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Thank You for the rose

13 Sep 2011 18:27

The littlest things can make u smile when you least expect it to,,Just allow it to

21 Aug 2011 01:51

OK, I have to say it, Being a Professional Photographer...I see these pictures that females have put up on their profiles... that are beautiful!! And are said to be them, IF THE WERE THEY ALL WOULD BE PHOTO SHOPED THE SAME!!! JUST AN FYI!!! LOL

27 Jul 2011 00:09

Good Night Going to Bed Night

17 Jul 2011 00:18

Good Night Going to Bed Night

17 Jul 2011 00:18

Good Night Going to Bed Night

17 Jul 2011 00:18

Going to bed, very tired night all

08 Jul 2011 23:58

Checking the mail, off agine. Night All

29 Jun 2011 22:02

Just a quick stop in, night all

29 Jun 2011 00:03

Good night all, had a long and busy day off to get some much need sleep!!!

26 Jun 2011 22:05

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone, Off and running, my mom came for a visit.

25 Jun 2011 09:17

Feeling better, going to bed long day tommrow.

21 Jun 2011 01:07

I'm sick going back to bed!!!

19 Jun 2011 14:33

going back to bed

18 Jun 2011 15:56

Mind games...this Woman dosen't play them. So go to another game board!!!

17 Jun 2011 22:22

Softly whisper's all I want is you. Dreaming of you arms around me tonight

14 Jun 2011 23:31

Off to bed, Night All Sleep well

28 May 2011 03:58

listen to this song,

28 May 2011 03:27

28 May 2011 03:26

If I were to judge ur character by the way u do things, do u honest think I want to be your friend? Or better yet, if I acted towards u. The the way you have treated me I would be Called a BITCH OR EVEN Trashy. So I wonder what I should put u as in my vocabulary... I will let u answer that!!!

27 May 2011 00:09

Well... There was no asteroid fell from the sky and destroyed mankind... And no Zombies came out of the graveyard across the street... Yeeeah... I think Mr. Camping and his Family Radio predictions were wrong... Just another boring saturday. :]

21 May 2011 17:28

Had so much fun last night. Got the invite to take pictures at and up and coming MMA Cage Fight. Yeah me!!!

21 May 2011 13:29

I friday, what to do? hmm, go and hang with the MMA Ring Girls, I think so Im off. Talk to u all laters me

20 May 2011 20:37

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star. Confucius

19 May 2011 01:29

WoW, really?

18 May 2011 23:57

Shower time, be back laters

18 May 2011 21:54

Im off to bed, I am rocking a headake like a drunk superstar, night

16 May 2011 21:42

Night all, off to bed sleep well, or have a gr8t day.

15 May 2011 06:54

Grrr, is all the responce I have today Grrr

13 May 2011 19:55

Have a great night, everyone. This lil' lady is off to bed.

12 May 2011 23:51