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I'm here to meet people and will happily chat to anyone sociably.

I'm a dominant male, but I'm also friendly and easy going so dont be worried to say hi!

Please note I am not interested in Pvt Chat or Cyber. Please do not ask for it as your request will be rejected.

ask!, Cheshire, United Kingdom
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Topic: Things a slave/submissive shouldn't say
Posted: 24 Oct 2012 12:06



Topic: Games we play.
Posted: 24 Oct 2012 11:54

I have a game which is mainly used as part of a excercise training regime, for any fitness fans out there. It works with any form of excercise but the easiest way to explain it is using the idea of a bleep test (shuttle runs against the clock where the time availble to complete the run gets progressively shorter). It is basically a Risk and Reward game, but it's also a great way to incentivise a Run / Gym Session / Bike Ride / Whatever.

Before commencing the Dom sets out the rewards / consequences available (it goes without saying to keep it within the boundaries of the sub's limits), the rewards/forfeits are paired together and set against target levels . The sub then selects a target level to aim at, the higher the level selected the greater the reward if they achieve it, but the greater the consequences of failure. The point of this is that the sub makes the decision as to how hard to push themselves, while the Dom provides the framework to help them achieve steadily higher goals over time.

It's important to state at this point that the Dom must vet the sub's target choice to ensure it is sensible (you do not want the sub giving themselves a heart attack or hurting themselves trying to achieve something ridiculously beyond them).

The sub then takes the bleep test (or does whatever excercise you prefer). If they succeed in reaching their target level they achieve their reward, fail and they must accept the forfeit. Pretty simple really.

Play Safe!

Topic: Come introduce yourself and tell us a lil about you.
Posted: 24 Oct 2012 10:56

Hi All,

I'm Jim, been floating around on here for a while now, but thought I'd introduce myself finally!

I'm a dominant male, I have been into the scene for a long time now, but have only had around 1 years live experience with a d/s relationship. That sadly ended when the practicalities of life introduded and work forced us to live hundreds a miles apart, sadly we couldnt make it work over the distance. That was about 4 years ago and I havent really had a satisfying vanilla relationship since. I really miss the intense mutual trust that has to exist between D&S. It was that feeling of knowing she trusted me implicitly not to ever deliberately hurt her, but to always try challenge her, that made the relationship so fullfilling for me.

I'm largely on here to pickup knowledge from others, and of course share the limited knowledge I posses with others as well!

If anyone want's to say hi, feel free I'm pretty easy going and approachable most of the time.

Topic: Help!!!
Posted: 14 Sep 2012 16:52

quick thing on restraints, leather cuffs are much more comfortable as sprite says. If you want to use straight up steel cuffs they can be a lot of fun, just be a little careful with them as they have the ability to chaff and leave welts or even cuts on the skin if your doing something which is likely to cause the wearer to move their wrists about a lot while they are secured. Not trying to scare you, just trying to make sure you can have safe fun!

In terms of keys, having a backup set is a good idea, most of the padlocks that come with stuff i've bought in the past have had a number of spare keys or some kind of self release mechanism on the restraint, but its always sensible to make sure you have a way to let the other person out before you restrain them in the first place!

Have fun together hope it all goes well!

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