topic How many of you ladies actually get off when you're cybering?
Posted 23 Aug 2012 21:26

It's very rare. Especially seeing as I find bad grammar a major turn-off...

Topic Things a slave/submissive shouldn't say
Posted 23 Aug 2012 21:24

Jesus! Calm down, would you?

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 12 Aug 2012 03:45

I have absolutely no problem admitting to the fact that I do masturbate, and admitting that I am just as sexual as any man. However, many of my female friends will not admit to it, claim to never have done it, never talk about sex... I think it's sad that they consider masturbation something to be embarrassed by when it is the most natural thing in the world... I guess it's a little bit British to deny the fact that women are sexual beings..

Topic What types of erotica stories really turn you on?
Posted 11 Aug 2012 17:24

spanking/bdsm, occasionally incest... x

Topic POLL/SURVEY: How do you like it?
Posted 11 Aug 2012 17:21

Voted oral - I'm from the UK x

Topic What Kind of "baby" are you?
Posted 11 Aug 2012 17:19

I'm a June baby - not sure how accurate that is, you'd have to ask someone who knows me :)

Topic Your Screen Name
Posted 11 Aug 2012 17:17

I'm a redhead, haha :)