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Topic Profile images - To cock shot or not?
Posted 11 Jul 2013 14:11

Cock pics do nothing for me, especially when it is just the pic of an anonymous cock. I don't find them offensive, just not sexy!

My thoughts exactly. I am confused as to why guys think they turn us on. There is nothing odder than a disembodied erect penis. Well, maybe a flaccid one.

Topic Uncircumcised: Turn Off
Posted 11 Jul 2013 14:08

I have never been with a man with a circumcised cock. They look weird and sore to me. Cocks, as someone said above, are not really that important as long as it works and you know what to do with it. They're not massively aethsetically pleasing tbh.

Topic Uncut Cocks
Posted 09 Mar 2013 03:25

It's the cut ones that are weird. Why would
you mutilate your penis?

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 27 Dec 2012 06:51

Her debut story is horny and if that is her in the profile pic she has a sexy body!

Topic Have you ever masturbated at work?
Posted 27 Dec 2012 06:30

I did today at my desk for the first time
ever. Offices are very quiet at this time of year! I was horny and bored and I just reached under the desk and did it!!

I have in the loos a couple of times before but never been this daring! Still getting my breath back!!

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 11 Oct 2012 14:43


Topic fantasies
Posted 10 Oct 2012 14:06

Sex with another woman has always been my top fantasy and I do occasionally watch such activity - and women masturbating - online. It is probably the only porn I get off to.

Masturbating with another girl is also a favourite. I am almost irrationally turned on by the idea of people masturbating, especially other women.

Or teaching a guy or a girl how to make a woman cum. Using my body as an example.

There's loads more, they were just at the forefront of my mind!

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 28 Sep 2012 10:53


Topic How often do other girls masturbate?
Posted 26 Sep 2012 15:40

Depends on circumstances. If I am
home alone I usually do, if my bf is here it is less likely unless we are both involved. Can be about opportunity sometimes as much as feeling horny. When I was single, at least every other day, probably most days tbh, sometimes morning and night.

Hard to put an average on it now, probs two or three times a week but it varies.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 13 Sep 2012 03:35

Pass, but like to take a boat ride.


Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 13 Sep 2012 03:35

I love superman as much as the next guy, but on this occasion pass...

Don't get it? A 'my pants' reference??

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 12 Sep 2012 15:36


Topic Whats the naughtiest thing uve done in your life?
Posted 11 Sep 2012 08:14

Close call between masturbating (and being masturbated) on trains or shagging up against some bins outside a nightclub with a bloke I had just met. And I did once wank an ex off in a Top Man changing room!

Topic watching my wife
Posted 20 Aug 2012 16:07

Agree best left a fantasy. You would not like the reality ... Get her to talk about doing it with someone else maybe but don't try to make it happen. Mutual fantasy is fun, her shagging someone else would be sordid and sad in reality.

Topic Lesser of a Man because he helps around the house??
Posted 08 Aug 2012 15:16

This post has to be a joke or written a century before the Internet existed.

Topic When having sex with your long term partner
Posted 03 Aug 2012 12:15

I have... long term, short term - doesn't matter... sometimes you're horny for a specific person and they invade your thoughts when you're turned on. I say let them into your head, and don't tell the one you're with.

It's not healthy for a relationship if it becomes a chronic habit, though. It also prevents 'intensely connected' sex, which I happen to love. So, I think once in a while it's fine but if I had to constantly rely on fantasies about someone else to get off, then I'd exit the current relationship.

Yes good point. It's not every time by any means. Just sometimes I need that little
something extra to push me over the edge!

Topic When having sex with your long term partner
Posted 03 Aug 2012 10:08

A question mainly aimed at those in long term relationships. When having sex with your partner do you ever imagine it's someone else? I often do and it helps. I have fantasised about other men, including people I have had sex with, and it helps
me get off. It is especially likely to happen when he does me from
behind or goes down on me. Anyone else? He has sometimes encouraged it but is mainly blissfully unaware...of course he may do the same and I don't mind, though I would
probably rather not know.

Topic How soon a girl puts out?
Posted 01 Aug 2012 16:11

Umm that is not what i said or think at all! Would i really be on this site if i did?!

If you'd read my original post it said that i have and would sleep with a guy on the first date, and dont think that it makes or breaks a relationship. I was just curious to what other people thought

It is how what you said came across? Put out? WTF is that?

Topic How soon a girl puts out?
Posted 01 Aug 2012 16:07

I don't think is about how soon you have sex...but on how you act in front of other people. If you act like a slut in front of other people, I will not take you home to my mum.

That's good because we 're not 15. And what is a slut? See if you act like a slut I might not take you home to my cat. It I might. Cats don't really give a shit and I don't know what a slut really is, so nobody would be any the wiser

Topic fingering
Posted 31 Jul 2012 23:31


Topic How soon a girl puts out?
Posted 31 Jul 2012 23:30

What bull. It's 2012. Who "puts out"?!! Makes it sound like sex is something women reluctantly allow men to do to them, rather than something they both enjoy.

Well said Marcus. The idea of putting out or waiting is sexist crap. Have sex when you want to, first date or 99th, but if it is a question of making the guy wait so he will think you are some sort of 19th century good girl, he is probably a knobhead anyway.

What you say is spot on. It sounds like sex is something only men want and something they do to women, rather than something you both want equally. "Putting out" sounds like schoolyard talk. It depresses me that people still talk like this about sex and still put value judgements on women who want sex. Here's a thing, what if the woman wants to do it on the first date, then doesn't want to have another date? How long should the guy wait before putting out? Sexist claptrap.

Topic Lushies you would love to have sex with.
Posted 29 Jul 2012 08:58

I think masturbating while talking is far enoughEmbarassed , I don't know what anyone on here really looks like and I have a boyfriend. Lush is all about fantasy for me.

Topic What's the "wrongest" thing you've ever done? For me it was...
Posted 29 Jul 2012 02:30

I think masturbating while chatting to someone on here while
my boyfriend slept was pretty bad tbh.

Topic O.K. Ladies, let us know, would you lick your pussy if you could?
Posted 29 Jul 2012 02:25

I am with Yvonne. Surprised some people said no. Come on, if you could do it easily, you'd have to give it a try!

Topic Do women dislike or resent the use of the slang "Cunt"?
Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:27

i think pussy is better than cunt. ;) pussy is a bit rubbish IMO. My vagina is not a cat.

Topic circumcised or uncircumcised?
Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:23

Never seen a circumcised one but In effect it's cosmetic surgery and cruel to little kids, so I probably prefer normal ones.

Topic inserting vegetables or fruits in your pussy
Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:21

Some of the questions on here are a little sad, but to answer this rather sad one, no.

Topic nude photos
Posted 15 Jul 2012 04:05

I will never post a nude pic of myself here or to a stranger. I don't really know who anyone is. What is worrying is the number of vulnerable under confident women who are sweet talked or flattered into sending pics of themselves to blokes they don't know. They aren't especially excited by you or your body, it is about power. Most blokes will happily get their jollies from any pair of tits or pussy, but women are fooled into thinking it mans something or flattered that he is wanking over her pics. He would wank over any naked female and he can't believe his luck!

I get the thrill of exposing yourself of course and I am friends with people on here who get turned on at seeing their real body being drooled over by strangers but it is so not for me.

Topic Obvious web pictures
Posted 12 Jul 2012 06:12

Would never post a real pic of myself on here or anywhere else tbqfh. If I did I would definitely go down the fake route but I wouldn't pretend otherwise. I do not want people to know I use this site and who knows who is out there! Plus I'm not all that tbh, you are better off with the fantasy Hayley!

Topic Sex with another man while husband/partner watches?
Posted 11 Jul 2012 23:40

1. No. We both fantasise about me doing it with another woman and he has mentioned other men, but though I do fantasise about other men, in front of him would be a no no!
2. No.
3. No.