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Topic Why ask why? (inexplicable picture marathon)
Posted 29 Feb 2012 10:07

giant smurf?

Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 29 Feb 2012 01:26

compassionate and witty

Topic Stolen Work?
Posted 28 Feb 2012 23:40

What is auto-scanning?

I think every single Lush author is on that site. I recognised countless of Lushies. All stories are posted with the same date as published on Lush.

This is annoying... I know my stories are pretty average but they were written for me and I chose to share them. I don't appreciate them being stolen at all cussing

Topic Adding and Accepting Friends
Posted 28 Feb 2012 20:41

These days I tend to accept requests from people that are more active in the lush community- they are interactive on the forums and / or write stories. I don't like it when people send me request with blank profiles or demand that I take I check them out, more often than not there's not anything on their page that catches my interest. Your page is like an advert or a snap shot to your personality- little to no information implies to me that your boring/lazy, here to collect friends or cyber - all which I'm not up for.
I don't often send a lot of friend requests but when I do it because they have caught my eye of the forum or I've enjoyed reading their stories.
I would love to chat to the people I'm friends but being on the other side of the world it makes it a little hard when Im awake and everybody else is asleep.
By friending people that are more actively involved within the Lush community allows me to get to know their personalities and for them to get to know me too via the forums- it's kind of a way around not being able to have a proper chat :)

Topic Cheer up a lush friend with a picture
Posted 28 Feb 2012 08:32


Topic Stolen Work?
Posted 28 Feb 2012 05:39

Looks like your posts have been deleted Nic

Topic Favourite Body Part is ..............
Posted 27 Feb 2012 16:20

Guys- mouth, neck, shoulders & hands
Girls- eyes, legs, ass

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 27 Feb 2012 09:54

What single word can be used to sum up who you are? What impression do you strive to make? How do you want others to remember you? Pretend you're writing the epitaph for your gravestone, and it only has space for one word. What will it be?

finally asleep (in small writing) cos I'm an night owl (I don't like the word insomniac)

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 27 Feb 2012 09:50


Topic Researcher claims G-spot 'does not exist'
Posted 27 Feb 2012 08:13

Im with Nikki, dont know if it really exist but theres definetely something inside me, than when stimulated correctly im in heaven !! call it the G-Spot, call it the Foxy-spot i dont care about the name i care about the results, and oh how great those results are ! drunken

I'm with both you girls!!

Topic Happy birthday WellMadeMale!
Posted 27 Feb 2012 04:53

Happy Birthday Jeff!
Hope you have a good one! occasion5

Topic Do illuminati exist?
Posted 27 Feb 2012 03:56

I was searching for sexy redheads with glasses and this popped up … so I just had to post it here..

yes, I think some sort of secret organisation exists and its run by these guys lead by the sexiest glasses wearing redhead of all redheads- Daria! (man, I miss that show)

Topic Spit or swallow?
Posted 24 Feb 2012 10:30

If I feel like swallowing, I'll tell him to cum in my mouth

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 24 Feb 2012 10:17

Topic Why do you come to Lush...?
Posted 24 Feb 2012 09:05

Originally I came to read and quickly discovered this was the best erotic site I come across. About a month later, I think, I joined Lush. Now I mostly come on to peruse the forums, put my 2cents in, read a little and chat with the friends I've made :)

Topic Met someone famous?
Posted 24 Feb 2012 08:59

lets see 'celebrities' - not really worth mentioning and no one as impressive as the ones on DD's list :) but have seen vanessa amorosi - strutting the streets of syndey like she owed the city while her minder scuttled after her carrying 2 arm loads of shopping bags.. chris masten (west coast eagles footballer), dermot bereton, warwick capper LOL, they're not anybody special just a couple of ex-footy players & tv presenters…, a couple of Wildcats basketballers, a news reader .. haha

Topic Cock sucking
Posted 24 Feb 2012 08:36

god, Im not a regular on these forums, but this Beck guy is fucking priceless. Keep it up, ladies, I want more of his comments!

Judging from his previous posts and his overly fervent responses, I'm beginning to think Beck is really 15 years old and just discovered the joys of sex...

(I'm saying 15 cos he could have double his age.. as he says he is 31... ) dontknow

Topic Your perfect wedding
Posted 24 Feb 2012 08:27

Haven't really given much thought to this… but it will be a small, simple and elegantly ethereal afternoon outdoor wedding with the sound of the ocean in the background - not a beach wedding… held under a huge tree, simple backless dress, groom- real casual, no shoes for both us … the guests will consists of family and handful on close friends all fitting on one long table… a mad hatter/garden tea party type reception, bocce and croquet to play and we'll dance the night away… :D

Topic What do you call it... soda, pop, coke or something different
Posted 24 Feb 2012 08:13

I'm in Australia, I call it soft drink.

I second that

or actually name what it is you want to drink

Topic GOTYE Fans
Posted 24 Feb 2012 07:54

Somebody I Used To Know. No 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 and now its being played to death on mainstream radio. Still love it though.. helped me get through my break up - Gotye eloquently described exactly how I felt.

Topic The Always-Siren Song
Posted 22 Feb 2012 09:18

I love this! Soulful and raw. It's beautiful.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 21 Feb 2012 00:29


Topic Quiz: What Aphrodisiac Are You?
Posted 21 Feb 2012 00:14

You Are Chocolate

You make people feel euphoric and dreamy. You're very addicting.
You definitely drive people to passion, lust, and even obsession.

While you are quite sensual, you are also comforting.
You sure know how to work your magic. It doesn't take long to get someone to love you.

Topic Bad Habits
Posted 20 Feb 2012 13:25

Going to bed 2 - 4hrs hours before I have to get up for work for months and months or until the spell breaks and I'm back to sleeping 'normal' hours (read 6hrs for me) for a week and then the vicious cycle starts again!

Topic Does hair on a man's body matter that much? (ex. back,chest,shoulder,etc.)
Posted 20 Feb 2012 12:21

Oohhh... no back or shoulder hair for me.... I can handle a little chest hair but thats about it.

Second that!

Topic Are you more open on this site than on others?
Posted 20 Feb 2012 08:56

In terms of personality and my thoughts I'm the same on here and in real life. Throw me a couple of drinks and my mouth gets looser and you can expect some interesting and revealing chats about sex and I.
I have mentioned to a couple of people that I read and write erotica but they didn't believe me lol and have stop short of mentioning I'm on Lush.
One thing that I have noticed is that since joining Lush I have become more confident and comfortable talking about sex and what I want from it with a partner :)

Topic Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted 20 Feb 2012 08:13

First kiss all the way.. when it's done with the right amount of intensity & passion & a slight flick of the tongue, you remember it forever. thinking about that one first kiss still gives me shivers

Topic WTF?
Posted 14 Feb 2012 22:45

Topic Imminent launch of Lush Mobile - phase 1
Posted 11 Feb 2012 23:47


I am about to enable our mobile optimised web site. Anyone who tries to access this site from a mobile device after this will be automatically directed to this new mobile site. You can easily move back to the full site if you wish by clicking on the link in the footer, available on must pages. It will remember this preference (for the full site) for a month.

Ahh that explains.. I caught a quick glimpse of the mobile site last night but it order to sign in I had to go to the full site. This morning when I visited Lush it had 'reverted' back to the full site. Can you login from the mobile site? I may have missed it as I didn't throughly explored the mobile site.
By the way it looked great. Thanks Gav!!


Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 11 Feb 2012 23:41

Bad Boys