Group Sex(6)


A Wife Alone

Wife tells of infidelities with younger neighbors

I need to tell you about what happened here last week while you were away. You deserve to know and I just hope that you understand. You left me on Monday last week and by the time Wednesday rolled around, my mind started to wonder. I started thinking about you and your tongue and your cock. I put on some lingerie to make myself feel sexy and opened a bottle of pinot. I sat at the...Read On


Durango Bootie

Laura and I have fun with a group of men in a ski town.

My girlfriend Laura and I have been together now for almost three years. Laura is a tall, very voluptuous blonde. She has a great body with the nicest tits I have ever had the pleasure of sucking on. Besides her body she also has a beautiful face that immediately attracted me to her. Last night Laura and I went to our favorite bar in Durango and caught ourselves a nice buzz. Laura had...Read On


Durango Bootie 2: The next Morning

Fun continues at the ranch.

The next morning Laura and I woke rather early as the sun came up over the mountains. We both headed to the shower and cleaned ourselves of last night’s escapades. We both dressed and went downstairs. As we made our way I heard a shower running and the smell of bacon permeated the house. When we got to the kitchen, Garrett was standing in front of the oven in a white terry-cloth...Read On


Ecstasy and the Black Man

Long before marriage, his slut takes them both on.

Twelve years ago, long before my wife, Laura, and I married, and when we were both still in college, we were little more than fuck buddies. Sure I would buy her drinks and we would flirt, but there was no way any thoughts of "long term" had crossed either of our minds. The sex from the beginning had been great and a couple weeks later, it had gotten even better. I remember one night we got...Read On


Fifteen Years Later

Long after wedding, couple spice things up.

It has been 15 years since Laura and I married. In that time we have changed careers a number of times but have been consistently lucky in that we never have really wanted for anything. We have also been blessed with both a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. In this time Laura and I have had our ups and downs but we have remained faithful to each other and have somehow remained rather...Read On


Jamaican Lullaby

Laura and I have a great time with two Rastas.

Laura and I had arrived in Jamaica only four hours before. We hadn’t been ballsy enough to bring our own pot and decided that we needed to look for some. As everyone knows, the island is swimming in the stuff and we didn’t think there would be any problem. Laura and I showered and she put on a beautiful sundress. It was all white and you could see her body perfectly underneath the material....Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


For my Birthday

Laura surprises me with bondage and a show

Last night was my birthday. I turned thirty-three and after my son was put to bed, I went for the shower, cleaning myself up for what I was hoping would be some hot sex with my wife. After cleaning up and drying off I came out of the shower to find my wife bent over the bed with only a t-shirt and high heels on. She had also placed a rather large butt plug in her ass, letting me know that I...Read On