Love Poems(2)



The thoughts flying around my head...

I crave, The warm, caressing touch of your hand. I crave, That searing connection as our eyes meet. I crave, The sound of your voice whispering in my ear. I crave, That jolt of electricity as your lips meet mine. I crave, The seductive scent of you on my skin. I crave, Feeling your hardness stretching me open. I crave, Our bodies locked together, moving as one. ...Read On


On My Knees

There is no better feeling…..

On my knees before you, I worship at the altar of your exquisite cock. Long, thick, pink perfection. Looking up into your eyes, My tongue travels the length of your shaft. Flicking over your swollen head, Tasting the sublime saltiness of your pearly droplets. Your fingers tangling in my hair. My scarlet nails tracing soft circles over your balls, As my glossy lips...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Cloud 23

This is my first every story, hope you enjoy it.

She took a long sip of champagne, savouring the bubbles on her tongue and scanned the sumptuous décor of Cloud 23 with her deep blue eyes. The day was finally here. After months of texting, emailing and chatting, today was the day they would finally meet for the first time. She felt a shiver of anticipation run through her body as she thought about what was to come. She cast her gaze...Read On


Silk Seduction

An evening of seduction...

A fantasy inspired by someone special…this is for you. A belated birthday present. My eyes roam over the provocative sight before me. Your glorious naked body sprawled on the bed, your wrists tethered to the headboard, bound with black silk ties. I pause for a moment, taking in your lightly tanned skin, the swell of your biceps, the soft, downy hairs covering your chest, your taut...Read On