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i think i dig the whole lush scenario
my friends are sexy and sweet, the stories are over the top
im close to writing.........just need a bumb

05 Aug 2013 15:18

Its better to burn out, then to fade away........

05 Jun 2013 15:05

pool league tonight

04 Jun 2013 13:33

I'm feeling Blue

29 May 2013 14:21

I'm feeling Blue

29 May 2013 14:21

I'm feeling Blue

29 May 2013 14:21

I'm feeling Blue

29 May 2013 14:20

thanks to the veterans that served before me and i pray for those serving now, enjoy Memorial Day

24 May 2013 16:40

I love small titties!!!!!

22 May 2013 13:21

looking forward to bissfulbeths new release

13 May 2013 14:58

ole Mr. Sun is due onstage tmmrw

08 May 2013 18:05

It seems as if the sun ran off the job, haven't seen him in days

06 May 2013 13:30

I'm back on this fab site
ready to read and stroke and message
might even write a bit

01 Apr 2013 15:13

Kinkybelle!!!!!!!!! You have made your mark!!!!!!

23 Nov 2011 16:11

Been on an online dating site the last few daze....what s bunch of crazys. Pouring some wine and going to read a few hot stories....here where they can't find me.....hahneed my fav authors to kick out some stories

27 Sep 2011 15:44

It's better to burn out, then to fade away

09 Sep 2011 17:58

Took my first viagra last night.....that's some good shit!

07 Sep 2011 13:15

Hard...no really hard.....can't keep this stroke up without busting something ...

04 Sep 2011 21:17

Bummer, my gal came back from her buisness trip and explained she wanted to break things off for awhile....it was coming we both knew, its so nice to be mature and drama free when things like this occur.....we will be close forever.....which is about as long as for awhile

04 Sep 2011 13:13

Nothing better than a Saturday doing hardworking, harvesting in the garden and jumping in the pool. My gal gets home tonite....poor thing doesn't know what she's in for!

03 Sep 2011 11:08

Kinkybelle's story chapter 5 is now a double hit.

02 Sep 2011 16:05

Holy sh#t my favorite writers released stories today, I read one at lunch break I'm truck, that story was smoking git. Looking forward to getting home to do a little more casual reading.!!

01 Sep 2011 12:07

Still having to use my Droid to be online.....laptop repair gal is taking too long

31 Aug 2011 14:07

Enjoy the pictures my friends posted to me with the comments, keep em cumming

31 Aug 2011 13:19

Hope everyone gets through Irene okay.

25 Aug 2011 07:57

The last two days I have found myself in my truck out in the parking lot at work....my shorts pulled down and my rigid cock in my hand as I read the latest stories from KinkyBelle on Monday and from ToxicFun today; Tuesday. These awesome woman write some hot sweet stories that have made me into a "lush" once again....Mmmmmmmmm...thank you my shaft anticipates its next good stroke out in the truck soon.

23 Aug 2011 16:31

So many great stories Have a ton of ideas in my head.....gotta start stroking the keyboard instead of myself

22 Aug 2011 16:42

Kinkybelles last story was awesome. Took sexting and added it into a story perfectly. Maybe because I have a gal I have a gal that I sext with made it ring true.....lol

19 Aug 2011 08:59

Need a story to happen today

16 Aug 2011 06:11