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Let's be honest. I'm a middle-age guy trying to have some fun online . . . maybe even in person if the circusmstances are right. I like most mainstream erotica. I don't see the point in bondage. Good sex makes both partners happy.

California, United States
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16 Jan 2018 00:06
I often get on Lush during my lunch break. (I live close to work). As I have to get back to work, I'm not always available to chat.
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I read exclusively non-fiction. Everything from the Dark Emperors (a book about the decadence of ancient Rome) to Stephen Hawking (of "Brief History of Time fame).
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I like movies with good dialogue. Whether it is Star Trek or Casablanca I want good dialogue. Action movies are great (I like Jackie Chan espcially) but good diaglogue makes the movie meaningful.
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Soft rock, some classical music and please don't hate me . . . disco.


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Topic: Do Tattoo'd women turn you on?
Posted: 22 Dec 2017 18:16

Absolutely not. Those tattoos might look OK when you are young, but when you get older (my age) they sag, and just look
silly on a "mature" woman.

Topic: Putting Black Men in the Narrative.
Posted: 12 Dec 2017 14:50

My daughter is a DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Her class at the UF School of Veterinary Medicine consisted of 98 women and two men. The numbers over across campus at the Medical school weren't quite that imbalanced, but still more women than men. So your observations are right on the mark.

You must be very proud of her. . . Getting into Vet School is harder than medical school.

If one of my adult daughters got paid less than her male counterpart, it would all over social media. The company would face a public relations nightmare.

If someone tried harass my daughters, my youngest would use the karate she earned and both wouldn't, if serious, call the police.

No what I worry about is what kind of future son-in-law I will have. Or even I will I will have one. Where my oldest goes to college women outnumber men to one.

Yes, at CalTech and MIT, men out number women, but that is just two schools. . . There are dozens of vet schools . . . I bet the female to male ratio is unbalance in the other schools as well.

Topic: Putting Black Men in the Narrative.
Posted: 10 Dec 2017 18:23

There is a lot of fuss in the media about women being underrepresented in STEM (Sceince, Techology, Engineering, and Math) occupations. This is true.

However, boys, particularly African-American boys, are much less likely to graduate high school than girls. For every two girls who fail to graduate high school, three boys
fail (all races). Kids who fail school gravitate to criminal activity to survive. For each woman in prison, there are eleven men with African-American men disproportionately represented.

Also, what doesn't get media attention, is that girls (all races) are much more likely to be valedictorians, that more women become lawyers than men, become doctors than
men, and in much greater numbers graduate college (albeit not in STEM jobs) then men.

Literature is one small part. Consider the very successful Twilight books. The heroine is courted by two men. In Harry Potter Heromine is courted by Harry and Ron. Can you name any best selling book that male character is pursued by two women?

Boys, particularly African-American boys, need to be part of the narrative.. What they need most are fathers. If the father is in the home, the children, boys and girls, have a much better chance of graduating and leading a law-abiding lifestyle.

Topic: Pence rule and sexual harassment
Posted: 09 Dec 2017 19:49

Even before all the allegations of sexual harassment by big names came out, Vice-President Pence had
a rule he would never meet alone, one on one with a woman. What do you think?
Do you meet alone with women in you work?

I didn't get much of a response when I posted this in "ask the gals". That was a surprise. I thought lots of women would comment.

What do you guys say?

Topic: The Pence rule
Posted: 27 Nov 2017 20:56

Well before all these sexual allegation scandals broke, Vice-President Pence had a rule that he would never
meet alone with a woman.

What does everyone think?

Good rule?

Unfair rule (as men can meet one one one).

Topic: Pick a movie that has something in common with the above film
Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:13

I think the name of the movie was Barabella. It came out in 60s and started Raquel Welch.

Topic: Tone at work: Has it changed with recent allegations of sexual harassment.
Posted: 19 Nov 2017 17:24

Well I have notice a change at my work. Women are "all business". No one shares even the most innocuous personal information.

Some months ago, even before these scandals broke, one female co-worker commented that I looked nice in my coat and tie.
(Only on rare occasions do I need to wear a coat and tie at work). She was the practically apoplectic apologizing for
the remark. There was nothing suggestive. She is know as a very Christian person, I appreciated the comment for what it was and nothing more.

Just a few days ago, my female boss wore a nice scarf. It was just for show, . . it was particularly cold. Did I say anything?
No. Just too scared it could be misinterpreted.

Topic: Tone at work: Has it changed with the recent allegation of sexual harrassment
Posted: 19 Nov 2017 10:57

Since the recent revelations of sexual harassment have been made, has there been a change
in the tone in your workplace?

I'm talking about everyday tone, banter, chit-chat, not sexual harassment.

I'm asking the same question in the ask the gals forum.

My personal experience is that, with rare exception, women are now "all business".

They don't ask how my kids are doing in college or will I see family for Thanksgiving or any other of the mundane,
innocuous questions people ask of co-workers.

Topic: Tone at work: Has it changed with recent allegations of sexual harassment.
Posted: 19 Nov 2017 10:47

Since the recent revelations of sexual harassment have been made, has there been a change
in the tone in your workplace?

I'm talking about everyday tone, banter, chit-chat, not sexual harassment.

I'm asking the same question in the ask the guys forum.

Topic: Women and doors
Posted: 09 Nov 2017 19:01

Open the door and grab some ass

Wish I could, but there is there is thing called sexual harassment.

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Bare music part 1

Don’t be turned off by the first paragraph. The old people in the story have nothing to do with the sex; they are just part of the plot. Mom was getting on her years. She sold her house and moved into a nursing home. As she owned the house free and clear she had money to spare. She gifted me ten thousand dollars; the maximum amount allowed by the IRS before a gift of money has to be taxed....

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This gentleman always keeps his promise

Note: I wrote this story with a lush friend, who said she gets off watching guys get off. From our emails, it was understood our meeting would not lead to intercourse. It took awhile for her to be assured I would be gentleman and would not try to have sex with her once we got our clothes off. I assured her again and again I would respect whatever limits she set. She was finally convinced...

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Coach scores more than a victory

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Fun at the conference, Ver. 3.0

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Fun at the conference Version 2.0

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The conference

Even though I am a respected, long-term professional employee, I don’t get much in the way of perks. There is no corner office or cute secretary to keep my appointments straight. No office at all, just a cubicle. But once in a while, meaning every three or four years, I do get to attend a professional conference. This year’s conference was in San Diego. This meant besides listening looking...

Added 11 Feb 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4 | Views 3,411 | 1 Comment

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