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Straight 33 yo single and bicurious. Like to read girl on girl accounts and about other girls' solo activity! Longish dark hair, brown eyes, size 12, 34C, long legs...average looks

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My pants, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Topic: Profile images - To cock shot or not?
Posted: 11 Jul 2013 14:11

Cock pics do nothing for me, especially when it is just the pic of an anonymous cock. I don't find them offensive, just not sexy!

My thoughts exactly. I am confused as to why guys think they turn us on. There is nothing odder than a disembodied erect penis. Well, maybe a flaccid one.

Topic: Uncircumcised: Turn Off
Posted: 11 Jul 2013 14:08

I have never been with a man with a circumcised cock. They look weird and sore to me. Cocks, as someone said above, are not really that important as long as it works and you know what to do with it. They're not massively aethsetically pleasing tbh.

Topic: Uncut Cocks
Posted: 09 Mar 2013 03:25

It's the cut ones that are weird. Why would
you mutilate your penis?

Topic: Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted: 27 Dec 2012 06:51

Her debut story is horny and if that is her in the profile pic she has a sexy body!

Topic: Have you ever masturbated at work?
Posted: 27 Dec 2012 06:30

I did today at my desk for the first time
ever. Offices are very quiet at this time of year! I was horny and bored and I just reached under the desk and did it!!

I have in the loos a couple of times before but never been this daring! Still getting my breath back!!

Topic: Fuck or Pass
Posted: 11 Oct 2012 14:43


Topic: fantasies
Posted: 10 Oct 2012 14:06

Sex with another woman has always been my top fantasy and I do occasionally watch such activity - and women masturbating - online. It is probably the only porn I get off to.

Masturbating with another girl is also a favourite. I am almost irrationally turned on by the idea of people masturbating, especially other women.

Or teaching a guy or a girl how to make a woman cum. Using my body as an example.

There's loads more, they were just at the forefront of my mind!

Topic: Fuck or Pass
Posted: 28 Sep 2012 10:53


Topic: How often do other girls masturbate?
Posted: 26 Sep 2012 15:40

Depends on circumstances. If I am
home alone I usually do, if my bf is here it is less likely unless we are both involved. Can be about opportunity sometimes as much as feeling horny. When I was single, at least every other day, probably most days tbh, sometimes morning and night.

Hard to put an average on it now, probs two or three times a week but it varies.

Topic: Fuck or Pass
Posted: 13 Sep 2012 03:35

Pass, but like to take a boat ride.


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What Hayley did

Last week I went to see a friend in Peterborough and ended up coming back to London on a late train. It was pretty quiet in the carriage and I was reading my book - nothing rude - when I started to feel a bit horny. I looked at some stories on Lush, on my phone and the itch got worse. That feeling in my tummy of sexual excitement, that dampness in my knickers. The motion of the train...

Added 02 Aug 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.58 | Views 12,967 | 13 Comments

Sucking your cock

I have fantasised about this moment for weeks. You lying stark naked on my bed, your cock rock hard and erect and throbbing with excitement. My lips trailing over your chest, your tummy, then your thighs, tasting your sweat, hearing your moans. It is strange with another man after all these years, but I know what I'm doing. I know how to treat a male body. I have had so many penises in...

Added 28 Jul 2012 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 37,537 | 5 Comments

Since you asked

You keep asking. You really want to know. How many men, how many times, how good were they? Do I still masturbate thinking about precious sexual experiences? What was the best ... Until now, you add hopefully. So I will tell you. I can't tell all, there is too much. I have fucked about 30 men I think, I don't keep a tally but between 20 and 30. Not all full sex, there have been blow jobs...

Added 14 Jul 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 33 | Avg Score 4.77 | Views 9,785 | 18 Comments

Hand of a friend

Years ago, when I was at Uni I ended up sharing a bed with my friend Karl. This was not unusual at the time, we led a bit of a partying lifestyle and often ended up staying over at friends' places after a party. This particular night we were at a party where we didn't know too many people and most of those we did know had gone home. Karl had already arranged to stay over as the party was at...

Added 23 Jun 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 22 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 11,036 | 9 Comments

Thinking of somebody else

I watch him sometimes at night. He lives in the house opposite and often walks into his room naked. He's about 19 or 20, tall, well built. I've stared many times as his taut arse, even his cock. I have touched myself while watching him upstairs, the light out. And on one bonus, bonus occasion, I saw him masturbating in front of the mirror. Did he secretly know I was watching and masturbating...

Added 29 Oct 2011 | Category Masturbation | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 6,324 | 8 Comments

Imagining you imagining me

I'm alone. I will have the house to myself for ages. It is hard not to begin as soon as I find myself alone. It's been like this since my teens. Maybe it is just what we do when we are on our own, it's always my first thought even in my 30's and in a long term relationship. The internet is always my first port of call. Surfing through various naughty sites, some known to me already, some...

Added 25 Jul 2011 | Category Masturbation | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 13,577 | 14 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Mar 2018 00:20

... giggles

31 Mar 2017 14:34

.. BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!! ....

31 Mar 2017 14:18
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Mar 2017 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Mar 2016 00:20

.. giggles...

31 Mar 2015 11:40
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Mar 2015 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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30 Mar 2014 22:32
Thanks for the add - look forward to chatting
19 Feb 2014 14:34
Thers alot to be said about an older lover
18 Nov 2013 16:37
Some gorgeous filth on my profile page! Thanks Rican Booty !
10 Oct 2012 14:14
Sweet Hayley, so happy we're friends. Kisses -- Tina
17 Jul 2012 12:41
who am i thinking of?

17 Jul 2012 09:43
Would love that...and would happily return the favour.
30 Jun 2012 15:18
Wow thanks for that Kinky Girl!
30 Jun 2012 15:02
If only Jane xxx
27 Jun 2012 12:02
the 2 of us?
27 Jun 2012 11:06
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Mar 2012 02:00
I wouldn't dare...would I??
20 Jul 2011 08:56
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