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I guess it's time I updated my profile. I'm living the dream in NW Florida and spending way too much time working and not enough playing. In 2016 I want to get back outdoors where I'm happiest and get back to work on that bucket list. Life is too short to be unhappy or bored.

Now if there were only a cure for my permanent horniness. LOL

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NW Florida, Florida, United States
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Sex, working out, sex, hiking, sex, mountain biking, sex, fishing, sex, hunting, sex, writing, and did I mention sex?
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Too many to list.
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None in particular
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Too many to list.
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Don't watch TV. Don't even have cable or satellite service.
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Anything but heavy metal.


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Topic: Deep throat - a learnt skill or natural ability?
Posted: 16 Apr 2018 15:04

It took a while to overcome the gagging. So I would say, for me, it was a learned skill. A non deep throat blow job was more of a natural ability. I also had an orgasm while giving my first blow job when he shot into my mouth. This still happens to this day and like the first time, no other stimulation is needed other than his cock in my mouth and him getting off while I continue the blow job until he is finished.


OMG!!! I've found the perfect woman after all these years of searching... A woman that loves to give blow jobs and who has an orgasm doing it. Only one problem. She lives a long way away from me and is attached but I can fantasize... Right? LOL

I honestly think most women give men a blow job to please them or to get them rock hard previous to intercourse. I also honestly think that a woman that truly enjoys blow jobs would be a turn on to a man that really LOVES sex.

Brandie... You GO girl! ;)


Topic: Undressing women w ur eyes
Posted: 14 Mar 2018 10:01

I don't have to undress women with my eyes... They undress for me all the time just before they get a massage... LOL

Topic: Male orgasm - in videos
Posted: 08 Mar 2018 07:46

I get quite noisy when I cum. Sometimes so much that I get embarrassed... Just can't help myself. LOL

Topic: Anyone know the best way to cook a venison tenderloin?
Posted: 15 Feb 2018 02:50

Tenderloin is aptly named because it is the most tender and prized meat on the deer and is just a bit better than the famed backstrap.

There is a whole world of people out there that will tell you that venison needs to be handled a special way or it won't be good to eat but I'm a lifelong hunter and so are most of my friends and we all just season any venison we eat exactly the same way we season our beef.

If it was processed correctly, and that is usually the part that messes up most venison and gives it a bad reputation, it will have a unique flavor unlike any other meat you've eaten but is pretty close to beef round steak because venison is incredibly LEAN.

The biggest mistake you can make in cooking any venison is to overcook it. If you don't like to eat meat cooked rare or medium rare then you won't like venison unless you add fat by frying it in fat or wrap in bacon or similar fat introduction.

Venison cooked without any added fat is best cooked at about 1/3 to 1/2 the time you would cook the same amount and size and cut of beef. As soon as the red disappears so does any tenderness and it can be like eating shoe leather and you'll probably throw it away and proclaim venison horrible to eat like most people.

So... I usually just add a bit of garlic salt and a tiny touch of Colgin's Liquid Smoke and grill it on medium heat on my gas grill for about 3 minutes on each side and it goes from there right to the table.

Topic: Do you think you're still Bi if you love anal & women?
Posted: 31 Jan 2018 00:44

What if we just like sex and the gender of the partner is inconsequential as long as they're willing and interested? Would that fit the definition of bi?

What if you enjoy giving orgasms to people regardless of their sex. Does that make you bi or just someone that likes to make others feel good and be happy?

What if you're a man and anyone that offers to suck your cock is welcome to if they're disease free and if they didn't fall out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down?

What if you have almost always have sex with people of the opposite sex but when you tried sex with same sex partners you didn't enjoy it. Would that be bi?

I think this labeling is kind of hard to nail down and the level of commitment and how often or how many times you have same gender sex might be a defining factor but frankly all of that is just talk to me and I'd much rather get naked and have fun than sit around talking on the computer or in person about sex or one's sexual orientation.

Oops... I guess I'm doing just that right now... LOL

Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 18 Jan 2018 10:50

Her face is the first thing I look at, but what turns me on is nice little petite ass and small perky tits

LOL... Precisely what I was going to say... Well Said.....

Topic: Sensuality
Posted: 06 Dec 2017 01:50


OMG... She shouldn't EVER have a problem getting a date or to have someone take her home. All she'd have to do is stick out that magnificent tongue and people would simply swoon... LOL

Topic: Bed size and relationships. My thoughts, what are yours.
Posted: 30 Nov 2017 12:50

I don't think anyone's mentioned the extra room to have many forms of sex and that's what I like about my king. With other beds (I had a queen for many years) I was always partially hanging off the sides or foot of the bed and since I got a nice king sized bed that's rarely a problem.

I'm a cuddler and I still cuddle before and after sex.

Just one man's experience and opinion.

Topic: Are you gals willing to try new things sexualy even if they sound weird or funny?
Posted: 25 Sep 2017 01:45

The definition of figging was just a google away... Ugh... This doesn't sound like fun... LOL


Topic: Would you let yourself be tied up during sex?
Posted: 25 Sep 2017 01:20

Only if you trust them completely? C'mon guys... Then there's no thrill in not knowing what will happen next.

In order to completely have control taken away from you the option of GIVING control to someone else is taken off the table.

If you want to experience the absolute thrill of being yanked out of your comfort zone and having fear and uncertainty rule your emotions and thoughts then you don't GIVE control to someone else.

When you wake up with the feeling that something isn't quite right and you quickly discover that you are handcuffed and manacled and completely naked and exposed with someone that leans over and hoarsely whispers in your ear that they're going to make you their bitch, then you know the fear and the true surrender as your masculinity is yanked from you like candy from a baby and you're meat to be used and abused.

You and only you are the focus of being beaten and humiliated. You and only you are the object of someone's desire to finally be the boss with absolute authority. The one that handcuffed you is feeling the power they've never before had and it's a heady and exhilarating feeling of finally acquiring that dream situation where they can get back at you for all the times you made them feel helpless and inferior....

It can sometimes take a long time for you to completely surrender as all thoughts of you controlling the situation and getting what you really want slowly melt away and as you become totally submissive.

When you finally arrive at total surrender, then and only then can you experience the feeling of being truly dominated when your only desire is to please your captor and the only sounds you can make are mewling....

You will be dominated and you will be used for someone else's pleasure and guess what? You have a hard on reading this don't you? ;)

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