Fucking Katie's Dad

Jennifer starts a new job, and makes some new friends ;-)

The Assistant Jennifer was on her way to her new job, she was now working as an assistant for a wealthy real estate appraiser. She was excited; that morning she had made sure she looked delicious. She put on her tightest "professional" outfit which entailed skin tight black slacks and a cleavage revealing red shirt,complete with red kitten pumps and a red purse. Her black hair hung...Read On


Homework Night

Anna needs help studying

Anna needs help with her homework *This is a weird story.. point of view of the table* Here I am again, enjoying the smell of 16 year old Anna while she leans on me. This happens every night, her arms rubbing me while she does her homework. I love the smell of her breath, and in between her legs when she wears a skirt. Today is one of those days when Anna is wearing a skirt. I can...Read On


Uncle Dan

I woke up listening to the sound of a train. It was the third time we had slept together. It was still dark outside, with blue coming up over the horizon. The rain was pattering on the window and I could hear the cold rush of the wind outside, fighting to get inside. But I was safe inside.. with Uncle Dan. I stretched slowly, watching my body as I did. My nipples responded by hardening at...Read On



Dreaming Of Jesse Part One

Scarlette has thoughts of fucking her best friends husband

I began writing the letter to my best friend Nina, to try to tell her what happened. To tell her it wasn’t entirely my fault what had happened between her husband and I. That he had part in it too, and that I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean for it to happen. My house had caught on fire and it was impossible to find another place at this time of the year. Two weeks away from Christmas, no one...Read On